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  Comrades,Soldiers of the Cross, My Fellow Christians: One word I have never learned the meaning of, is the word surrender ,in fact the word has never been part of my vocabulary.

! Si  falla la humanidad a eliminar del mundo la plaga mundial de los judios  ;entonces , la plaga mundial de los judios eliminara’    del mundo  la humanidad!.



This has been especially true as it applies to my Christian faith and  beliefs.

As a Christian I feel duty bound to fight for this faith in the one area in most need of defending  :those who live their lives in the world of the   gullible ,  trusting and naïve.

And to fight and defend them without thought of rest or compromise against the forces of darkness arrayed against all true believers.

These forces can be found living among us in various circumstances  ,in the church community ;in government ,the professional media ,and in the popular…

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