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HOW VCY AMERICA BROADCAST NETWORK deals with dissidents. They throw them under the bus,that’s how!

July 20, 2011




  Ken Silva
Ken Silva is pastor of Connecticut River Baptist Church in Claremont, NH. In addition he is president of an Internet discernment work called Apprising Ministries at He is also a contributor of Ingrid Schulter’s blog located at www.sliceorlaodicea.blogspot.comand has made numerous appearances of the Crosstalk Radio Talk Show on the VCY America Radio Network.The author of many articles pertaining to the seeker sensitive movement, Ken and his wife Donna feel especially led of the Lord to bring attention to the growing danger of contemplative spirituality and mysticism in the Body of Christ. Largely trained through the work of the late Dr. Walter Martin, for the past year Ken has been intensely studying the Emerging Church movement and its increasing threat to the historic orthodox Christian faith.


Ingrid Schlueter's photo  Hyena's Mating. Masai Mara, Kenya

*Update* In what appears to be an ongoing situation surrounding the resignation of my friend Ingrid Schlueter from VCY America, where apparently there’s more than initially meets the eye, she now informs us:

This post originally appeared on May 27. As of today, June 7, 2011, it appears that our old VCY America email addresses are still functional. They were resurrected without our knowledge so that my father could read all incoming. We have never had a written confirmation or any contact with my father, Vic Eliason, to confirm that our emails are no longer being read by him. As a result, I am reposting our original warning to anyone who may unknowingly use my old address or Tom’s address.

For those who missed the original warning, here it is. When VCY America’s Board of Directors sends us a letter certifying that our privacy and those of VCY America listeners is no longer being violated, we will update this post. The claim that legally Vic can do this is not the point. That a father would do this to his daughter and son-in-law after 45 years of combined service at the ministry and that a ministry leader would so disregard the privacy of others emailing me in good faith at my old address is disgusting. (Online source)

Let’s be praying Eliason will repent. You’ll find all the current details over at Ingrid’s Hope blog right here.

 My Dear Christian People:  Will you be praying for Vic Eliason to repent?   Can you get a  hyena to   surrender carrion?

In both cases it’s a complete waste of time.

Laughing Hyena Picture


Those of you who were stupid enough to  have ever believed that the VCY AMERICA crosstalk scam had any semblance to a Christian religion enterprise should think again.

Here you have the chief criminal of this professional club for scam artists ,swindlers and budding crooks ,and all eager to relieve you of your  hard-earned cash ,making a spectacle of  themselves with the forced  resignation of INGRID SCHLUETER :the executive producer of this on the air swindle.

Not since the dark days of the former Soviet Union ,where those who were deemed  too controversial or otherwise not productive for the good of the party   were designated as non-persons and quietly  shipped  off to an  insane asylum or permanent exile in Siberia. [ And those were the lucky ones ] have we seen such a serious attempt to put  a lid on the corruptible dealings of some of America’s vile religion  fraud peddlers.

Quite often  in the Soviet Union ,undesirables    were  simply dispatched to the happy hunting grounds for  luckless party  hacks

but in the case of Ingrid Schlueter , her  curmudgeon of a crusty old fart of a  father ,simply shoved  her under the bus. And as  in the

Soviet System ,no one is ever again allowed to publicly mention her name . She  is now listed  among the names

discreetly spelled out under the  nomenklatura of  :   NON-PERSON.

No one ,not even  Brannon Howse is to mention her name or ask about her ever again.. WHERE’S INGRID VIC ?

Why do you hate your  daughter and your grandchild VIC?      That’s what INGRID HAS BEEN SAYING ABOUT YOU VIC!

Pity all the idiots like that autistic sounding moron that  calls in to the CROSSTALK program ,on a daily basis , by the name of  SHAWN ,from Chattanooga Tenn.

And many others ,that enjoy  kissing the rear ends of the VCY AMERICA STAFF. for a chance to spew out their unintelligible drivel. And Vic is right there to take advantage of their stupidity.

And whatever loose change he can pick up along  the way..

In all seriousness, can this claptrap of an outfit  that broadcasts as VCY AMERICA crosstalk ever be called a MINISTRY?

I’m sure that many of the imbeciles that trust these filthy bastards that operate behind the scenes at the  VCY AMERICA broadcast studios are too stupid to understand what is happening to them.

  And there are quite a few too blind to see that  these  swindlers are sponsored by another equally vile and deceitful gang of pseudo religion crooks ,that work under the ALIAS of the REJOICE BROADCAST NETWORK .

  These jokers really  have their scam  down pat. Just give a listen to the daily dose of deceit spilling out of the mouths of CRAIG MATTSON , DON SMITH :the professional senior citizen . And then  we have Denille Combe : the deep-throated and very sultry sexy sounding gal they picked up to add a little spice to their fund-raising activities.

Denille ,working the phones in a former career was skilled at giving   good phone, and now she’s putting her expertise to good use by giving good radio!

 The pros over at the studios of Pensacola Christian College really got all the bases covered. It helps during their fund-raising operations . It brings in the big bucks!    

Be smart ,never support either one of these two scam outfits ,deceivers, and professional pickpockets.

   This is the image of REJOICE BROADCAST NETWORK’S true behind the scene boss.    This is why    RBN should be renamed  the  REJEWISH  BROADCAST NETWORK!

This is why CRAIG MATTSON loves to play his Jewish medley of music.

He knows who signs his paycheck every month. By the way ,the pickpockets  working their scam operations at Pensacola Christian College need more money.

Help the jews get richer than they already are and send your donations to support their radio ministry of deceit. 


Jews celebrating the murder of JESUS CHRIST.

May 15, 2010

Murdered tourist was a Jew-converting Christian missionary



Christ Carrying the Cross Giclee Print 

Can’t any of you  imbeciles in the Evangelical church understand you are dealing with People who have an abject hatred for JESUS CHRIST and are clearly demon possessed?

An American tourist killed in a forest outside Jerusalem was employed by an evangelical missionary cult that promotes Christianity with the primary purpose of converting Jews. Kristine Luken, in her mid-40s, was stabbed to death in mysterious circumstances Saturday while hiking with a “messianic” female friend, Kaye Susan Wilson, a tour guide for the missionary organization.Luken was involved with and employed by CMJ, which its UK website says “is short for ‘The Church’s Ministry among Jewish people,’ a ministry that has been investing in the spiritual rebirth of the Jewish people since 1809,” first in the US and later in England, where she became a ministry staffer, its “UK Administrator” in charge of its website. The site makes it clear that the primary purpose of its activities is converting Jews to become Christians: “CMJ, a dynamic ministry propelled by devotion to God and the fulfillment of His promises to His people Israel.”
The church reported brings dozens of evangelical tours each year, according to Yediot Aharonot, and sponsors events and “educational” programs in Israel. Its mission, according to the website‘To encourage Jewish people to come to faith in Yeshua (Jesus) as their Messiah, to support them in serving him as Lord in the light of God’s purpose for them, and to equip the church to be involved in this mission.’
Comment by Sharbano on December 26, 2010 at 6:49pm

It’s funny, the self-righteousness of the Xtian. They have absolutely No knowledge of what G-d wants for the Jew. I fully guarantee it is most certainly Not to become Xtian. The Torah does say that other gods are for the nations and Not for Israel. And this is the primary issue regarding Xtian – Jewish relations.

We keep hearing about the Xtian love for the Jew and their using of the words “Those who bless Israel…”. Well, on the other side are “those who curse Israel”. If the Xtian would simply read the text they would find that G-d says He will give blessings or curses, life and death. To choose life and its blessings the Jew is to keep the commandments. So, when the Xtian makes attempts to convert Jews he is taking away G-d’s blessing to that Jew and imposing G-d’s curse, as Torah says, He is testing the Jew to see if the person truly loves Hashem. Therefore, when a Xtian speaks about blessing Israel from one side of his mouth and does missionary activity to the Jew, that person is Cursing Israel from the other side of his mouth. THIS is Torah. The Xtian really has NO understanding of this purpose of the Jew, because they don’t Study Torah. They follow a Roman mindset and a Roman religion, hence why Saul became Paul, the Roman.

Then the Xtian want to “identify” with the Jewish martyrs of old by claiming the same. But those Jewish martyrs were fulfilling their duty to G-d by keeping Mitzvot that G-d ordained and Not what was ordained by a demigod. Isn’t it interesting that after a Very very short time after Yeshu’s death that there were no longer Any Jews in the movement. It is clear those Jews of that time Knew what Torah declared if a prophet would perform miracles and if He spoke against Torah, that person would die. Yeshu did fulfill the prophecy. It is also interesting that gematria of that text can also be “this woman and her son”.

If the Xtian would fulfill their role in the world then there would be less problem. The same can be said of the Jew. The Gentiles are to keep the Sheva Mitzvot and Jews have 613. Each have their role and to bring holiness into the world. As with other scientific discoveries, science is also beginning to understand that this, too, is a fact of reality. There is a two-way street between the physical and the spiritual and science is beginning to find this out, what the Jew has known from the beginning.

Just as when a righteous Jew dies Isaiah tells of what to look to.

The righteous man has perished, but no one takes it to heart, and men of kindness are taken away, with no one understanding that because of the evil the righteous man has been taken away.

 Isaiah is telling us that when a righteous man dies the nation is to look inwardly and find out what is the source of the evil that brought this about. This, many many Jews have done throughout the ages. But what does the Xtian do, instead of looking at themselves they want to put the blame on others instead of understanding what G-D is telling them. It could very well be this was an act of G-d to be a warning to Xtian missionaries, that they, are not blessing Israel but bringing a curse. As G-d says in Breishis that those who bring death He will cause their death by man.

