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January 5, 2013

My Fellow Christians:  Everyone  working at the Rejoice Radio [RBN]  has something good to say about Dr.Don Smith. Ask any of his associates or casual friends and they are quick to tell you how much they appreciate the elderly gentleman.  What they love about Don is his professionalism and extraordinary talents; talents that he has honed over the years and have finally  paid  off.

But things were not always as good as they are now with Don.  It was an uphill battle for Don to  finally enjoy a stable economic future.   Don always loved the acting profession and he started on his chosen road early in life.  But as many others have experienced ,it’s seldom an easy proposition finding steady work as a thespian.

Dr. Don Smith; his stage name, never  made it in  the theater, and quickly learned that he probably never would. And not for trying ,wherever summer stock  was found ,there was Don ;and he did enjoy a few bit parts.  Nothing to brag about ,and certainly nothing to live on.

 The last best  hope and refuge for those who cannot live apart from the world of acting and pretending  has always been radio. But here as well ,employment is quite often illusory at best  ;given the incredibly large number of bit part actors, desperately looking for  work.

So one can well imagine the ecstatic state of joy that filled the deep void in Don’s heart when by chance he came across a want ad for a bit part at a Christian radio station ,way out there in Pensacola.   Something about the way the ad was written spoke to him . They were looking for a sincere senior citizen that could aid a  dedicated group of Christians hoping to

 reach out to all  the elderly throughout the Bible-Belt and the nation.

Don Smith was just the guy all the salivating vultures over at RBN were looking for. And because of his efforts the money started rolling in. For this he was awarded the charlatan of the year award . and there were many runner ups. The closest to winning was the kid that continues his famous one liner :you can’t break God’s promises by leaning on them. This is his famous trademark in scam artistry.

By cornering a young co-ed and asking her to lean against him to see if she can break God’s promises was something he uses to take advantage of all the gullible co-eds . He would tell her that he had God’s promises and would insist that she press hard to see how HARD IT WAS. this is how he gave vent to his depraved instincts. and for this he almost won.

Everyone had a chance of winning, but it was Don.s extraordinary acting ability that did it for the judges. Don insisted that all the cash in the envelopes of the dupes listening to his family prayertime racket belonged to him, and so was able to scam the operators of RBN as much as the listening public.

But everyone had a chance and everyone associated with RBN or VCY AMERICA had an honest chance of winning. They even entered the names of some of the callers to the crosstalk program produced in the radio studios of VCY AMERICA.
included were the names of Harry the happy homo from port Huron and Robert the charismatic crossdressing homosexual from Birmingham england. These two are now an item and it looks like Robert has finally found true love. And Harry states that Robert dressing as Cinderella poses no problem as long as he can dress as the PRINCE and can slip the lost slipper on Robert’s fat foot. The Christian morality committee vetoes the nomination of these two degenerates.
And so Dr. Don became the 2012 winner of the CHARLATAN of the year award.

Included in the finalists were the names of KEN HAM,IAN TAYLOR, JOHN MORRIS , and Bethany Crawford ,known for all of her cheating and many marriages.

And come to think of it , the two defrocked lying scumbags pretending to be bible teachers : JOHN DUNLAP and the Judas Iscariot of the bunch: Dr. JOEL JEW JEW MULLINEX. this bastard is as filthy as he’s false.

This has been your good news commentator bringing you more GOOD NEWS. GOOD DAY AND GOOD NEWS TO YOU!!


The Seduction of Christian Radio[R.B.N.]and the Perversion of Lying Charlatans Mixing Politics,Biology and the Christian Faith.

December 15, 2012

My Fellow Christians: We live in a universe made of stars ,planets and moons. We live in a world that spins on its axis and is followed by a moon ,and together they orbit the sun ;without which, life itself would end . There are no dark phantoms hovering overhead desiring to destroy us or wishing us evil.

All of the many problems man faces, living on planet Earth, are a result of human stupidity ,and can only be resolved by people of greater intelligence. The Almighty will not do for mankind what mankind can do for itself . He will not answer the prayers of the lazy or indolent or of those who have surrendered the will to survive ;but eagerly He blesses the work and resolve of all who put their faith and trust in His work ; both in the natural and spiritual realm.

We cannot close our eyes to the truth and only choose to see the world as we would wish it to be ;but at all times , we should endeavor to face the icy-cold reality of life and the world, as it exists.
My Christian Faithful :We live in a world of eternal struggle ,a world where the weak are exploited by the strong ; where the sick are left to die and where the decent and moral Christian Community is subjected to every form of charlatanism that the corrupted mind of man can imagine.

The Church ,often times in the past, was presented as an Ark of Safety , within which the Christian Community could find help , salvation and the means to survive.

This is not the case today ,and few now believe it ever was the case.
Today ,we live in a nation where Playboy is the Gospel and the only inspiration women seek is in the hot pursuit of the BIG “O”.

Today the church no longer exists as the great Nazarene intended it to be, but represents the very antithesis of what it means to be the “Pillar of Truth” and a beacon of light . The church today is nothing more than a carefully gilded fund-raising organization ,dedicated to providing the clever and crafty clergy and other inner circle elitists, a means by which they can enjoy a privileged and luxury lifestyle.
In other words ,the church, instead of defending the Christian faithful has sold them out to the very sworn enemies of Jesus Christ . The church leadership, instead of feeding the Lord’s flock has in effect stolen from it the necessary provisions for life. Instead of caring for the flock, they have chosen to fleece it.

The church leadership ,looking out for itself, has now become the very exploiters and perverters of God’s truth, happy to join forces with the enemies of all that is decent and compassionate ,with all that represents true religion. And while they claim to know the mind of God ,they refuse to show that they can live according to the WILL OF GOD.
And now that we can see these Judas Iscariots for what they are ,the final problem that must be solved and it will be solved ,is how to best defend the Christian Faith Community from the ravages of these demon inspired stooges of the international plague.

The problem begins with the eagerness to believe whatever comes out of the lying mouths of these anointed deceivers. This, in no small part can be attributed to the gullibility of the average Christian. The inability to consider the idea that the CHURCH no longer exists as the legitimate BODY of CHRIST ;that the pastor or bible teacher of the church they attend ,is really not what he appears to be.

Churches today do all in their power to convince their membership that they represent true biblical teachings and point to their history and age-old presence throughout the world. This does not prevent them from being deceived or from the lure of political power and financial gain. This can be seen within the venerable Halls of the Holy Apostles, where demons ring the bells and light the candles ,and where the only book you hear read is inspired from verses taken from out of the TALMUD. The Talmud is a book whose writings are so intrinsically evil they could have only been concocted inside the brain of a demon.
But today’s Christian is faced with more than the lies and deceptive frauds he encounters attending his local church. He in fact faces an even more demonic effort aimed directly at abusing and exploiting him at every turn in the road.

This gang ,known to all as television and radio evangelists, attempt to provide something of a substitute form of in home church participation. Knowing as they do the great amount of financial and sexual abuse that millions of less astute Christians have faced in the past;they present themselves as the only legitimate alternative .

And while they attempt to cloak themselves in a veneer of religiosity through the use of christian themed music or clever story telling ,it only takes a strong desire to see through the clever charade they present you with, to come to the only conclusion a thinking individual can come to;and that they too have betrayed the Body of Christ in exchange for more than thirty pieces of silver. All those involved in this type of legally accepted religion racketeering make billions of dollars off the incredibly imbecilic BAPTIST/FUNDAMENTALIST/EVANGELICAL crowd. The lure of big money is hard to resist for these clever charlatans ,knowing as they do the seductive nature of their non-stop Gospel music cavalcade of sentimentality. In other words they know what a bunch of stupid suckers their listenership is and how easy it is to convince them of their good Christian intentions.
One of the best in the fraudulent Christian Radio business is the programming called REJOICE RADIO and can be heard worldwide on the internet.

Here ,you can hear some of the best planned presentations designed to trick and deceive the credulous in all Radio. Aside from the usual old-time music and old-fashioned preaching from sermons of recycled bible teachers ,who were formerly part of the Christian Radio business themselves ,they never cease to brain wash their listeners with some of the most incredibly deceptive tactics that attempt to explain the scientific basis to “OUR CHRISTIAN FAITH.” As they put it.
The more they dumb down the already half-educated audience the more likely it is they will hold on to their donations and in fact continue to expand their operations.

These clever religion racketeers operate from the studios of Pensacola Christian College located in the very heart of one of America’s sexually depraved resort communities. This would be enough to make even a blind man realize that something could be wrong. Everything they pitch to the morons who listen is deliberately crafted to trick and deceive their audience.
Can one realistically explain the scientific basis to our faith or any other faith? This is the laughable basis of everything you hear from out of the criminal minded brains of those working the six-day creation scam. Pretending to speak for true science they paint a convoluted idea of the natural world. At some point one wonders whether they are hearing a sane person or a bed time story-teller, trying to put an overactive five-year old to sleep.
And this is how they treat their listenership over there at RBN . As if they were children in need of a calming down. The best frauds ever to be found in the six-day creation scam, and the Noah’s Ark business and theme park are the INSTITUTE of CREATION RESEARCH and The Ken Ham amusement park enterprise ,also known as THE CREATION MUSEUM.

Added to this bunch of money-grubbing charlatans you will find the name of IAN TAYLOR and John Morris and the list goes on and on.

My Christian comrades,there is no scientific basis to our Christian faith. If one were to appear it would be fraudulent and therefore unchristian.

If one could find such a basis it would make of Christianity nothing more than a branch of science .Or it would turn science into another Christian denomination. If faith were scientific in any form it would not be faith . If science depended on faith ,then it would hardly be called science.

The average Baptist/ Fundamentalist/Evangelical is a product of over a century of clever brainwashing by some of the world’s gifted cheats and swindlers.
The main argument these lying bastards pose to the less astute is the inerrancy of Holy Writ. And this has a ring of plausibility to it for all those who are ignorant of how the Bible was written and compiled. This would be persuasive if the Bible were written by one author for a singular purpose and in one period of time. But IT WAS NOT!

Genesis was written to explain the origins of man and matter in the only language understandable when it was written. Can it be deceptive and false and still be God’s word? The answer can only be understood when the creation story is read in the light of poetic license. How else could it have been written. Parables in the bible as with poetry or any world literature is designed to inspire and nothing more. Parables do not have to be geographically accurate or historically or even theologically correct to convey a spiritual truth,and nothing more.
This is the reason the Book of Exodus cannot be verified by archeologists or Egyptologists,having found nothing at all in the historical record to support the events outlined in the second book of the Bible.
Of course this understanding would deprive all of these money-grubbing vultures of a huge income and force them to find an alternate means of support. It would put Ken Ham and Ian Taylor out of business and expose these scumbags for the hucksters they truly are. But then again ,they would be forced to put together a different fraudulent presentation designed to separate you from your dough.

Now ask yourselves this question my Christian Faithful;would you turn your backs on THE LORD JESUS CHRIST because science can prove that the earth is many billions of years old? Do you claim to love the Lord but your faith and trust in Him is so shallow that you would walk away from Him because science disproves the NOAH’S ARK and flood story? It’s time not to question science but to question your true committment to the Lord and His work. Is your love for Christ true or dependent on what all the scam artists brainwash you with on a daily basis on Christian Broadcast Radio? Keep in mind that the Gospel narratives are based on extant events ;recorded as they happened, and were written in the form of letters and historical accounts, witnessed by real people . Their main purpose was to tell and describe the events that led to the crucifixion of the Great Nazarene. They were not written in part or in whole to be poetic. In fact ,the Gospel narratives read like the raw reportage found in your local paper,written seemingly by a journalist who had also been eye-witness to the actual event.
But this doesn’t fit the narrative of the jokers who run the ICR citadel of fraud and purveyor of sleight of hand biology. Where did the saber tooth tigers go? Were they on NOAH’s Ark as well ,sleeping with the little lambs and goats? Don’t let these lying bastards make fools and goats out of you my comrades.

