How the international maggots use the Christian Radio Charade Networks to seduce the gullible.

Bill Sutter is president of the Friends of Israel.

 “JIM …..:  It is so good to be with you again.”

 From the terrorist threats of Hamas in the South and Hezbollah in the North, the threats from Iran and even attempts at organized support against Israel right here in America, Israel is certainly in the crosshairs.

 Being very small in size compared to its enemies, from a human perspective, the outlook for the Jewish state isn’t good.

 But as Bill points out, Jim notes : God didn’t bring Israel back into existence in 1948 just to have it go out of existence again.

Here we see Jim Schneider ,the serious-minded co-host of the vcy america produced crosstalk program, acting as  a willing stooge , helping to brainwash the idiots in the listenership into believing that Israel is worthy of  continuous American financial support ]

possible re-election and the desire by some to form a Palestinian state factor in to Israel’s future. –Iran’s Islamic “Armageddon” motivations and how this contrasts with the biblical Armageddon. –How imminent is Iran’s nuclear capability and will Israel intervene? –The influence of the Muslim Brotherhood….. Here, we  can clearly see  how  Jim ,a long time willing accomplice,  in the wholesale betrayal of the Christian Faith Community into the very hands of the  enemies of Jesus Christ  :the Jewish world plague.

This great betrayal is deeply rooted in the desire to reap financial reward,and was the guiding principle that led Judas to betray his teacher.

Jim Schneider and his boss ,the equally detestable Vic Eliason, have played this game for decades . And in so doing have amassed for themselves a small fortune catering to  the international maggots and helping them to use the Christian faithful as a battering ram against themselves.


From Zvi in Israel,
I fought in all of Israel’s wars. And our enemies tried to butcher us and destroy us and cast us into the sea. We were so few, and they were so many. But still we are here. Why? Because the Lord fought on our side (Ex. 14:14; Ps. 124; Isa. 49:25). I have seen with my own eyes what great miracles God has done for us.” 
 I wonder how many small ,helpless Palestinian children, ZVI butchered while being held in the arms of their hysterical mothers and weeping fathers.???

My Dear Christian,Do you really want to see your hard-earned money going to support this  satanic enterprise called [Zionism],are you that blind and stupid?   Do you enjoy seeing helpless infants screaming and writhing in pain in order to satisfy the  Jewish blood lust?

If you believe that the Jewish people are entitled to a homeland of their own , are the Palestinian Arabs any  less entitled to their farms  , fields and olive trees? 

 Would the great Nazarene sanction the wholesale theft of property belonging to a people caught in the middle of political cowardice and extortion  racketeering,as seen in the Congress of this country?

If you believe so ,then you have allowed yourself to be unwittingly deceived by the great deceivers of history :the masters of lies ,who are children of the father of lies.   Read your Bible!

 This ,my dear Christian, is the prevailing point of  view, heard all over the Jewish Street ,in and outside of Israel.

If you are too stupid to understand what your own Bible has to say about this race of vermin ,then read what they are telling you ,right in front of your pinched face. Why don’t you take them at their word.

Christianity is the most vicious form of idolatry mankind ever experienced.
The vile (they call it christ) is the most vicious sinner against G-d and humanity.The vile will soon be destroyed as predicted by the
prophets, but we have to take our share by contributing to that.
There are many spiritual powers around us, the TORAH and the PROPHETS call them gods.

Why is the vile of the christians more infamous then any other ?.

Because none of them was as bias like the vile.

None of them wanted change the TORAH’s requirements.

 Here we  can read the Talmudic precision, this degenerate Jew uses, in explaining  his  hatred for the Great Nazarene.  

Insulting Christians on Israeli Television: `The Crucifixion of Yeshu’

 In this Israeli television skit, a scantily clothed Jewish girl explains “Jewish history,” and why Jesus (“Yeshu”) is a great danger to the Jewish people. For the sin of preaching to “innocent Jews,” a little gorilla who wants to live like the “goyim” is painfully put to death. “Yeshu [Jesus], you are a Nazi,” she says as she kills him. 

 Do you really want to see the Jewish state prosper ,a state that encourages the defamation and ridicule of the most important person in Christianity?  Would any Muslim nation do such a thing?

 Unfortunately the majority of evangelical imbeciles cannot see what is happening to them, They look at Jim Schneider and his criminal minded boss, Vic Eliason as watchmen on the wall. The wall just happens to be the  Jewish wall of  separation  that prevents Christians from uniting and putting and end to the   airborne bacillus that threatens our very existence.

Yes ,Vic and Jim proudly stand at the top of the Jewish wall, giving   the green light and advising them  of the best time  to enter  the Christian henhouse.

These two lying bastards are the best examples of the scum of humanity , willing to betray and deceive the morons making up the Christian Faith Community. These two scoundrels care nothing  what is true or decent or compassionate, but thrive in spreading falsehoods  ,to gain favor from the enemies of God and of  all  honest humanity.

Know what you are hearing  from out of their  filthy ,lying mouths . These two religion criminals care only what accrues to the bottom line of their scam radio operations and are connected at the hip to those who sponsor them; THE REJOICE RADIO BROADCAST NETWORK.

My Christian friend ,if you  still don’t GET IT , then you are NO Christian and you will never be saved.

Unless humanity rids the world of the Jewish world plague;the Jewish world plague will rid the world of humanity.

This has been your GOOD NEWS  commentator,….Till next time ,Good day and good news to you…..,my dearly beloved.


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