The matter isn’t that one is “saving” a single soul but what that soul has lost in their generations following. To see it from the opposite side, if a person brings a Jew back, a Baal Tshuva, and brings a host of descendants to be observant Jews, that Baal Tshuva has increased the population of Jews. On the other hand, if a Jew is “saved” FROM Judaism, becoming a Xtian, marrying another Xtian, a non-Jew, that Jew has no more descendants. If this were the same person and the choice was made, what is the result. In one instance the Jews increase, the other the Jew ends and is no longer.

What is truly disturbing is the reaction of Xtians to ANY counter-missionary organization or person. I remember hearing that Rabbi Singer had a show on a Xtian radio station and dealt with issues apart from religion. When Xtians found out about his work in countering missionaries those same Xtians that supported him on the radio Turned on him and had him fired. Now, this was Quite the teaching lesson about Xtian attitudes. It is a glaring example of how the Xtian will condition their support on whether or not a person is “like” them. If a Jew acts like a Real Jew then the Xtian will Not accept that Jew.

History has changed little. The Germans, before the Shoah, were indifferent to the Jew in many ways. There were many Jews in public service, But, when the tide turned and the government started propaganda against the Jew the public soon followed. Now, if the vast majority of Jews in the US suddenly became observant and stood against any missionaries what would be the reaction by the vast Xtian population. Some of those who defend missionaries are not much different than some of those in Germany, who stood on the sidelines when Jews were taken away. We see this in the State of Israel today and how the State Department’s report on religious life in Israel demeans Orthodox Judaism. They have the false assumption that Xtianity and Judaism is similar. But there is Very Little similarity between the two. I suspect the more the Xtian finds out how far from Judaism that Xtianity is the more hostile the Xtian will become.

It is clear in the arrogance where the Xtian has the false assumption that “he” knows the Bible better than those who have followed it from the time of Moshe Rabbeinu. The glaring example of the Xtian’s use of Isaiah 53. They believe if they just “Show” this text  that every person would “Know” who it is about. But time and time again we find they cannot even understand the sentences they read. They only see a couple of words that sound applicable but the parts that literally speak against they cannot comprehend. I daresay their heads would explode if they studied Talmud. There are plenty of references that TELL the nations to LEARN from the Jew. Nowhere does it ever state that the Jew will come to a Gentile, just the opposite. G-d tells the nations that This is how they merit the good and will not suffer destruction. But the Xtian will have to Choose, follow G-d or a Demigod.


Can you  convert him by splashing  a bucket of water over his  head and face?


Comment by Shy Guyon December 22, 2010 at 6:51pm

Kevin, nice of you to post verses from Tanach. But there’s no dead Jew on a stick pagan man-god deity mentioned, not in Zephaniah nor anywhere else in all of Tanach – except for places like Deuteronomy

2 If there arise in the midst of thee a prophet, or a dreamer of dreams–and he give thee a sign or a wonder, 3 and the sign or the wonder come to pass, whereof he spoke unto
thee–saying: ‘Let us go after other gods, which thou hast not known,
and let us serve them’;

4 thou shalt not hearken unto the words of that prophet, or unto
that dreamer of dreams; for the LORD your God putteth you to proof, to
know whether ye do love the LORD your God with all your heart and with
all your soul.

5 After the LORD your God shall ye walk, and Him shall ye fear,
and His commandments shall ye keep, and unto His voice shall ye hearken,
and Him shall ye serve, and unto Him shall ye cleave.

6 And that prophet, or that dreamer of dreams, shall be put to
death; because he hath spoken perversion against the LORD your God, who
brought you out of the land of Egypt, and redeemed thee out of the house
of bondage, to draw thee aside out of the way which the LORD thy God
commanded thee to walk in. So shalt thou put away the evil from the
midst of thee.”

Have a nice day! 🙂

kkeene Comment by kkeene on December 22, 2010 at 3:09am

Dear ii people, This is a post for my sisters who have been attacked and those children of the living God of Israel who are praying for comfort and for this evil to be turned to good: from Zephaniah 3, The LORD thy God in the midst of thee [is] mighty; he will save, he will rejoice over thee with joy; he will rest in his love, he will joy over thee with singing.  Love, Kevin

Israel Insider Comment by Israel Insider on December 20, 2010 at 5:27pm

As Sharbano correctly observes, I take no pleasure in this woman’s death. But the revelation of her ties and those of Kaye Wilson to this disgusting organization, which aims by hook or by crook to steal and pervert Jewish souls, certainly tries one’s compassion for the death of another human being.

Self-righteous Christians who think they are “saving” Jews or Israel would best stay and home and concentrate on improving and correcting themselves. To listen to these self-important twits preaching about how they are “educating” Jewish kids in Israel to induce vomit among anyone with a still-intact Jewish conscience. Yeah, the world is full of dupes, and dopes.

But I am proud to be associated with Ellen, Sharbano, and all those who are not going to take this exploitation of our generosity and hospitality any more.  People who come here to convert Jews, or muslims for that matter, should expect that their efforts will not always be received with grace or forgiveness. We deeply appreciate those Christians — many of whom I am honored to count as long-time readers and backers of this site — who appreciate the value of Israel, ally with us against our enemies, and help us in our struggles on the frontlines of civilization without expecting us to sacrifice our children in return.

But soul-stealing missionaries, proud to convert Jewish kids and Judaism-deficient adults who don’t know better, listen up: Stay the hell out of our country! And this website, for that matter…..

Shy Guy Comment by Shy Guy on December 20, 2010 at 5:19pm

Sharbano, the difficulties are caused by our own people more than anyone else. Sadly so.

Sharbano Comment by Sharbano on December 20, 2010 at 5:04pm

No doubt one reason of the difficulty in getting such legislation passed is the US State Dept, aka the Hate Dept., which consistently wants to deride Israel because of their dislike of Orthodox Jews. Unfortunately, those in the US have the audacity to believe their Greco-Roman heritage should be applied to ALL nations of the world, as in Iraq and Afghanistan. Well, Israel is NEVER to be a democracy. It is to be a Nation that is guided by Torah law, Not what the descendants of Rome prefer.




March 17, 2010

My Dear Christian Folk:   The basis for all the false assumptions made by well-meaning people is a lack of understanding ,education and the  needed ability to put things  in logical order.

 Man  is more apt to rely on the  audio-visual  to make a quick decision;this ,owing to his primal instincts that served him well in the  primal environment of his earliest origins.

The blind trust citizens have in their elected officials or their church leaders is based on mere perceptions of reality, rather than on any accurate analysis of a situation.

This often is the case when voters hear the promises made by candidates and automatically assume that  electioneering rhetoric will somehow come to fruition.

Politicians know that the masses are easily swayed by the spoken word and are easily taken in by hyperbole . They also know the short memories the electorate possesses ,which is why this strategy always works.

Whatever is valid in the realm of politics finds confirmation in the religion sphere ,and often with just as calamitous results.

When decent ,religious ,God-fearing Christians drop their young children off at a Catholic church institution or at a Sunday School class they really are acting on the perceptions carved into their psyches over  many years and from different sources.

And so the shock to learn that a particular priest  or a certain well-known and well thought of pastor or Bible instructor was involved in molesting or raping  a small child   entrusted  to their care ,is especially devastating to the family involved as well as to the church community in general.

 This sadly is a common occurrence taking place and in many cases involves church leaders extending to the topmost positions of authority.  Witness the scandals once again hitting the ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH, this time accusations of a cover up extend to the very seat of power :His Holiness and the entire VATICAN .

Obviously a WRONG ASSUMPTION was made and a terrible price was paid by the victims.  An assumption that could have been easily corrected had the parents of the child understood  that the  outward  nature of things may not always represent an accurate  reading of a person or a situation. Especially when the basic failings of human nature are involved.

  These terrible and tragic scandals effecting the churches in general are usually short-lived and can be remedied with  discipline and long jail sentences.

 But are there other WRONG ASSUMPTIONS that Christians make that have an even greater deleterious effect on the church,society ,the family ,the nation ,that go undetected ?

Of course there are many. One of the  more perilous beliefs Christians take for granted, is the one currently pushed by many in the clergy that :THE JEWS OF TODAY   REPRESENT GOD’S CHOSEN PEOPLE.




Nothing could be further from the truth,yet millions automatically believe this fabrication.

And the reasons are plainly seen. All literate  Christians have at one time  read THE OLD TESTAMENT and those interesting stories about DAVID the shepherd boy ,who slew GOLIATH and became THE KING OF ISRAEL.  And let’s not forget the courageous  Moses who defied the powerful king of  Egypt  and led the Hebrews out of slavery etc.

  Let’s include the charismatic Abraham [father of many nations] who was ready to cut his son’s throat ;and the lion tamer DANIEL ,along with JOSEPH  ;PHAROH’S  NATIONAL SECURITY ADVISOR; and then we drop down to  JOSHUA and his merry men who annihilated and ethnically cleansed the LAND OF CANAAN..[A HOLOCAUST TO SAY THE LEAST]!

And there are many other Old  Testament Bible figures  who provided interesting reading for the millions of easily impressed Christians   in  all denominations . 

When you toss in   Bible prophecies and  verses of scripture , alluding to  the Almighty choosing a  particular race of people[THE JEWS], over all others ,then it’s  easy to assume that the Jews of today are the direct descendants of these ancient peoples.