As if this were not bad enough,if this were not reason enough to be of concern ,given the large number of those marginal Christians who will become delusioned and lose the little faith they may have ,thanks to the criminal minded bastards working their con jobs on Christian radio;the other aspect is the combining of political and religion to the equation.

The lying bastard over at VCY AMERICA, who preaches hate and violence on the crosstalk america program has again reason to rejoice over the fruits of his labor . The murder of school children by the mentally unstable speaks volumes to the effectiveness of this blood thirsty son of a bitch. The Christian faith has nothing to do with politics,especially the politics of violence. We live in a nation which has the highest per capita incidence of mental disability and also has the most liberal gun laws of any other country in the industrialized world. And thanks to the filthy blood thirsty bastards at VCY AMERICA the morons in his audience are encouraged to buy and use weapons to settle disputes. And this is what they call a Christian ministry and derive huge monetary rewards for placating the international maggots they slavishly work for. This plague on humanity revels at the sight of Christian blood and encourage as much blood shed as possible . This is the modern form of the Blood Ritual practiced during the middle ages.

And Vic Eliason and Jim the chimp Schneider are there to promote every bloody cause and deception plaguing mankind.
A nation cannot for long allow hubris to accumulate at its doorstep before the universal laws of retribution take their toll on the people of that nation. We cannot continue to applaud the murder of innocent Palestinian children ,providing the means by which they are massacred, from out of the common purse, and not understand that hubris is invariably followed by Nemesis the eternal goddess of merciless retribution. The Support we render to Israel and which has resulted in the slaughter of innocents in ancient Palestine cannot but lead to the iron clad decree of :”EYE FOR AN EYE,TOOTH FOR A TOOTH”a child for a child a school for a school. . The decrees rendered in the eternal courtroom of justice cannot be appealed.

The best way to deal with all of these religion criminals is to scorn them ! Ridicule them and expose their crimes to the world.


ISABEL LA CATOLICA : greatest monarch in history.

December 10, 2012

>> «La beatificación de Isabel la Católica sería muy importante para las relaciones entre Europa y América». Entrevista a Luis Suárez, historiador y testigo en el proceso de beatificación. 

españoles en pie.

MADRID, 3 abril 2003 ( Luis Suárez, miembro de la Real Academia de la Historia y Premio Nacional de Historia 2002, está reconocido internacionalmente como un profundo conocedor de la reina Isabel la Católica.

El próximo 22 de abril participará en el acto homenaje organizado por la Comisión «Isabel la Católica” para impulsar su Causa de Beatificación, que se realizará en la Casa de América de Madrid. La redacción de Zenit ha conversado con el historiador

–¿Por qué Isabel la Católica es una figura histórica tan controvertida, con defensores y detractores declarados?

–Luis Suárez: Yo no lo sé, a mí me sorprende también que ocurra una cosa así. En otros países no habría la menor duda, pero a mí me da la impresión de que influyen dos cosas fundamentales: Isabel iza la unidad española y ya estamos viendo que hay personas a quienes esto molesta, desearían que España volviera otra vez a la prehistoria o a la época de los arévacos, y naturalmente ésta es una de las razones; la otra es porque Isabel, como su título oficial (que no es un apodo) indica, hizo del catolicismo la clave fundamental para el reconocimiento de los derechos humanos en España y en América, y hoy el catolicismo también es objeto de debate que influye indirectamente en esta figura.

El hecho de que se expulsara a los judíos de España, yo diría mejor, se prohibiera la práctica del judaísmo (porque el judío que se convertía no se debía marchar) también ha creado un ambiente negativo en torno a su persona, porque no se tiene en cuenta que esta medida fue una medida general en Europa, y que España en realidad fue la última en aplicarla, y lo hizo cuando ya no quedaba otro remedio, cuando las presiones desde fuera eran sumamente fuertes. Pero no hay ninguna figura europea, de las que tanto nos vanagloriamos ahora, a quien no puedan atribuírsele errores, como fue éste el caso, un error no particular de los gobernantes de España, sino de toda la cristiandad occidental, en todos los reinos; el judaísmo estaba prohibido desde mucho tiempo atrás en Inglaterra y en Francia, en Nápoles, y prácticamente en toda Europa, sólo quedaban algunos pequeños lugares, muy pocos en donde se autorizase, por consiguiente es la norma general. No veo otras razones ni otros motivos para esta controversia.

–¿No cree que también en torno al papel de la reina en la conquista de América existe esta controversia?

–Luis Suárez: Bueno, la conquista de América fue una de las cosas mejores que se pudieron hacer nunca. La reina no conquista América, la descubre, es la primera en muchos siglos que reconoce que los habitantes de América son hombres como los demás, que han sido redimidos por Cristo y tienen que ver reconocidos sus derechos humanos. Sin esta postura de Isabel la Católica no se habría llegado a la Constitución de los Estados Unidos, que repite prácticamente lo que ella dijo, que Dios nos ha hecho a todos libres, iguales y en búsqueda de la felicidad, y ése es su testamento.

Por eso en América no hay una oposición, al contrario, existe un poco la actitud opuesta de decir «pero bueno, cómo esos europeos pueden ser tan ciegos que no se den cuenta de que aquello fue el gran momento». Luego, por razones políticas siempre hay gente que empieza a hablar de las atrocidades que se cometieron. América en el siglo XVII es un oasis de paz al lado de lo que es Europa; Europa vivía por, para y en la guerra, una guerra, la de los 30 años, que alcanzó niveles de crueldad nunca antes imaginados; en América, la guerra era una palabra casi desconocida; naturalmente que había delitos, como en todas partes; eso es inseparable del hombre.

–Como investigador y profundo conocedor de la reina ¿qué rasgo destacaría de su personalidad, a nivel de política, de madre y de reina? En general, ¿qué virtudes y qué defectos ha visto al estudiar este personaje?

–Luis Suárez: Yo creo que Isabel fue mujer antes que reina. Y aplicó el sentido de la feminidad, la intuición, el afecto, la capacidad comprensiva, a todas sus empresas. Es verdad que tuvo la suerte de contar a su lado con un rey como Fernando, que en algunos aspectos la superaba, en otros no, y que hubo entre ambos un entendimiento tan completo que no se puede hablar de una política de uno y de una política de otro, pero lo que establece de una manera clara Isabel es el derecho de la mujer a reinar.

En España no se había producido como en Francia una negativa tan rotunda al reconocimiento de los derechos de las mujeres, pero estos derechos eran más para ser transmitidos a los hijos o a los maridos que para ser ejercidos por ellas mismas. Isabel establece el principio contrario: no hay diferencia en cuanto a la capacidad de gobierno entre hombre y mujer, y así educa a sus hijas, y así procede ella misma también.

Luego, Isabel fue muy consciente de una doctrina heredada de la Edad Media, según la cual todos los poderes del Estado y toda la legislación tienen que someterse al orden moral; éste está por encima de cualquier otra consideración, es lo que ella está procurando mostrar en todo momento; por ejemplo, hablábamos antes de cuando se toma la decisión de prohibir el judaísmo, pues hay una preocupación que no había habido en los otros reinos de Europa, hay una preocupación de que los judíos dispongan de un plazo para decidir, y además, tengan disponibilidad de todos sus bienes para que nadie pudiera decir que había un perjuicio material en lo que entonces se consideraba como un beneficio moral, que es la unidad religiosa.

Aparte de esto, ella mostraba en su actitud diaria una enorme comprensión ante las debilidades de los demás. En el testamento aparece constantemente esta preocupación: rectificar los daños que hayamos podido causar, reparar todo. Una mujer y un marido, porque yo aquí no veo diferencia entre uno y otro, que al término de una guerra civil son capaces de eliminar toda clase de represalias y de pactar con aquellos que estuvieron sublevados en su contra y les negaban, para garantizarles que no van a sufrir perjuicio ninguno, sino que van a seguir desempeñando las funciones sociales y el nivel que hasta entonces ocupaban, eso es un ejemplo de primera categoría, y eso lo logran; por eso es una guerra civil que se cierra sin resentimientos, cosa muy difícil, porque lo normal en las guerras civiles es que se creen resquemores que afloran incluso a veces después de décadas muy largas; ella lo evita.

Ella tiene por ejemplo la intuición, a pesar de todos los informes en contra, y los informes tenían razón (Colón estaba diciendo que iba a llegar a China, y era imposible llegar a China), que le permite patrocinar la empresa pensando «algo se podrá encontrar»; esa intuición es uno de los rasgos verdaderamente importantes.

Luego yo veo otro rasgo también: la confianza que tenía en algunas personas no fue desmentida en ningún momento, es decir, los colaboradores duran hasta el final de su vida; es capaz además de mostrarles un enorme afecto.

–Esto confirma su gran intuición…

–Luis Suárez: Indudablemente ella sabía muy bien elegir a la gente, porque se guiaba más bien por el carácter de la persona que por otra cosa. Por eso claro, le rodea gente que siente hacia ella un afecto sin límites, sienten por la reina una adhesión que sin embargo se mueve en el terreno de la lealtad y no de la fidelidad; en la Castilla de entonces se hacía muy bien la diferencia entre estas dos palabras, fiel es el que sigue al señor sin preguntarse por la justicia de su causa, leal es aquel que procura que el señor no vaya a cometer injusticia.

Isabel quiere rodearse de leales, de gente que como don Fernando de Talavera en determinado momento le puede decir «Señora, por aquí no, esto no, es una equivocación»; gente como Cisneros, que la primera vez que le administra el sacramento de la Penitencia le dice «de rodillas», y la reina se pone de rodillas; según la vieja costumbre, los reyes se confesaban sentados, pero Isabel no.

Es muy difícil decir muchas más cosas de éstas. Por ejemplo, ella se siente portuguesa por su madre, indudablemente habla portugués, en un momento en que las relaciones entre Portugal y Castilla desembocan hasta en una guerra, su empeño siempre es volver a restablecer esa amistad, y lo consigue claro, al final es como si Castilla y Portugal fuesen una misma y sola cosa.

Hay que ver lo que es el Tratado de Tordesillas, el mayor modelo de concordia que se puede establecer entre dos países, en un momento en que se estaba jugando el destino del mundo, y sin embargo ellos se sientan en torno a una mesa para intentar compaginar los intereses de unos y otros a fin de que todos quedaran conformes, y eso se hace; eso no se había dado nunca y pocas veces se dará después; eso es un sueño que tienen los Estados. Del Tratado de Tordesillas nacen las bulas en relación con América diciendo «eso no es un imperio, eso no son colonias».

Es un error decir que España tuvo un imperio, un error gravísimo, a mí me indigna cada vez que alguien lo dice; España no tuvo colonias, tuvo reinos y tuvo ciudadanos al otro lado del mar. Para hacer trampa con esta situación, los grandes propietarios, siglos después, tuvieron que comprar negros ya esclavos en África para poder introducir allí esa servidumbre a la que aspiraban, porque las leyes de Castilla se lo impedían radicalmente: ningún indio podía ser esclavo.

Eso es esa mujer, esa mujer que una vez le escribe al marido una carta; el marido ha sufrido un atentado y está grave y le dice «acuérdate de que tenemos que rendir cuentas ante Dios, y las cuentas que nos va a pedir a nosotros, los reyes, son mucho más estrechas que las que pide a ninguno de nuestros súbditos».

–Respecto a la causa de beatificación de Isabel la Católica, ¿qué importancia tendría para usted que la Iglesia la declarara oficialmente beata?

