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How Harry from Port Huron and Robert from Birmingham,England promote the Christmas Spirit all over the world.

November 27, 2012

 This is Robert ,from Birmingham,England dressed up as Cinderella . This will be his newest outfit for the Christmas holidays.  

Cinderella Wallpaper 

My Dear Christian People:  Robert from Birmingham .England was recently asked what his favorite  season  of the year was ,and he   immediately responded by  saying that for him ,Christmas was the  best. He went on to explain to the local news reporter from:


Birmingham Post Newspaper from Birmingham, England that  Christmas allowed him to just be himself and to experiment with new outfits.

For those not familiar with Robert from Birmingham England, he is the international correspondent, reporting now and then  into the Crosstalk program ,produced by Vic Eliason and his wholly owned broadcast network : VCY AMERICA. Robert calls in on the #800 line available internationally to everyone following the crosstalk call-in talk show by INTERNET.

When the reporter from the post asked him what his favorite Christmas Carol was ,Robert replied without the slightest hesitation :D eck the Halls With Boughs of Holly. The reason will be clear to everyone. 

  One quick glance at the verse of this Carol should explain Robert’s preference for this happy Christmas tune.

Deck the hall with boughs of holly,
Fa la la la la la la la la.
‘Tis the season to be jolly,
Fa la la la la la la la la.
Don we now our gay apparel….  ; this is the line in the verse  that creates in Robert feelings of pure joy for    the Christmas season.
Troll the ancient Christmas carol,
Fa la la la la la la la la.
See the blazing yule before us,
Fa la la la la la la la la.
Strike the harp and join the chorus.
Fa la la la la la la la la.
Follow me in merry measure,
While I tell of Christmas treasure,
Fa la la la la la la la la.
You  see ,Robert from Birmingham England is a charismatic sounding  cross-dressing homosexual, and he  loves to dress up for the holidays.
The rest of the year Robert  from Birmingham .England ,remains true to his inner self and steadfastly continues to appear  to all his faithful following as: MARY POPPINS.
  Well, this is ROBERT in his favorite drag outfit. Here he is flying over London ,dressed as Mary Poppins.  Robert is a notorious charismatic sounding ,cross dressing homosexual

mary poppins

 who quite often calls in to the crosstalk call-in show to  pay his respect ,as well as his  love and admiration  for Vic Eliason and the entire staff of charlatans  ,busily deceiving and swindling   their vast radio audience ,across the U.S. and round the world ,thanks to the internet.

Robert listens on the internet and calls in toll-free.

 Robert thinks the cross talk show  is for Christian  cross dressers.

AS predicted ,the great  Christians working the turntables at RBN have already started every rendition imaginable of DECK THE HALLS WITH BOUGHS OF HOLLY ,to feed and nourish ROBERT’S SICK SOUL!    thanks guys. what would robert do without you?

But there’s more.  Recently Happy Harry the homo from Port Huron who also is a regular caller to the crosstalk america  call-in talk show, decided to call the  Rejoice Radio broadcast network to speak with Caleb Keener.

Caleb is one of  RBN’s prime movers and shakers, and so  Harry thought he would be the one to contact about doing more to promote the holiday spirit in the U.S.A. and especially where it’s needed most :right there in Pensacola, Florida.

The first thing Harry said to Caleb was” I love you and your people”  This is basically how Harry speaks to all the great guests that Vic invites to appear on his call-in talk show called CROSSTALK. This program is heard daily over 94 stations ,coast to coast.   And so he thought he would try  this approach  on Caleb.

But  HARRY’S REPUTATION PRECEEDED HIM AND ALL THE” Good old boys” that hang out with Caleb;all his drinking buddies, quickly advised him about Harry and in fact chided him a little about any plans he might have in case Harry showed  up in Pensacola or at the studios of Rejoice Radio.   Caleb responded by saying “oh no not another one” He recently received a letter from Robert wishing him a very  Merry Christmas.

The way Caleb took care of any potential meeting with Harry the homo  or with Robert from Birmingham was to advise all the” Good Old Boys “Caleb  hangs with   that:” If any one of those two queers shows up around here ,tell them one or both that I have a knuckle sandwich to give either one, if they come anywhere near here.” problem solved!  That’s how country boys take care of things. !