When Jewish Israelites such as the wealthy KING SOLOMON and the wisdom of his proverbs are brought to the forefront ,then it’s easy to see why the average Christian would tend to view the modern-day JEWS as desireable . It compounds even more when the present-day affluence and success of modern-day Jews are taken into account;resulting in a sort of self-fulfilling prophecy of God’s favor for this gang. 

In fact, showing continuity with the ancient Israelites serves to put a foundational basis to  the Christian cosmology.  Without  this vital connection no transition can be made between OLD TESTAMENT dispensation and NEW TESTAMENT REDEMPTION.

So given the situation it is nigh unto impossible to convince any sincere Christian that THE JEWS are something quite different from “THE CHOSEN PEOPLE.”

This false assumption has led to them eventually being kicked out of every   country in the world   that ever extended to them hospitality .

Those good-natured Christians that trusted in the false words of their own pastors or in the clever  and

 deceptive masquerading of the Jews themselves learned in time that they were not dealing with

GOD’S CHOSEN RACE but in fact had placed themselves at the mercy of a SATANIC BROOD of vipers



slowly bleeding the unsuspecting Christian community of their wealth ,their identity  as a  people  ,

 their sense of morality and ethics ,even the loss of their Christian Faith was slowly perverted and

drained of its vitality.

The very nature of the Jews is to  exploit the naivety of Christians ,to  flatter them ,to loan them money!

This loaning of money exacts a big price ,especially in times of conflict ,when Jews not only  loan large sums to the government  in whatever country they may reside in but also an equal amount to the sworn enemy of that same country. 

 The Jew always demands compound interest and amortization be paid on time ,His demand for THE POUND OF FLESH is ever looming over the heads of any government stupid enough to accept HIS ASSISTANCE.

Whoever should win a conflict he involves himself in ,he is quick to portray himself as the benefactor and immediately makes further demands on that nation. The nation destroyed in the needlessly prolonged conflict lays prostrate at his feet, and he slowly begins the process of demoralizing  the people with pornography and anarchy [MARXISM].  The nation slowly surrenders and he gleefully begins the process anew.

 This is the current situation in the U.S.A. ..The powerful Jewish  civil rights groups have so dominated the political and cultural fabric of this country that even when manure is rubbed into the faces of our highest elected officials by these parasites, there are many in the CHRISTIAN FAITH COMMUNITY ready to come to their aid.

 Calling their  subversion an INSULT is laughable after many decades of JEWISH political and moral perversion , that  destroyed the  Christian fabric of life ,is like calling a mass murderer a bad NEIGHBOR!

The truth about the Jews is that they simply ceased being a viable religious community ,if they ever were ,at the time the second temple was  destroyed in ca. 76A.D.

Without temple worship and animal sacrifice there can be no true JUDAISM and therefore no TRUE JEWS!

The denial of all Bible verses that point to CHRIST AS THE MESSIAH are also  simply laughed  at by the Jews themselves . Ask any Jew emboldened enough to answer ,– What would he do if Christ were to return for the second time? –and his response is always “Well we would have to CRUCIFY HIM all over again!”

Or some say –“THIS TIME AROUND we would just have to call the county MENTAL HEALTH DEPT. and let them pick him up!”

It seems strange for Protestants ,especially Evangelicals and Baptists alike to respect the opinions and Christian sincerity of MARTIN LUTHER in terms of BIBLICAL interpretation but ignore his writings regarding the JEWISH COMMUNITY of his day.   Soon after befriending them ,he quickly came to see them for what they were :an  existential threat to all that is decent,all that is scriptural ,all that is Christian, All that is of CHRIST!

And he wrote a very revealing book about them , known as Luther’s Black Book ,about the demonic nature of the Jewish people. In fact he strongly recommended all Christians to burn them out of their homes and synagogues!

  Many in the Christian community try to defend the Jewish denial of JESUS CHRIST by insisting that their EYES WERE BLINDED. And that may be ,but were they blinded for two thousand years?

If their own MESSIAH were to finally come ,would they accept him? Would they give up their nefarious and evil dealings?

Interesting for Christians to take note ,that in the Synagogues of today’s Jews all  readings from the prophetic books of the Old Testament ,that refer  to the coming of THE MESSIAH , that in any way point to THE BIRTH ,DEATH, CRUCIFIXION OF JESUS CHRIST ,or can be so  interpreted ,have been  deliberately excluded from their  SATURDAY MEETINGS!

In the world we live in The Jews as a group have succeeded in gaining control of all facets of American culture and government.

And they have done so with barely a voice of protest from the ranks of those who claim to have our best interests at heart.

This country  is unique in that it has allowed the Jewish swindlers to not only gain control of this nation by exerting their  influence

behind the scenes  ;working as the string pullers ,influencing every decision made by our elected officials ;but also through the

control of the  NEWS MEDIA they can  put whatever SPIN is  needed to satisfy the incredible stupidity of the Christian Masses .

But there’s more. The SPIN is then further explained by the JEWISH CONTROLLED ANALYSTS and self-proclaimed conservative talk show hosts up and  down the NEWS MEDIA DIAL!  In fact you can hear the dribblers on PUBLIC SUPPORTED BROADCAST NETWORKS [PBS] every day of the week.

Try listening to DAVID BROOKS or Thomas Friedman ,two SUBTLE TALMUDISTS who take any refusal to accept their self-serving opinions   as ANTI-SEMITISM! They take it as a personal insult!


The history of the Jews in America is one long series of fraud and deceptions that begin at this nation’s earliest start.

The Black civil rights cause is of their entire making. After swindling their way into the LABOR UNIONS and severely weakening America’s ability to compete in the world,they then found a ready    market  to promote their perversion and moral depravity :THE DOWNTRODDEN BLACK RACE IN AMERICA.

Their ultimate goals   had nothing to do with RACIAL EQUALITY or access to EQUAL PUBLIC EDUCATION,but only to further weaken THE CHRISTIAN COMMUNITY in America ,by destroying whatever  moral and ethical foundations this country rested on.

In this matter they have done quite well. Everywhere you look one can only see the fruits of their labors. The Jews being the major distributors of HARDCORE PORNOGRAPHY have turned this once moral nation into a MORAL CESSPOOL. The destruction of our once highly prized PUBLIC SCHOOLS is another indication of their success. 

But the one victory they most prize,in fact their shining trophy,    is :THE BASTARDIZATION OF THE WHITE RACE IN AMERICA!

This in reality has been their only aim from the beginning.

 Their control of the degeneracy produced by their movie moguls in HOLLYWOOD , whom they boast of, has ensured that the  JEWISH-MARXIST filth they manufacture will descend to the very depths of Christian family life and pervert the very essence of TRUE CULTURE .

They have turned THE ART OF CINEMA into a cleverly crafted form of ART BOLSHEVIK ,and in the process determine what is believed and what is  ridiculed in our formerly CHRISTIAN NATION.

The Jews ridicule everything that is religious,decent, moral, and CHRISTIAN ,and have been doing  so from their first appearance among the nations   of the world.

These people are not God’s Chosen anymore than a vulture is chosen to consume carrion.

My Dear Christian folk : There is NO SALVATION , and there is no REDEMPTION until the land we stand on is first redeemed.

Until we cleanse the soil of this blood sucking leech we will be forever cut off from the GRACE of the REDEEMER.

Whatever EVIL exists in this nation ,rest easy ,it can be traced to the Jewish internationalists ,passing themselves off as the

 eternally persecuted religious minority  ;while putting into effect their plans to bring war ,misery ,depravity and financial ruin to all

the decent,hardworking Christians of the world,as well as to all those who have an honest FAITH AND LOVE FOR THE ALMIGHTY!

To you my CHRISTIAN COMRADES,you know this already,  but to those in the CHRISTIAN FAITH COMMUNITY,you  who have difficulty  understanding me with your BRAINS ,I ask you to understand me with YOUR HEARTS! 

 Those of you who continue to make false assumptions about your pastors or clergy ,believing that they are telling you the

truth ,remember if they were speaking the truth would we be now swimming in a sea of ignorance and at the verge of extinction as a FAITH AND AS A PEOPLE?

Do you believe those deceitful and cunning swindlers on THE CHRISTIAN BROADCAST RADIO NETWORKS that trick you into

believing half-truths and downright lies ,in order to enrich themselves at your expense?

What type of Christian can lie to you one minute and then demand that you believe him the next?

What kind of Christian ,   broadcasting his   concerns for the fate of the Christian Community would at the same time deceive that same community with false and misleading calls and pleadings for donations and money?

This is what happens, and it is all done with the clever sleight of hand subtlety that goes well over the heads of the morons in the listening audience.

Who now remembers the  reasons behind the urgent calls for money, made by these crafty scam artists? Now long forgotten,but your money provides them with an easy living,having   betrayed the CAUSE OF CHRIST for the JUDAS WAGE!

Remember this the next time you are listening to any of these pick pockets or are tempted to write them a   check for any reason. DON’T GET TAKEN IN BY THEIR CALLS OF SENTIMENTALITY ,it’s all play acting.

Do you think for a minute those corrupted station managers and the sanctimonious sounding hypocrite: CRAIG MATTSON ,OF REJEWISH RADIO FAME,[RBN]care about anything other than their salaries and bonus? 

 ALL THEIR MINUTES OF GRACE ring hollow when looked at in the context of this planned deception they carry out every day of the week!

The one false assumption that may in fact be more destructive than all others , is to believe that THE ALMIGHTY exists simply to do for us what we are too lazy or cowardly to do for ourselves.

The Almighty will never reward  or even hear the prayers of the stupid ,the lazy ,or the cowardly ,but is always willing to bless the work of the industrious,thrifty and morally straight.HE will never leave decent Christian Folk in the lurch.

