Defining the word PHONY as it applies to prophetic Bible teachers and assorted charlatans appearing on the VCY AMERICA and REJOICE BROADCAST NETWORKS[RBN]

My Fellow Christians:   In this world of eternal struggle, those who fail to understand the inherent tendencies existing   in  human life ,whereby the clever and crafty take advantage of the less astute in society ,will invariably fall victim to  this underclass of humanity.

This tension between  deception and   credulity, is as old as the gift of reason ;as old as the struggle between the weak and the strong .

The Christian Faith was never meant to be the means by which the criminal and deceptive elements in the world gather together to inflict injury on the trusting and naïve.

 Sadly, it has evolved into the greatest mechanism for fraud that has ever existed in human history . A fraud  ,whose sole purpose is to cheat the gullible out  of their property ,and to render them powerless for future exploitation.

The evidence of this abounds ,and can be easily discerned by anyone  who has not totally surrendered his God-given right to think , to ask questions, or to doubt.

 Con Artist This is what it looks like to run a scam  operation that cheats Christians out of their hard earned cash.   Keep in mind that if only the dupes that support them would ask a few questions they would easily see them for what they are: a bunch of no good cheats ,liars and charlatans. Every single one of them.

The problems that are strewn before the Christian faith community are themselves manufactured   ;invented  to enhance the ability of  those engaged in  the art of deception,  to   take advantage of the abject stupidity found in primarily the Baptist/Evangelical./Fundamentalist denominations ;across the country and all over the world.

Let me introduce you to one of the best in the business of Biblical fraud and the certainty  that comes with prophetic exegesis: Dr. Jimmy De  Young., home of Dr. Jimmy DeYoung’s ministries.

Jimmy DeYoung is a prophecy teacher and journalist who travels the country and the world educating the Body of Christ of the future events foretold in God’s prophetic Word.

Dr. DeYoung Shalom!And thank you for visiting, home of Dr. Jimmy DeYoung’s ministries.Jimmy DeYoung is a prophecy teacher and journalist who travels the country and the world educating the Body of Christ of the future events foretold in God’s prophetic Word.His goal is to equip Christians with the knowledge and understanding of what God’s Word says will happen someday soon, so that they can make better decisions today.Jimmy DeYoung has several ministries to this end.Click the Links on the left to learn more about Jimmy DeYoung Ministries

His goal is to equip Christians with the knowledge and understanding of what God’s Word says will happen someday soon, so that they can make better decisions today.

Jimmy DeYoung has several ministries to this end.    And here ,[at this point]… ,one should begin paying close attention to this charlatan’s pitch.     The “several ministries “pitch ;designed to impress the gullible .Bookstore Special

 All are nothing but avenues for further fraud and money-making  opportunities  for this clever crook ,who has aligned himself to the sworn enemies of all that is Christian;to all that is compassionate and honest; to all  those who represent the very antithesis of what it means to be a Christian : to the international  maggots whose sole aim is to destroy all that remains of the Christian Faith in America. 

One glance at the “School of Prophets” ministry noted on his cleverly put together  presentation   should convince all but the most brain-dead that here is a truly gifted charlatan.    Who wouldn’t like a chance to become a prophet? And what would be the tuition?

And what about the slick travel agency ,he calls JOSHUA  TRAVEL? My ,My how ingenious!    This joker catches all the imbeciles whether ,they are coming or going. He makes a commission on everything. A true JEW at heart.

But the real root of this bastard’s swindle is found in the time  wasted in listening to the garbled hour-long prophetic disclosures he claims to   reveal ; designed to keep everyone at the edge of their seats ,but turns out to be nothing but a self promoting presentation of his life’s experiences and all the   JEWISH ass kissing he’s done over the course of his criminal career as a  pseudo- religion prophet and prophecy revealer .  The only  prophecy  this charlatan cares about is   spelled : PROFIT! 

