Defining Rejoice Radio[RBN] and the many fraudulent ministries on CHRISTIAN RADIO BROADCAST NETWORKS.

My Fellow Christians:   The proliferation of Christian radio broadcasting ,is a direct result  of  the   millions of church members ,losing faith, and trust in the clergy  of their respective denominations.   The fault and blame   can be openly seen and traced , to the simple reading of the various sordid accounts ,that fill the front pages of  today’s newspapers and routinely heard over the airwaves.

The clergy ,unable to  serve the needs of their congregations, have resorted to taking  advantage  of the gullibility and abject stupidity ,often found among those  that trusted them to do the right thing.

And so develops the need for many to think of the Christian radio dial ,as something of an  alternative to church attendance.  This obviously has not gone unnoticed by the many hundreds if not thousands of clever charlatans, ready to jump in where the professional clergy left off.  

  This  clergy ,consisting of professional and  overly paid pastors,ministers,bible teachers ,who  ripped off their membership , to gain as much money as possible  before  getting  caught ;before their crimes  became known to the world.    Being caught,  quite often ,simply   resulted in the quick transfer of the offending pastor to another unsuspecting church.Their function changes from one of shepherd of the flock , to that of fund-raiser to the foolish.  And raising money becomes the hallmark of their success.   Con Artist 

But the horror stories are not limited to financial con jobs and assorted swindles; it also took the form of serious sexual abuse of those least able to defend themselves :the very trusting and believing children. 

Whereas this is viewed in the context of depravity and betrayal; but  for others, it is looked at as an opportunity to profit  and learn ;by avoiding the mistakes of those whose crimes against innocent humanity  have recently  come to light. 

And Christian Radio provides the perfect   cover   for the  furtherance  of financial and mental abuse that has been shown to exist in a majority of those who rely on  this medium to fill their spiritual needs. 

In many cases ,the Broadcast  Networks  grow in size to  the point where they can  metastasize    into related ministries;ministries where sexual abuse of minors can readily take place; schools ,summer camps and recreation centers, being the mode of choice, for the sick and depraved lurking within the Christian Radio administration staff.

If   one looks clearly at the REJOICE BROADCAST NETWORK,  broadcasting from the studios of Pensacola Christian College, we can see distinct elements of this clever attempt to convince the anonymous and mindless listenership that they are providing  vitally important Christian life  enhancing experiences.  Experiences to all those whose conventional church  membership resulted in   :  heresy ,betrayal , sexual depravity and criminality.

The cover provided by Radio, serves these frauds well ,and allows them to get away with things that even your local pastor never thought of. How can you find fault with  the kindly  voice of an elderly person desiring to pray for you?  

This is what you hear every midday on REJOICE RADIO, from out of the mouth of Dr. Don Smith ,a sorrowful sounding Christian soul;or that is what they would have you believe. Don Smith is a small but effective cog in the Rejoice radio network , whose sole purpose is to disarm the  cautious among the elderly in the audience.

This is where the money is at :among the old and those near death’s doorstep.  And so Dr. Don Smith comes along ,well paid and highly appreciated by all the parasitic vultures providing him with a script and a microphone, to spread his carefully construed  litany of deceit and swindle, to all the sick and aged . To the end of getting their clawed hands on the life savings and property of those who mistakenly believe that sweet old Don loves them and is praying for them.

This is the basic element of FRAUD ;to convince the pigeon that he is loved and cared for. And so the process of trust and confidence in the pitchman takes hold. Why do you think they call it a confidence racket? 

 You have to know what you are really hearing, and not what the clever hustlers  running  things behind the  scenes would  have you believe. 

  RBN is one of the biggest radio frauds to exist and still  not finding itself  behind bars .

One of the main facets to look for in any swindle, is the way the frauds use other like-minded cheats and scam artists to aid them in their operations.   There’s strength in numbers, and this holds true for con-artists ,as it does for honest people.

And RBN is good at attracting a veritable consortium of slick tricksters to help them in their overall attempt in providing the dupes listening, with the psychic benefits that come with trust and confidence and Christian Faith.

And here the clever hypocrites never miss a beat. The deliberate conjoining with other cheats and frauds cannot help but provide a confirming mantle to the sweet   chirping from the  station manager and the story telling ladies, that are sure to convince even the most skeptical. Give a listen to the “THROUGH THE BIBLE ” litany of whisky throated sermonettes from the pushy J.VERNON  McGEE ; a long time   dead   radio preacher ,whose  past and forgotten sermons were dug up by the slick grave diggers who ply through the remains of the dead ,hoping to find something they can make a quick buck from . 

