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SHARE -A- THONS : How the clever hypocrites in the Christian Radio Broadcast Business Rip- Off The gullible.

March 21, 2012

My Dear Christian People:   Those who believe that all the  church scandals involving criminal acts of depravity are limited to the Catholic church are foolhardy.       The same acts of degeneracy you  hear  about in the media are also  occurring in all Protestant denominations as well.   The problem lies with the clergy who only see in the faces of their congregants, a source of revenue ,a means by which to increase their net income.Con Artist 

It begins with the loss of faith and trust in God’s providence   ; and sooner or later it becomes apparent in the lives of the church’s Bible teachers ,pastors ,ministers and priests. All one need do is follow the news reports carefully to clearly see that the two main reasons that clergy betray the Gospel they have sworn to defend, is the pursuit of easy money ,and easy sex.

This should come as no surprise .   Merely  observing the nation’s popular culture    would enable  any honest person to  come to the self-evident conclusion, that the only Gospel the people of this  nation  read is PLAYBOY . And the only spiritual pursuit  that occupies the minds of the majority of American  women is ,  the  search  for THE BIG O.

Why would anyone believe that the clergy are immune to all the sexually depraved  external influences that today  beset the average Christian.

THESE ARE SOME OF PENSACOLA’S FINEST SLUTS AND PROSTITUTES THAT HAVE WORKING RELATIONSHIPS WITH MANY IN THE REJOICE RADIO MINISTRY!  Do you want       to continue to support their degenerate lifestyles with your cash donations. These young women all work for hard cash!

 And since this is becoming more apparent with each passing day.  The question  that remains to be answered is  ,why should the membership of all the various denominations, continue to financially support the luxury lifestyles of  the clergy ;a lifestyle of excess and power , that invariably leads to  sexually abusing the young boys and girls   in their charge.

Why this remains a mystery in the minds of the various congregations, has more to do with the all  too trusting nature of the Christian Community of believers  ,who find it hard to accept the idea that their priest or pastor  is nothing but a cheap sleazy crook  who has ripped them off for many years. 

The idea that a well trusted and respected minister of your local church would be found guilty in a court of law of molesting your son or daughter is something that the average Christian cannot bring himself to believe or accept.

But accept, he or she will be forced to do ,as these cases of sexual and financial abuse are brought to light and start hitting closer to home.  The veil of darkness will then be lifted from off the  face of the Christian Faithful and possibly the light of reason will prevail ,allowing for a major re-examination of the role the clergy  in the lives of the church membership.

But what continues to bedevil the Christian Faith  Community in America is its failure  to comprehend the illogical  assumption that whatever the moral  failings, the hypocrisy  ,and criminality  existing in the local church are somehow overcome in all the phony Christian Radio Broadcast enterprises,  pretending  to be a   type of Christian ministry.

Nothing could be further from the truth. What   can a bunch of clever money-grubbing charlatans,operating  incognito  in a broadcast studio,  do  better for the cause of Christ     that your local pastor, over the years , has failed miserably to do? 

In fact the Christian Radio Broadcasters ,usually, are far worse in their acts of depravity and gross larceny  than  anything  found  in  your local church.   Remember ,my dear people  ,the lying bastards in the phony radio ministry commit these gross violations of God’s commandments  in utter secrecy.   Do you really know what’s going on in the privacy of their sound proof broadcast studios? HERE”S THE BAIT!

Rejoice Broadcast Network’s Spring Share-a-Thon on March 21–22 provides the perfect opportunity for faithful listeners to become Share Partners with RBN. Our $85,000 goal is to continue building support for our newest station KPCS, 89.7 fm in Princeton, MN ($4,000 monthly operational costs) and also to help our home station WPCS, 89.5 fm and several struggling stations. Pledges will be taken from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. CT. STRUGGLING STATIONS? GIVE ME A BREAK!  