In this world of ETERNAL STRUGGLE, we must attack the enemy without ceasing, we must never surrender ,we must never tire ,until the LAND IS REDEEMED and we once again become  created in the IMAGE OF GOD . and  never in the image of THE JEWISH SATAN!


..ACTS :of the hypocrites ,liars and cheats, in the CHRISTIAN RADIO BROADCAST BUSINESS…chapter one.

March 16, 2010

 My  Dear  Christian Folk:   The New  Testament  is truly a spiritual guide for all  Christians to use and follow. The key to its understanding  lies in the ability to read the sacred wording in  the proper context   of the times in which it was written, and  with consideration  given to  the tenor  and tone, of every  verse being studied.

This is not easy to do, and in most situations it is far better for the average person  to wait until they are sufficiently enlightened  in  the historical , cultural and  philosophical milieu  that influenced  its  writing and translation .

There are somethings that appear to be self-evident and can be taken at face value. Beliefs in the divinity of Christ and  His redemptive powers are clearly expressed within Christian scripture ,and it would be pointless to think of one’s self as a Christian,  if these basic tenets of faith appeared as unacceptable.  

 Many of the Parables and  teachings of  the Great  Nazarene   are also important to learn ,especially those he taught by personal example. 

  One   need only to  read how the Lord, angered and disgusted  by the very sight of the  Jewish  mob   within the Great Temple in Jerusalem ,fashioned a whip to beat     and  drive   the ancient swindlers and perverters of truth , from out of his  ‘father’s house’. 


   The Bible ,in its totality, is a compilation of books ,whose human authorship is for the most part unknown.In fact some BOOKS of the bible are themselves a compilation of many books.

 The translation    as well as the historical  context of much of the Old  Testament  is hard to figure out ,given that the Bible is not a   reliable source of history or even of moral behavior.

Can the slaughter of the Canaanites ,down to the infants in the womb ever be considered moral behavior?

Is there any archeological evidence that  Hebrews lived in Egypt for four hundred years ,or worked at   building pyramids ?

In fact nothing has ever been discovered that would link the Hebrew people to the land of the  Pharaohs  ,  as slaves ,servants or court advisors.

The  Egyptians were meticulous     record keepers ,especially of important historical events    ,as well as much of the more trivial aspects of life ;extending down to the dealings between workers and    owners of bakeries,between barge builders and sailors   , between farm owners and field hands.

  Today, in  pure historical terms ,more is known about life in ancient Egypt three thousand years ago than is know about life in the Jamestown Colony, of less than four  hundred years.  

We know more about this ancient culture  ,their values ,their society ,their   victories and  also  defeats by studying  the hieroglyphics carved into the walls of their monuments and found in their ancient scrolls  than we know today  about certain ethnic and racial groups living within our own borders for  hundreds of years. And nowhere can we see any archeological evidence that places the  HEBREWS in ancient EGYPT for any length of time.



How much is really known about life in any of America’s Indian reservations or in   the inner  city ghettos  of every large city in the country?.. Very little !  We love to study only what doesn’t  directly  impact our way of life.

 Things that impact our lives make us feel uncomfortable . Change is a hard thing to get accustomed to,things that force us to rethink our positions and our values create doubts and a sense of insecurity.

And this more than anything feeds   a  vulnerability that in turn engenders a need to rely  on others for answers.

 We find it hard to let go of old ways of thinking ,even if they  oppose  common sense and our God-given human reason.

The proliferation of religious experts  who fill the gap between fact and fiction , serves to put on others the responsibility that  is only ours to assume.

A small portion of these” experts”,sensing the inadequacies that exist in human society ,attempt to take unfair advantage  of the  public for the singular purpose of   enriching themselves financially through demands for donations to their make-believe ministries.

This organized and deliberate gang of  pseudo-Christian hustlers rely on the fact that while the Bible is the world’s most popular book ,it is the least read and the most easily misunderstood book ever written. 

 The Bible as we know it is a very difficult book to understand ,and the best evidence of this   can be seen in  the many thousands of different denominations and Christian sects in existence  and  continuously created.

If you disagree with your pastor or with the membership of your local church about the essentials of salvation, no problem, just find a few others to agree and go along with you  ,and start your own church!

 The freedom to disagree with accepted   opinion has led to a wide variety of biblical interpretations. And this has proven to be, not only a disgrace to all that can be considered sacred , but has led to dire consequences involving the needless deaths of children  and adults caught up in the web of delusional  faith healing .

Children ,sadly born to parents ,convinced in the words of some deranged pastor that  TRUST IN GOD means depriving children of medical attention ,usually wind up suffering the   most.

But then we have every form of depravity and bizarre behavior practiced by sects who long ago decided to go off on their own.

Ever wonder what the deranged SNAKE HANDLERS or  those who speak in TONGUES are thinking when they risk their lives, and their mental health practicing this idiocy?

They all didn’t think of this nonsense on their own.  Some clever church leader ,claiming this  to be TRUE GOSPEL or FULL GOSPEL as these morons refer to  it ;  happy to show  his  gullible followers where exactly it is in SCRIPTURE, and so convinced them  to believe it  and swallow down hard!


 Can this type of criminal chicanery be happening today? You better believe it is!

Just turn on your friendly Christian radio broadcaster and listen carefully to their pitch. listen how they attempt to entangle you into their own perceptions of reality.

A good place to start is the VCY AMERICA  PRODUCED programming you can easily find on your F.M. dial  followed by THE RBN gang ,coming at you from SIN CITY :PENSACOLA [wpcs]

And there are hundreds of others ,each one attempting to ensnare you into their webs of deceit and falsehoods by means of presenting GOD’S HOLY WORD to you FREE.

The current  crop of frauds are smart not to go too far off in a tangent ,knowing that in this day and age of electronic communication their stupidity can be quickly brought to light.

This is why they cover their nefarious intentions with as much play-acting they can get away with.

THE REJEWISH BROADCAST NETWORK ,RBN has a great act they put on daily.

You have to hear it to believe it.   They flood the airwaves with hymns ,church music ,and of course  COUNTRY GOSPEL MUSIC ,designed to appeal to the HAPPY CLAPPY CROWD .  To keep a balance they add  the old sickening saccharine sounding AMAZING GRACE ,usually handled by a  former drug smuggler and rum guzzler turned CHRISTIAN  MUSIC BUSINESSMAN .

Interspersed they have various pious sounding “READINGS” by  an amateur actor turned SUNDAY SCHOOL TEACHER !

What a joke!   The readings are all to impress the hayseeds who can’t live without this type of programming . This is their way of creating in the minds of their credulous listening audience a sense of CHRISTIAN SINCERITY and TRUST ,CONFIDENCE to be more accurate.

Just remember, the first three  letters in CONFIDENCE spell CON!

And that’s what these religion hustlers over at RBN are: CON-MEN.

They claim to be listener supported ,but failing to explain to the idiots in the audience that even if TWO were to donate to their  RADIO NETWORK this would still make them technically LISTENER SUPPORTED.

Don’t believe it!   Anyone who today controls the airwaves even in small part wields a strong  commercial weapon that allows them to grow incredibly rich,all at your expense.

And this is what is happening everyday of the  week. The best way to prove this to yourselves is to call them and ask them to mail you a financial statement ,audited and listing all their intake and their total expenditures,including SALARIES.  This is a reasonable request for anyone in the public to make since they claim to be listener supported ,they have a legal and certainly a moral obligation to be open and totally transparent regarding their  financial situation.

Oh ,And Don’t forget to ask the  corrupted STATION MANAGER over at  RBN [PENSACOLA,SIN CITY]where he hides his whiskey bottle!

What you don’t see is what is transpiring behind the scenes and the deal making going on between the broadcasting outfit, PENSACOLA CHRISTIAN COLLEGE and the commercial big business money bags they sell themselves out to everyday of the week! [including the JEWISH COMMUNITY,there locally and nationwide]






To keep the play-acting going ,well that’s what they pay CRAIG MATTSON for . Keep the Christian pretense high on the agenda. And of course he’s not totally alone.

They hired the folksy sounding ,serious-minded gals who are also making a good living selling their simpleton sermons to the listening morons. They also have an elderly sounding guy with the incredible GIFT of diagnosing diseases on the air by means of mental telepathy and his inborn psychic powers. THE GUYS A PSYCHIC!

Give them a listen and decide for yourselves.

If you are really a cynic and want some improvised entertainment to brighten your day ,check out THE CROSSTALK PROGRAM PRODUCED BY MR.VIC ELIASON OVER AT VCY AMERICA.

The humor is practically from the first moment the hour-long show begins.

Here the co-hosts JIM SCHNEIDER and the crafty and always cleverly deceitful MRS.INGRID SCHLUETER and the ring-leader MR.VIC engage in a free for all discussion of topics of vital interests .

 All of which are designed to  provide a ready-made platform for all the other hundreds  of CHARLATANS out there pitching their WEB-SITES and idiotic organizations .

The more exposure these swindlers get the more their bottom line increases. KEEP IN MIND THAT CHARLATANS GRAVITATE TO OTHER CHARLATANS.  And that’s all that they invite on this incredibly deceitful program ,designed to turn your brains into MUSH!

Fortunately their influence doesn’t extend beyond the hill billy types that faithfully call, such as MIKE FROM CALHOUN GA. T.J. from HICKSVILLE GA. and other incredibly stupid hayseeds ,easily stirred up.