–Luis Suárez: No me cabe la menor duda de que la beatificación de Isabel sería en estos momentos un dato muy positivo en relación con esa comunicación que hay entre Europa y América, porque supondría tanto como reconocer que América –me refiero a la América hispánica, portuguesa (eso que ahora los franceses quieren que llamemos América latina, no entiendo muy bien por qué)– tiene un marchamo de nobleza y de dignidad. Utilizando una frase del Papa, sería convertir en oficial esa afirmación de que ninguna obra ha hecho Europa tan importante como la creación de las naciones americanas, en las que está además el futuro, y eso se debe al empeño de España de llevar allá lo que tenía de más valor: el cristianismo.

Yo siempre digo que España no llevó a América más que dos cosas, el caballo y el Padrenuestro; pero el caballo es el sentimiento de la caballería, es el respeto a la palabra dada, es el cumplir con la realidad; el Padrenuestro es amar al prójimo como a uno mismo, ni más ni menos. Y a mí me parece que la beatificación de Isabel vendría a ser como el marchamo oficial a decir «todo esto es lo que verdaderamente se ha hecho; pongan ustedes los defectos que les dé la gana, pero ahora, lo que tienen al otro lado del mar es un mundo que se está preparando para tomar las riendas en el siglo XXI, en él está el futuro».

–De alguna manera ¿este reconocimiento oficial dejaría sin ningún tipo de credibilidad la leyenda negra?

–Luis Suárez: Claro, indudablemente. La leyenda negra no es más que un vehículo de propaganda, explicable, en un momento de guerra terrible en Europa, porque no se refería a América al principio, sino a Europa, en un momento terrible porque hay que poner en marcha todos los recursos de los que uno dispone para destruir al adversario, y uno de los recursos es precisamente ese. A ello estamos asistiendo constantemente; no hay guerra en donde al enemigo se le presente de otra manera que como la encarnación del diablo o algo así.

Indudablemente despejaría el aspecto más esencial de esa leyenda negra, aquél que recogió una vez un artículo de la Enciclopedia en Francia (que explica que se prohibiese la venta del libro en España) en donde el autor llegaba a la conclusión de que si España no hubiera existido no se habría perdido nada; vendría a ser como decir, gracias a que España existió está todo eso ahí. Si España no hubiera existido ,¿existiría Viena? Tal vez no. ¿Existiría el catolicismo francés o italiano? Tal vez no. ¿Existirían las naciones americanas con lo que tienen hoy de profundos valores humanos? Seguramente no. Yo siento cuando he ido a América una gran emoción y un enorme afecto, porque uno allí se siente en casa, y hay que ver lo que eso significa.

–¿Usted forma parte de la comisión Isabel la Católica que se ha creado para impulsar la causa de beatificación?

–Luis Suárez: Yo fui testigo en el proceso, por eso estoy bajo juramento que prohíbe repetir lo que dije entonces. Ahora formo parte de la Comisión que funciona en Valladolid, bajo la presidencia del señor arzobispo.

–De cualquier forma, si se la beatifica, va a ser fundamentalmente por su conducta moral ¿Qué aspectos religiosos de la reina, de su piedad, de su espiritualidad, ha visto en sus investigaciones?

–Luis Suárez: La caridad. Sobre todo la caridad. Piense por ejemplo en los hijos ilegítimos de la mujer de Enrique IV, Pedro y Andrés; ella los recoge, los educa y los cuida. Cuida también de los ilegítimos de su marido, cuida de los hijos del cardenal Mendoza, y siente hacia todos ellos una obligación de afecto que va más allá del simple ejercicio de la caridad.

Una vez que fray Hernando de Talavera le criticó por esta conducta diciendo «da la impresión de que usted está legitimando el fruto del pecado», ella respondió que lo importante era evitar que esas almas se perdieran, y llamando a uno de los niños, hijo del cardenal Mendoza, le gastó una broma a fray Hernando y le dijo: «¿verdad que son muy bellos los pecados de mi cardenal?». ZENITESPAÑA03040313



Cardenal Amigo pide conocer la verdad y no el “mito” de Isabel La Católica

SEVILLA, 24 May. 2005 (ACI).- El Arzobispo de Sevilla, Cardenal Carlos Amigo Vallejo, pidió revisar el “mito” de Isabel La Católica más allá de los perjuicios que determinados acontecimientos históricos le atribuyen a su imagen.

El Purpurado hizo este llamado durante el XVI Simposio de Historia de la Iglesia en España y América ´en el centenario de Isabel la Católica´ que organiza la Academia de Historia Eclesiástica de Sevilla.

En la inauguración del evento, el Cardenal Amigo Vallejo dijo sobre la reina Isabel que “la más perjudicada, aparte de la historia, fue ella misma, por la Inquisición persiguiendo a los judíos, la reducción de los derechos de los nobles o la reforma de la Iglesia”. Por ello, opinó que hay que volver a analizar a una mujer que propició entre otras cuestiones un nuevo modelo político, la unidad de España.

El acto contó con la presencia del nuncio de Su Santidad en España, Mons. Manuel Monteiro y el periodista protestante César Vidal, además de destacados historiadores y especialistas.

La conferencia inaugural, a cargo del catedrático de Historia Medieval de la Universidad de Valladolid, Julio Valdeón, versó sobre las medidas de protección a los judíos dictadas por la reina Isabel o por los Reyes Católicos, concluyendo que la iniciativa de la expulsión fue de Fernando el Católico.

Así, el historiador aseguró que, como argumento en contra de la canonización de Isabel La Católica, el de la expulsión de los judíos de España no es válido por que “no hay fundamento para culparla de la expulsión”.

How Harry from Port Huron and Robert from Birmingham,England promote the Christmas Spirit all over the world.

November 27, 2012

 This is Robert ,from Birmingham,England dressed up as Cinderella . This will be his newest outfit for the Christmas holidays.  

Cinderella Wallpaper 

My Dear Christian People:  Robert from Birmingham .England was recently asked what his favorite  season  of the year was ,and he   immediately responded by  saying that for him ,Christmas was the  best. He went on to explain to the local news reporter from:


Birmingham Post Newspaper from Birmingham, England that  Christmas allowed him to just be himself and to experiment with new outfits.

For those not familiar with Robert from Birmingham England, he is the international correspondent, reporting now and then  into the Crosstalk program ,produced by Vic Eliason and his wholly owned broadcast network : VCY AMERICA. Robert calls in on the #800 line available internationally to everyone following the crosstalk call-in talk show by INTERNET.

When the reporter from the post asked him what his favorite Christmas Carol was ,Robert replied without the slightest hesitation :D eck the Halls With Boughs of Holly. The reason will be clear to everyone. 

  One quick glance at the verse of this Carol should explain Robert’s preference for this happy Christmas tune.

Deck the hall with boughs of holly,
Fa la la la la la la la la.
‘Tis the season to be jolly,
Fa la la la la la la la la.
Don we now our gay apparel….  ; this is the line in the verse  that creates in Robert feelings of pure joy for    the Christmas season.
Troll the ancient Christmas carol,
Fa la la la la la la la la.
See the blazing yule before us,
Fa la la la la la la la la.
Strike the harp and join the chorus.
Fa la la la la la la la la.
Follow me in merry measure,
While I tell of Christmas treasure,
Fa la la la la la la la la.
You  see ,Robert from Birmingham England is a charismatic sounding  cross-dressing homosexual, and he  loves to dress up for the holidays.
The rest of the year Robert  from Birmingham .England ,remains true to his inner self and steadfastly continues to appear  to all his faithful following as: MARY POPPINS.
  Well, this is ROBERT in his favorite drag outfit. Here he is flying over London ,dressed as Mary Poppins.  Robert is a notorious charismatic sounding ,cross dressing homosexual

mary poppins

 who quite often calls in to the crosstalk call-in show to  pay his respect ,as well as his  love and admiration  for Vic Eliason and the entire staff of charlatans  ,busily deceiving and swindling   their vast radio audience ,across the U.S. and round the world ,thanks to the internet.

Robert listens on the internet and calls in toll-free.

 Robert thinks the cross talk show  is for Christian  cross dressers.

AS predicted ,the great  Christians working the turntables at RBN have already started every rendition imaginable of DECK THE HALLS WITH BOUGHS OF HOLLY ,to feed and nourish ROBERT’S SICK SOUL!    thanks guys. what would robert do without you?

But there’s more.  Recently Happy Harry the homo from Port Huron who also is a regular caller to the crosstalk america  call-in talk show, decided to call the  Rejoice Radio broadcast network to speak with Caleb Keener.

Caleb is one of  RBN’s prime movers and shakers, and so  Harry thought he would be the one to contact about doing more to promote the holiday spirit in the U.S.A. and especially where it’s needed most :right there in Pensacola, Florida.

The first thing Harry said to Caleb was” I love you and your people”  This is basically how Harry speaks to all the great guests that Vic invites to appear on his call-in talk show called CROSSTALK. This program is heard daily over 94 stations ,coast to coast.   And so he thought he would try  this approach  on Caleb.

But  HARRY’S REPUTATION PRECEEDED HIM AND ALL THE” Good old boys” that hang out with Caleb;all his drinking buddies, quickly advised him about Harry and in fact chided him a little about any plans he might have in case Harry showed  up in Pensacola or at the studios of Rejoice Radio.   Caleb responded by saying “oh no not another one” He recently received a letter from Robert wishing him a very  Merry Christmas.

The way Caleb took care of any potential meeting with Harry the homo  or with Robert from Birmingham was to advise all the” Good Old Boys “Caleb  hangs with   that:” If any one of those two queers shows up around here ,tell them one or both that I have a knuckle sandwich to give either one, if they come anywhere near here.” problem solved!  That’s how country boys take care of things. !

But to the credit of REJOICE RADIO [RBN] and all their wonderful staff of dedicated Christians ,they did consent to play DECK THE HALLS With Boughs of holly as many times as possible to make  ROBERT HAPPY . Or at least as many times they play:” AIN’T GONNA NEED THIS HOUSE NO LONGER ,AINT GONNA NEED THIS HOUSE NO MORE”

[Craig Mattson and Jimmy Mince will see to it,I’m sure of that. ]….

Harry  is quick with the patronizing compliments he  extends to Vic and his co-laborer ; Jim the chimp.

He often greets the guests with words of encouragement such as; “Great show guys , we need to hear more of this. great topic Vic ,how can we help Jim?”  And finally we hear from Harry’s lips the tender words:” I love you and I love your people“.    Is  Harry trying to make friends on the air with Vic’s guests,or what? And friends for what purpose?    .. Is  Harry looking for phone numbers ?

Now ,whether it’s Harry the homo or Robert from Birmingham ,England: the Charismatic cross dressing homosexual  , does it make sense for Vic and Jim the chimp to damn the degenerates in society and at the same time invite and encourage  these two reprobates to socialize on the air with the invited guests.  And has in fact hired Robert to  provide him with an international footprint for his otherwise convoluted  radio program,designed to cheat the gullible out of their hard-earned money.

The best way to deal with these rotten bastards is to see them for what they truly are: a bunch of money-grubbing charlatans simply out to make an easy living  for themselves by cheating,  and swindling the Christian community for all their worth. Don’t ever give these sons of bitches a dime, EVER!. ditto for the scumbags over at REJOICE BROADCAST NETWORK[RBN]

This has been your GOOD NEWS   Commentator with more Good  NEWS  .


REJOICE BROADCAST NETWORK [RBN] offers money making opportunities in the Christian Radio Business. “What’s in YOUR “Binder”.