THESE BASTARDS ARE ALL ON THE GOLF COURSE AT PENSACOLA”S EXCLUSIVE COUNTRY CLUB long before the average doofus gets home from work. Everything he hears on the radio has been pre-programmed, days in advance . It’s just about all pre-recorded sermonizing and the music is on auto-pilot.   THIS GANG OF LYING SCUMBAGS HAVE IT MADE,all thanks to your incredible stupidity.

 Why send them even more money?

Pensacola Country Club


If you made a pledge in the Fall Share-a-Thon, we thank you. If you would like to make a new pledge or increase your present pledge, now is the time to do so. Many listeners set up a monthly credit or debit card donation to support Rejoice Radio in their area. You can call 1-800-726-1191 to set up your pledge. We look forward to hearing from you and appreciate your faithful prayers and support.

Most cordially yours,

Tonita Ohman

Tonita Ohman
Program Director  DON”T BELIEVE WHAT THIS LYING BOW WOW IS  pitching!

In a matter of hours, one of the most criminal fund-raising operations on the CHRISTIAN RADIO DIAL[REJOICE RADIO,RBN] will begin another one  in their      continuous series of scam artist   SHARE A THONS, which is simply a more  socially acceptable way of saying ;they want to wring as much money  out of your useless hides as they possibly  can.Share-a-thon InvitationAND SEE WHAT I MEAN.Where does all the money really go?

And you will never know what hit you.   This is the dream of every con artist on earth; to swindle his victim without giving his hand away.  They want to get in and out ,and having you feel good about giving these cheap hustlers your hard-earned money. Until that is, the moment dawns on you,that you were tricked into believing that REJOICE RADIO is a bona fide ministry, when in fact it is nothing but a bunch of investors trying to get the cash to pay the salaries of all the celebrities


who are putting the scam over on you.


 Would any true Christian worth his salt ever think of donating anything that would even remotely help  this hate filled rabble rousing hate monger ,who has made a fortune peddling his political influence and his divisive  ‘on the air”threatening diatribes over the decades ?  How stupid can all of you idiotic Evangelical doofuses be? 

 Vic Eliason is a clever swindler  who laughs behind your backs at all the imbeciles  who call in to his crosstalk radio show. Especially those from Pensacola,  Milton, and Navarre.

Rejoice Broadcast  Radio Network    comes to you everyday from their  studios at Pensacola Christian College and  is one of the best in the business of living high on the hog thanks to all the moronic and gullible  financial supporters to this organized swindle.these hicks the next time you call in with your pledge!


 […this would be the friendly staff who would be very happy to process your credit card  donation or a monthly pledge.  See the look of joy on their faces?  These volunteers have come as far away as  DEFUNIAK SPRINGS ,florida just to help all the religion hustlers working  this year’s SPRING SHARE -A-THON.

And rightly deserve to take a few hours of rest and relaxation before hitting the  phones again. Thanks guys for another great JOB! 

The lady to the far right is the famous SUE FROM HERMISTON.]…….

What obligation is there on your part to support the clever hypocrites working at REJOICE RADIO ? Why do you accept the claim that they are operating a true Christian ministry?  What acts of charity are they performing?  Are they using any part of the funds they collect to improve the living conditions of the poor and homeless living in Pensacola? Are they even calling  attention  to all the natural disasters that occurred throughout  the American Heartland?

Here is another high profile volunteer all the way from BIRMINGHAM ENGLAND:  Well, this is ROBERT in his favorite drag outfit. Here he is flying over London ,dressed as Mary Poppins.  Robert is a notorious charismatic sounding ,cross dressing homosexual

mary poppins

 who quite often calls in to the crosstalk call-in show to  pay his respect ,as well as his  love and admiration  to Vic Eliason and the entire staff ,busily deceiving their vast radio audience ,across the U.S. and round the world ,thanks to the internet.

Robert listens on the internet and calls in toll-free.

 Robert thinks the cross talk show  is for Christian  cross dressers, and  no one dares to tell him otherwise. He loves all the macho sounding   scuz -balls who work tirelessly during the SHARE A THONS!  He says they really inspire him.