Their main scam on the part of the criminal minded producers of this claptrap programming is to get their gullible audience members to call and make fools of themselves   , calling the  Capitol switchboard in D.C. ,or a school to PROTEST whatever VIC or  his gang of swindlers suggest to them! 

 This has the desired effect of helping the celebrity status of their own useless programming as well as the organization of the criminal minded swindler ,invited to make his pitch and presentation to the gullible listening audience.

This is how Vic and INGRID make the money they need to continue in their lavish lifestyle ,thanks to the dummies in the listening audience.

What they are in fact operating is a form of fraudulent ,civic and self-righteous moral minded PAYOLA!

The jokers who appear as guests are the source of the incredible amount of money that flows into the coffers of these clever scam artists.And this is true not only in the case of VCY AMERICA ,but TRINITY BROADCASTING, PAT ROBERTSON’S 700 CLUB and so on.

 SMARTEN UP and don’t be a victim. Fight back by not supporting these  money-grubbing vultures and their clever and sanctimonious sounding stooges such as CRAIG MATTSON  : The Sunday School teacher,DON’T MAKE ME LAUGH! 

 or the station managers and their  serious sounding Southern Dames who are probably married to a bunch of stinking but wealthy JEWS!

These gals will jump for the first hundred-dollar bill these Jew bastards living in the South wave at them!



February 23, 2010

My Dear Christian Folk:  The word exploitation conjures up varying images depending with whom you speak.

To someone barely getting by on minimum wage ,the word means financial gain and advantage   of  the employer over his workers.

The word   offers   a  different insight when viewed in  a broader   context.

     In the course of  man’s  history ,exploitation was the necessary road for our earliest ancestors to travel on, in order that human progress develop and rise to the  level  it exists today.

Many years before  man was able to tame the horse to pull  the plough , he simply chained a captured slave ,caught in the heat of battle , to provide him with  this most  essential labor.

By so doing the slave allowed his master the time to capture and tame the horse ,the oxen and other beasts of burden ;thereby allowing for his own freedom  ;or  at least a lessening of his    arduous labors.

At some point human organization began to develop. The idea began to emerge that more effective use of one’s own time and efforts could be made, if all those of like mind would work together as a team.

The more cooperation expended on the tasks at hand by  those thrown together by   geography or by common blood ,the more time became available for enhancing the God-given gift of human reason.

The all  essential and   uniquely human attribute , had  as an immediate effect, man’s total dominance  over the animal species and eliminated the never-ending need to protect one’s own family and self from the wild  predatory  beasts of prey.

What man  could not accomplish by flight  or   speed ,  by strength  of  jaw,fang or nail   , he  substituted the work of his hands and mind. And so the spear  was invented,  the poison dart ,the sharpened knife and so on. Man evolved into a clever tool-maker!

  Lodging was built ,leading to settlements that afforded not only protection from the large cats and beasts of prey but from the harsh elements as well.

In time a human culture began to develop and with it the stark beginnings of  religion and the yearning to acquire greater insights  into man’s origins and his purpose in the natural world. –

-If  man  must live in  the world of eternal struggle , then why must he also die ? 

   Is there order in the universe ,if so , how did it come to be ?

The idea that developed  in time ,was that the amenities afforded to humanity by skill and reason allowed for the emergence of the arts ,of religion , poetic expression ,for  song, and written language  ;in  essence   civilization.

And in turn civilization   allowed  for  the progression of human reason to continue ;and in this manner the   process comes full circle. The circle is closed!

Where the word exploitation  engenders a more ominous  connotation  is when this circle of forward motion is broken by the selfish interests of a few individuals or a group   within the larger community.

  Then the  word slowly changes meaning, and for many ,especially those of us in the Christian Faith Community ,it  begins to resemble   TREASON!

 Betrayal and exploitation of one’s own community all run together.

When Judas betrayed his teacher for thirty pieces of silver ,he not only exploited the community of believers  he had  broken bread with ,but also sent his teacher to certain death .

When  clergy and others siphon off  donated funds ,intended to help the needy  ;then this is  not only criminal behavior ,but clearly fits the meaning of  betrayal, treason and the  exploitation of the innocent.

  Sadly ,more often than not ,this is standard practices among   those who take upon themselves the mantle of Christian Missionary.

This affords the unscrupulous and criminal minded in society the opportunity to amass huge fortunes under the guise of Christian care and concern for all those living beyond the scope of God’s truth.

What few  Christians realize is  that anyone can go into the missionary business for varying reasons.

In fact one need not even be a committed Christian ,or  could  even be a Jew for that matter, and still  be involved in Christian charity work.

The reasons are self-evident when one takes into account the lack of oversight into this lucrative money-making business.

Christians love the sound of the word missionary,especially if it only involves the writing of a small check to an organization  promising to remit the funds to promote the  spread of the Gospel  to a primitive and heathen population. 

If  encouragement to donate should be needed ,then a large folder of photos  is  produced , showing the desperate needs ,both spiritual  and physical, of the people  they intend to help.

If the pictures shown are    people or  natives of Africa , so much the better. This now affords the would be donor a chance not only to comply with the Divine Commission  :”to go out to all the world”,but  also an opportunity to relieve any pent-up WHITE GUILT  :whatever that may mean!


An organized missionary enterprise may take as long as they need to maximize their fund-raising efforts.  In this profitable business you won’t find much in the way of fine print or disclaimers.

Nothing that would cause the promoters any legal hassles in the future .

You simply donate your money to them with no strings attached and  with the simple faith and trust that  funds will be administered  to spread the Gospel or whatever other  verbal assurances you were given at the time. 

Whatever they told you at the time  you donated  can never be verified .Years later the same swindlers will be soliciting for the same reasons and to help the same people as when  you first ran into them.

 In the course of studying these professional fund-raisers ,it is often seen that some start out with good intentions and make an honest attempt to help  those in desperate need.

 They may even travel to the intended destination, be it in Africa, Latin America or Asia.

But once there, and after they see that existing conditions are so dire, in that the local politicians would steal any funds or  foodstuffs   in any event, they simply fold their tents and head back home.Before leaving they drop off a few items and leave a small donation at the local mission church ,just to make it look good.

The monies collected become awkward  and the question becomes what to do with all the millions at their disposal.

 Well, some of it re-enters the kitty ,so to speak ,but more often than not huge amounts are deducted for time spent in travel,for any and all inconveniences encountered ,for expenses real or imagined ,in other words they pay themselves huge salaries and bonuses ,for what otherwise is billed to the public as a great Charity undertaking to spread God’s word among the heathen.

And so, one of this country’s biggest and most lucrative rackets goes on relatively unnoticed and unsupervised by anyone other than like-minded charlatans in other fields of Christian benevolence.


Even on the occasion that these missionary scam artists are   forced to reveal the amounts collected and those spent on their advertised purpose ,it shows that only a small percentage ever gets to the primitive savages on whose behalf they collected these huge amounts of money.

 Exploitation goes all the way back to Genesis ,in the GARDEN OF EDEN!

Here ,The creator feels he was exploited by the serpent ,who in turn  exploited Eve by seduction,who in turn exploited her  husband ADAM  ,who felt he was exploited by EVE . And so the circle continues to this very day.

 The ones who best exploit the GENESIS story today are  the  two crafty and criminal minded charlatans that appear daily on  the REJOICE BROADCAST NETWORK : MR KEN HAM and the deranged MR.


Ken is nothing but a clever pickpocket who simply wants to live off the abject stupidity of the sycophants that follow him around.

IAN TAYLOR may have started out that way but now he has  entered his very own world of self  delusion he helped to create  by peddling his six-day creation pseudo-scientific con game.

He has pushed this nonsense for so long that he now believes his own scam. You can hear it in his voice . You can practically see the drool spilling from the sides of his  mouth.

This often happens with charlatans who get taken in by their own idiotic reasoning and become fascinated by the idea they can live a life of luxury  ;thanks to the gullibility and general ignorance of scientific principles existing in the Christian Community of America.

One listen to KEN HAM will tell you this joker is just a slick businessman exploiting the stupid.

His idiotic :moronic assertions WITH KEN HAM ,heard  daily  on the incredibly deceptive programming from RBN [THE REJEWISH BROADCAST NETWORK]

 will convince any decent Christian listener the extent he goes to profit from the ignorance of all those who listen to CRAIG MATTSON and the totally corrupted STATION MANAGER ,over there at the PENSACOLA STUDIOS OF RBN!

 If that’s not enough exploitation listen to the CRIMINAL minded jokers over at VCY AMERICA and the crosstalk program.


 ONE OF THE BEST IN THE BUSINESS IS MRS.INGRID SCHLUETER ,the deceptive hypocrite and double talking fast -buck artist. on the CHRISTIAN RADIO AIRWAVES!

You have been forwarned!


February 17, 2010

My Dear Christian Folk:    All honest scientific discovery has  a spiritual expression.  As long as man has a  conscience and an appreciation of the infinite beauty existing in nature ,he will  ever  yearn to discover meaning and purpose hidden deep within the surface of all he surveys.  

 This in fact has been a major impetus for all who dedicate themselves to the study of the natural world.  They do so not to deceive others, but to enlighten their fellow-man.

The search for truth is its own reward.

 The never ending search for scientific truth has not limited religious belief, but in fact has only served to enhance it.

On the occasion that conflict arises between Religious doctrine and scientific truth ,it is religion that must yield.

If by chance some fool theologian claims that with intense  prayer and fasting a true believer can defy the laws of gravity ,would any  sane person accept his challenge ?

If some idiot fundamentalist, claiming to stand  on  Biblical Promises  were to pick up a COBRA and  to dangle it in front of his face ,would that be an acceptable Christian practice?