November 5, 2012

My Fellow Christians:  There’s little doubt that a huge  amount of money can be made in the Christian Radio Broadcast business.  The best proof of this can be seen when you add up all the many hundreds of  stations on the radio dial ,operating coast to coast. But when you include all those serving the local markets ,the numbers add up dramatically  into the many thousands.

The money made by these clever and crafty  pseudo-Christian religion  frauds is enormous; and in fact ,requires little in the way of education or skill.  The way it usually works is relatively simple, and not much different in the way one  starts any  business.  But you do need money.    And the red tape associated  with F.C.C. licensing  , and what with all  of the related Non-Profit  compliance requirements, is something that the salivating vultures in the Christian Religion business are only too happy to handle. It’s really a piece of cake for these low life bastards.

And to be sure, investors are not hard to find. In fact ,you will ordinarily find thousands eagerly waiting to back up any non-profit ,religion oriented enterprise ,as long as the terms of agreement are complied with, by all the skillful teary eyed con-artists ,posing as promoters of the Good News Gospel.   The only Good News these vultures want to hear is the sound of envelopes filled with cash or checks, being opened inside their conveniently located mail room. 

  And it does take a clever and skillful administration staff to pull it off. The skill required is nothing more than knowing how to read a well written script ; the ability to emote with the  listenership; and  probably the most important ingredient in this concentrated solution of  lies and deception is to have   a credible and  sincere sounding voice.  None of this is hard to practice and perfect but the rewards are fantastic and well worth the time and effort.

And so, things start to move. The early efforts of the enterprise  are designed to gain a following :one that will buy the DVD.s  and printed material offered  from time to time. The money made from the credulous dupes is used for public relations and a greater public presence.

And so, the greater the appeal,the greater the cash flow. At some point ,the gang attempts to add some other features to the overall content of the scam ,by introducing featurettes such as :creation moments ,Back to Genesis ,back to the Bible and so on. All designed to ensnare the exceptionally gullible    six-day creation crowd.

Other add ons may include an appeal to all the sun belt seniles residing in the bible-belt ,as we see living within the parameters of the highly successful but very fraudulent Rejoice Radio Enterprise.  Even a college  enters the cauldron of con-artistry.    As laughable an idea that may be,  it’s really the GOLDEN GOOSE in pseudo-religion fraud,  tracking  its way across the fundamentalist fruited plains of America.

Now , we’re talking serious money ,as the wallets start to open and a cadre of non-accredited jokers begin putting over the minds of the easy to cheat ,the idea that they offer a Christian Education for an economical price.    This really takes the cake!

The focus of all this is to pay back the original investors and to attract many more. And as before ,it’s easy to do.  And so, the aim and goals of any of these scam jobs is to create an UMBRELLA under which every financial scam imaginable can pass the Gospel,Religion Non profit test ;and given the lack of oversight ,this also flies through with flying colors.

And now the truly despicable in fraud and deception enters into the equation.  This clever and cunning sleight of hand swindle is so evil ,it could have only  been concocted inside the brain of a demon.   The scheme is to hire the wealthy money bag investors of the Christian Broadcast Network and to list them as Investor participant employees ,therefore allowing them to draw any salary they feel they can get away with.  And the employee benefits are generous ;including ,health ,pension and unlimited use of REJOICE RADIO’S PRIVATE JET.

Those living in Pensacola ,jokingly refer to it as the  flying whorehouse.  And often quick flyovers are often made to avoid the prying eyes of the locals . GET THE PICTURE?  AND FOR CERTAIN, BETHANY CRAWFORD GETS A GOOD WORK OUT :   poor baby works hard for the money.

When a non-scheduled fly over is announced to all the depraved scum of humanity working at the REJOICE BROADCAST NETWORK ,they all break out in song. Their   favorite is I’LL FLY AWAY.

I’ll Fly Away“, is a hymn written in 1929 by Albert E. Brumley and published in 1932 by the Hartford Music company in a collection titled Wonderful Message.  Brumley’s writing was influenced in part by an older secular ballad.

“I’ll Fly Away” has been called the most recorded gospel song  and it is frequently used in worship services by Baptists, Pentecostals, Nazarenes, the Churches of Christ and many Methodists 

Keep that in mind ,the next time they play: ‘I’ll Fly Away”.   you will know what the clever cheats and swindlers are up to. 

Keep that in mind,my comrades,when you hear them touting their demands for money, based on

the need to cover their end of month operating expenses. Remember how they use the non-profit scam to live high on the hog ,the next time they clain that they are “LISTENER SUPPORTED”

These are the lies that RBN is founded on. And the inventor of this pack of lies is Jimmy Mince: the kid that reminds you that;”You can’t break God’s promises by leaning on them”.


  And so the slow but steady process of broadcasting all the recycled sermons they can  scoop  up , and the old-fashioned Gospel musical repertoire is put to effective use.  And because the listenership is transient ,few hang around long enough to detect the lies,the deceptions ,and the skillful way they defraud the public. With these con artists you need to learn how to connect the dots.

Few are able to understand the counter intuitive anomaly of  hearing THE REJOICE BROADCAST NETWORK calling itself a Christian ministry, while providing free air time and proudly boasting of their affiliations with a gang of well-known hate mongers and political swindlers ,operating under the name of THE VCY AMERICA BROADCAST NETWORK . This gang has no ideology ,religious or otherwise. Their god is Mammon and their worship services consist of stuffing the belly. 

 THIS INCLUDES the guests that show up to spew their bankrupt ideologies ,in the hope that some poor stupid listener will click the donation button on their miserable websites and send them dinner money.

David Butters

Day after day…such fear mongering and hate of those of other traditions and backgrounds. The on air personalities have the longest lists of fears that I have ever seen…Muslims, gays, public schools, Democrats, the United Nations, “heretics,” Obama, immigrants, Hollywood, contemporary Christian music, and more.

It seems people are seeing these  incredible scam artists for what they are.

But few of the listeners to their FLAGSHIP operation called CROSSTALK AMERICA, are smart enough to understand the irony involved in hearing  nothing but hatred for Mormons and Catholics over the years ,but now the con artists in charge of  VCY  AMERICA  are forced to support the election of a  MORMON  AND A Roman Catholic to  the highest offices in the land.  Hubris has a way of hitting them square in the face.

  But with the more socially acceptable[ RBN ]Christian Radio business ,their  ultimate goal is to create a financial umbrella  ,completely impervious to the need for donation money. That’s why all of their  phony share a thons they present, are for show only;  to satisfy the F.C.C. requirements  applicable to so-called NON-PROFIT enterprises. They also  make an effort  to piece together mailing lists  from the callers who pledge   during their week-long share a   thons.  These lists are usually never sold but are rented out to other swindlers , for a period of time. These lists of all the half-educated boobs are priceless.

And so ,once the money starts rolling in :as if they had a license to print it ,or to STEAL it, what’s in it for you my DEAR BAPTIST,FUNDAMENTALIST,EVANGELICAL JERK?

While you help to make these cheats and clever frauds extremely rich ,does your life really improve ? How can you respect  an   organization  such as:  THE REJOICE RADIO BROADCAST NETWORK  that offers you nothing but recycled sermons  ,ripped off from the estates of  long dead preachers; and do nothing but put money into the pockets of clever and cunning grave robbers ,who laugh themselves silly all the way to the bank.

How can you have any  respect for the scheming personalities you hear, on a daily basis, at RBN , who use the cleverly planned musical charade of Christian sentimentality to paint themselves as god-fearing true Christians . But are in fact nothing but clever INVESTORS/ Participating/EMPLOYEES.   And so ,they easily siphon of huge salaries ,expense accounts and end of year bonuses from out of the coffers of their totally corrupted and fraudulent phony baloney pseudo-religion enterprise.

Everything you hear and what you do not hear, is designed to make a psychological impression on all the SUN belt seniles and the delusional imbecilic into believing their future in the celestial kingdom is at risk  if they fail to send in the pledges, they stupidly made last month. 

How can anyone with half a brain fail to see how fraudulent these lying scumbags are when they openly boast of supporting the VCY AMERICA charlatans?   Can anything justify their connection with this politically motivated gang of tricksters?

The truth is that RBN is absolutely hated and  despised in the Pensacola local church community.


This lady runs the finance and accounting department and claims that RBN has ruined their finances and the ability to address the needs of the Pensacola Community.


Michael E. Collins grew up in Milton, Florida and married Pamela Jacobs in June of 1975. They have three adult sons, Jeff, Ben and Matt. Pam is the school nurse at Holm elementary school.

Senior Pastor Michael E. Collins was born again, filled with the Spirit and called of God to leadership in ministry during his adolescent years. Michael attended Pensacola Junior College and the University of West Florida, receiving a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts in 1977. In 1979, he received his Master’s Degree from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. In June 1979, Michael and his wife, Pam, returned to Pensacola to pastor this congregation of Christian believers.

Since Mike’s oldest son Jeff, has Cerebral Palsy and other challenges, he likes working with children that have special needs and understands the challenges facing them and their families. Pastor Collins serves on the Board of Directors of Loaves & Fishes Soup Kitchen and Globe International. He loves offering personal pastoral care to our growing congregation. He also serves as the Northwest Florida & South Alabama District Overseer and is a Presbyter of Liberty Fellowship.

Mike derives great pleasure working with dogs in obedience training and working with animals of all varieties.

ASSOCIATE PASTOR JERRY IRELAND.  This pastor claims that RBN and Pensacola Christian College have come close to putting them out of business and have financially ruined many of their Charitable outreach programs. And there are many others.

The position of dominance and financial power  that RBN enjoys, not only in the Pensacola area but across the Bible Belt invariably leads to abuse in all its many and varied forms.

After the self-evident financial abuse that routinely occurs at most of America ‘s Christian Radio Broadcast Networks ;This is the next most commonly occurring example of serious abuse in the phony RBN ministry among many others.

 Ted Haggard: I’m Probably What The Kids Call ‘Bisexual’

Rev. Ted Haggard in Rev.  

 , Rev. Ted Haggard addresses the continued assumptions that he’s gay, following revelations years ago that the prominent evangelical had a drug-fueled sexual relationship with a gay male former escort: “I think that probably, if I were 21 in this society, I would identify myself as a bisexual.”

But, he told GQ’s Kevin Roose: “I’m 54, with children, with a belief system, and I can have enforced boundaries in my life. Just like you’re a heterosexual but you don’t have sex with every woman that you’re attracted to, so I can be who I am and exclusively have sex with my wife and be perfectly satisfied.”

The profile provides a few other tidbits about Haggard, who resigned from the New Life Church and from his position as president of the National Association of Evangelicals after he admitted to the affair with his male meth dealer, who was also a prostitute.

When Haggard resigned, Roose reports, he signed a separation agreement, drafted by a board of overseers appointed by the church, which “required him to cut off all contact with members of the church, stay away from the media, perform no ministry-related work, and move his family out of Colorado.

Sharon Marshall – Ministry Assistant/Financial Secretary

Welcome to First Pentecostal Church

Thank you for visiting First Pentecostal Church of Pensacola . The goal of our church is to offer strength, encouragement and support in your journey to know Jesus Christ.
Ted was the chief exponent of the family values crowd of happy clappy imbeciles . His situation is typical and  exists throughout the bible-belt. And this includes all the happy jokers running things at RBN!
In fact these institutions are magnets that draw to themselves every form of sexual perversion known to the corrupted mind of man.
A very popular pastime making the rounds on the campus of P.C.C. is the old fill up the  BINDER routine. This is where all the rough and tough macho men  fill up their binders with pictures of  all the sexy incoming coeds.   At the end of the year ,they compare notes and this is how they get their jollies!
My Dear Christian  Mom  and Dad; Do you really want to send your daughter to a college where her privacy is violated?   Do you really want to see her picture in Caleb  Keener’s binder of sexy women?  
Do you really want your daughter or even your son to attend classes in a school where JIMMY MINCE lurks through the halls, setting up spy equipment, to catch your kids in the rest rooms or in their private moments?   Did you even know that JIMMY ,who is known for having an unstable personality,  routinely spies on both the coeds and young men that attend P.C.C.?
Jimmy is a little shy about flashing his nameplate over the air ;but he’s best known by his signature trademark: “YOU CAN’T BREAK GOD’S PROMISES BY LEANING ON THEM”  This bastard is as psychologically abnormal as they come ,yet he has close access to your young son and daughter. just listen to him when he comes on the air over at RBN.
I wonder who CRAIG MATTSON has in his binder of sexy young women and young male students?     I hope it’s not your own son or daughter,but it could be.

