My  Fellow Christians…:  Doing the same thing over and over again and then wondering why the result is always the same, is a sure sign  of  a shallow and feeble mind.

Some believe it to be a  sign  of impending insanity.

Whatever the case ,it certainly describes the actions of most sincere minded Christians in America today, who are trapped into   a  never-ending cycle of self  defeatism .

This takes the form of self entrapment.You have become a willing accomplice in your own imprisonment.  You have become your own jailer.

 You go to church  on a regular basis ,even  convince your kids to tag along ,only to be subjected to the same mind numbing routine and ritual that has taken place as far back as you can remember.

The pastor delivers another boring sermon and even your young kids look at you with the look on their faces that says :‘mom .dad how can you stand this  “???

Children are remarkable when it comes to discerning the truth :

that you have allowed yourselves to be turned into a captive audience of a preacher and a church organization that care nothing at all for you,either as a family or as individuals.

  In   fact ,you exist for the sole purpose of providing this religious organization with the financial means to live a life of ease and luxury,all  at your expense.

And to keep you in that subservient position they are willing to feed you a constant diet of fear and uncertainty,as to your future  ;as to your spiritual well-being.

 Intelligence doesn’t enter in.

What’s important is that you understand your role, and your need to be generous.

The same holds true for all who replicate this Sunday day of rest  mentality ,by bringing it to the airwaves.

The Christian Broadcast networks envy the captive audience that pastors enjoy and relish the  opportunity to provide you with the  same nonsense and fear factor .

Summer Brings Special Times at
Rejoice Radio

Successful Share-a-Thon
Our Spring Share-a-Thon goal was $85,000; by the time Share-a-Thon ended Thursday evening we had raised $85,365.28. We praise the Lord for 168 new friends this spring and 748 pledges. Thank you for your participation.

It's All About God CD coverNewly Released Recording
It’s All about God
Take this beautiful, Christ-honoring music as you travel out of the listening area. For your tax-deductible gift of $50 or more to Rejoice Radio, we will send you It’s All about GodCD. Call 1-800-726-1191.For more copies or to order other music please visit   What the gullible morons who support these blood sucking ,money-grubbing vultures fail to comprehend, is that this organization  ,is one of the wealthiest in the entire state of Florida ,if not the country.  The personalities that perform on REJOICE BROADCAST  RADIO, are in fact some of the richest people on radio ;not only  in the PENSACOLA AREA ,but in the entire state of Florida. And yet ,they continue sucking as much as they can out of the imbeciles who are all too willing, to trust these clever hypocrites.The problem that arises for all those who support these scam artists ,is simply because they can’t see  the abject depravity governing the lives of all the popular celebrities  they hear and listen to on a daily basis.

They  can’t see CRAIG MATTSON on the golf course ;they have never seen the fabulously wealthy Beka Horton entertaining other very wealthy Jewish media moguls in her  luxurious  mansion .  Beka runs the extremely successful ABEKA BOOKS PUBLISHING BUSINESS.  

   And that’s the beauty of running this type of radio scam: nobody can see anything ;everyone has to rely on the clever theatrical presentations they hear from out of the mouth of the liar in chief :CRAIG MATTSON.

The riches that have accumulated over the years into the coffers of BEKA HORTON and her corrupted family members, is something that the average jerk who listens to RBN can never  even hope to imagine.

The lifestyles of Rhonda Autry ,another extremely wealthy individual ,who enjoys relaxing and sipping on several mojitos before dining with guests in her luxurious beachfront estate;or Jimmy[THE MINT] Mince whose clever and  conniving  pitch  for donations  has made him the talk of the town ; or Caleb Keener ,whose interest in young girls has earned him the moniker :: The White Pimp of the SOUTH” ;or the gifted and many talented Craig Mattson ,  who only  believes  in playing as much golf as humanly possible before the world sees him for the cheap,lying bastard ,he truly is.

Craig  and all the rest care as much about the Gospel of Christ as a fox cares about the air  temperature inside the hen-house.

So why do all of you imbeciles in the Baptist-Evangelical circles of idiocy  continue to lend them your support? Why do you buy the idiotic literature they sell ,or the  DVD.s and CD.s and so on.

You support their scam operations because you  lack the self-confidence to think for yourselves. You have talked yourselves into thinking that these con artists are providing you something that you’re incapable of obtaining .

All spiritual truth comes from within. All that is of Christ is by the will of the Almighty; and not from a gang of clever charlatans that rely on your financial support, to maintain their depraved lifestyles.


Would any true disciple of Christ live the decadent and fabulously luxurious lifestyles that Rhonda Autry or Beka Horton or  Jimmy  [the mint]  Mince  enjoy  and still keep any  credibility in the sight of God?  Especially during a serious financial downturn with high unemployment ,as now is the case in America.

The average share partner can’t see the laughter and the derision that is directed at the callers to the VCY AMERICA produced CROSSTALK call-in program . A program supported by the rejoice radio operation.

These two birds operate in tandem, to take advantage of the gullibility of the general Christian public, in all matters involving politics or all the other  mindless fears they generate over the radio airwaves.

Their main goal is to grow rich and live a lifestyle they wouldn’t otherwise be able to. And it all comes at your  expense.

The time has come to take this crime against Christian humanity seriously and to endeavor to cut these two criminal minded enterprises off at the purse strings. 

Never support the REJOICE BROADCAST NETWORK or the incredibly ignorant scam operators at VCY AMERICA ,Ws.

These two scumbag outfits are destroying all that is decent and Christian in America and they   have put all true believers at risk. I KNOW THEIR WORKS!




Don’t support those who attempt to enslave you! Break free!


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