If  a deranged member of THE PENTACOSTAL movement  ,writhing on the floor,screaming in a manner only  witnessed  in an insane asylum ,and foaming at the mouth, were to explain that he was under the influence of THE HOLY SPIRIT and the insanity you just witnessed was  the Biblical injunction

-to not forbid the SPEAKING OF TONGUES -,would any rational person accept this explanation?  

  When eternal nature who zealously guards her many secrets is forced to reveal but a few ,it creates in the mind of all rational thinking Christians a sense  of order and purpose in God’s creation. 

 In this world of reason ,there is no room for the irrational mind of superstition to take root.   To a true  Christian ,this promotes the praise and  wonderment  he already retains within his consciousness for the infinitely powerful God ,he routinely claims to worship.

But who can explain the positions taken by seemingly rational sounding individuals in their  attempt  to discredit what has been settled science for well over a  century? Namely ;THE THEORY OF EVOLUTION.

Why would normally well-intentioned parents withhold vital medical attention from their dying children ,on  religious grounds ,following   the  biblical injunction ,to- “PUT  ONE’S TOTAL TRUST IN THE LORD’  ?

The primary reason why people do these things  is because at some point in their lives they fell under the influence of  unscrupulous ,deceiving ,and criminal minded individuals,posing as pastors ,ministers of the Gospel,or dedicated,God-fearing preachers of the WORD!

 And they number in the millions!

And they,the deceived,  do not have the intellectual wherewithal to defend themselves and to see these  religious scam artists for the parasites they  are!

  The average Christian hesitates to question anyone who claims a self ordained authority to preach or discuss spiritual matters.

 This has led to an incredible dumbing down of all those who for whatever reasons cannot think independently.

You see this in mainstream churches ,on the part of those who claim a certain expertise in  HOLY SCRIPTURE.

Listen to your average BAPTIST preacher  talk authoritatively  about the importance of maintaining  the literal interpretation  of the six-day creation narrative , yet  the jackass  doesn’t know the difference between ..RED WINE AND WELCH’S GRAPE JUICE!

Listen to clever and scheming scam artists talk about the idiocy of EVOLUTION ,when they have never taken a single course in it’s study or in BIOLOGY for that matter.

 Listen to hypocrites such as MRS INGRID SCHLUETER [LADY BOO-HOO] talk about the dreaded ABORTION issue in America ,on her incredibly deceptive CROSSTALK PROGRAM she produces  everyday.

When a pregnancy threatens the life of the mother ,and if the mother is her own daughter ,then she can tell us how awful  trimester abortion procedures are. –

Then let’s see if she advises her own daughter to just” do GOD’S WILL “and slowly die ,slowly bleed ,screaming all the way.

In the meantime ,DEAR INGRID,- keep your stupid hypocritical ,neurosis induced  declarations all to yourself !

INGRID is just one of three co-hosts that operates from the studios of VCY AMERICA ,based in MILWAUKEE.

This gang has been cleverly swindling and inducing   stupidity onto  their   very gullible listening audience for decades ,and  getting away with it!

The way to see through all the convoluted idiocy these folks present  and push  on the public everyday ,is to look beyond what is being presented.

To debate these idiots point for point would serve no purpose.

The majority in their listening audience cannot understand what they do not know.

It would be hard to fault them for  believing only what is convenient and comfortable .

If believing in a “six-day creation” narrative makes sense to them ,how can you change their minds ?

If the  majority of the credulous in their radio audience find it difficult to read a PHONE BOOK or are embarrassed to read a BEDTIME STORY to their children or grandkids for lack of reading skills ,how  would  they be able to grasp the subtleties of human evolutionary biology?  

 The best way to deal with these swindlers is to drop the idea that they are interested in providing you with some insights into subject matter ,not covered in the everyday media.

A true Christian must endeavor to see them for what they truly are,for what they  only  want from you.

This becomes apparent to those who have ears that can hear and have the intellectual independence to analyse their words and craftily devised statements ,they cleverly assemble everyday they are on the CHRISTIAN RADIO BROADCAST DIAL.

What motivates them  all is the very simple to understand desire to live off of your generosity. THAT’S IT!  THERE’S NOTHING MORE TO IT THAN  GREED AND THE ACCUMULATION OF WEALTH THAT MAY ALSO ALLOW POLITICAL POWER TO ACCRUE TO THE BOTTOM LINE.

Wealth usually leads to  political power ,just as political power leads to the creation of wealth. ONE  DOUBLE YOKE EGG ,BOTH POISONOUS!

The way they accomplish this is to expand their broadcast  network ;adding stations and increasing their popularity with the Christian,stay at home public.

This is a competitive business ,radio is ,and so the  more idiotic statements they can squeeze out of the mouths of their  invited stooges  ,the more splash they make and from there the bigger the audience of nit wits. Nit-wits or useful idiots are good,as far as  it concerns their financial interests.

The dumber the audience, the easier it is to gain their financial support, selling them basically useless reading material.

They are careful to only provide charlatans as evil as themselves ,with letters after their names ,or DOCTOR in front. How  else  to impress the jerks in the listening audience.?


These folks ,such as the evil trio at VCY AMERICA have no ideology or beliefs beyond the financial support they thrive on. TIME TO PUT THESE LYING BASTARDS OUT OF BUSINESS!

  This  is equally true for the lying swindlers over at REJOICE BROADCAST NETWORK, now called the REJEWISH BROADCAST NETWORK of PENSACOLA FLORIDA!   [RBN]

Here  ,you can listen to a clever theatrical production ,headed by MR CRAIG MATTSON,the one man show operating from the studios of PENSACOLA CHRISTIAN COLLEGE.

Who exactly is MR.CRAIG  MATTSON ,you may ask..

Well here’s a little bio info.


 He basically is a more erudite version of the swindlers from the VCY AMERICA den of thieves. ADDING a lot more in the way of trite and arcane blather to his  con job.

Better to impress the lame brained hicks ,not only in PENSACOLA but throughout the BIBLE BELT….This is best seen with the two creation  theory  scammers that routinely fill the airwaves from WPCS [Pensacola ] RBN network ;Mr. Ken Ham and his fellow criminal minded and  fast talking  side-kick ,the clever IAN TAYLOR. and his deceptive CREATION MOMENTS. a fast two-minute piece of contrived baloney.


If the jokers at REJEWISH RBN network had an ounce of honesty or integrity in their bones would  they subject the listening radio audience with this type of nonsense ?  Knowing as they do that NO INTELLIGENT CHRISTIAN BELIEVES IN A SIX  DAY CREATION!

Not that they know what he’s talking about ,but who cares, it sounds good .  And perception is all that matters with this gang of pickpockets!

Stay clear of them,let them with GOD’S HELP slowly wither away!





February 3, 2010

My Dear Christian Folk:   The lure a Political Science class offers  to the more motivated college  freshman and new incoming  students is hard to resist.

The prospect of a career in government seems worthwhile.  Where else can one be part of the machinery that controls much of what we do ,influences much of the way we think,    can determine  our very destiny as human beings  ?  Nowhere but in government.

The idea of making a difference in the lives of others  ;or  just giving  vent to our inborn desires to rule over others ,even in  some  minimal  way, is too  strong to pass up.

And so the registration begins and   classes  quickly fill up.

At some point ,the instructor will begin the usual invocations  and sacrificial offerings in support of the Two-Party system . He will  likely describe in reverential tones the exceptional beauty of this political creation and how well it has worked for America ,these last two hundred years or so.

 His goal ,and quite reasonable ,is to acquaint his audience with the blessings of the American system  ;whether he personally  believes  his own rhetoric  is another question.

 His job is to prepare his students for government service ;and the bare minimal requirement  is to understand   how government functions,how elections are carried out ; and most importantly the basic tripartite division  of powers theory , functioning within   a two hundred year old constitutional framework .

And if he can convince them of all this  ;he will  go on  into more theoretical stuff ,about the Rights of  Man, responsibilities and duties   ,and possibly throw in something from Plato’s republic.  

All that, if the students are motivated and the professor can keep them awake . Big if!

What he  won’t get into are the systemic flaws  of  the two-party system . .He can’t do that.  He would be inviting disaster. What else would he have to motivate the class?  What else holds   the promise for a future participation  in the vital organs   of government ,by the bland ,insipid, mediocre at best ,eager to begin their own personal  ‘Reign of terror”. Only the two-party system,  American style.

The politicians  owe their existence to the same system ;this more than anything precludes any honest evaluation  or  analysis of  what has  been billed as American  exceptionalism in the political sphere of human governance.

The subject is taught with the  conviction that the two-party system, acts as an  extra layer of oversight in the political process. The party out of power keeps an eye out for weaknesses in the party in power . Competition becomes keen between the parties,each one trying to out do the other in benevolence towards their subjects ,and thereby improving the lot of the average citizen.

Ultimately the people vote for the party platform that best serves their interests and there’s no where else to go, but up!

 The glib professorial types   ,with royal demeanor ,prepare yet another highly impressionable group of students ,to fall in line with the accepted thinking . 

 To believe    this  system  ,more than anything, has led to the highly prized creation of the  glorious State ;blinded by rhetoric , to the monstrosity  it really is ;never connecting the salaries these royal idiots receive with the subject matter they teach.


 Only an ignoramus would believe this imbecility .

If this explains America’s success ,what accounts for its tremendous failures throughout its history?

The two-party system has held sway in America from its inception. Nothing else is more deserving of blame!