October 24th, 2012
This is just one of the many photos in the BINDERS of the big men on CAMPUS at P.C.C.  This is just to give you a good idea of what’s going on at P.C.C.
How do they get away with it?   Well ,it just could be the abject stupidity of the America people who believe everything they hear on the radio. OR IT COULD BE THIS AS WELL .

 VIC ELIASON’S FRIEND AND CLOSE CONFIDANT: Rabbi   Noson, from the birthplace of truth,honestly, and Christian integrity ; Brooklyn , New  York.  The rabbi in chief for the distribution of pornography all over the world.   This could be how these bastards get away with it.

Remember ; unless humanity rids the world of the Jewish World plague ; the Jewish World plague will rid the world of humanity.  THIS HAS BEEN YOUR GOOD NEWS COMMENTATOR bringing you more GOOD NEWS.   Til next time ;GOOD DAY and GOOD NEWS TO YOU!












The Rejoice Radio FALL SHARE-A THON,and after. “You Makes Your pledge and You Pays Your Money”

October 23, 2012

My Fellow Christians:   A nation such as ours that enjoys a brisk business life ,has no  lack of investors  sitting on the sidelines ,waiting for any opportunity to come along ,that will yield a good return on their money.

The  Christian religion business in America ,tied to the clever and manifold  opportunities for fund-raising, is something that  the money-grubbing elements of our society can hardly overlook. The return  on  investment from  these   pseudo religion enterprises usually exceeds Wall Street expectations  derived  from investments made in  the major fortune five hundred indices.  The yield on the street is expected   to be in the ten to   fifteen annual percentile ,but  with  Gospel peddling outfits such as the Ken Copeland ministry ,the sky is  the limit.

 Take a look at this cunning and gifted fraud by the name  of Pastor   Fred Price of Ever Increasing Faith Ministries.     Fred   supports  inner city programs with donors’ money, Church members are apparently not bothered when Fred boasts that “I live in a 25-room mansion, I have my own $6 million yacht, I have my own private jet and I have my own helicopter and I have seven luxury automobiles.”

At least he tells his parishioners about all of his wealth, but many preachers don’t advertise how well they live. The popular Kenneth Copeland of Kenneth Copeland Ministries lives in a large mansion in Texas. He recently asked his audience to help him spread the gospel by giving him $20 million to buy a new jet.  And so it is easy to see how return on capital in the dirty and fraudulent Christian religion business easily surpasses yields derived from normal investments made in the stock market or in real estate. 

  All one needs is access to the public  airwaves ,a few investors to put up the SEED MONEY, and then you hire a few glib and sincere sounding charlatans to make a teary eyed pitch for cash and a compelling plea for you to make an investment for the sake of your eternal  soul; and lo and behold, you have thousands ,if not millions ,of gullible Baptist/Evangelical/ Fundamentalist morons eager to reserve a place  of eternal bliss in their mansions in the sky.

Did you know that pledging and then sending in your hard-earned cash to these vultures will earn you ETERNAL REWARDS?Share-a-thon Invitation

This is a clever and fraudulent money-making device that one would think became passe during the Protestant Reformation.  Then again, what would all the imbeciles that tune in to the Rejoice Broadcast network know about THE PROTESTANT REFORMATION?    The idiots that listen and take them seriously  are from the Florida panhandle ,best known as the wife-swapping capitol of Dixie.

Rejoice Radio Newsletter

Share-a-thon Invitation

Here is how they work the  scam ,follow closely.

Realtor and banker George Michael of Lake Bluff, Illinois, claimed that he converted his 15,000 square foot lakefront mansion worth $3 million into a church so that his disabled wife would have a place to worship. Michael’s neighbors and local government officials claim the home was not a church and that Michael was attempting to avoid paying more than $70,000 in property taxes. After the Illinois Department of Revenue granted a religious tax exemption, local officials went to court to have the tax exemption removed and won in court on July 6, 2009.  

Conversion and Self Dealing:..  This technique is often used by scam artists operating out of Christian Radio Broasdcast Studios such as the  Rejoice Broadcast Network  out of PENSACOLA,FLORIDA

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports, “IRS rules do not bar transactions between a nonprofit group and a business that is owned or controlled by the same person, a practice known as self-dealing.”   Self dealing is one of the key methods that fraudulent nonprofit executives use to enrich themselves. Here’s an example of how it works:

A televangelist owns a for-profit company that publishes all of his books and DVDs. Then he sells the books and DVDs at full retail price to his nonprofit rather than at a discount or wholesale price. A televangelist can use this technique to excessively profit from his nonprofit organization.

Pastors Mike and Elaine Millé of White Dove Fellowship in Harvey, Louisiana, purchased property costing $850,000 in August 2007 and sold the property to their church about 90 days later for $1,229,112 for a profit of $379,112. This transaction is not just an example of self dealing, it is also flipped property fraud. After learning of the transaction, the Trinity asked the IRS to investigate the Millés and White Dove Fellowship.  

Excessive Compensation

Nonprofit organizations in the United States can lose their tax-exempt status and be required to pay excise taxes if employees receive excessive compensation. Yet this rarely happens. When the Charlotte Observer investigated compensation for charity executives, it reported, “Most years, fewer than 10 of the nearly two million U.S. nonprofit leaders are penalized for receiving excessive compensation.” The newspaper also noted that there is “roughly one enforcement agent for every 4,000 tax-exempt groups nationally” so very few nonprofit organizations get audited.

The Charlotte Observer reported that televangelist David Cerullo of The Inspiration network “was paid nearly 1.7 million” in 2008. However, the newspaper left out that Cerullo received $331,881 in nontaxable benefits that year.

Cerullo has the highest compensation of any religious broadcaster in the United States that files 990 forms with the IRS. Churches are exempt from filing so some mega church pastors and televangelists are refusing to make their compensation public. Kenneth Copeland doesn’t disclose his income but has bragged that he is a billionaire.  

This is just the tip of the iceberg ! 

Imagine the criminal and perverted brain that goes into swindling those in the Christian community who are unable to discern fact from fraud. Imagine the demented personality one needs to use the Gospel of the Living Christ as a means by which to cheat and trick the gullible out of their hard earned money. 

  Imagine how depraved someone has to be ,to claim that he or she is a Christian ,in  order to use the name of JESUS as an instrument of fraud and deception and GRAND LARCENY!  To make HIM a “share partner “in the fine  art of financial deception.

May they all burn in the black flames of Eternity.

This is exactly what you are dealing with every time you tune into the Rejoice Radio musical game of scriptural charades . This  pseudo-on the air ministry is as fraudulent as the day is long.

And without the financial support that comes from the generous  morons who  believe their well crafted pitch ,these filthy lying bastards would shrivel up and fly somewhere else;Singing “I’ll Fly Away. ”

Without the profit motive that comes with operating a so-called NON-Profit. the high roller  investors would be unable to receive  the  amortization and compound interest  on the SEED money they extended to these criminal minded sons of bitches and quickly, clever charlatans like Caleb Keener and Jimmy Mince ; the   ‘you can’t break God’s promises by leaning on them’ kid , would be out of a job.  Craig Mattson would have to surrender his membership at the Pensacola Country Club and possibly move into an inner city school district ,teaching the ABC.s to the underprivileged.   

Life would be hard for these callous jokers who enjoy the art of swindling the helpless idiots eager to believe their cunning and clever scam operation.

Don Smith ,the  old buzzard  who runs the FAMILY PRAYER TIME RACKET would probably go back to collecting cans and learn to live modestly and not as a privileged aged Mafia Don.

This has been your GOOD NEWS COMMENTATOR bringing you more GOOD NEWS. Until next time,GOOD DAY and GOOD NEWS TO YOU.

Enrolling Your Son or Daughter in Pensacola Christian College:The Unforeseen Dangers

September 13, 2012

My Christian People:   Anyone who knows anything about real estate will tell you there are three things to know in determining the value of a house  : number one is location;numbers two  and  three ,yeppers :location ,location,location.

So why does this principle fail to sink in when it comes to enrolling your son or daughter in a Christian school.  Is there value in the location of one’s own home  , but not where your son or daughter will be spending a significant amount of  their time ,and possibly  falling under the influence of its overall  environment ?

Why would any Christian parent wish to enroll their best and brightest in a school that is located in one of this country’s most depraved and crime ridden cities.




 Rejoice Pastor Joel Mullenix


never support anything that has anything to do with pensacola Christian college or Rejoice radio.   JUDAS ISCARIOT pulling the wool over the eyes of all the gullible idiots in the listenership of REJOICE IN THE LORD .

Rejoice Pastor Joel Mullenix

A weekly program viewed across the nation and around the world, this hour-long production originates from the Campus Church of Pensacola Christian College. Sound biblical messages from Dr. Joel Mullenix, Pastor of Rejoice, and heartwarming hymns have become favorites with our viewers.

This is the face of JUDAS ISCARIOT working incognito as a pastor and bible-teacher but who  has in fact betrayed the Lord into the hands of His sworn  enemies: the ones 

who murdered him and have the blood of the GREAT NAZARENE on their hands and  on their heads.

Rejoice in the Lord comes to your local area through the gifts of our viewers. You  . have a part in this vital ministry with your encouraging prayers, letters, and financial gifts. Only eternity will reveal the rich, spiritual dividends such an investment will reap.

[NOTHING BUT A PACK OF LIES!]   and the inventor of this lie is jimmy mince and Dr. JOEL JEW JEW MULLINEX!

 Why would they choose Pensacola Christian college  and risk subjecting  them to all the sexual depravity that Pensacola ,Florida is famous for; and  whose  negative influence is seen and felt inside  its  campus and college walls.

Many parents may well be attracted to the lower tuition rates and neglect everything else. They fail to understand that in this life you get what you pay for. And if you send your kid to P.C.C. this is what he will no  doubt  see and possibly experience before the first semester is over:


« Pensacola Christian College  is located on Florida’s degenerate Riviera.

And this is the mild  stuff. 
And why would any sincere Christian parent wish to enroll  his youngster in an area of the country that is saturated with military personnel ,all stationed in five or six sprawling military complexes that border Pensacola, and pose a definite risk to their health and safety. 
The crime rate of Pensacola is as high as in any large city on the  East  Coast and goes mainly unreported.   The reasons are clear to all but the most mentally challenged.  The military ,and many branches are represented ,provide a huge amount of income to the poorly run city administration, as well as to Escambia  County  ;not to mention the money-grubbing Chamber of Commerce.  All depend on the funds handed over to them by the military services ,and greet with glee and great joy all the military personnel that swarm through the downtown booze joints and back alley bordellos, throwing their money around.It’s all taxpayer’s loot  but   the city fathers are only too happy to graciously offer these services to the lost and lonely.
Dear Christian Mom and Dad : Do you really want your daughter to attend Pensacola Christian College and be subjected to the sexual assaults and insults that young women routinely endure ,attending this school.   If you think for one minute that your son or daughter will be protected and isolated from all the depravity Pensacola has to offer ,then you need to think again . You need to think long and hard before you make a financial committment to this college ,which offers very little in the way of academic study ;unless you consider “Rock Climbing” or use of the swimming pool as  intellectual  pursuits. 
 But what of the college itself. What is   here to commend it :Absolutely nothing!

