A Loose Moral Compass Qualifies You to Own A Pseudo-Christian Broadcast Network and Host a Call-In Talk Show. Check out VCY AMERICA and Hear How Its Done.

My Fellow Christians:   I’ve  always been of the opinion that those who claim to know the MIND of GOD should also live according to the WILL of GOD.

Anyone with a little knowledge of scripture and a little bit of business acumen ,can easily find himself in front of a microphone ,foolishly attempting to represent the architect of the universe.  And there will always  be those gullible enough to give credence, to  whatever  the clever charlatan , deceitfully  manages to come up with.

You see this charlatanism taking place everyday  from  the   studios of VCY AMERICA NETWORK broadcasting from Milwaukee Ws. 

  And the focus of this deliberate act of major criminal religion fraud and deceit is the well-known Vic Eliason and his butt kissing staff. All working together to bring you as much stupidity and lies these bastards can cram into fifty-five minutes of air time.

 The point of it all, is to make a name for themselves in the political arena . Controlling a large number of  radio stations and thusly having access to the nation’s mindless Evangelical   population is  something of extreme value, to all the cheap,  sleazy political power brokers and their hangers-on  ;such as the criminal minded   internet news  service called world net daily. The truth ,to these lying scumbags, is an alien concept.

Give a listen to the Cross talk segment of VCY AMERICA ,and it’s amazing how many swindlers  show up to give their pitch over the airwaves ,hoping to snare some average fundamental creationist ,ready to write a check. And they’ll gladly take anything you  send ; in whatever amount or  size.

It’s pretty standard fare over at the studios of VCY AMERICA ; you can pick the usual two or three items of vital interest that they use to ply their trade of deceit from a short list ;consisting of ;The planned Parenthood Dilemma , The true or false  birth certificate controversy;or the state of degeneracy in America.

And for a special price  , usually charged to the less well know cheats and slime buckets ,they’ll throw in some blather about Bible translations ,statewide elections,and the never-ending battle with the dreaded EMERGENT CHURCH!

All done for the benefit of increasing  the size of  their listenership ,and thereby augmenting their much-anticipated cash flow.

 Now ,the boss of this sleazy outfit is the notable Mr. Vic Eliason and his partner in the talk show business; Mr. Jim  Schneider.

Vic of course ,call the shots and has to show his worth by using his great skills in dialectic maneuvering .  When a caller to his hour-long talk show dares to challenge his stance on any particular vital and important point ,is where we can see Vic for what he is : nothing more than a cheap facsimile of a  PHARISEE ;the type that tempted the founder of the Christian Faith during his earthly ministry.

As the pharisees demanded to know, by what moral compass directed  the words that Christ  taught ;and by what authority did  he utter them ,so   Vic Eliason ,stops in their tracks, all those too stupid to respond  with  the same strategy used by the Great Nazarene. And that , only to point to the abject hypocrisy of those attempting to provoke him or to tempt him.   

What  I’m saying is that Mr. Vic Eliason is clearly one of Christian Radio’s biggest hypocrites.

But where do I start?  Can I start with his joyful reaction to the news that thousands of Palestinian infants and children were murdered by Israeli fired white  phosphorous bombs, that burn at a heat of fifteen  hundred degrees.  ??

Can I mention that he threw his daughter Ingrid under the bus and ripped her off of big money ? Could I mention that Vic hates his   granddaughter Emily [born in a challenged condition] and never visits her or sends her any gifts?

Can I mention that he vilifies every woman who in an act of  desperation has an abortion as a result of rape or fear of raising a retarded child and yet despises his own developmentally challenged granddaughter?

Could I mention that during his many public pleas for financial assistance to buy radio transmitters  for the   hapless Natives of sub-saharan Africa he manages to earn enough cash to buy himself his very own private plane?

Is it any wonder that Vic’s colleagues esteem him  as highly as they do? Conferring him with the title of :STICKY FINGERS VIC.  Some of his fellow cheats and con artists believe he wrote the manual  on , PRAYER RACKETEERING FOR AFRICA.    Vic loves to collect funds from the public ,for much-needed   assistance   to the hardship enduring charities he claims exist in AFRICA!!

And this is how the public must get to see Vic for what he truly is: A cheap, sleazy ,lying hypocrite, and clever religion hustler.

But the hardest ones to detect, are all those operating out of their holes in Pensacola Florida ,flying under the REJOICE RADIO HEADING. Here ,you have some truly gifted sons of bitches who are experts in camouflaging their con artistry and have done well at it for decades.  You need to have a true discerning spirit to catch these bastards at the lies they tell on a daily basis.

This is your GOOD  NEWS COMMENTATOR bringing you  more GOOD NEWS . Until next time ,GOOD DAY AND GOOD NEWS TO  YOU.!


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