Good ACTING is not confined to HOLLYWOOD but earns big money for CHRISTIAN BROADCAST NETWORKS. “We’re on to you VIC,and Craig Mattson”!

My Dear Christian People: … During the many interviews Charlton Heston gave the media ,he often referred back to the  filming of the blockbuster  movie;The Ten Commandments. He loved to tell how the Egyptians working as handymen on the  movie set     would lower their gaze and in reverent tones   whisper, Moses ,Moses ,Moses ,whenever  Heston would approach them. 

This ,he said, gave him the utmost confidence that he was doing good work, and that the movie would do well at  the box office.   Few among his many fans knew that Heston was not a Christian but basically an agnostic.  He believed  in the creative forces of nature  and for  Heston ,this was the closest thing  to a belief in God.

What many in the Christian Faith Community ,especially the  Baptist/Evangelical denomination, fail to take into account, is that Good Acting is not confined to the Hollywood  crowd . Putting on a good performance earns big bucks for preachers ,pastors, bible teachers and all the cheating ,lying ,hypocrites that permeate the radio/television  airwaves of this country.  

The problem of course is one of recognition.   In the minds of the  half-educated Evangelicals, a cheat or a swindler must look like this:  Stock Photo - man holding money. fotosearch - search stock photos, pictures, wall murals, images, and photo clipart

The” on the air “cheats and con artists seem to confuse a  granted license to broadcast with a license to steal.

Or they imagine  that a clever and criminal minded  hustler and   slick double talking trickster    to look like this:Con Artist 

Sadly, the art of the religion swindle is something few Christians ever bother  to familiarize themselves with  ;given their trusting nature ,which is a feature  of the Christian psyche and mindset.Share-a-thon InvitationAND THIS IS HOW THEY DO IT;THIS IS WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE;THIS IS THE PITCH :AND ALL THAT REMAINS IS FOR YOU TO SWALLOW  THE BAIT.

In the trusting and very naïve Christian  faith Community ,professional cheats and con artists seldom if ever, appear as the above illustrations ,but  often take on the appearance of piety and  wholesomeness.  Remember what a con job these two criminals were engaged in ,and the depraved lifestyle they enjoyed?  But ,few if any, really understood what crooks they were. Few were able to see them for   the clever scam artists  they had become over many years ,peddling non-existent time shares.




  It is only after many years ,when their criminal activity comes to light, that Christians  begin to understand  how  easy  it is for any glib smooth talking crook ,to take advantage of their inherent stupidity. But then ,it’s too late.

 If today, the trusting and stupid members of the christian faith  community ,are just as vulnerable  as before,   to the clever chicanery that goes over the Christian Radio airwaves ,it is due primarily due  to the fact that the   swindlers and con artists you listen to daily , have learned from the many mistakes of the past, and have perfected their  lies and deceptions ,to the point  where they can extort money from their  listenership with impunity.

 Many familiar names come to mind when thinking of all the deceit and falsehoods that were used to exact huge amounts of money out of a terribly dumbed down Christian listening audience. Names such as THE ORAL ROBERTS television enterprise of criminality ,the PTL CLUB , JIMMY SWAGGART’S  laughable and also tear drenched humbuggery was a particularly noteworthy  televangelist scam operation, that worked out pretty well for the Swaggarts.

This operation was based on the premise that all con artists see and that is :Take the money and run.

 And  that’s exactly what these hypocrites did . At the top of Jimmy’s career ,he let it all go to hell.   He grabbed the money and bought himself a large collection of million dollar homes , for himself ,and his equally corrupted family.  And as far as they’re concerned, the whole world can go to HELL!

In their  demonic minds, this is the best way for these lying bastards to end their criminal careers .  Make all the free money they can, and then, retire in the lap of luxury and in total privacy ,where they  can laugh their black hearts out at the gullible morons that handed their hard-earned cash to them , all the many years   they pushed their deceptive religion racketeering.

What a bunch of criminal monstrosities these scumbags truly are!

In the world of today, little has changed.    There are many new faces to arise ,ready to put their scam  across the millions and over those who are desperate to believe in something.

The issue  isn’t the large number of con artists, but  more importantly the vast ,seemingly endless reserves of incredibly stupid ,trusting  imbeciles ,that have filtered into the mainstream and fundamentalist foundations of the Christian Faith.

Today, the cheats and scam artists are far more ready to infuse the political and  social-family values twist into their overall pitch and presentation. Knowing as they do that the cliché sounding message of salvation by faith alone ,by grace alone  ,as a gift of God to an undeserving world ,is something that in due course  grows stale, and not likely to get the wallets out.

This Gospel of Grace worked like magic in the past and for many  earlier generations of insecure and  hopeless moral majority types. But in today’s religion vista in takes more.  

 Crying at the altar doesn’t impress anyone . Thanks in part to the waterfalls  that came cascading down the cheeks of JIMMY SWAGGART , Tammy Bakker  ,ORAL ROBERTS , Benny Hinn ,and you know all the  other scumbags as well as I do.

Now ,what  impresses the urban hicks and all the vapid yahoos that believe themselves to be wise and clever is to find some talk show host or similar glib ,entertaining cheat, to confirm their incredibly stupid ,idiotic opinions about life,religion and politics.  They need this to give them that  added assurance when they take center stage in front of their hillbilly co-religionists ,over coffee.

They need to quote from the clever and twisted brains of  charlatans operating  from the  radio studios of various publicly  furnished broadcast networks.

And so ,a new  religion scam industry takes hold . Again, the true image of a charlatan escapes them.  They fail to understand how they are being cheated and tricked at every turn in the road. And again ,no  cost is to great for the sake of  appearance.