Chan's These are some of the  highly paid members , of their   behind the scenes administration staff .

They process all the prayer requests intended for the prayerful considerations of Dr. Don Smith :   The senior PRAYER WARRIOR who hosts the world renown ;FAMILY PRAYER TIME RACKET ,heard daily ,about mid day.  These are the swindlers  who remove the cash and checks out of the envelopes  ;they then bundle the letters with desperate pleas  for prayer and help from REJOICE RADIO ,and then dispose of them in the  big white  dumpster.

    The depravity ,and all the accompanying degeneracy that goes with it cannot  be excluded from the campus life and is reason enough to pass this school up for one that can guarantee your child’s safety .

If the debauchery and nightlife ,   presented by the Pensacola chamber of commerce as southern culture ,  have entered the thinking and mindset of all those working in the administration and religion departments of this school ;what do you think will be the overall  effects of this perversion on the minds of the students themselves.
So ,how does this school stay in business. How do  they draw a group from the Christian faith community large enough to pay all of their end of month expenses.  The  simple and easy way to understand this is to  listen to the school’s related ministries: the RBN [rejoice Radio.]
The gang that operates here  is clever in presenting a squeaky clean image of itself and by extension to  P.C.C.
And for this, only a candid listen will reveal the truth ,that for many, quite often, goes undetected.
Everything these jokers say or do on the air, is to deceive and trick the listenership into believing they are interested in spreading the Gospel ; promoting    praise and JOY IN LIVING  ;praising the Almighty with song and timely messages : providing a faux church of sorts for all those whose experiences in the conventional denominational world have been less than satisfactory.  
This organized con job  is a quick and painless way for every moron and imbecilic dupe in the Bible Belt to connect with an organization that can provide an alternate to the awkwardness of having to join a real  church, with people they may  have to learn to get along with.  And for those who can afford it ,why not send the kids off to a college and have something to brag about with all the other hayseeds in the little hick towns such as : Milton, Crestview and Navarre ,Florida . ” “Yep, I got my kid enrolled in college , what about YOU  JETHRO? ”  And so they pick P.C.C. that charges a little less , but   still gets the kids out of the house.
And what can they expect to learn?  No one really knows ;after all, who is the main influence in science and biology?   Why it’s none other than KEN HAM ,that’s who. And he, cordially invites each incoming student  to visit his latest adventure in mindless stupidity. He  offers each one , a deep discount ticket for his incredibly deceitful, and downright foolish CREATION MUSEUM.
 religion hustler; Mr. Ken Ham. 

Ken Ham’s Adam a Porn Star


In Ken Ham’s Garden of Eden, the lion lays down with the lamb (and the dinosaur), but his Adam, Eric Linden, it seems, lays down with everything in sight. According to the Associated Press, Linden owns a pornographic website called BedroomAcrobat.

Linden appears as Adam in one of 55 videos featured on visitor tours at Ham’s newly opened Kentucky Creation Museum.

Maybe it’s the video where they take to heart God’s injunction to be fruitful and multiply

Yes  ,porn has been ,and will forever be the bane of All the lying hypocrites pretending to love the Lord, for fame and fortune.   This is what I mean when warning you that the depravity in the general culture of Pensacola has taken its toll on those who profess to LOVE THE LORD!

Why would any concerned christian parent send their kids to P.C.C.?   Well it’s up to the glib and  clever cast of shady characters working the phones over at the  radio broadcast  studios of the school  to sell the idea to all the morons who are too stupid to research the many other colleges that would be far better for their kids to attend.

And for anyone who has an ear to hear let him listen to the clever performances, all the highly paid stooges like Dr. JIMMY DUNCE who comes at you unexpectedly, during the course of the day’s musical performances ,with clever sounding aphorisms ,such as : “YOU CAN’T BREAK GOD’S PROMISES BY LEANING ON THEM, “or ” All the shadows in the world are made by the sun” And the word sun is a play on the word SON;as in the son of GOD! WOW!!

Dr JIMMY DUNCE is a very clever character whose intention is to cheat and swindle as many in his audience without arousing suspicion.   In fact he’s a shady type who wears many hats in this big swindle.   He can be the manager or producer of the REJOICE RADIO SCAM or he can just spin the latest in country Gospel.    And then ,his most important duty is to drum up cash . And his clever pitch is the old “end of month operating expenses they need to cover”.

  This pitch is as old as the hills.    What end of month operating expenses mean is : JIMMY’S SALARY INCREASE.

Yes. JIMMY is a foxy and very  crafty guy ,but as with all vermin ,they usually find themselves ,sooner or later ,in a steel trap they can’t extricate themselves out of.   And this is true of the excrement eating variety ,running footloose all over the  campus of P.C.C.

It’s   hard to stop when warning you of all the clever scam artists that permeate this phony college.   How can I neglect to mention Craig Mattson ,whose job on the radio is to provide a veneer of erudition ,thereby confirming in the minds of all the dupes in the listenership of RBN that this here school may be worth while after all.  Yep, Craig is a smooth operator and can really run up the operating expenses of  THE REJOICE BROADCAST NETWORK.

But my Dear Christian mom and dad , why would you even want to consider this school for your kids ,knowing how they support the hate mongering reprobates at VCY AMERICA . Another scam operation  ;I’m sure you have come across in recent days.

Well, The truth is, that RBN ,with an F.C.C. license ;meaning  they get free air time, provided they offer programming to the public they would not otherwise have access to.  A program that mixes a religion format with politically sensitive but  vitally important issues fits the bill. And that’s where the VCY AMERICA NETWORK comes in and makes their day ,over in Pensacola.

Crosstalk call-in talk show is a lifesaver for  this gang of professional religion racketeers ,living the GOOD LIFE  on the depraved RIVIERA in Pensacola ,Florida.

Whether you look at the Christian themed music or the ranting of certain well-selected but very dead bible teachers such as; J.Vernon McGee  It all flushes out as nothing more than one big fund-raising operation and nothing more.

And there’s nothing they will not lower themselves to do , in their goal of ripping you off.

They will use phony sounding senior citizens [ Dr. Don Smith] or sleazy sounding former defrocked pastors ,such as JOHN DUNLAP or Joel Jew Jew  Mullinex to put the finishing touches on this elaborate three-layered chocolate cake of deliberate deception.

Christian mom and dad ;you can do better than this .   Never support anything connected to REJOICE RADIO or P.C.C.

And when you listen to Dr. JIMMY DUNCE , and he’s shy at times .  And you can only know him by the clever sayings he tosses out to all ;  and for this he earns a high six figure salary . WOW ,what a filthy lying hypocrite!   And he has the gall to extort money from the financially strapped listenership.

  Do some research and you will find a better school for your son or daughter to attend. And given the connection these jokers have with the hate mongering anti-muslim VCY AMERICA ,your kids would be safer attending a less politically active school.  All these bastards have innocent blood on their hands thanks to all of their unbridled hatred.

The slaughter of innocents that sadly  decimated the membership of the Sikh Community residing in the  Milwaukee suburbs can be traced in no small part to the endless stream of hate-mongering that daily proceeds from out of the mouths of some of America’s most gifted pseudo-Christian Radio Broadcasters.stock photo : A red paint soaked hand making a fist isolated on black.

And one need look no further than the infamous VCY AMERICA Broadcast Network to pin the tail on   the donkey of blame for this calamity that would have been otherwise averted had the decent and morally sound Christian Community of Milwaukee, taken heed of the warnings  ,pointing to this   organization as a national center for organized hate in America.

 What makes this organization so sinister is the charade they have perfected  :convincing their gullible and naïve listenership that they are a Christian ministry ,interested in issues affecting the home ,the nation and church.  This is nothing more than a diabolical attempt to hide their true intention of sewing discord and animosity within and without the Christian Faith Community.THE BLOODIEST  DILETTANT IN THE HISTORY OF CHRISTIAN FAKERY.

This has been your good news commentator with more GOOD NEWS!  Til next time . GOOD DAY AND GOOD NEWS TO YOU!

INGRID SCHLUETER: A Victim of Circumstances or An Undisclosed Personality Disorder.

September 1, 2012

My Christian People:  One thing we can say for certain is that Ingrid Schlueter truly loved working for the VCY America Broadcast Network,in her capacity as   executive producer, and host of the crosstalk call-in talk  show.  And her abrupt departure undoubtedly, caused her great emotional distress ;coming as it did as a result of conflict between herself and her father :Vic Eliason.   Getting fired   from a  job you enjoy is hard to take,but when it comes by the direct orders of one’s own father,then it can be devastating.

Ingrid Schlueter's photoThis is INGRID,hard at work .answering the incoming calls jamming the lines at the studios of vcy america.

While we may never know the many details that led up to her firing ,it may be good to  know that Ingrid used the crosstalk program to ease some deep-seated emotional problems that probably were as a result of a terrible upbringing ,at the hands of cruel and uncaring Vic.

A careful and studied analysis of Ingrid shows clear signs of a compulsive  disorder    coupled with a histrionic personality . 

For those who can recall when Ingrid freaked out over not getting cream and sugar added to her bag of take out coffee ,or when her order for flower arrangements were not to her liking; the flowers she claimed were not what she paid for ;and then spending  the one hour of her program allotment time berating the clerks who handled both the coffee and the cheap flowers purchase. The flowers were purchased at a BIG BOX department store. 

This  ,a clear sign that  there was more to Ingrid  than an overly concerned Christian lady ,trying to defend basic ,conventional church teachings.

Now ,disappointments come and go ,but to air these trivial matters in public and force her listening audience to endure listening to them,and to endure hearing her vilify and berate store clerks  ,is quite  another story. And on a Christian Broadcast Network that claims to promote the Law  of Christ , namely: LOVE THY NEIGHBOR AS THY SELF.

Add to that , the general inability to deal with  on the air disagreements, she had with some of her callers, and her hostile over reaction to them  ; this also supports the diagnosis that Ingrid was a truly  disturbed individual, crying out for help.  [We can see where she inherited this disposition!]

This is the cruel and uncaring Vic Eliason. Ingrid’s father and chief of the  VCY AMERICA BROADCAST EMPIRE .He fired Ingrid and has  disowned his family including his challenged granddaughter ;young Emily. And he still claims to be pro-life. I think the only thing Vic is PRO of , is   his  PROfits.

Now  ,she used  the  program, not to connect emotionally with the needs of the Christian audience ,but to find relief from the  feelings of despair and inadequacy that go with emotional distress.   And relief she quite often found ,albeit at the expense of the callers and her co-laborers: her father Vic and Jim the chimp Schneider.

At some point they decided that she had to go, and this was nothing more than a business decision. She was not getting along with Jim and  she  had for quite sometime alienated another stalwart of VCY AMERICA : one of Pseudo Christian America / religion /political hustlers: BRANNON HOWSE.  All this was too much for Vic to deal with. He had to  preserve  the broadcast empire that took him a lifetime to put together . And Ingrid ,with her husband Tom ,who worked at VCY AMERICA as the call screener, began to appear as liabilities . Of course there was pressure that came from the elders of various church communities ,raising a stink over Ingrid’s  many  divorces and remarriage. 

And here’s why. Here’s what all the six-day creationists conveniently fail to mention when they’re pushing the creation museum idiocy. :

22 And the rib, which the Lord God had taken from man, made he a awoman, and brought her unto the man.

  23 And Adam said, This is now bone of my bones, and aflesh of my flesh: she shall be called bWoman, because she was taken out of Man.
  24 Therefore shall a aman leave his bfather and his mother, and shall ccleave unto his dwife: and they shall be eone flesh.
  25 And they were both anaked, the man and his wife, and were not bashamed.