Just listen to the  voice introducing the   Vernon  Mc Gee  Bible  Bus series, brimming with hypocrisy and deceit ;almost salivating at the thought of the check filled envelops that will soon be coming through the mail. What a demon possessed  bastard this  character is!

 Add to that all the other clowns working under the REJOICE RADIO circus tent ,such as ; KEN HAM and all the incredibly pre-planned  deceitful and deliberately stupid con artists working the scam from the institute for creation research ,and you get pretty much a well-rounded picture of how Christian radio scam works over the idiotic Evangelical/Baptist jerks in this country.

And isn’t this what we’re dealing with here ?   Isn’t this what all the Gospel music is intended to do?  And it’s done with only one purpose in mind.   To give the audience the sure belief that they are dealing with a true Christian ministry worthy of their financial consideration.

What never crosses the minds of the gullible and credulous is that music ,no matter how spiritually uplifting it may seem to the listeners, is just music ,and doesn’t convey anything about the intentions of  those who provide the music; or  in fact ,the status of Christian Faith on the part of the singer/performer of whatever piece of gospel music is heard.

The singer may well be a Jew or a Hindu at heart ,for all anyone knows. How would you know?

What if a group of Jews and Hindus got together and started a Christian Radio Broadcast Network, providing Gospel music and sermonettes all day long ;but they only used Christian sounding personalities to speak to the public.

What if they did this to make a financial killing off the credulous and naïve Christian  listening audience?  An audience they knew  to be susceptible to all forms of scriptural sentimentality; would you still feel they were worthy of your financial considerations or would you see them for what they were: a bunch of slick money-grubbing cheats and swindlers.

In few words , the sentimental sounding music they play for you over at RBN or the soulful sounding pleadings from the elderly  DON SMITH ;the professional senior  citizen, should never be the basis  for making a decision to support any Christian Faith organization or ministry.   What counts is what they do ,not what they SAY!  remember TALK is cheap.

I firmly believe that on judgment day man will not be judged by what he THOUGHT but by what he DID!

The RBN radio operation has all the earmarks of a very clever and well thought out operation to cheat,swindle and defraud the public .

On top of all the deceptions and clever entrapments that are set before the feet of the incredibly stupid listeners ;most of which go undetected ,there are two glaring examples of just how brazen these filthy bastards working the scam over at RBN can get. Who is there that hasn’t heard of how deeply involved RBN is with the notorious criminal minded hate mongers  commonly called the VCY AMERICA BROADCAST NETWORK who operate the CROSSTALK AMERICA call-in talk show? 

Only someone who is deaf ,dumb and certifiably  brain diseased   , will fail to see  the  hypocrisy  in any outspoken Christian ministry having anything to do with this infamous gang of boisterous and riotous gang of cheats and con-artists.   Liars and smart butt jokers that work the airwaves with a lot of corn-ball political banter ,usually leading to calls of violence being made against elected officials. And all this with the smiling approval of some of the most depraved and singular abusers of humanity ever to be awarded a license to broadcast!  And with the knowledge and smiling approval of all the lying and cheating scumbags over at RBN ,Pensacola ,florida : one of the most sexually depraved cities in America!Spring Break 2010 In Panama City Beach Photos

Give a listen to the cheating son of a bitch who runs the show as RBN station manager. He’s the lying piece of  excrement whose voice is made to sound like that of  an usher’s at a graveside funeral.    He’s the one who puts out the lie about RBN having the purpose of  a MISSIONARY OUTREACH. To where ? you lying son of a bitch ,to where and to whom?

Anytime you hear any phony Christian  missionary project , on or off the radio airwaves, ask yourselves ;are they planning to save the lost souls of the Jewish people in America and   all over  the world?    

In connection with missionary outreach to the Jewish people I have this to say: It ‘s a shameful thing to witness how the entire Evangelical/Baptist faith community oozes sympathy for the security needs of Israel and is concerned for the general welfare of the Jews,but remains aloof and stubbornly  hard-hearted when it comes to helping them find their TRUE MESSIAH: The Lord Jesus Christ , the Great Nazarene.

 And in view of the pro-jewish attitude of the Evangelical church community, it should be its obvious duty ; to reach out and save the lost and hell-bent destiny of the  Jews, they so greatly love and admire.

The arguments these churches think up for not attempting to convert them actually speak for what many of us have said about the jewish people.   And that it may well be a gigantic waste of time . That Jews are not simply possessed by demons  ,but they  are  the    demons   . And must be avoided at all costs.

Don’t fall for the lying and scamming going on all  over the Christian Radio Dial ;but above all things ,simply avoid RBN and the VCY AMERICA criminal enterprise in America!

This has been your GOOD NEWS COMMENTATOR with more GOOD NEWS and a prayer for the day  . Til next time ;GOOD DAY AND GOOD NEWS TO YOU!


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