Which of the two parties has been able to offer a plan that insures the soundness of American  currency, and the savings accounts of the American people ?

Given the astronomical increase in the debt  level ,and  expansion of the money supply ,it would take a true miracle ,surpassing the “feeding of the five thousand” to believe that the  savings accounts of the workers and the thrifty ,will ever provide a decent living for their families and themselves in the  future.

Why   is there  little difference in the attitudes of either party in  matters of fiscal responsibility?

Where is the voice of the people in such matters ;proclaimed and represented  by all the cheap politicians in Congress ,when it comes to fiscal integrity and securing the livelihood of the people?

If the party out of office provides the needed remedy ,why have they failed in delivering any relief to the average ,hardworking ,thrifty  citizen?

What a worker earns now will hardly provide him or his family with the means to live a decent,moral life in accordance with Christian principles.It will not provide a decent education,safe and secure housing ,medical services; but in fact will cause a return to a primitive state of barbarism that can only be seen in certain third-world countries.

Why have  American jobs been exported with nary a concern for the families,especially the children, now deprived  of  a decent education and a moral Christian upbringing.

 What accounts for the downward spiral of our cultural and religious life in society?

What accounts for the decline in the number of small ,family owned farms in America?

Which of the two parties has ever in their history   provided a sense of parity and security to those who work the soil and provide sustenance to the people.?

What accounts for the moral decay in Public Service?

John Edwards , Sanford and  Son ,or the jackasses  who fell for  Chiquita  banana and the new age mistress of mystery  are only a tiny indication to the depth of moral depravity and decay that predominates in the    inner sanctum of political power. 

 The utter hypocrisy of these two-party swindlers cries out to the heavens,when proclaiming the blessings of a totally color-blind society in racial matters ,yet break out in a sweat to increase funding for Affirmative Action programs, racial set aside grants, minority community programs based on race and government contacts for minorities  ,not subject to normal bidding practices. 

We see how the words of a recently celebrated Civil Rights leader go unheeded  ,in his call that people should be judged not by the color of skin,but by character .

We now see how these liars and cheats have pushed this fraud on an  unsuspecting ,fearful public ,with impunity. What can be more in violation of the Sacred writings found in the Constitution than to provide advantage to one class in society at the undeserved expense of another.

But what difference does all that make to a gang of political criminals who are driven by the Jewish Whip?

What intrinsic value can be found in politics as usual, if one merely looks back at America History and sees that the Civil War ;fomented in no small part by the conceit and criminality of those in power ;seated according to party affiliation and putting greedy economic interests over the blood and spirit  of America’s best families  and most treasured people  this nation ever possessed.

The Civil War, despite the highly prized two-party system,failed to prevent the idyllic  American pastureland from being turned into a charnel house of unheard of proportions.

The Congress on both sides of this tragic dispute ,merely took their seats according to party and geographic lines and as the gods of Mt. Olympus looked down at the slaughter on the plains of ancient Troy ,and delighting in the heroics of those in mortal combat ,so did these corrupted and evil ,duly elected representatives of the people. 

   Today’s current situation is no less tragic ,that a great nation should fall so low. That it should allow itself to be intimidated by professional extortionists operating as the Congressional Black     Caucus..At the same time denying the same direct representation  for  those of European American Ancestry.

This nation is divided as never before  ;only the rate of decay is slower and far more incremental ,as to be less obvious.

 What has been at  the root cause of this dire situation?

For some it remains a riddle , but I firmly believe the  key to its solution can be seen in the clear fact that neither one of the two-parties in America ever criticizes the JEWS!

 Herein lies the answer to its incredible failure. The two party system in the U.S. is the greatest failure ever experienced by any one nation in the entire  civilized world.

The total inability of the two-party system to protect America’s vital overseas interests will  drain the blood from this nation’s youth as assuredly as the blood letting at Gettysburg and  Bullrun.

The cowardice and treason on the part of every member of congress will  result     in  total subservience to foreign  interests .

This  is so obvious ,even a blind person can see the total collapse of America ‘s interests in the middle-east to the international Cabalists operating under the guise of a concerned political lobby . And there are hundreds of political action committees threatening and buying influence of every single Senator and  Congressman in WASHINGTON D.C.!

The Jewish political action groups spend their money well!

On the home front ,every independent minded ,decent Christian organizations and Churches     are frightened  beyond belief by the likes of JEWISH GROUPS such as THE ANTI- DEFAMATION LEAGUE,BNAI BRITH ,and the ever present A.C.L.U.!

The Jews fight on two  fronts,foreign and domestic ,and in both parties. So much for equal protection under the law ,and the breaking of ties with foreign powers!

Interesting how Jews claim to be loyal Americans but cringe at the thought of relinquishing their ISRAELI citizenship ,which is an automatic right for every Jewish person in America to enjoy.

This allows them to vote in Israeli elections ,usually for a candidate with  an  anti-American agenda and at the same time these very same Jews influence American politics to their political and financial advantage.They have it both ways.

The Jews sell out America’s freedom to big international finance,and with their influence in Congress ,stall any progress in areas of international cooperation,holding over the heads of the people endless wars ,endless  bloodshed.

The gravest of sins on the part of  this  enemy of all mankind is the endless drive to poison the blood of this nation’s youth in accordance with the principles of JEWISH MARXIST INTER-RACIAL DATING AND THE MISCEGENATION THAT INVARIABLY OCCURS!


And yet no one dares question their motives. No one dares to address the treacherous situation involving the  Israeli political action committees operating in the U.S. with impunity ,threatening and blackmailing our duly elected representatives.

No one dares to even discuss the monopoly Jews enjoy  in the American media ,and their dominance in the popular culture ;

as if they had a divine right to control the most important  feature

of our national  identity. Their  control of  Hollywood and the dissemination of  ninety percent of all pornographic materials by  

members of this humanistic, religious community is of no interest ,to our illustrious guardians of democracy.

The inability and utter weakness of our political parties to deal effectively with the corrosive influences of these maggots can be traced to the shameful fact that in our free and fair elections the candidates rely on the jewish money bags for funding ,and money is promptly channeled to those  candidates most favored by these parasites.  So much for liberty and  justice for all!


Unless and until we resolve  the Black racial conflict and the Jewish problem in America ,no  solution to any other problem we may have ,will ever be found.   The solution to these  two issues  is  essential if we are to survive as a free people.

If we continue enduring this’ crown of thorns’ we will only see the further destruction to our Christian values ,our family structure ,the deterioration of our finances and the  loss of our savings and pensions.Our freedom itself.

It must be said that in the final analysis all we care about is our own people.

All we wish to possess ,all we need is just ourselves.Nothing else matters . All we dare to claim is what rightfully belongs to us  ;our families, our schools ,which we bought,built and paid for, our homes and the right to live in  clean safe  neighborhoods, our savings,our houses of worship , and the only symbol we will ever raise :the Cross and nothing else..

 My Christians , It took the blood of countless regiments to secure the boundaries of this country and to tear from the hands of barbarism the lands we now possess. Do we not owe those who sacrificed their lives for   posterity  at least a defense  for what they died for?

If the criminal politicians who work for and are driven by the Jewish whip, refuse to surrender to us what rightfully  is ours ,then let the Immortal Christ,who gathers the clouds, bear witness to our  claims ,and let Him decide as to :what belongs to whom.

But if we, who built this nation, are so despised by the enemies of Christ and their cowardly   stooges in Congress and are determined to take even this  from us ,then so be it!

Let them take   everything we have.

Take even the clothes off our backs ;If we are so unworthy that we deserve nothing ,then only give us  THE SOIL UNDER OUR NAKED FEET!

And so from this only, we will rebuild our lives, we will  provide a decent , God fearing civilization for our posterity.

My Christian Folk:  We wish no one ill will. We harbor no animosity towards any other ethnic  community or  group professing a true religion. We cannot abide those who use the cover of religion to mask their evil intentions to control and dominate a country that was never theirs to begin with.

  We  are not racists!  But nor are we an inferior people.It was the hard work of countless millions  of  European Americans whose industry ,thrift and invention , that civilized this continent and created the conditions that allowed for the future preservation of all those that were to follow.

Was that all for nothing ?Did all that occur only to provide a  hospitable  environment to all those who live off the hard work of others?  How long can we continue providing   the corrosive ,parasitic elements eating away at this nation’s vital organs free access to the  minds ,bodies  and  the very souls of our youth ?

We must live free from the parasitic blood poisoners of our people ,free to raise children that reflect the image of God and not something half-way between man and ape!

..The two party system cannot help us now or in the future.

The only solution is to conduct all your charitable giving and all your patronage to only those who are best able to guarantee your survival in this world of eternal struggle.  Only support those who represent your own nation,your own tribe,your own clan and never betray your own family.

Judas betrayed Christ and he received his reward. Stay united ,stay faithful to our sacred cause!


January 26, 2010

My Dear Christian Folk:   Gypsies are an incredible people,living as they do on the margins of society ,they nonetheless have survived, and at times have prospered over the millenia .

Their origins remain shrouded in mystery .   Anthropologists ,based on linguistic analysis, believe they originated from northern India and migrated westward during the great westward migration of peoples ,some five thousand years ago.

 Contrary to popular opinion ,Gypsies are very talented ,especially in  Arts and Crafts, and many still retain their earliest skills as metal workers and tinsmiths.

The striking feature of these people, is their proclivity  to live by  the unsavory  vocation of deception, in all things involving  the intermixing of the occult with deepest  spiritual  concerns.

This ranges from reading one’s future in tea leaves, coffee grinds, or in a daily horoscope  ;conducting seances ,revealing personal failings , and selling  potions  and prescriptions to overcome them .