 Just listen to the sound of Robert’s voice next time he calls in to the CROSS TALK program , and you will hear how inspired he can become. 

Do you really believe that Pensacola Christian College or any of their many so-called ministries are involved in missionary work among the lost of Pensacola or any of the imbeciles living in the God forsaken areas of MILTON,or MOBILE, Fort Walton Beach ?

The answer is a deafening ,NO! 

The only function this clever gang of cheats has, is to collect money, and peddle whatever political influence  all the criminal politicians are willing to pay for. In order to do this they need to prove a substantial following of naïve and politically stupid listeners, and this is what all of you ,the idiot evangelical jerks, will give them ,once you make your CALL into their studio answering  service ,during this criminal inspired SHARE A THON!

The choice is yours, accept business as usual and stay in the dark about all the true things going on in the Christian Community or decide to stand up for your rights, by just saying NO to all the quick-witted ,Proverbs reading jerks such as CRAIG MATTSON ; and then you have DON SMITH the professional senior citizen,whose only job is to prepare public opinion for whatever criminal fund-raising operations  REJOICE RADIO puts over the idiots in their audience..

Remember you are under no OBLIGATION to allow yourselves to be cheated or swindled by anyone who comes to you calling himself a CHRISTIAN .   ask to see how they plan to use the funds they collect and ask if any money will be used to aid the poor living in Pensacola!


This has been your GOOD NEWS COMMENTATOR ;good day and good news to you!


  This young lady is pastor John Dunlap’s [your good news commentator] AIDE DE CAMP.!!!!!!! 


Does anyone miss INGRID SCHLUETER yet?

March 17, 2012

 My   Dear Christian Folk:  When it was that Ingrid Schlueter was fired by her father Vic Eliason

 and the Board of Directors of Vcy America Broadcast Network  remains a mystery to the listenership of crosstalk america ,where she served as one of the three co-hosts of the call in radio program.Ingrid Schlueter's photo

But one thing for certain ,the one year anniversary of this event is rapidly approaching.

Should the   listeners of this pathetic hour-long program rejoice over her departure or is she   missed by those who  found her overly  dramatic  presentations ,humorous and curious.?

 We will never know. But many believe that she helped to  bring some balance to the never-ending series of hate filled rabble rousing that now goes over the airwaves since her firing.  The balance she brought was one of style rather than substance. Ingrid ,to the very end ,remained a cynical, combative  and self promoting religion hustler ,given to a peculiar form of histrionic behavior.

She   became  known  as the venom spouting ,self-righteous ,borderline pushy broad ,but her ability to jump from one convoluted topic to another gave her the façade of a confident ,zealous and  concerned Christian agitator , that transformed her into the exotic odd ball all the stay at home folks found  interesting.

I’m amazed of the few things I   most recall from the quick witted Ingrid ;all    consisting of  awkward and   stupidly funny pronouncements    about  the demons in her reality. Ingrid being incapable of any sincere emotions, not even enough to produce some honest humor.

 Ingrid,by her own  unique ability to pass judgement  , absolutely hated any lukewarm Christian  anywhere in the world. In her mind, every Christian must stand for the Gospel and be willing to defend it in public ,anywhere ,any place.   In her mind the more literal interpretation  the better,even if it meant fomenting discord from  church  to church,   conference hall to church choir.   Ingrid had to be pleased.  This is what her moronic website: Church of Laodicea was  all about.

 Even the venerable Billy Graham was quite often subjected to the fiery trial of Ingrid’s wrath.  Poor Rev. Billy!  What that man of God has had to endure. And at the hands of a superficially warm and charming shrew trying to draw attention to herself.

But what still makes me chuckle is the time Ingrid  claimed that there were no longer any real Christian men to be heard anywhere on Christian Radio. She further stated how  every time she turned the dial to a  certain Christian music station , broadcasting   from Pensacola ,   all she ever  heard was   Beulah Land . And how frustrating it was  to constantly hear the same tripe over and over.  Ingrid was a big fan of the old puritan hymns and often wished they were aired on  Christian Radio more often.