 In our society ,multiple marriages and divorces are nothing more than a socially acceptable form of polygamy.   Anything else other than; ONE MAN,ONE WOMAN ONE LIFETIME , the Bible considers to be ADULTERY!

[I wonder if Vic Eliason ever thought that INGRID was making FUN of ADULTERY with her divorce and remarriage , as he accuses a summer stock stage performance of doing   in their comedy about  THE BIBLE  . ]

And so,   the problem   the staff at the studios of VCY AMERICA had to figure out, was how to give Ingrid the heave ho without taking the blame for the decision.   And it’s just like BRANNON to have thought of how to do it.

They had to come up with an idea that would so enrage Ingrid ,knowing what a hair trigger temper she had, that  would result in her becoming so disgusted with everyone ,and  that she would offer little resistance, and simply leave the premises. 

And so they hatched the practical joke that would finally convince Ingrid to leave . Brannon was and is ,a well known practical joker, and is often simply referred to as  :THE JOKER a la BATMAN Comics.   And what it entailed was downright disgusting for anyone to do to a woman.

 Knowing that Ingrid ,whatever else one could say about her, detested pornography. She  has  absolutely no respect for anyone who even  would think  of looking at smut,  or garbage, as Ingrid called it.  

And so they put together a plan, that when Ingrid started to host the crosstalk program; and as was her routine, to open the top draw of her desk, to pull out a paper pad to take notes from the many callers jamming the lines to speak with her , she would instead  see there duly placed over the note pad, a  glossy center  fold photo from a triple x-rated hard core porn magazine .

The photo itself was of a middle age white woman with her mouth stretched from ear to ear trying to accommodate a primitive savage.   When  Ingrid saw this ,she shut off the mic. Does anyone remember the   7-8 minutes of unexplained dead air time that would often happen. ?

This was usually Ingrid letting off some steam at Jim the chimp or  Vic.

But this time ,stuff   really hit the fan.   Ingrid was livid. she turned and walked up to Jim ,who at this time was laughing so hard he was choking and incredibly Vic was away :waiting for his bag of fries and Big Mac to arrive.  She looked at Jim and said; ‘you rotten son of a bitch jim, I never thought you would be so low, you piece of degenerate filth”  ‘how could you be so disgusting?” !!

Then she walked over to Brannon and told him off in language so raw that the employee bringing Vic  his bag of fries  ,big mac and a coke, stood there in disbelief.  The employee related this to me and I will not even reveal whether it was male or female, in order to protect the identity.

All I know   :Ingrid called Brannon everything in the book. And Vic her father ,sided with the guys;   Brannon and Jim . ..He kept explaining to Ingrid that it was all a joke , ” it was all a joke Ingrid” he kept repeating.

“Boys will be boys” He tried to calm her down,but Ingrid would have none of THAT!

   INGRID and her dear husband Tom. Now ,here’s a pair you can draw to!

This infuriated Tom ,Ingrid’s husband, to the point that he threatened  all of them with some serious consequences and he was then  told  to shut up or they would call the local gendarme.   But Ingrid, always the trooper ,opened the mic and continued the crosstalk program as usual. What a Gal!

 What  helped Ingrid to continue the crosstalk program,  was the subject- topic for the day.    Two of her favorite hot button issues:   appropriate dress code for young ladies attending church services, and in the  second half of the program :   a discussion  of  church  music during the protestant reformation. And Ingrid pulled it off in fine form.

But later ,it made sense for Ingrid to leave. Given that her father had pretty much thrown her under the bus.  It was  senseless to stay and be subjected to this kind of childish game playing.

And all this contributed to the condition that is taking its toll on Ingrid and her family.

Brannon Howse and Newt Gingrich, best of buds in this picture, and their paths cross often.

Ingrid would often refer to Brannon as that sawed off piece of  horse  manure. [mixed metaphor]

photoHere he is  ;the hustler.

BRANNON HOWSE has been ripping you off. Brannon and Newt have been lying to you about morality and family values.

On gay marriage, meanwhile, Gingrich argued that Republicans could no longer close their eyes to the course of public opinion. While he continued to profess a belief that marriage is defined as being between a man and a woman, he suggested that the party (and he himself) could accept a distinction between a “marriage in a church from a legal document issued by the state” — the latter being acceptable.

“I think that this will be much more difficult than immigration for conservatism to come to grips with,” he said, noting that the debate’s dynamics had changed after state referenda began resulting in the legalization of same-sex marriage. “It is in every family. It is in every community. The momentum is clearly now in the direction in finding some way to … accommodate and deal with reality. And the reality is going to be that in a number of American states — and it will be more after 2014 — gay relationships will be legal, period.”


“I didn’t think that was inevitable 10 or 15 years ago, when we passed the Defense of Marriage Act,” he said. “It didn’t seem at the time to be anything like as big a wave of change as we are now seeing.”

This is a marked change from when Gingrich, in a 2011 interview, called marriage equality “a temporary aberration.”

Newt of course has in the past made some absolutely ridiculous statements regarding gay rights and gay marriage.

Horrible Things Newt Has Said About Gay Marriage:

Indeed, ahead of the 2012 presidential race Newt signed on, in part, to the Family Leader’s hateful “Marriage Pledge” in which he said he would “aggressively defend” the Defense of Marriage Act and that he would “support sending a federal constitutional amendment defining marriage as the union of one man and one woman to the states for ratification.”

He didn’t stop there, vowing to repeal or block any reform to welfare or tax policy that attempted to level the inequity between same-sex couples and their heterosexual counterparts.

Gingrich also backed North Carolina’s Amendment 1 which amended the state’s constitution to codify a ban on gay marriage and all marriage-like partnerships, whether gay or straight. In a video recorded for the effort, Gingrich implied gay rights were a radical threat to religious liberty and urged voters to pass the ban at the ballot. Gingrich failed to mention that North Carolina already had a statutory ban on same-sex marriage.

Indeed, Gingrich put his opposition to gay rights at the very heart of his presidential nominee campaign, saying that he was “pro-Classical Christianity” (whatever that means) and would oppose the “homosexual agenda.”

He also said in a radio interview with a known hate group that he believed the Obama administration, after review, declining to defend the constitutionality of Section 3 of the Defense of Marriage Act was Obama flouting the law, saying “If there is a rule of law, it means that if the congress passes a bill and the president signs it, the president has the obligation to support and sustain the laws of the United States.”

This fails to recognize that there is a strong precedent, used often under the Bush administration in particular, of the federal government declining to defend that which it believes to be constitutionally suspect.

Gingrich has also previously referred to gay marriage as paganism, and said that gay couples could only ever be friends.

So what about this sudden change of heart? Does Newt fear the apocalypse is upon us? Probably not. But it does show how quickly his convictions can be changed by political ambitions. It also raises the question as to whether the wider Republican party will accept this reality.


Is Christianity Too Big to Fail? Why are pastors bible teachers and Christian radio broadcasters failing it?

June 26, 2012

My Fellow Christians..: If General Motors and the big banks were considered too big to fail, then what value do we place on the Christian Faith. Can we assign a numerical value to an ideology that has sustained mankind for two thousand years.

Whereas banks and motorcar companies may come and go ,there is only one true religious faith, and if that should ever fail, the cost to human society would be immeasurable in terms of human progress ,culture and civilization itself would soon disappear off the earth. Is Christianity then , too big to Fail?

The question every sincere Christian must be willing to ask is ;why are the pastors,preachers, bible teachers and their co-conspirators in the Christian radio broadcast industry willing to do everything in their power, to insure that the Christian Faith someday  is reduced to a fairytale ;a quaint but naïve belief system ; that in the final analysis became a means to deceive and trick the gullible masses out of their money. The answer is not hard to discern ,given the nature of human clay .

  Those  in positions of leadership have shown  but little regard  for the religion handed down by the Great Nazarene; and frequently  they  became disillusioned with its mission.

While there may be certain exceptions ,the general trend in Christian ministry is to

engender a sense of dedication among the young faithful ,eager  to be pastors and to serve the Lord  ,but only to see it quickly dissipate when the reality of  Christian service sets in.   Then their usefulness is brought into  question.    Then they understand that it takes an exceptional personality to deal with the fundamental issues  concerning    their church membership , and to all the issues of human life. And quite possibly ,it dawns on them ,that they don’t have what it takes to  fulfill their true calling.

Their function changes from one of shepherd of the flock , to that of fund-raiser to the foolish.  And raising money becomes the hallmark of their success.   Con Artist 

 This is true ,and cuts equally among all denominations.

You have now entered the world of big  money ,where the only god worshipped is Mammon and the priesthood  ,pastors and all the clever hangers-on ,serve faithfully  at  his


Technically they can claim NON-PROFIT but in fact it is just another legalised form of religion swindling.



They know and firmly believe, that given the current state of moral degeneracy drowning this nation ,it’s only a matter of time before the last curtain slams down on the center  stage of Christian  life.  And  so, obediently await ,anxiously hoping they not miss out on the chance to pass the last collection  plate before the doors slam shut.

  What a shame it would be not to gather in the last few dollars remaining in the wallets of America’s stupidest.

 And now, the remaining question  to be answered is,why is it so hard for the many millions of Christian faithful ,to see through the lies, the deceptions and the financial frauds taking place in  every  church of every single denomination in the country?

Why did  it take so long for the perverted Catholic priesthood to be put on notice ?

Why are we still putting up with their shameless acts of sick  depravity and relying on the lies and clever  excuses being put out by the Bishops and Vatican officials?

Why is the Evangelical Community in America so  easy  to swindle and easily  taken in by clever televangelists that daily ply their trade in fraud and deceit?   

Why is it so hard for the Bible toting fundamentalist crowd  to understand how  fraud and deception works, and how they are being abused by clever tricksters and  scam artists.   

 The reason can be found in the centuries   of  faithfully following the intimidating  leadership of both Protestant and Catholic clergy ,who routinely frightened their congregations with dire threats of hellfire ,upon all those who refused to fall in line.

 In a much shorter time span you can create a breed of dog that loses all its instincts to growl.  And so it’s been with the church faithful;fearful of ever questioning church authority, in whatever form it takes.

 In recent years, the focus has somewhat been drawn away from the criminal antics of the televangelist gang and reset in favor of the pseudo-Christian Radio business enterprises that are enjoying a major surge in popularity.   TAKE YOUR PICK ,ANY CARD IN THE DECK!

The reasons are easy to understand ,when one compares the major difference between radio and television.

In radio ,any clever and theatrical presentation will do . It can be crafted to include gospel music ,especially the old-time nostalgic variety ,cheap sermonettes ,preferably by long dead radio  ministers ,obtained from their estates on the cheap.

Radio is big business and if you have the right mix of entertainment and self-righteous religiosity ,it’s hard not to make the big bucks.

But what does this do for the future of the Faith? Nothing at all.  All it guarantees is that a small ,gifted group of glib charlatans, will make a huge amount of money and the plain folks  who listen to them ,will eventually be left with a loss of  faith, delusional and heartsick for having trusted   the clever hypocrites who live like parasites, off  the good will of their  listenership.

And so, everyday the sacred faith ,established by the Great Nazarene ,slowly but surely goes down the drain pipe of history ,soon to be forgotten,thanks to all the jokers and lying bastards operating behind the microphones of america’s

broadcast networks.

Comrades, you know how hard I’ve worked during the years of struggle to  expose  all the lying scum of humanity  who routinely denigrate the Christian Faith ;whose purpose is to trick and deceive the less astute within the church community.


