Pseudo Christian Radio Broadcasters Are GUILTY of :Enmity Against God and Corruption on Earth.

My fellow Christians:  In God’s eternal court of justice ,those who cheat and swindle the faithful can only expect to hear  “guilty as charged” for creating enmity against God and for corruption on  Earth.

The verdicts rendered in  this courtroom cannot be appealed ;and the harshest sentences are reserved for all who profited at the expense of   the “least among us”  ;those unable to separate fact from fiction, fraud from True Faith

 , prayer from pretense.


But where do the churches  fit in ? The question every Christian must ask himself is;  Do you belong to a church or are you simply a member of a fund-raising operation, designed to enhance the bottom line of the corrupted pastors,ministers, and Bible teachers ?  

 Are those who serve in the ministry true Christians or are they scamming you?    While it may  be that only God knows the inner character of man ; what does your pastor actually do to even suggest, that he’s a follower of Jesus Christ?

The deeper  cause  of conflict between church leadership and those in the pews can be clearly  traced to the inability to see value in  the lives   of the membership. It seems futile to the exalted pastors and preachers to serve a people they generally   regard as worthless.

And so, the goal becomes a matter of taking their money as painlessly as possible and without the   jerks ever being the wiser.   The result is always the same;sham ministries, and clever missionary outreach programs  ;usually involving the primitive savages of Asia and Africa.  

The best evidence that the missionary scam is nothing but a ruse can be found in the abject fear    these  clever  promoters  have   of ever  including the  Jewish-American community in their deep desires  for   saving  the lost.

Once it is seen how easy it is to pick the pockets of all the gullible Evangelical/Baptist/fundamentalist morons ,then more intimate goals and desires begin to surface.

  If the pocket can be picked so easily  ,what else remains ?  What about undergarments  ? And so the depraved desires  of a lost and lustful humanity  invariably  take hold ;resulting in the sexual abuse of children;who simply appear to the pastors and church leaders as nothing more than tempting pieces of meat ,fit only to satisfy the degenerate impulses of  a

gang of clever hypocrites.

This woeful scenario is played out within the hallowed halls of every church denomination in America and across the globe.   In fact ,it has become so commonplace and financially rewarding, that many parasitic elements in American society have taken serious note.  And not to be undone ,have followed in the degenerate and depraved footsteps of the ordained criminals,  to offer  any of the left over gullible and idiotic in the Christian fellowship, an opportunity to be likewise abused and deceived. 

This has manifested itself in the forms of televangelism and the equally criminal  Christian Radio Broadcast  networks.

Many have learned ,regrettably too late for some , of the cruel and   destructful nature of televangelism; and as a result have started to question everything they hear from the mouths of damnable human filth such as Benny Hinn, Richard Roberts and pastor John Hagee.These filthy Jews are in total control of the Christian radio medium.

 And believe me,  there  are an incalculable number of other equally skilled swindlers lurking in the mass media ;  ready to cheat and exploit you before you even know what hit you. These  bastards  are the very scum of humanity.

The exploitation of the naïve and half-educated ,runs so deep, that a veritable cottage industry of all out religion swindling ,is taking place across the mid-west and throughout the bible belt. The forms are varied and sundry and often overlap with bitter regional  political rivalry and issues that deal with second amendment  rights  and healthcare issues.

But one thing that remains constant  is the selling of literature, cd.s and books that bring in many millions in profits to  every clever charlatan able to draw a crowd.   Many of  the avid listeners to Christian radio have heard of the Brannon Howse enterprises . Here you have a very skilled fast talking reprobate ;unable to earn an honest living, so he,as many others   , forms a parasitic gang ,eager to rip off the easily fooled.

But to really go prime time radio you need a group of wealthy investors and these arise from the secular business world. Unorthodox to be sure ,but the lure of easy money is hard to resist.

It usually wraps itself around some type of Christian school ,preferably a college in the bible belt  and from there branches out into many   financially rewarding enterprises ,they euphemistically call ministries.  

One of the best in the business is the popular Rejoice broadcast network that offers a veritable auction yard of clever pitchmen ,each one with something unique ,each one serving a particular niche in the  world of Evangelical roobhood.

Nothing heard here, has to be true or factual;all it has to be is clever and  have some appeal to the scriptural charade game playing that attracts many of the stay at home idiots in their audience.

Rejoice radio ,connected to Pensacola Christian College is a cornucopia of various and eclectic presentations dealing with six-day creation ministry of unscientific endeavors , the ever-present sound of long  dead bible teachers such as;  RUSSEL KELFER:  J.Vernon McGee ,sponsored by RBN along with the clever and conniving grave robbers known as THROUGH THE BIBLE RADIO NETWORK .

is Russell Kelfer, 1933 – 2000.  He was a layman and business man who taught for over 25 years.  His timeless lessons on living the Christian life major on practical application and continue today to be heard, seen, read, and taught by others around the world.

