Does anyone miss INGRID SCHLUETER yet?

 My   Dear Christian Folk:  When it was that Ingrid Schlueter was fired by her father Vic Eliason

 and the Board of Directors of Vcy America Broadcast Network  remains a mystery to the listenership of crosstalk america ,where she served as one of the three co-hosts of the call in radio program.Ingrid Schlueter's photo

But one thing for certain ,the one year anniversary of this event is rapidly approaching.

Should the   listeners of this pathetic hour-long program rejoice over her departure or is she   missed by those who  found her overly  dramatic  presentations ,humorous and curious.?

 We will never know. But many believe that she helped to  bring some balance to the never-ending series of hate filled rabble rousing that now goes over the airwaves since her firing.  The balance she brought was one of style rather than substance. Ingrid ,to the very end ,remained a cynical, combative  and self promoting religion hustler ,given to a peculiar form of histrionic behavior.

She   became  known  as the venom spouting ,self-righteous ,borderline pushy broad ,but her ability to jump from one convoluted topic to another gave her the façade of a confident ,zealous and  concerned Christian agitator , that transformed her into the exotic odd ball all the stay at home folks found  interesting.

I’m amazed of the few things I   most recall from the quick witted Ingrid ;all    consisting of  awkward and   stupidly funny pronouncements    about  the demons in her reality. Ingrid being incapable of any sincere emotions, not even enough to produce some honest humor.

 Ingrid,by her own  unique ability to pass judgement  , absolutely hated any lukewarm Christian  anywhere in the world. In her mind, every Christian must stand for the Gospel and be willing to defend it in public ,anywhere ,any place.   In her mind the more literal interpretation  the better,even if it meant fomenting discord from  church  to church,   conference hall to church choir.   Ingrid had to be pleased.  This is what her moronic website: Church of Laodicea was  all about.

 Even the venerable Billy Graham was quite often subjected to the fiery trial of Ingrid’s wrath.  Poor Rev. Billy!  What that man of God has had to endure. And at the hands of a superficially warm and charming shrew trying to draw attention to herself.

But what still makes me chuckle is the time Ingrid  claimed that there were no longer any real Christian men to be heard anywhere on Christian Radio. She further stated how  every time she turned the dial to a  certain Christian music station , broadcasting   from Pensacola ,   all she ever  heard was   Beulah Land . And how frustrating it was  to constantly hear the same tripe over and over.  Ingrid was a big fan of the old puritan hymns and often wished they were aired on  Christian Radio more often.

 ‘How many versions of Beulah land are there?” , Ingrid would shout. 

 She had no idea of the number . I would’ve suggested she keep listening   to  find out how many versions of “This Old House” the  clever D.J.s at rejoice radio enjoy playing day in and day out. 

But Ingrid was going for the jugular when she added how refreshing  it would be to someday hear a real macho  Christian man on real CHRISTIAN RADIO ,instead all she hears is some effeminate sounding guy on the air all day long.

 Was  the “effete sounding twirp that works as an  announcer”or” I don’t know what he does  at  that Pensacola Christian music station”.    Who was  she referring to : Craig Mattson?

C. Mattson

This I thought was not only amusing ,but rather telling;did Ingrid know  that Rejoice Broadcast network provided free airtime for the cross-talk program that  provided an easy  living for herself and her wretched family?  Who knows? Quien sabe?

  The real problem with Ingrid is that she suffers from a common neurosis referred to as :histrionic personality disorder.   And I hope she learns how to deal with it. The tragedy is that there exists no psychotherapy  for this malady.

The only thing possible at this time is to understand the nature of the problem, and hopefully family and friends will be understanding and compassionate with her. Far more compassionate than the way Ingrid treated her audience and those she disagreed with over the years.


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