Gold Mines in Africa? Get rich in Africa without leaving home! Listen to VCY AMERICA and learn how to start another PRAYER RACKET FOR AFRICA SCAM.


 My Fellow Christians:  The day when a small group of private investors could pool their resources and finance an expedition to Africa, in search of Gold and other  precious metals, is  over.    Often due to   the  resentment that African natives still  feel  toward   white adventurers; traced in part, to many years of colonial rule.     A rule  often highlighted by the lash across the backsides, of many Black natives .   It is  certainly reasonable  to avoid this get rich quick scheme .

But there are other equally profitable ways to make a killing in Africa ,which do not involve any personal risk to one’s physical  safety . In fact ,the way most often used that will surely engender praise and encouragement from the majority Christian Community, is the salvation missionary safari ,intended to bring the lost and heathen jungle bunnies into God’s salvation plan .

What could be more laudable ,but for the fact ,that more often than not ,the missionary, simply destroys a functioning community , one that is fundamentally sound , and  having  its own native culture ; and simply replaces   it with a  westernized world view, that is neither morally    or  in any way ,culturally Christian.

And so,  many in the Christian Faith Community ,for the most part [those with integrity and honesty] ,have simply allowed this practice of destroying the  native cultures of Africa  and replacing  them with  something   less than morally acceptable, to fall into a state of desuetude. All those except the money-grubbing and clever charlatans that see in the missionary ideal a chance to make a financial killing.

The financial killing ,as in other pseudo christian enterprises, relies  squarely on the gullibility and abject stupidity of the Evangelical/Baptist crowd of born again morons.

This is the  most sought after demographic in the  country   ,in terms of providing huge financial windfalls to each and every clever con-artist   in America, who understands the easy to swindle nature of the average Evangelical jerk.

A good way to get acquainted  with  the nuts and  bolts of  this type of con-artistry is to listen to some of the very clever Christian radio broadcasters who offer their time and talents to any and all promising endeavors of this nature.

Anyone,  with  even a modest education can clearly see how the missionary scam unfolds ,but sadly ,those that can divide truth from swindle are few, and therefore pose little  threat of exposure , to the clever presentations being made to the credulous listening audience.

One of the best in the pseudo christian radio broadcast scam  business   is the highly  regarded  VCY AMERICA BROADCAST NETWORK; which uses its CROSSTALK radio program to acquaint the public with every swindler and cheat in the missionary for hire scam operation.

Mr. Vic Eliason , the crosstalk call-in talk show host , and owner of VCY AMERICA NETWORK , orchestrates the presentation with  some serious banter  about the sacrificial nature  of missionary work and the much desired feelings of Christian accomplishments  that come as a result.

He then introduces his guest for the hour ;usually a convincing personality that profusely thanks the host for his generous airtime  he has  been given.  He then proceeds to tell  the host of the dire need to reach out to the lost, living   in the remote tribal areas of Africa. All     living    lives of utter depravity and are therefore destined to burn in hell.

In order to authenticate the pitch ,the clever missionary promoting con artist  is then allowed to introduce one of the former lost souls he’s picked up   from tribal Africa ; travelling with him on his rounds ,from one radio talk show   to another.

The primitive, seated  with Vic and the promoter , sounds off with the usual scripted plea for help and prayers . And the emphasis at this time is on PRAYERS .

As the three-way dialogue continues ,Vic interrupts with invitations for web sites and phone numbers and addresses to  be given ; whereby the    teary eyed gullible pigeons listening ,can find it in their hearts to send a check to help  defray  the costs of supplying radio towers or cheap plastic radios, to be given out to the primitive savages living in Uganda or South Sudan .Wherever the need is greatest!

Or how about school supplies or how about the printing of Bible tracts or how about some free lunches ? You name it, they will claim it, to be of utmost importance to the furtherance of the Gospel; and also to help the native population to rightly divide the word  of God, rather than to divide each other by the machete.

 What the  listening public fails to grasp is that whatever funds these cheap sleazy missionary swindlers pick up, goes to them free of any strings. The money is theirs to use as they see fit. And they can see fit to use it for whatever depravity crosses their minds .

And there’s nothing you can do about it.  All you have is the word of the missionary pitchman ,a primitive native ,and the word of one of Christian radio’s foremost hustlers :Mr. Vic Eliason. Veracity is not the strongest point of this preacher’s kid[ a lie]…. Need anyone really say more?

But what should come to the attention of every seriously concerned Christian ,eager to evangelize the world ,is the desperate need to spread the Salvation Gospel to the Jewish community ,right here in America. 

 It seems entirely incredulous that this  Jewish segment of our population , so loved and adored by the Christian/Evangelical/Baptist faith community , should be so  ignored and left wanting of the thing most needed by all those who have not accepted the Gospel message of love and peace.

 You know, my fellow Christians ,what a shameful spectacle it is to see, how  the whole Evangelical Church oozes sympathy for the poor tormented nation of Israel  , with all its concerns  for  security;  and at the same time remains aloof and  unconcerned ,when it comes to helping them with a clear understanding of the Christian faith,the Gospel message ,and the plan of salvation.

 What a total  lack of compassion for the Jewish people in America, to  deny  extending to these people the benefits of a truly compassionate religion; but also  the certain escape  from  the black flames of eternity. Which would otherwise be their certain fate.  

And in  terms of the compassion and understanding that Christians today   view  the Jewish people ; and therefore in view of    this  attitude ,it is an obvious duty to do everything possible to evangelize  this so vitally important faith demographic in America.   The Jews are obviously the descendants of Old Testament personalities ,and certainly worthy of missionary work to save their dying souls.

But to again emphasis what a  scam enterprise missionary work has become ,the thought of  converting  the Jews never crosses the minds of all the clever hypocrites that work the  pseudo Christian Radio Airwaves. They know that their broadcast licenses would be terminated if any attempt were made to conduct a national  EVANGELIZING   OUTREACH  to the JEWS campaign.

Never believe   what you hear on the phony and  clever hypocritical Christian radio programming . Nothing goes over the airwaves by accident.  And of course RBN is in the slime of things all the way up to their red necks!  Rejoice radio is the clever  and swindling outfit that works hand in glove with the  VCY  america prime time scam artists.



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