Is Christianity Too Big to Fail? Why are pastors bible teachers and Christian radio broadcasters failing it?

My Fellow Christians..: If General Motors and the big banks were considered too big to fail, then what value do we place on the Christian Faith. Can we assign a numerical value to an ideology that has sustained mankind for two thousand years.

Whereas banks and motorcar companies may come and go ,there is only one true religious faith, and if that should ever fail, the cost to human society would be immeasurable in terms of human progress ,culture and civilization itself would soon disappear off the earth. Is Christianity then , too big to Fail?

The question every sincere Christian must be willing to ask is ;why are the pastors,preachers, bible teachers and their co-conspirators in the Christian radio broadcast industry willing to do everything in their power, to insure that the Christian Faith someday  is reduced to a fairytale ;a quaint but naïve belief system ; that in the final analysis became a means to deceive and trick the gullible masses out of their money. The answer is not hard to discern ,given the nature of human clay .

  Those  in positions of leadership have shown  but little regard  for the religion handed down by the Great Nazarene; and frequently  they  became disillusioned with its mission.

While there may be certain exceptions ,the general trend in Christian ministry is to

engender a sense of dedication among the young faithful ,eager  to be pastors and to serve the Lord  ,but only to see it quickly dissipate when the reality of  Christian service sets in.   Then their usefulness is brought into  question.    Then they understand that it takes an exceptional personality to deal with the fundamental issues  concerning    their church membership , and to all the issues of human life. And quite possibly ,it dawns on them ,that they don’t have what it takes to  fulfill their true calling.

Their function changes from one of shepherd of the flock , to that of fund-raiser to the foolish.  And raising money becomes the hallmark of their success.   Con Artist 

 This is true ,and cuts equally among all denominations.

You have now entered the world of big  money ,where the only god worshipped is Mammon and the priesthood  ,pastors and all the clever hangers-on ,serve faithfully  at  his


Technically they can claim NON-PROFIT but in fact it is just another legalised form of religion swindling.



They know and firmly believe, that given the current state of moral degeneracy drowning this nation ,it’s only a matter of time before the last curtain slams down on the center  stage of Christian  life.  And  so, obediently await ,anxiously hoping they not miss out on the chance to pass the last collection  plate before the doors slam shut.

  What a shame it would be not to gather in the last few dollars remaining in the wallets of America’s stupidest.

 And now, the remaining question  to be answered is,why is it so hard for the many millions of Christian faithful ,to see through the lies, the deceptions and the financial frauds taking place in  every  church of every single denomination in the country?

Why did  it take so long for the perverted Catholic priesthood to be put on notice ?

Why are we still putting up with their shameless acts of sick  depravity and relying on the lies and clever  excuses being put out by the Bishops and Vatican officials?

Why is the Evangelical Community in America so  easy  to swindle and easily  taken in by clever televangelists that daily ply their trade in fraud and deceit?   

Why is it so hard for the Bible toting fundamentalist crowd  to understand how  fraud and deception works, and how they are being abused by clever tricksters and  scam artists.   

 The reason can be found in the centuries   of  faithfully following the intimidating  leadership of both Protestant and Catholic clergy ,who routinely frightened their congregations with dire threats of hellfire ,upon all those who refused to fall in line.

 In a much shorter time span you can create a breed of dog that loses all its instincts to growl.  And so it’s been with the church faithful;fearful of ever questioning church authority, in whatever form it takes.

 In recent years, the focus has somewhat been drawn away from the criminal antics of the televangelist gang and reset in favor of the pseudo-Christian Radio business enterprises that are enjoying a major surge in popularity.   TAKE YOUR PICK ,ANY CARD IN THE DECK!

The reasons are easy to understand ,when one compares the major difference between radio and television.

In radio ,any clever and theatrical presentation will do . It can be crafted to include gospel music ,especially the old-time nostalgic variety ,cheap sermonettes ,preferably by long dead radio  ministers ,obtained from their estates on the cheap.

Radio is big business and if you have the right mix of entertainment and self-righteous religiosity ,it’s hard not to make the big bucks.

But what does this do for the future of the Faith? Nothing at all.  All it guarantees is that a small ,gifted group of glib charlatans, will make a huge amount of money and the plain folks  who listen to them ,will eventually be left with a loss of  faith, delusional and heartsick for having trusted   the clever hypocrites who live like parasites, off  the good will of their  listenership.

And so, everyday the sacred faith ,established by the Great Nazarene ,slowly but surely goes down the drain pipe of history ,soon to be forgotten,thanks to all the jokers and lying bastards operating behind the microphones of america’s

broadcast networks.

Comrades, you know how hard I’ve worked during the years of struggle to  expose  all the lying scum of humanity  who routinely denigrate the Christian Faith ;whose purpose is to trick and deceive the less astute within the church community.