 ‘How many versions of Beulah land are there?” , Ingrid would shout. 

 She had no idea of the number . I would’ve suggested she keep listening   to  find out how many versions of “This Old House” the  clever D.J.s at rejoice radio enjoy playing day in and day out. 

But Ingrid was going for the jugular when she added how refreshing  it would be to someday hear a real macho  Christian man on real CHRISTIAN RADIO ,instead all she hears is some effeminate sounding guy on the air all day long.

 Was  the “effete sounding twirp that works as an  announcer”or” I don’t know what he does  at  that Pensacola Christian music station”.    Who was  she referring to : Craig Mattson?

C. Mattson

This I thought was not only amusing ,but rather telling;did Ingrid know  that Rejoice Broadcast network provided free airtime for the cross-talk program that  provided an easy  living for herself and her wretched family?  Who knows? Quien sabe?

  The real problem with Ingrid is that she suffers from a common neurosis referred to as :histrionic personality disorder.   And I hope she learns how to deal with it. The tragedy is that there exists no psychotherapy  for this malady.

The only thing possible at this time is to understand the nature of the problem, and hopefully family and friends will be understanding and compassionate with her. Far more compassionate than the way Ingrid treated her audience and those she disagreed with over the years.

VCY AMERICA : Under Jewish control ,working to deceive and trick the Christian faithful over 94 radio stations.

March 14, 2012

  My Dear Christian people: Beware of Vic Eliason , he’s working for the enemies of Almighty God.   He’s under orders from the plague on humanity and every day he’s ON THE AIR he  promotes the advancement of Jewish causes and the destruction of the people of God. ……

 ”Brother Vic , it is so good to see you again”



“Rabbi, where did you come from,you startled me?”  


”   I came from down below ,you know that brother Vic. “

” Well yes, I know that , I just meant right this minute . Did you just fly in to Milwaukee from Brooklyn . How long have you been here Rabbi?”

“Look Vic , I have to tell you straight up, the big guy downstairs asked me to talk to you”

 “No way , did I do something wrong Rabbi?”

“Vic ,you’ve done just   great , you and all your other gentile schmucks have been performing just as we expected”

“So what’s the deal  Rabbi?” What’s the big guy want now?”

“We’re just not getting the high quality personnel we need right now ,and it’s starting to show up at census time  .All that’s coming in  are the same old   stupid ,moronic sounding Christian Gentile imbeciles ,you know ,like the ones that listen to your program,What’s the name of it ?”

“It’s called CROSSTALK ,Rabbi , you would  think by now you would know the name of  the show , considering  the number of times I’ve  had you on to help me brainwash all the  doofuses that tune in to listen everyday”

” Relax Vic . We all know what a hardworking stooge you are ,but you’re well paid for your efforts ,am I telling the truth or not?”  Look Vic ,you couldn’t make a dime if your  life depended on it ,not in Milwaukee, and certainly  not in Brooklyn ,I can assure you.” So you and that lame brain jackass Jim, better straighten up and fly right  ,cause without me and all the Jews ,you and your entire useless staff would be pounding the streets looking for something to do”

“I’m not complaining Rabbi   Noson  ,  it’s just a little unnerving seeing you here so unexpectedly, and after telling me  about meeting with the big guy down below.” So ,tell me ,what do I need to do ?”

 ” Vic ,Vic baby ,now that’s what I like to hear coming out of your fat Swedish face.” … Now here’s the deal Vic, the big man wants a higher calibre of Christian to come down below ,and by the way Vic ,big man has taken a special liking to you and your entire family . He told me to extend  his deepest sympathies for all you’ve suffered these many years .  What with illnesses and a sick grandchild and now all the  affliction  you are dealing with thanks to your ungrateful daughter Ingrid and  your boozing son-in-law. ” Believe me ,brother Vic ,the man below has taken notice and wants to wish you a big mazol tov for the rest of the year”

“Well, I really appreciate it Rabbi, and  tell the old serpent I wish him all the good fortune in the world.”

