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July 21, 2012

Right Wing Zionist Orthodox MK Rips Up New Testament, Drawing Condemnation – And Silence

Michael Ben AriWhile the Anti-Defamation League, the American Jewish Committee and the head of the Conference of Presidents of Major America Jewish Organizations condemned the public destruction of a New Testament by a prominent Israeli lawmaker, the Jewish Federations of North America refused to condemn Ben Ari or comment on the incident.

Michael Ben Ari
Michael Ben Ari

Right Wing Zionist Orthodox MK Rips Up New Testament, Drawing Condemnation – And Silence
Shmarya Rosenberg •

While the Anti-Defamation League, the American Jewish Committee and the head of the Conference of Presidents of Major America Jewish Organizations condemned the public destruction of a New Testament by a prominent Israeli lawmaker, the JTA reported that the Jewish Federations of North America refused to condemn Ben Ari or comment on the incident.

Orthodox Jews have assumed a prominent role in Federation life during the past decade, especially in the two largest American communities, New York and Los Angeles.

At he same time, Evangelical Christians have become the strongest supporters of Israel in America outside the Jewish community.

MK Michael Ben Ari, an Orthodox Jew who is a member of the right wing National Union Party and a former follower of the late Rabbi Meir Kahane, had pictures taken of himself tearing up a New Testament and throwing the torn bits into a trash can. He then sent the pictures to the Israeli daily Ma’ariv, which published them.

A Hebrew Christian messianic group called the Bible Society in Israel reportedly sent a copy of the New Testament to lawmakers.

A spokesman for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu condemned Ben Ari’s actions as did several prominent Knesset members, including Knesset Speaker Reuven Rivlin.

Jewish law generally mandates that books of minut, heresy, be burned.

At one time, much closer to the split between Judaism and Christianity in the early centuries of the Common Era, the New Testament would have been considered such a book.

That is less true today, except in situations when it is meant to be used to convert Jews to Christianity.

Even so, other halakhot, Jewish laws, governing the need to keep peaceful relations with the non-Jewish world, would usually make the public destruction of a book like the New Testament forbidden.

Israel has Christian citizens whose rights to worship are protect by Israeli law, and Ben Ari’s actions as a member of Israel’s parliament will almost certainly be viewed by many Israeli Christians with great negativity.

 AN ISRAELI lawmaker has torn up a copy of the New Testament to protest against the dissemination of the “despicable book”, which was sent to members of parliament by a Christian organisation. MP Michael Ben Ari of the ultra-nationalist National Union opposition party was one of the Knesset members who received by mail on Monday a copy of the “Book of Testaments”.It contains the Jewish Bible, known to Christians as the Old Testament, and the New Testament, the Gospels and epistles of the Christian faith written after the time of Jesus.A letter sent with the book from the Bible Society in Israel director Victor Kalisher said the new edition “sheds light on the holy scriptures and helps understand them. In addition, the references show the close correlation” between the two.”We hope the book will help you and illuminate your way,” Mr Kalisher wrote.