 Gypsy men usually leave  these matters to their very much adept women folk ,who over the centuries have keened their  knowledge   in the fine art of the psychic swindle and instinctively sense the deep preoccupation people have with their future  ,their love life,   the Good Luck , Bad Luck dynamic.

They guarantee  you Good Luck for a price and conversely will curse someone else with terrible luck and a stern fate ,if that is the desired outcome one has for his fellow man.

As long as  there is a clear understanding of how  they operate ,people will generally stay away from the Gypsy and his seductive practices  .   Sooner or later they will find greener pastures somewhere else.

It is only when people refuse to believe the hard taskmaster of commonsense ,do we see the deleterious effects played out on the incredibly naive and gullible victims of this elaborate con-game.

The odds are all on the side of the Gypsy Lady.. [fortune teller and personal advisor]…knowing as she must, that you are convinced of her powers , or else you wouldn’t be sitting in front of her,in her gaudy  ,sleazy and   eerily  furnished living room.

 The strong desire to believe    in the quick fix of potions and spells and to  abandon  God’s gift of human reason ,has been the bane of mankind from time immemorial.

Gypsies can sell just about anything .  Pity the farmer who foolishly purchases a horse from a  Gypsy horse-trader . Seeing it prance and glowing with a finely groomed mane ,a bright gleam in  both eyes ,looking  fit and able to work for another five years ,the unsuspecting peasant pays the gypsy his price .

 Unaware, that  prior to the sale, the horse was doctored  ,forced to drink hot blistering liquids poured down his throat ,in order to create movement and briskness in this poor animal, barely a few months away from the glue-factory.

And so the farmer is tricked ,the gypsy trader,long gone.

 But all that passes for distasteful ,on the part of a small minority in our society, has in some form or other its counterpart.

A gypsy is only too happy to tell you that ,whereas, he lies,cheats and swindles his way  to riches by means of tarot cards and tea cups , nevertheless, he is quick to point out ,that it’s you GADJE [whites- non-gypsies] who swindle,trick ,steal and deceive with the pencil and the ballpoint pen!

  Yes, Gypsies are incredible, and at times can overwhelm you with their direct and uncomfortable honesty.

The sad truth of the gypsy lament is that in  this  quick paced society many of the deceptions practiced by our dear Gypsy people have their counterpart in our own world of religion and commerce.

Ever try to buy a used car from someone who knows how to press your buttons? Can make you believe the car he  wants to sell you will make you the most admired guy in town ;Will last you ten years, and deliver more mileage than you ever dreamed of . In fact, the money you save on gasoline  can be spent taking your girlfriend to dinner at the best restaurants in town ,and so on.

And slowly the fool believes him.

How many people lost their life savings at the hands of this country’s hedge fund swindlers ,will never be truly know.

 Some are in prison ,but relatively few ,considering the enormity of their financial crimes.

 Could there be collusion between the criminal politicians that rule this nation, and many of the criminals in the world of  finance?

  The tobacco business at one time advertised their product as a health remedy and as an aid to digestion . no longer!

 A jar of hydrogenated petrolatum can sell for over fifty dollars per five oz.size , marketed as the very fountain of youth to all  America’s vain and self-centered women.

In fact it can come with guarantees of one sort or other  ;to eliminate wrinkles, and restore the glow of a lost youth.

How different is that  from  the love potions and elixirs sold surreptitiously  from the back of  Gypsy caravans?

 All forms of swindle and scam artistry have a common thread ;man’s incredible naivety and trusting nature.

This has not been lost on those incredible low lives who prey on the gullible and unsuspecting dupes normally found in the many churches and religious institutions  in Christian society.

This was the motivation that guided some truly gifted swindlers ,some time back  ;operating in the electronics media ,taking advantage of the greed and self righteousness that permeates throughout Christendom.

The PTL CLUB operated by JIM BAKER and his henchmen from Charlotte  N.C. is a glaring example of the willingness ,of otherwise decent folk, to throw away the UMBRELLA OF REASON and buy into his TIMESHARE DECEPTION . An unexisting TIMESHARE THAT IS.

The interesting thing is that the traditional Christian community and all legitimate church representatives did nothing to expose this  ;what quickly became an obvious fraud . But it took the civil authorities,including the State prosecutor  with  the local attorney general to put these scam artists behind bars.

Why did  the mainstream  Christian Community  cover for these jokers?

Why did everyone ,from the BILLY GRAHAM EVANGELISTIC CRUSADE SOCIETY to the Anglican Bishops and  Baptist Elders play dumb about this obvious   criminal enterprise?

 Were  they also in collusion with criminals?

One of the biggest scams currently in vogue with many of America’s Evangelical HAPPY CLAPPY CROWD is found in  their  infatuation    with Christian radio  broadcasting.

Here is a great source  in obtaining  large amounts of money with little effort and much less chance of detection.

Mistakes from the past have been quickly learned.

Mistakes  involving THE ORAL ROBERTS DECEPTIONS and licensed extortion  . The frauds  this religious disgrace spawned, involving his own family and many others is truly a shameful blight on all that is honest ,decent and virtuous.

In fact, in certain respects, the same frauds are continuing ,only refined to the point of passing legal muster.

just give a listen to the endless drumbeat from the PAT  ROBERTSON SPECTACLE and their demands for twenty dollars donations , from their  viewing audience . And just listen to the lies and planned deceptions from the false testimonies ,of  those who immediately became wealthy after so doing! 

It’s just another get rich scheme that Gypsies perfected thousands of years ago.

 The list is endless of petty ,mean spirited  con-men ,who have become incredibly wealthy at your expense, Dear Christian.

Some of recent success, is the incredibly deceptive REJOICE BROADCAST NETWORK .

 While pretending that without an increase in incoming donations they might have to go off the air ,depriving their radio audience with yet another rendition of “AINT GONNA NEED THIS HOUSE NO LONGER,” 


They now want TWO HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS to spread their radio broadcast network further into the  homes of the easily fooled.

It would be hard to catalogue all their lies and scam tactics  ;suffice it to say  ,that the corrupted station manager and CRAIG  MATTSON ,the one man show at RBN, can both lie with a 


Those who operate in the shadows, such as IAN TAYLOR and  KEN  HAM and the demonic gang at VCY AMERICA do not deserve a penny from anyone under any circumstances. SUPPORTING RBN SIMPLY ASSURES THESE JERKS WILL BE ON THE AIR THAT MUCH LONGER!


 whereby their   guests and assorted stooges get to push their drivel and poorly written books on a stupid listening audience and kick back what they would have otherwise had to pay for advertising to the incredibly criminal minded,,, VIC Eliason,,, and his Neurotic daughter ,MRS INGRID SCHLUETER!

In fact the only reason to listen to any of these fine professional swindlers is to learn how they successfully operate and take advantage of the stupid in their  listening audience.

 And in  order to better defend yourselves!

The only other reason I can think of is for the entertainment value ;especially when they open their phone lines to the deranged sounding listening audience.

   Some of those who call themselves PASTORS are especially delusional sounding. It’s entertaining for sure!



Christian Broadcasters;Ye Are Of Your Father The Devil…

March 13, 2008

 My Dear Christian Folk:    During this time of year ,as the Good Friday observance draws close I am reminded of the incredible  courage  Christ had when he faced down his enemies  :those that demanded he should suffer and die…

In fact the one trait that The Lord possessed that I  admire the most is his courage and strength..When today I think of the self-appointed gospel representatives ;not only in the pulpits but behind the microphones, who spout a daily message of cowardice, treachery and deceit over the airwaves ; then I believe it is my christian duty to tell those who indeed love The Lord to be aware of such as these..

I  am of the firm belief that the  Christian community should rise up and with one voice ,declare these religion hustlers:  to be a national menace to the gospel of Christ. ..All have sinned and there are no exceptions, but it is one thing for those who pretend to serve the Lord to fall victim to their lusts ,  and quite another when these self same frauds desert the flock and join forces with the very enemies of  Christ  . Now that is something that requires all join in condemning ..

.And just as  Judas betrayed the Savior ,so do these modern day clones of the traitor, betray him to his enemies for  payment in silver from the Judas treasury …When they hob- nob ,rub shoulders and who knows what else ; when they support the bloody evil causes of the enemies of  Christ  ;when they agree to join forces with those who  mock the teachings of the Lord,who mock the miracle of his birth and    resurrection..who refer to him as a deranged lunatic, a liar , delusional and in all manner of pornographic filth.. Better we tolerate a back-sliding sinner rather than to  allow  ever again a cowardly deceiver  to address the ‘people of God !

 . And it is my firm belief that  the faithful are in agreement with me…When  , for the sake of financial and political-business reasons these frauds are   not    in the least bit sickened by the very proximity of these ‘children of satan’ THE JEWISH PLAGUE,but in fact   heap praises on them. In fact they praise the very text-book these satanic  beings use to instruct their young in  the perversity their leaders study on a daily basis ,and have even memorized,THE TALMUD. 

.Christian Folk,,,,,  Do not be deceived by these professional swindlers , do not fall for any of their gimmicks  ;do not buy the goods they peddle no matter how attractive they make things sound.. Above all do not fall for their patronizing, their telling you how near and dear they think you are,, This is the flattery of  Judas .They just want you to pay them so they can continue their lavish lifestyles…Wise up Christian Folk!

Do not support any of these on the air Pseudo-religion radio broadcasters who have only one intention and that is to defraud you and trick you into mailing into their clutches your hard earned money,which they will use for their personal enjoyment.