Vic , believe me , he understands your situation, and is looking forward to meeting you personally.”

“Well ,wait a minute ,I’m not exactly ready to meet  him ,if you know what I mean ,Rabbi.”

“Vic, you worry too much, look the day will come ,but listen it won’t be that bad. ,,,just so you know , he has your best interests at heart, he has a special place waiting just for you ,brother Vic. ” ..And guess what, it’s  in the  shady part of the LAKE.”  

“Now ,let’s get back to business, look Vic ,let me be upfront, I’m on a recruiting mission ,we need a higher quality to start       filling up the empty spaces in the pit and at our lakeside condominiums. And all those urban hicks and idiotic hayseeds you’re   sending us  are  getting  on everyone’s nerves ,you know what I mean, You know what I mean?”

‘Yeah, I know what you mean Rabbi, so spell it out ,what must I do to be back in the good graces of Mr. Nick?”

” So, this is the deal Vic , stop having your idiot listeners and callers phoning JCP PENNY or  contacting any highschool administration ,or getting all up in arms about the degeneracy in the schools or in government,but  instead,  have the brain-dead listeners call their congressmen and demand that more    military and financial assistance be awarded to Israel . Got it?”     

” I hear you loud and clear Rabbi  Noson” minute Rabbi , I’m getting an E-Mail from my co-host and faithful lap-dog  Jim ,he wants to know about his end of year  bonus ,you promised him ,rabbi .” He mentioned it last month when I had you on the air , promoting  the mass genocide of Palestinians.”

” Why that son of a bitch isn’t worth one shekel and tell that gentile bastard  he better do a better job  promoting Jewish life in America or he can go find a job collecting cans.”

” Well Rabbi, I’ll wait for the right time before  I let him know how you feel”.


” Have it your way, brother Vic.”  “But Vic listen , we need a really good stooge , we need someone who is really credible ,someone who talks good ,is articulate and clean and dresses well”  ..Who do you recommend?”

 “Gee, Rabbi ,I dunno,”

“Isn’t there anyone that you can think of?”

“HMMM.let’s see , a really glib raconteur maybe  , someone who sounds well-educated , I got one for  you  Rabbi, “

” O.K. who is it Vic , It’s not that  charismatic cross dressing  homosexual that calls you now and then from Birmingham England, is it Vic?”

“No,  Robert from Birmingham England is about as useless as teats on a boar hog, he  can’t get his mind off of Caleb Keener  ;he plans to fly to Pensacola for a visit and as far as we know here at Vcy America ,it looks like Caleb is just as anxious to meet  Robert as Robert  is   to meet  Caleb” The bastard likes those cowboy types ,you know what I mean  Rabbi?”

” And degenerates are not what we have in mind.   Isn’t there someone else that would make a good stooge ,a willing accomplice , eager to help us enlist   other like-minded morons , so we can get total compliance with the craven and fearful members of congress  and thereby gain for Israel all the land in the middle east it is entitled to?”

 “Hmmmm,Well ,we do have Sue from Hermiston and Harry the homo and who else ?”

 ” Look ,Vic , All the Jews know who these morons  really are and believe me we don’t need them, These imbeciles will eventually  wind up at the Lake in the low-budget area and  no one will even know they’re  there.”

“We’re looking for clean articulate imbeciles ,someone like you Vic”

“Hey, Rabbi, I got just the  schmuck,his name is BRAD and he’s from West Allis ,Ws.”

“Hey,Vic, You know what, All the other Brooklyn Rabbis know about Brad from West Allis Ws.  and they hate the bastard’s guts”

“I can’t  Believe it ,what the hell  did he do?”

“Can you believe what this dumb ass urban hick did last year  during Yom Kipur services at Temple Beth El Midwood Branch of demonology?”

” I can’t wait for you to tell me Rabbi Noson.”

