Listening to THE REJOICE RADIO Share-a- Thon Was a Sickening Experience .Totally Shameless.

My  Christian People:   They say that in the Bye and Bye we will all be surprised who we will see and meet and  just as much by all those  who we will not be seeing or meeting.   After listening to the shameless presentation ,offered by THE REJOICE RADIO ,during their FALL FUNDRAISER, they have the  nerve to call a SHARE A THON ;I’m convinced of this   as never before.

 What I heard during the day long game of   spiritual  charades  was nothing more than a bunch of hyenas ripping apart the gullible hayseeds in their listenership : all those who enjoy listening to the happy clappy musical sounds  RBN  plays over and over.

Griffon Vulture


If not hyenas ,then vultures tearing apart road kill , best represent the feeding frenzy that usually goes with any phony fundraising operation.  

I knew that listening to the so-called share a thon would reveal nothing new. Just another in a long series of carefully orchestrated deceptions, designed to trick ,cheat and swindle   all the gullible imbeciles,  who enjoy feeding   their neurosis with clever and ear tickling mouthings. 

Stuff that’s so incredibly deceptive ,it goes beyond the limits of free speech and drops right into the lap of  MR. SWINDLE .

Did you know that pledging and then sending in your hard-earned cash to these vultures will earn you ETERNAL REWARDS?Share-a-thon Invitation 

So ,let’s see. as the scripture says: to be absent from the body is to be present with THE LORD. And the day comes  when the silver cord breaks and you find yourself on that far away strand looking straight ahead ,and for now ,you’re delirious that you made it . Made it somewhere that is.

But straight ahead is the  Dread White Judgement Throne . Hey ,un momento ,por favor,please ,  hey, .something doesn’t quite seem right,amigo.

 And you thought you passed from judgement to Life to be in  the  presence of the  Angelic Horde.

Well ,think  again amigo. But not to worry,after all you had good intentions all your life  ;you listened to the ministry of  VCY AMERICA and believed all the idiotic ravings and rantings they shoved down your throat, and to top it off,you were an active participant  in  the  2012 FALL SHARE A THON , presented to you by THE REJOICE BROADCAST NETWORK.  Now ,this was a real ,honest to God ministry that no one can deny . RIGHT? no ,wrong.

No doubt, they played all the mindless country Gospel stuff like AMAZING GRACE and BEULAH LAND;   and all the other Tennessee Ernie Ford  selections these clever  bastards were able to rip off. And so convinced were you that they were a true Christian Ministry  that  you  sent in your cash donations ;and right on time.  

And so  now, the time  has  come to take them up on their word ;that all who send in their cash to the REJOICE RADIO gang would reap ETERNAL REWARDS. You know the gang: Craig Mattson [clever and thoughtful fast talking  joker ]: Dr. Don Smith [ a teary eyed snake in the grass] Caleb Keener[known by all his colleagues in Christian Radio Circles as the WHITE  PIMP of the South]  : JIMMY MINCE[ this guy would rip off his 85-year-old grandmother ;even if she were blind]; and  all the other assorted street hustlers  they use to sweet talk the mindless cowboy jerks into sending in their shekels.

And now the time has come to see what your reward will be.

And so you approach the White Throne of Judgement, eager to learn   about  your ETERNAL REWARDS    ,but instead you hear” Get the hell away from me,depart from me, you stupid bastard ,I never knew you”

And   you can’t believe what you just heard.   And you ask for an explanation . Maybe they  mistook you for someone else.   You are in a state of shock.   And just at that moment ,you hear someone telling you to turn around, and  to see all the faces you helped to send to HELL.

 And so, you were shown all the faces and   there are so many faces. All burning in hell because of you.  And again you  press for an explanation ,you can’t believe what you were just told ,coming from the white judgement throne. But it must be true.

 And finally you are told that you did nothing for the cause of the Gospel,but in fact ,you helped to diminish it on the Earth, by donating your hard-earned money to a gang of charlatans and swindlers . Con artists who used the money to promote the  vile and sick lifestyle they were addicted to ;living right there in the degenerate and depraved sex drenched capitol of the deep south:PENSACOLA!

The money you sent in  to the scam artists never did anything for the cause of  the Gospel,  ,in  fact it  caused  harm to the True Body of Christ .The money you sent in to these hyenas ,instead of promoting the cause of Christ was used to deceive humanity.The money never helped anyone but the cheats and fast talking jokers, that tricked you into believing that you had a reward coming in the hereafter.

   A reward that you earned by donating to their fraudulent fundraising operations. An operation that always needed more and more money to cover the costs   of  OPERATING     the  operation. GET IT NOW?

And so, after you received the explanation you asked for ,you were escorted into your TRUE REWARD . A place you didn’t really think you would wind up in. But ,too bad , there’s no travel agency down there . No way to change your travel plans ,This is where you will spend your eternity and this will be your just  reward.  You see my stupid BAPTIST/Evangelical /Fundamentalist moron ,YOU GOT TO GIVE AN ACCOUNT IN THE JUDGEMENT!

But you never know. HELL may be just the place they’re looking for, they might prefer it to THE KINGDOM OF GOD.

Here’s what I mean:

The punishment of the serpents in dantes hell  When JIMMY MINCE took a look at this place ,he remarked: 

“Well at least here , I can see something I can press my nose against. .”. And for JIMMY and Craig ,or certainly CALEB Keener, this could be just the place they’re looking for. To each his own as they say. Ever wonder what happened to BETHANY CRAWFORD? Is she still burning and yearning for the souls of AFRICA? Look no further!  Caleb and Craig and all the boys will feel like it’s just  another sock hop in good old PENSACOLA!


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