PLANNING TO VISIT ISRAEL IN THE NEAR FUTURE? Tips and warnings about travelling through the headquarters for international extortion and blackmail.

1- The Restroom. A line of around fifty White Christians (with a capital “W”) were lined up to use four bathroom stalls. Four Israeli Jewish women walked in and to my surprise the Israeli Jewish women walked to the head of the line, took hold of the stall doors, and held the stalls open while for all Jews to go to the head of the line. As Christians trained for etiquette we all stood there blinking and not knowing how to respond.2- Jewish City Guide. My Jerusalem Old City Guide spoke to me with disrespect and refused to let me purchase goods from the Armenian section of the Old City which was by far more reasonable priced as well as an exciting place to shop. He told me I could not make purchases from the Armenian section and took me to a Jewish Shop that sold prayer shawls and books. He locked me in there with the help of the store keeper for 45 minutes thinking I would buy something. When he returned I ditched him as my guide. I told him I wanted to buy belly dancing outfits not a Jewish Prayer shawl.3- Jewish Taxi Driver. A Taxi driver came up to me as I was preparing to leave and practically dragged me to his taxi. There were six of them waiting and I guess he wanted my business the most. It was rush hour traffic and I told the Jew we were hoping to be to the hotel in 20 minutes. He veered the car off the road, over the sidewalk, drove straight through a park, down a hill, through a parking lot, across a busy road where we were almost struck by an on coming vehicle, through a yard, through an ally and over a curb to the hotel parking lot. (Me screaming in terror the whole way yet he didn’t stop.) He delivered me to the hotel fairly traumatized in five minutes.

4- A Jew at the hotel explained to me that there were Jewish neighborhoods that where it was legal to stone me to death if I my arms, legs, and hair was not covered. Also, that the Jews could legally stone me if I drove through their neighborhood on the Shabbat (Sabbath) She explained that it was legal for Jews to stone people if the Jews lived within a walled city so they would string wire around their property which constituted “The Wall” She said, if I accidentally wandered into an area like that then I could cut the wire which would breech the “Wall.” and make it illegal for the Jews to stone me on Saturday since they couldn’t work to repair the breech… until Monday when they could get the “Wall” repaired. She advised me it was best to stay at the hotel on Sabbath and warned me the hotel elevators would not be running on Sabbath because pushing the elevator button was considered “Work.” or “Lighting a fire.” because the button glowed when pushed. :rofl

5- The 5 star hotel kitchen wouldn’t let me put butter on my bread or have a glass of milk because they were serving eggs for breakfast. It wasn’t Kosher. The orange juice I ordered was a glass of water laced with a squeeze of an Orange slice. On the days I was allowed milk the milk was .ooo16 percent milk. Almost every restaurant served the same thing…fellafa. (Unleavened bread/Pita pockets with a trace of veggies.) I was 108 pounds when I left the U.S. and 88 when I returned. I have never eaten so much on a flight as I did when I got to the U.S.

6- Nothing in the shops had retail prices on them. If I asked for a price the Jew would quote me five times what it cost in the U.S. They didn’t come down until I got mad and walked off. They were ripping tourists off to no end without guilt.

Pleeeeaaaase don’t let the Jews take over!!!!!


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