 You know how tirelessly I’ve struggled to reveal to you and the entire Christian  faithful ,the exact nature of the Enemy of all mankind.  This enemy whose main purpose is to destroy all that remains of the Church of Christ, as well as all that is of light ,and beauty and reason.  And yet, the hardest struggle has been to expose  those within the walls of the church who support and defend these parasites . The reason is clear to all  who can logically reason. Those who rely on the mass media [radio,television ] but also book publishing for their path to riches , must curry favor with    those who are in total control of the mass media. This of course includes the Christian mass media.

And so ,my faithful followers ,I began my campaign to bring to light all the lying and demonic enterprises that curry favor with these international maggots and who also deliberately provide cover  for their evil agenda to destroy the Faith.


This they do by misleading the public and by casting the focus of attention at all other groups ;at all other possible suspects;all others, but the truly guilty parties. And so the Jewish world plague continues to advance its agenda of hate mongering and destruction.

Two of those in the pseudo-Christian Radio business are the REJOICE RADIO OPERATION coming at you from sun and sex drenched Pensacola ,Florida and their partners in crime ,the incredibly deceitful pack of   professional liars ;the VCY AMERICA BROADCAST NETWORK.

This is a tag team effort ,whereby one supports the other. As I stated ,radio affords the opportunity to trick and deceive in a unique way. The alliances that are often formed work together and in fact often compliment each other.

One listen to the crosstalk america radio talk show ,will reveal the true nature of this clever operation ;whereby other charlatans and book writing liars and criminals are invited to offer their studied opinions to the Christian public. This creates a compounding effect ;and the result may well be an expanding audience but a decidedly dumbed down one.

The two-man tag team switches course and then appearing  by magic ,the other end of the criminal con-job ,unfolding before your sleepy eyes. And that is where the Rejoice  radio swindle jumps in and the music abounds with love and bliss. The audience still trying to adjust to the planned deceptions ,filled with hatred and calls for murder, and  the continuation of destruction throughout the middle east and in the world.

And this is what passes for vital information , needed to be “GOOD WATCHMEN ON THE WALL” how funny.

 as well as just the right touch of Christian music with just the  right message at just the right time!  WHAT A CLEVER CON JOB!

This is what all the lying bastards at  REJOICE BROADCAST NETWORK want you to think, and if you believe that ,then not only are you very stupid ;you are in reality contributing to your own demise as a Christian.

The scumbags operating at RBN are lying through their teeth but they couldn’t do it without the talents and slick performances you hear daily from the mouths of the  professional senior citizen; Don Smith and the sneaky son of a bitch RBN manager who with a straight face tries to convince you that they are entirely LISTENER SUPPORTED!

nothing could be further from the truth. The RBN gang is simply a group of conniving investors who are living high on the hog, all at your expense.

The same is  true over at VCY AMERICA . Here they are less inclined to hide their depravity ,given that their programming deals with the vital issues in a candid hard-hitting format. But then the squeeze is gently lifted and you’re right back to listening the dulcet tones of BEULAH LAND once again.

But  let’s not forget the daily mantra from the lips of the lying scum of humanity, who daily reminds you of JUST THE RIGHT SONG,JUST THE RIGHT MESSAGE, JUST THE RIGHT SERMON brought to you by a bunch of deceptive scam artists who employ the voices of sluts ,whores and hookers  to convince the gullible listening audience.

For all those who remain unconvinced ,I respectfully  ask you to simply question everything you hear,not only on VCY AMERICA  and the REJOICE BROADCAST NETWORK[RBN] but on all the radio and television religion hustlers.

And apply the same  method to all the lying bastards behind the pulpits of all the churches in America. And verify if they are being truthful.

Ask questions repeatedly and apply some logic to your thinking.  Why would an incredibly wealthy organization such as Pensacola Christian College that is financially bankrolled by ABEKA BOOKS PUBLISHING always in need for the audience to pay their end of month operating expenses? And what exactly are those operating expenses? are they trips to the local whorehouses ,right there in sex drenched Pensacola?

Are they trips to far away vacation havens ,where they can skinny dip in private and engage in wife swapping?

And given the nature of  radio broadcasting ,how do we know that the personalities heard daily are even Christian bible believers ,as they pretend to be?

How do we know that the money sent it to RBN doesn’t wind up in the lap of some young sexy street-walker coming in and out of the late night operations of REJOICE RADIO?

These are hard questions to ask,but they must be asked and answers must be forthcoming.

If you fail to ask these questions then you are setting yourself up for a big failure that could lead   you  to someday deny the  Faith.

This has been your GOOD NEWS COMMENTATOR with a thought for the day. and with more GOOD NEWS . til next time GOOD DAY and GOOD  NEWS you!


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