 You know how tirelessly I’ve struggled to reveal to you and the entire Christian  faithful ,the exact nature of the Enemy of all mankind.  This enemy whose main purpose is to destroy all that remains of the Church of Christ, as well as all that is of light ,and beauty and reason.  And yet, the hardest struggle has been to expose  those within the walls of the church who support and defend these parasites . The reason is clear to all  who can logically reason. Those who rely on the mass media [radio,television ] but also book publishing for their path to riches , must curry favor with    those who are in total control of the mass media. This of course includes the Christian mass media.

And so ,my faithful followers ,I began my campaign to bring to light all the lying and demonic enterprises that curry favor with these international maggots and who also deliberately provide cover  for their evil agenda to destroy the Faith.


This they do by misleading the public and by casting the focus of attention at all other groups ;at all other possible suspects;all others, but the truly guilty parties. And so the Jewish world plague continues to advance its agenda of hate mongering and destruction.

Two of those in the pseudo-Christian Radio business are the REJOICE RADIO OPERATION coming at you from sun and sex drenched Pensacola ,Florida and their partners in crime ,the incredibly deceitful pack of   professional liars ;the VCY AMERICA BROADCAST NETWORK.

This is a tag team effort ,whereby one supports the other. As I stated ,radio affords the opportunity to trick and deceive in a unique way. The alliances that are often formed work together and in fact often compliment each other.

One listen to the crosstalk america radio talk show ,will reveal the true nature of this clever operation ;whereby other charlatans and book writing liars and criminals are invited to offer their studied opinions to the Christian public. This creates a compounding effect ;and the result may well be an expanding audience but a decidedly dumbed down one.

The two-man tag team switches course and then appearing  by magic ,the other end of the criminal con-job ,unfolding before your sleepy eyes. And that is where the Rejoice  radio swindle jumps in and the music abounds with love and bliss. The audience still trying to adjust to the planned deceptions ,filled with hatred and calls for murder, and  the continuation of destruction throughout the middle east and in the world.

And this is what passes for vital information , needed to be “GOOD WATCHMEN ON THE WALL” how funny.

 as well as just the right touch of Christian music with just the  right message at just the right time!  WHAT A CLEVER CON JOB!

This is what all the lying bastards at  REJOICE BROADCAST NETWORK want you to think, and if you believe that ,then not only are you very stupid ;you are in reality contributing to your own demise as a Christian.

The scumbags operating at RBN are lying through their teeth but they couldn’t do it without the talents and slick performances you hear daily from the mouths of the  professional senior citizen; Don Smith and the sneaky son of a bitch RBN manager who with a straight face tries to convince you that they are entirely LISTENER SUPPORTED!

nothing could be further from the truth. The RBN gang is simply a group of conniving investors who are living high on the hog, all at your expense.

The same is  true over at VCY AMERICA . Here they are less inclined to hide their depravity ,given that their programming deals with the vital issues in a candid hard-hitting format. But then the squeeze is gently lifted and you’re right back to listening the dulcet tones of BEULAH LAND once again.

But  let’s not forget the daily mantra from the lips of the lying scum of humanity, who daily reminds you of JUST THE RIGHT SONG,JUST THE RIGHT MESSAGE, JUST THE RIGHT SERMON brought to you by a bunch of deceptive scam artists who employ the voices of sluts ,whores and hookers  to convince the gullible listening audience.

For all those who remain unconvinced ,I respectfully  ask you to simply question everything you hear,not only on VCY AMERICA  and the REJOICE BROADCAST NETWORK[RBN] but on all the radio and television religion hustlers.

And apply the same  method to all the lying bastards behind the pulpits of all the churches in America. And verify if they are being truthful.

Ask questions repeatedly and apply some logic to your thinking.  Why would an incredibly wealthy organization such as Pensacola Christian College that is financially bankrolled by ABEKA BOOKS PUBLISHING always in need for the audience to pay their end of month operating expenses? And what exactly are those operating expenses? are they trips to the local whorehouses ,right there in sex drenched Pensacola?

Are they trips to far away vacation havens ,where they can skinny dip in private and engage in wife swapping?

And given the nature of  radio broadcasting ,how do we know that the personalities heard daily are even Christian bible believers ,as they pretend to be?

How do we know that the money sent it to RBN doesn’t wind up in the lap of some young sexy street-walker coming in and out of the late night operations of REJOICE RADIO?

These are hard questions to ask,but they must be asked and answers must be forthcoming.

If you fail to ask these questions then you are setting yourself up for a big failure that could lead   you  to someday deny the  Faith.

This has been your GOOD NEWS COMMENTATOR with a thought for the day. and with more GOOD NEWS . til next time GOOD DAY and GOOD  NEWS you!

THE WORLD PLAGUE: The Devil We Know,and the little Devils we are starting to know:VCY AMERICA &THE SCAM ARTISTS AT REJOICE RADIO [RBN]; Pensacola Florida.

May 8, 2012

My Fellow Christians:    I have never wavered from the basic tenets of the Christian Faith;but just because someone tells me that he or she is a Christian ,does not give them the right to deceive me or to cheat  me.

As  a Christian ,I’m under no obligation to allow myself to be tricked or swindled.



If someone claiming to be a part of a ministry, should approach  you  for money , telling you that this is pleasing to the Almighty or to the Lord Jesus  ,you have sufficient grounds to believe  you   are being targeted  ,  by a professional religion swindler. 

The means by which this type of fraud is put over the gullible and stupid can take many forms. One way, is by pretending to be in need of money,  so as to carry out a ministry ,to those in need of hearing the Gospel.

You hear this pitch coming at you on a daily  basis  by many working  in the Christian Radio Broadcast  networks ; that try to convince the slow to give, that their donations will have eternal consequences;meaning that you will receive preferential treatment in the world to come.  And who is there  among the Evangelical roobs ,that wouldn’t  like to get an upgrade or even a V.I.P   card  in Beulah Land?

Rejoice Broadcast Network is one such outfit that has grown incredibly rich by presenting themselves as a legitimate Christian ministry ,when they in fact are nothing but a very cleverly organized fund-raising outfit, designed to live the good life at the expense of this nation’s naïve and easy to fool.

It’s all well done and with the help of all the clever hypocrites on the payroll ; they succeed in swindling all the Evangelical roobs who are too uncomfortable with church attendance ,and find the programming and music they hear, as a good substitute.

You must hear these operators  for yourself, and with a modicum of discernment you can hear the pleas for your hard cash coming through loud and clear. And they don’t miss a trick.   The one smart thing they did was to hire a sincere sounding radio celebrity ,someone with a good radio voice ,to chat and joke and sound witty for the purpose  of relaxing and calming the anxious .

 Give a listen to Mr.  Craig Mattson and there you have a real pro at major radio deception.   Craig is one of these clever hypocrites who lies with a virtuosity that bends iron beams.   And he’s worth the money.

The sad facts will never be known by his national audience and   these scumbags operating   behind the scenes ? well,frankly my dear Evangelical  dupes  ,THEY DON’T GIVE A DAMN!

How many in the listenership of Rejoice radio will ever get to see  Craig Mattson, or Caleb Keener out on the golf course or eating   gourmet dinners at Pensacola’s five-star eateries?   

 Or what about Rhonda Autry and the luxurious beach front property she relaxes in year in and year out. All the while ,the morons in the radio audience are gullible enough to believe these con-artists have a deep concern for spreading the Gospel by means of ‘THEIR MUSICAL MINISTRY AND THEIR DVD AND CD TAPE MINISTRY?

Then there’s Dr. JEW JEW Joel Mullinix ,who puts  out  his Old Testament reading recitals ,he  brazenly refers to as sermons. Let’s not forget the professional senior citizen who uses his trained radio voice to trick the stupid into  accepting his offer to pray for the sick, and don’t forget to include your check ,you BUM!

 All of these clever charlatans are incredibly wealthy  scumbags and are great in prayerfully and tearfully cajoling you into sending in your hard-earned cash ,enabling them to continue in their decadent lifestyle of luxury and idleness ,all the day long…. And this is the ONLY reason they do everything in their power ,to cheat you out of your money.


One of the more conniving is the radio announcer that usually makes his appearance ,later in the evening, reminding everyone that RBN is LISTENER SUPPORTED. 

 Now that’s a clever scam that is used throughout the  Christian Radio Broadcast Networks. He cleverly forgets to mention all of their CORPORATE AND POLITICAL SPONSORS WHO CONTRIBUTE MANY MILLIONS OF DOLLARS into  the  coffers of RBN. in exchange for the political peddling ,PENSACOLA CHRISTIAN COLLEGE and  their fund raising outlet[RBN] have become experts in providing.

This bastard also thinks he’s being smart,cute and clever when he tells the morons in the radio audience that; ” YOU CAN’T BREAK GOD’S PROMISES BY LEANING ON THEM”   My,.My  ,what a clever and smart thing to say!  

 Yeah JIMMY BOY ,you know how to handle the jerks in your vast audience. I have to admit, you’re a clever cheat and an expert scam artist!

On the other end of the spectrum is the callous and criminal diatribes you hear from one of RBN’S affiliates ; THE VCY AMERICA SWINDLE ,using the radio call in format called CROSSTALK.


Vic Eliason is the honcho here, and this crusty old bastard appeals to the political dupes that think they actually know something about the  world. I mean how could they not.

Ever had a chance to hear DOROTHY from  OLNEY, Illinois ,or  that sociopath BRAD ,from West Allis Ws. who wants to murder one-third of humanity because they pray in a mosque and not in a church and also   have no   desire  to listen to what  the  moron has to say.  Very  sensitive guy ,for calling himself a man,  and he ‘s  so easily offended.!

There’s no end to the stupidity   one hears coming from the broadcast studios of VCY AMERICA . Milwaukee Ws.

 Based on my limited knowledge of  Muslims ,I can tell you as honestly as  I can, that they are not stupid people.   In fact in terms of human understanding they can run circles around the average American.

Despite their unkept and slovenly appearance and at times their disjointed and erratic speech ,the Muslims are three steps ahead when it comes to sizing up all those they come in contact with.

Whether it’s their neighbors , their customers , friends or enemies ,they know  more about you than you think.

The Muslims are firm believers that whatever one has in  his  mind  or in  his  heart , it will eventually pour out of  his  mouth. 

 The more the Evangelical dupes speak ,the more they betray themselves. The more that Vic Eliason whips up the  abject  stupidity of his listening audience the more the Muslim community gets to see the inherent weakness in the Christian Faith Community.

Whether it’s found in the BIBLE BELT or in Milwaukee ,it’s all the same . 

 So  is it any  wonder that Muslims in The U.S , after hearing the stupidity coming from out of the mouths of  a goodly cross section of America’s Christian faithful   should   grow  bolder in demanding respect for  their social and religious rights .?

Their newly found  assertiveness is as a direct result   of  hearing ,seeing and learning that Christians are basically stupid.

 Or at  least in listening to call in talk shows such as the infamous CROSSTALK AMERICA PROGRAM ,where the usual motley crew of imbeciles gathers to repeat the  trite sounding  callumnies directed  at the muslim community in America.    What Muslims fail to understand is that the  the callers are a small group of deranged morons ,never numbering more than  the usual BAKER’S DOZEN.

The best thing that all those in the moronic Evangelical or Baptist Faith Community can do ,is to keep their mouths shut tight.   Remaing silent ,one can only guess as to their stupidity. By opening their mouths they remove all doubts.

This way, the Muslims and their  assertiveness , so feared by Christians ,will always be in doubt   as to Christian strength or weakness, and as a result will become less emboldened.

 ”Brother Vic , it is so good to see you again”


May he receive his just reward with Judas Iscariot and all  those who murdered  the founder of the CHRISTIAN FAITH!