   Doctor  Mullinex  : Thank you for inviting me to  the wonderful Campus  of Pensacola Christian College ;it’s a pleasure to be here  with  you and all the wonderful Gentile dupes running things on behalf of the worldwide jewish Community.
 Doctor  Mullinex is taken aback by the charming   Rabbi ,but manages to respond in kind. ” …Rabbi ,if you only knew how much we respect you and all the wonderful things you bloodthirsty jews are doing in the land of Israel, it really warms our useless Gentile hearts . “
 Well ,you know Joel ,it’s what we do best. And we certainly appreciate all the support you Evangelical roobs extend to us ,each and every day the Rejoice Broadcast Network is on the air.   And we sincerely hope and pray that the tearing up of, you know ,the New Testament, will not make too much of a difference with all your intelligent listeners.
 Joel starts to grin:.. Rabbi, have no fear, The jerks that listen to RBN believe every word we tell them;and if we tell them the moon is made of green cheese ,they’ll   ask   if they can have it blessed. If we tell them you Jews are God’s chosen people, they will request an application to see if they can  be chosen as well.    And as far as   we are concerned ,here at   Pensacola Christian College  ,all of you wonderful Jewish people can tear up our    BIBLE AT YOUR HEART’S CONTENT.    We see little need for it anyway . just as long as those packets of hard cash keep getting here on time ,that’s all that counts.
 Rabbi Shlomo smiles : You know Joel , no wonder everyone is starting to  call you JEW -JEW Mullinex. You got money on the brain.
 Dr. Joel feels the need to respond by  saying :Well Rabbi ,it’s all the other Christian Radio Broadcasters as well.
 How well I know , Jew Jew , Do you have any idea how much that clever scumbag working the scam over at VCY AMERICA is demanding from  us?
 No, Rabbi, pray tell. You mean that clever con artist VIC  Eliason , right?  
 Yeah ,that’s the cheating blackmailer. All I know, is that in Israel ,they’re fuming over how much he wants to charge us to  continue defaming the Muslims and in turn making us  out as great people of GOD.  He says ,he’s the best in the business.
 Rabbi, He wouldn’t be nothing if it were not  for all of us here at RBN who extend him free airtime.
 That’s true Joel , but we got to do the  best we can with  what  we got .
Hey. Rabbi, I   understand the feeling , I have to work with all the useless jerks crowding me everyday right here at P.C.C. And I just grin and bear it. But let me tell you Rabbi, Vic can be counted on. This bastard couldn’t give a rat’s ass about the Christian Faith ,all he wants are the shekels.   Believe me , he’ll never say a peep about all the bloody massacres all you Jews are getting away with.
Mullinex, you have no idea how great that makes me feel hearing that from you, truly a great man of God as  you always pretend to be.
 And besides Rabbi Shlomo ,Vic has connections in Israel due to the close friendship  he had  with Rabbi Meier Kahane. They were tight as a drum ,and you know how much Meier hated Jesus and the entire Christian Religion. That’s why the clever scam artist is able to blackmail you.
 Hey Jew-Jew ,I think you’re on to something.    So that’s how he gets the big bucks , Thanks for the  heads up about Eliason. I’ll have to keep an eye on the bastard.
 Now Rabbi, Can I introduce you to a close friend ,you may have met before, but he just might be interested in working for the right Rabbi and you may be just the one he’s looking for.
 Oh Craig , Craig , get over here , let me introduce you to Rabbi Shlomo . Rabbi This is Mr. Mattson and he and I thin k alike, if you know what I mean.
 Oh ,of course, you mean he loves the Jews as much as you do, Correct? 
Absolutely he does ,and he shows it   every day he’s on the air at REJOICE   RADIO. 
 Craig ,I’m sure you and Rabbi Shlomo have a lot to chat about, Meanwhile I have to get this mornings sermon ready for all the young students whose heads are filled with mush. hmmm let’s see .maybe I’ll tell them a little bit about Benyamin Natanyahu and what a great Christian he is ,, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha…
My Fellow Christians : If you cannot understand how the  pseudo-Christian radio broadcasters are deceiving you by working for the jewish world plague , then you are worthless to the cause of Christ who fought these international maggots with all the strength of his being.
 Never support the liars scamming you everyday at the REJOICE RADIO And VCY AMERICA broadcast networks. They are destroying the Christian Faith from within ,in order to continue ripping you off with impunity.
 Wake up and get smart!  
 This has been more GOOD NEWS from your GOOD NEWS COMMENTATOR til next time GOOD DAY AND GOOD NEWS TO YOU.

A picture published on Israeli news website NRG-Maariv taken by Ben Ari’s aide shows the lawmaker tearing up the book.

“This despicable book galvanised the murder of millions of Jews during the Inquisition and during auto da fe instances,” he was quoted as saying in reference to the New Testament.

“This is an ugly missionary provocation by the church; this book and its senders should be in history’s trash can,” Mr Ben Ari said on NRG-Maariv.

A parliamentary spokesman said that since it was a book and not dangerous materials that was sent, there was no reason to get involved in the lawmakers’ mail.

Mr Kalisher was not immediately available for comment,


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