The operation this swindler is engaged in and  putting over on all the imbeciles in the Evangelical Community is nothing new. It continues as long as there are  morons willing to trust all the drivel presented to them. In today’s world ,where  the nation’s media  are controlled by a small clique of wealthy influential Jews ,the one prerequisite in broadcasting  is to promote Jewish causes round the world.

Whether it’s spouting from the BOOK OF REVELATIONS  and pretending to  forewarn of coming calamities; or  from    other equally convoluted sources, the one interpretation that must follow is one that is non-offensive to the Jews or to their mythical homeland.

And so ,all the cheats and pickpockets in the phony christian ministry enterprises and their related con jobs , line up to deceive the credulous with impunity ;knowing as they do ,that behind them stand the jewish money bags that smile approvingly to all the mindless drivel dumbing down the Christian Community.

 What passes unnoticed to many ,is the close  connection that these low life charlatans have with Christian radio broadcasting .  Organizations such as: Rejoice Broadcast Network ,that claims to offer the Christian public with” just the right message,just the right song, just the right music of inspiration ad. nauseum!

Rejoice radio is one of the largest purveyors of deceit and swindle on the Christian radio dial and many of you listen and trust these deceiving bastards.

Of course ,here’s where they show up to be heard by  the average Evangelical moron  ,hoping to hear some word of inspiration ,but instead, is subjected to all the scams and useless drivel that the prophetic teaching vulture ministry happily presents.

This is not simply a bunch of liars and hypocrites trying to make a fast buck off the idiots listening ;this is a deliberate attempt to destroy the very underpinnings of the Christian Faith.    And this they do by deflecting any criticism of Israel ,the Jews in general ,and all their blood thirsty and depraved  dealings.

Are any of these  lying scumbags Christians? have they ever been?

How can any Christian simply laugh off the slaughter of Palestinian children at the hands of the sadistic bloodthirsty Israeli gunmen who gleefully murder the old ,the weak, women and children?  But this is exactly what bastards like Dr. Jimmy De Young do every time they’re pitching their mindless pro-jewish drivel on an unsuspecting Evangelical  public.

And all with the smiling approval of Dr. Craig Mattson, Caleb Keener,  Rhonda Autry and countless other scam artists.

All of them,  having  the moral equivalency of pimps and prostitutes ; in fact many sex workers  strolling the Pensacola boardwalk probably have a stronger sense of what is “right or wrong” than these depraved hustlers earning their wages of sin and deceit at REJOICE RADIO!

And some of the best political influence peddlers on the dial can be found at the VCY AMERICA scam and guess what ; they too are connected at the hip-joint with the crooks at REJOICE RADIO;it’s all one big happy family.

And so, we see that to be a phony is more than what we hear from the mouth of Dr. Joel [Jew-Jew]   Mullinex or any of the other stooges working the religion  scam at PENSACOLA CHRISTIAN COLLEGE or at VCY AMERICA . These jokers are nothing but highly paid stooges that are happy to get paid for their meager  services.

But when deliberately chosen deceivers and double talkers come on the scene such as Dr. de Young ,who push  the  full diabolical  meanness of modern-day Judaism over the less astute in the listenership  ;then that’s more than clever hypocrisy.   And  can only be called what it  truly is: doing the  devil’s work on planet Earth.

If you truly love the Lord ,as some of you often say ,then never under any circumstances support the cheats ,liars ,money-grubbing vultures ensconced to the wall over at REJOICE RADIO[RBN] or the dirtiest bunch of  

political whores ever to bring shame to the Milwaukee metropolis ;the shameless con-artists known as the  VULTURES OF VCY AMERICA.

Til next time, I’ll be praying for ya, And you can do the same for me!

This has been your GOOD NEWS COMMENTATOR bringing you more GOOD NEWS ,a thought and a prayer for the day. til next time ,GOOD DAY AND GOOD NEWS TO YOU, my dearly beloved. 


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