“The Dumb piece of excrement came into the Synagogue eating  a  ham sandwich and handing out New Testament tracts.”

“Wow ,what a jerk that joker is”  Well, scratch that jackass of my list.”

“O.K. ,who else do you recommend ,Vic?”

“Tell me again Rabbi, what is it you would like to do?”

” Vic , we need young gentile idiots with heads filled with mush, we need access to the youth of America.”

“Well ,I just had a lightbulb go on when you said ,young  heads  filled with mush.”


” I don’t know if you are aware of this ,but we get free air time from  the hayseeds working things back east at a clever scam operation called :Rejoice Radio.” .. They broadcast out of Pensacola.”

” Of course we’ve heard of them.” Who do you think provides  them with free advice on how to swindle the jerks who listen to all that country gospel stuff .?  We do.!?

“Do you really think they pull off their Share a Thons and prayer warrior nonsense on their own.? Who do you think handles all that, Tonita , the one ton blimp , or  that effete sounding arseloch ,Craig Mattson.”

“Rabbi, Craig Mattson ,he’s the one I had in mind . The perfect stooge ,best able to deliver the Christian youth ,right into your Jewish hands.”   Mattson

    ” Here’s a pic of Craig hard at work ,molding the minds of America’s Christian youth.”  This character has access to thousands of young ,easily impressionable kids while teaching at Pensacola Christian  College.”

“I will tell you this Rabbi Noson, this guy is truly a very clever hypocrite ,just the character you’re looking for ,but he don’t come cheap.” Why the hell do you think all those dumb hayseeds are running out of money  every  month.” All those money-grubbing scumbags who claim they need more bucks for their end of year operating expenses. What they are really saying is that  Craig  has a big mortgage payment to meet and his annual fee at Pensacola’s country club and golf  course is now due AND PAYABLE.”

” O.K. Vic , we can handle the freight , and I like what you said about the bum being a clever hypocrite , that’s the kind of gentile schmuck we really need to keep our operation going”

” Look, Rabbi, this bastard works for the Rejoice Radio Broadcast Network that claims to be a bona fide Christian ministry ,and at the same time  ,this organization   provides us with free airtime . And he knows what a bunch of hate mongering sons of bitches we are ,this guy ain’t kidding anyone. The son of a bitch is nothing but a clever hypocrite who knows when to keep his lying mouth shut and when to see or hear no evil.”  Why do you think  he gets the big bucks , for his daily  deallybop.”?

Vic, Brother Vic, you just made my day,  Old Nick will want to present you with an appreciation medal.’ for all the good things you do.”  The more I hear about this scumbag the more I like him.”

 “I can see why, I would love to get this joker on VCY AMERICA but I just don’t want to pay the money-grubbing son of a bitch his asking price.”

“Vic,you’re a real piece of work.” So ,he pretends to be a confirmed and committed Christian ,and all the time he’s swindling all the morons  living in places like Milton , Niceville, Crestview , Mobile, and your favorite place; Navarre,Florida.”  Vic, you’re gonna have to learn how to correctly pronounce Navarre , the  E is silent ,can’t you get that through your fat swedish face.?”  You sound like a real dope at times,in fact most of the time.”

‘I’ll try to do better Rabbi Noson,” As far as the medal from Old Nick ,could he Fed Ex it to me Rabbi.?”

“No Prob. Vic , But let me show my appreciation to you and your entire family by inviting all of you to our semi-annual Black Mass, we usually never invite gentile scum to attend but to show you how much we Jews love you ,we’ll make an exception and allow you to enter our Synagogue ,right there in Milwaukee. “

“Black Mass ,gee this ain’t no Catholic thing is it Rabbi.?” my board of directors would have a flying fit if they found out.”

“No Vic , Here’s a preview of what a BLACK MASS is ,hey it’s party time Vic, loosen up guy.”