This gang presents the whisky throated sermons of j. Vernon McGee ,knowing of the attraction  this hayseed has to all the urban hicks in the idiotic RBN audience. [ Notice the” businessman  ” in Russell’s bio.]

The real mindlessness of this carnival of deception and connivance doesn’t really materialize until you hear the steady stream of  flat disk  earth , six-day creation swindlers presenting their imbecilic reasoning to the brain-dead audience. And you can’t count them all. But who hasn’t heard of the clever   mumbo jumbo sounding investor by the name of KEN HAM? and then there’s IAN TAYLOR of back to genesis or whatever he calls his carefully planned two-minute  idiocy spot  on RBN.  And then the granddaddy of it all is the INSTITUTE FOR CREATION RESEARCH ; many of whom still believe that the earth could be flat .

 The question someone needs to ask these scientists and astronomers is ; Did the writer of the book of Genesis know that the  Earth orbited the sun and not the other way around?  If he did, why wasn’t it told  to humanity until five thousand years later?

But not until the  primetime     part of this  clever theatrical presentation starts to unfold ,do you get to hear the real talent.  Not until you hear the woeful and sorrowful voice of Dr. Don Smith ,can you fully appreciate how far the charlatans and deceptive con artists running the show at RBN have gone to present a convincing performance to the imbeciles taking in every word .

Don Smith is one of the more theatrically inclined , hearing Don ,one immediately thinks of him being sent over to RBN from central casting. This joker sounds like the tearful little old wine maker who makes “no wine until its time.”

The real powerhouse of RBN is the equally talented but far more subtle ,in how he pitches his poison ;the glib actor and

erudite scholar ;Mr. Craig Mattson ,who is also a Doctor. And how can one fail to notice his brilliance after listening to his daily  deally bop? or his proverbs reading ,or his drive time routine. Believe me ,Craig is back out on the golf course before any of the hardworking class jokers ever pull into their driveways . Yes, He’s the erudite  sounding arseloch ,Craig Mattson.”

“Rabbi, Craig Mattson ,he’s the one I had in mind . The perfect stooge ,best able to deliver the Christian youth ,right into your Jewish hands.”   Mattson

    ” Here’s a pic of Craig hard at work ,molding the minds of America’s Christian youth.” 

The real sleeper in the deck of jokers is Dr. JEW-JEW  Joel  Mullinex  who  LOVES ISRAEL . What he loves is the steady paycheck the jews pay him. And his brand of corn ball elegance is exactly what the wealthy jewish  wire pullers of RBN love to  hear.   They love this clever bastard for keeping his mouth shut  and misdirecting the young kids ,with mush for brains, into the avid supporters of the very sworn enemies of JESUS CHRIST. GREAT JOB !  Jew  -Jew, you’re worth every piece of silver the Jews pay you.  You lying  piece of filth. 

 My Comrades ,all these cheats and tricksters were hired for their acting abilities and nothing else. And  all of them are highly paid and extremely wealthy people . The rejoice radio and Pensacola Christian College enterprise  is such  an incredibly wealthy organization;so much so,that when they ask for financial help to meet their fraudulent end of month operating expenses ,someone should call in and ask them to send an assistance check to help  them  with their  end of month expenses!

The sermons and teachings ,whether from Dr. Mullinex or the sleazy John Dunlap, are all basically pieced together with the same clichés and platitudes you hear anytime you  turn the radio dial on Christian radio. If you believe that Dr.Mullinex or Dr. Don Smith , or Dr. Caleb Keener are really doctors then you’ll believe there is such a thing as a tape or CD. ministry. or even a Noah’s Ark ministry . The  laughter never ends. And that’s the only good thing about these pickpockets .

Take a clue from all the infomercials you hear and see,promising creams that remove wrinkles , or eternal youth , or a better veg-a -matic. All for 19.95 plus  shipping. Millions are fooled and millions are made off the gullible. And the  same is true on Christian Radio. They are all in it for the  money and the only reason you hear them, is due to their incredible acting abilities ,and nothing more!.  Whether the infomercials or criminal minded frauds like the ones you hear on VCY AMERICA;  all surveys say ,you are being ripped off. At least with the  infomercials you get a carving  knife.

With the frauds on pseudo-Christian Radio ,all you will ever get is one big   deception and disillusionment .

This has been your GOOD NEWS COMMENTATOR with more GOOD NEWS .. until next time GOOD DAY and GOOD NEWS to You!


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