VCY AMERICA’S 2011 end of year award for best of CROSSTALK CALLERS.

 My  Christian people:   One of the most laughable radio enterprises to come along is the VCY AMERICA produced  CROSSTALK call-in program ,where they claim to discuss vital and important issues  affecting the Christian  Faith Community  in America.

Anyone, with a modicum of education can clearly see this as nothing more than another cleverly packaged attempt ,to trick and deceive, the  trusting and gullible listenership . 

 The responsible parties involved ,have as their ultimate  goal , to  prove their credibility among the political movers and shakers,especially during a major national  political  campaign ; that they can influence public opinion ,    especially the ability  to influence the moronic and imbecilic Evangelical mob  ,and for whom they should vote for.

But what few see is the downright disdain that the board of directors ,and all those associated with producing this claptrap of a talk show program  have for the callers/participants  to this clever and crafty , on the air radio deception. 

 The hosts of the hour-long  SHOW : Mr. Vic Eliason and the budding crook of the outfit :Mr. JIM SCHNEIDER ,all anxiously await the end of the year, when they tally all the crackpots calling their show and decide who won their annual crackpot of the year award.

They even have a gold-plated CRACKED POT, upon which they write   the name of the lucky winner.

     AND THE WINNER FOR  2011 CRACKPOT CALLER OF THE YEAR AWARD GOES TO:……… Dorothy,from Olney,Illinois.

The decision is made after many days of consultation with the administrative staff ,including all the hired help working in their bookstore. Now the previous winner  of this prestigious award was the fabulous SUE,  FROM HERMISTON .  And truthfully this year’s award was a toss up between Dorothy and Sue , But at Vic’s insistence, this time the prize was given to Dorothy. And she deserves it. 

AND THIS IS SUE FROM HERMISTON:Stock Photography - elderly woman<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
speaking at phone.<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
fotosearch - search<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
stock photos,<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
pictures, wall<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
murals, images,<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
and photo clipart

But I truly believe it’s unfair  to give this type of an award to someone with  symptoms of early onset dementia.  But if they can give the prize to Sue ,a person with a very mentally disordered personality ,then why not Dorothy?old lady egel

They even have a special award for the DUMBEST PLACE IN AMERICA AWARD.    Here they simply circle the city and state,  having the  dumbest callers calling in to their hour-long program.

And the winner for the city with the dumbest callers to CROSSTALK IS: MILTON,FLORIDA!!

This is what the jerks of Milton look like:

Press PhotoDr. Don Odom, BCF Music and Worship Division Chair, leading praise and worship at The Baptist College of Florida.   
And this is MILTON,FLORIDA. Where avid contributors to the VCY AMERICA SWINDLE and THE REJOICE RADIO [PENSACOLA]scam  live and play.

C. Mattson

C. Mattson

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6738 Dixon Street
Mail to: P.O. Box 909
Milton, FL 32572
Phone: 850.983.5411Brian Watkins, City Manager
Lori Vann, Budget Coordinator
Pam Haddan, Executive Assistant
Chiquite Abney, Human Resource Coordinator
6738 Dixon Street
Mail to: P.O. Box 909
Milton, FL 32572
Phone: 850.983.5411Lamar Whitaker, Purchasing Agent
Rhonda Hussey, Admin Asst/Purchasing Clerk
Jean Ellis, Warehouse & Inventory Coordinator


Monthly (Regularly) Scheduled Meetings
Council Agendas
Calendar of Events
Job Openings
City Forms
Bid/Proposal Information

One of the young ladies  ,a minimum wage employee ,who opens the envelopes filled with cash, all the  born again idiots mail in to the swindlers , pins a used tampon  on the exact location of the city winning the dumbest of the dumb award.

This ,she pretends to enjoy doing ,only to satisfy the never-ending demands of one of Milwaukee’s most abusive employers; the low life cheat and charlatan ;Vic Eliason.

 Obviously, all this is accomplished and enjoyed as an IN-HOUSE joke ,all done for the amusement of the owners and operators of VCY AMERICA and all the degenerate staff members that work for them.  And  in order to continue tricking their poorly educated audience this “Joke ,ON THE PUBLIC” is not talked about outside of the VCY AMERICA STUDIOS . Any employee that divulges this or any other  insider information  is subject to immediate firing. All employees are sworn to secrecy.

C. Mattson


By popular demand . This joker has no competition.. He won the award hands down,fair and square.


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