Insulting Christians on Israeli Television: `The Crucifixion of Yeshu’

 In this Israeli television skit, a scantily clothed Jewish girl explains “Jewish history,” and why Jesus (“Yeshu”) is a great danger to the Jewish people. For the sin of preaching to “innocent Jews,” a little gorilla who wants to live like the “goyim” is painfully put to death. “Yeshu [Jesus], you are a Nazi,” she says as she kills him. 

 “This is our way of showing how much we appreciate all the help you have given to Israel throughout the year and every chance you get on your crosstalk radio  program.”

“Oh,Gee Rabbi Noson, it wasn’t much. but I sure appreciate the thought.” 

” Hey brother Vic, what do you think of our billing :”Jews for Decency”, Read it for yourself on top, Now if that’s not an oxymoron then I never heard of one.”  Ya have to laugh ,humor is good. right Vic.?”

‘I’ll tell Old Nick to wait on seeing you. “Vic , I would love to take this opportunity to thank you from the bottom of my heart for


all the wonderful work you and your great organization called VCY AMERICA have done, on behalf of the state of Israel.  Please extend my love and best wishes to your

 entire family and all of those who make it possible everyday to continue the great work we are committed in doing,and of course that includes your partner and co-host Jim Schneider and hopefully we can someday  include CRAIG MATTSON on

our honor roll of FRIENDS OF ISRAEL. Till we someday meet in person ,please accept my undying gratitude…”…OLD NICK.

REJOICE RADIO [RBN] is back at the old: “Share a thon” trick, Don’t fall for it!

March 13, 2012

RBN Spring Share-a-Thon

March 21–22, 2012
$85,000 Goal
6 A.M.–11 P.M. CT

Dear Friend of RBN,

Rejoice Radio is on the air for you and because of you. Through your prayers and financial gifts, we are able to reach many people across the country and around the world. Please tell friends and relatives about the uplifting Christian music and programming available in their areas.

Rejoice Broadcast Network’s Spring Share-a-Thon on March 21–22 provides the perfect opportunity for faithful listeners to become Share Partners with RBN. Our $85,000 goal is to continue building support for our newest station KPCS, 89.7 fm in Princeton, MN ($4,000 monthly operational costs) and also to help our home station WPCS, 89.5 fm and several struggling stations. Pledges will be taken from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. CT.

If you made a pledge in the Fall Share-a-Thon, we thank you. If you would like to make a new pledge or increase your present pledge, now is the time to do so. Many listeners set up a monthly credit or debit card donation to support Rejoice Radio in their area. You can call 1-800-726-1191 to set up your pledge. We look forward to hearing from you and appreciate your faithful prayers and support.

Most cordially yours,

Tonita Ohman

Tonita Ohman
Program Director

My Dear Christians:  The scam artistry never ends. Ask yourselves ,do you feel obligated to support a group of radio celebrities who are living in a  luxury lifestyle ,pretending they are in deep financial need?

Are you even aware of the depravity that exists within the phony Evangelical community residing in Pensacola, Florida?

Do you really know what goes on behind the scenes during these SHARE A THONS?

You only hear a lot of  sentimentality and scriptural charade game playing to convince you to send in your money to the RBN  station.

But would you donate if you could see all the radio celebrities you listen to daily  behaving like a bunch of animals in the zoo?

What if you were to see Linda Fannin with her legs wrapped around Caleb Keener’s waste while she was on the phone announcing the names of all the gullible Evangelical morons calling in to provide these blood suckers with the funds they need to pay their bills ,make mortgage payments and take vacations to Israel.

Would you  still donate?

During this fund-raiser, they will be using” Robert”, the charismatic cross dressing homosexual from Birmingham  ,England who calls in to the  CROSS TALK RADIO CALL IN SHOW, produced by VCY AMERICA, to answer the phones. So this should be fun to listen to.

stay strong ,stay smart and leave these religion hustlers  alone.  Don’t let these clever con-artists hustle you out of your cash.

Always remember: Unless humanity rids the world of the Jewish world plague,the  Jewish world plague will rid the world of humanity.