C. Mattson

Now, I have to admit these jokers are GOOD AT WHAT THEY DO with the broadcast license the inattentive FCC has doled out to them.   They have put it to good use making a fortune for themselves.  All these many years they have been hard at it,tricking , cajoling , lying, cheating the Christian morons who depend on them for a few moments of Gospel music.


Albeit a few years younger looking  than he is today.   But he’s still the same lying,cheating hypocrite as ever ,providing a convenient cover to all the ridiculously  shameful  enterprises the PENSACOLA CHRISTIAN COLLEGE engages in ,to reap the many millions in profits they enjoy. Profits that provide a depraved and luxury lifestyle for all the investors and administrators operating behind the scenes. Pensacola Country Club

This is about as close to the Pensacola Country Club that all  the incredibly naïve and stupid supporters of the  REJOICE BROADCAST NETWORK

RBN [rejoice radio] will ever  get and about all they will ever see.

This is where Craig hangs out when he’s not playing the part of the willing stooge ,fronting for the money-grubbing scumbags running things at REJOICE RADIO.

Craig is nothing but a golf pro wannabe ,far more interested in improving his golf swing than anything the other clever Bible teaching story telling easy money  types, dish out to their captive, on campus  audience ,they claim  and label ,a local church.

That also, is a clever piece of charlatanism.

And the huge amount of money these  charlatans drag in goes to provide all the main characters of these scam operations  ,the luxury lifestyle the naïve and  credulous give them.

Chan's  This is the TRUE FACE of the phony christian radio broadcast networks , they will never let you see,and I just have.  

 This is the face of depravity they hope will never come to light.    Who among all those who fall for their clever lies and deceit about the END OF MONTH OPERATING EXPENSES   ,would ever expect to see ,  spending  their leisure hours at Pensacola’s many night spots ,the very ones collecting phone pledges during their phony SHARE A THONS.

But all this is done in secret ,far away in the Florida Panhandle ,with little chance for the elderly and moronic to  ever visit and witness.

If these lying bastards had a legitimate need for more money ,then why in hell do they supply FREE AIRTIME to the VCY AMERICA claptrap ,phony religion and political swindle ,coming at the terribly deceived, from Milwaukee Ws.?

Vcy America broadcast network , is one of this country’s most deceitful  on the air radio operation  , that employs every type of chicanery known to the  demonic mind of  every cheap con artist ,out to make a fast buck off the half -educated jerks that have nothing better to do, than to think they actually have an opinion about something.

The Televangelists’ Hall of Shame!  
“Jesus wept.”

                — John 11:35   WOULD YOU BUY A USED CAR FROM ANY ONE OF THESE SCUMBAGS ;OR EVEN LET THEM ENTER YOUR HOME? …….Just look at these vultures.


And is well-known in radio circles as being very good in conducting scam fund-raising operations for undisclosed charities ,he claims to exist in Africa.

He practically invented the PRAYER RACKET FOR  AFRICA SCAM and has grown incredibly rich, using this money-making device ;a scheme that is seldom questioned by the less astute in his radio audience.

Vic  is the   true face of America’s current dilemma ,taking its toll on the mental and spiritual health of the incredibly  stupid  Evangelical faith community. This lying son of a bitch routinely lies and tricks his complacent listening audience with every device known  to be  available, to any cheap low life con artist.

Nothing is too low down for this scam artist to  use ,including  the fomenting of religious hatred between Christians ;rabble rousing  ;opening his studio to every filthy ,disgusting promoter of bogus medical advice he can find, ;as well as to every financial swindler and phony  medical insurance agent  ,criminal minded enough to accept  Vic’s  invitation to appear as   a special guest.

And allowing this assorted collection of human garbage to ply their trade in deceit, by pushing their clever websites on an unsuspecting Christian  public.  

  But what does this scumbag care about   truth or decency?  All he cares about  are the envelopes of cash ,he routinely receives, from what is basically a form of PAYOLA RACKETEERING, from all his invited  experts from the affiliated websites ,he  caters  to. 

 One of the biggest, is the well-funded gang of internet hate news mongers that serve as the JEWISH VOICE  reaching out to the  incredibly gullible  Conservative  Christian mob of dupes. They go by the name of WORLD  NET DAILY , headed by the starving and   always hungry front man for every jewish  organization  on both sides of the Atlantic :Joseph Farah ..

This bum will kiss as much jewish rear end as it takes, to publish and  sell his moronic  minded  and poorly written scare sheets .     He’s good at compiling cheaply made books designed to create   fear hysteria ,among the easy to impress. This jerk should rename his scam website to read : NEWS OF THE SEWERS.  And this explains ,how well the swindler gets along with his  patron in the art of disseminating madness for the masses.

These virtuous vultures will be with us  for as long as there are stupid and easy to trick people. As long as we allow these get rich quick tricksters to push their vocation  on the public,they will continue to exist.

What is exceptionally shameful is the lack of oversight from any quarter of the Christian Faith establishment. In fact I think they are in bed with these same  sacks of excrement.

The most important thing ,to never lose track of ,is simply that,just because someone tells you he’s a Christian ,does not give him the right to deceive you,trick you,or cheat you. 

You are under no obligation to allow yourself to be swindled .!! 

Do not support any one of the many hundreds of televangelists or Christian radio broadcasters such as; REJOICE RADIO and VCY AMERICA . They are as phony and criminal minded as they come.

“WE’RE ON TO YOU  ,VIC AND CRAIG MATTSON”   and we’re passing the  word  along to all   decent and honest Christians to stay away from your deceptions ,and money-grubbing operations,whether they be in Pensacola or Milwaukee or wherever we may  find their lying asses. AMEN!


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