But to the credit of REJOICE RADIO [RBN] and all their wonderful staff of dedicated Christians ,they did consent to play DECK THE HALLS With Boughs of holly as many times as possible to make  ROBERT HAPPY . Or at least as many times they play:” AIN’T GONNA NEED THIS HOUSE NO LONGER ,AINT GONNA NEED THIS HOUSE NO MORE”

[Craig Mattson and Jimmy Mince will see to it,I’m sure of that. ]….

Harry  is quick with the patronizing compliments he  extends to Vic and his co-laborer ; Jim the chimp.

He often greets the guests with words of encouragement such as; “Great show guys , we need to hear more of this. great topic Vic ,how can we help Jim?”  And finally we hear from Harry’s lips the tender words:” I love you and I love your people“.    Is  Harry trying to make friends on the air with Vic’s guests,or what? And friends for what purpose?    .. Is  Harry looking for phone numbers ?

Now ,whether it’s Harry the homo or Robert from Birmingham ,England: the Charismatic cross dressing homosexual  , does it make sense for Vic and Jim the chimp to damn the degenerates in society and at the same time invite and encourage  these two reprobates to socialize on the air with the invited guests.  And has in fact hired Robert to  provide him with an international footprint for his otherwise convoluted  radio program,designed to cheat the gullible out of their hard-earned money.

The best way to deal with these rotten bastards is to see them for what they truly are: a bunch of money-grubbing charlatans simply out to make an easy living  for themselves by cheating,  and swindling the Christian community for all their worth. Don’t ever give these sons of bitches a dime, EVER!. ditto for the scumbags over at REJOICE BROADCAST NETWORK[RBN]

This has been your GOOD NEWS   Commentator with more Good  NEWS  .



Rejoice Radio [RBN] A Ministry of Professional Actors and Actresses Ripping off the Gullible and Robbing the Stupid Blind.

November 17, 2012

My fellow Christians : Do you really  know anything about  the personalities you  listen to everyday on REJOICE RADIO?   How well do you know a certain well-known celebrity ,whose distinctive  voice is frequently heard  belting out  her latest Gospel  hits, or introducing various ladies’  conference speakers to the RBN listenership; and who is commonly   referred to as Rhonda Autrey?

Well, this remarkable lady is an accomplished actress ,and she’s good at what she does.  She’s so good that she earns some extra bucks  for herself on the side ,  teaching this art form to the students at Pensacola Christian College.

 EXHIBIT  A:…From her former students.




Rater Interest5

“Miss Autrey is an incredible teacher and actress. I remember one day I was unable to finish a scene on stage because I was ill & she jumped right up & finished it much better than Iever could. She is understanding & patient. She cared about the person most, and that is paramount. She has a tough exterior but is one of the most real people I know.

Ms. Autrey is a phenomal speech teacher. I have continued in theater because of the confidence i gained in her class. I also am not afriad to speak infront of large crowds due to her excellent guidance and teaching.”
  • Professor Rebuttals
  • Easiness1Helpfulness2Clarity3Rater Interest4

    “Difficult teacher to work with. Letter of law attitude. Requires students to do it *her* way rather than let an individual’s gift flourish in its own way. Suspicious of those who think for themselves or take a fresh approach. Threatened by Stanislavski approach to acting. Nice lady, good ‘basices’ teacher. For upper level wouldn’t recommend.”

    Add to this the fine acting talents of Mr. Craig Mattson ,and you can see clearly the kind of scam operation the Christian Community has been dealing with all these years.

    Rejoice Radio [RBN]also puts her to good use ; taking advantage of her talents to put over the mindless idiots  in their  listenership, the  need to donate their hard-earned money into the Rejoice Broadcast   Radio  Network; and thereby guarantee for themselves a prominent position in the Heavenly  Kingdom.

While there is nothing wrong with teaching this skill to others ;nor is there shame in earning a living thereby ;but it is the height of chicanery to use one’s acting abilities to pretend to be something other than what one really is.

In the  case of Rhonda  Autrey ,this devilish woman has used her  singing voice to earn millions of dollars on behalf of the RBN organization, and many millions more for herself.  And all the while claiming that she is  part of a Christian ministry, that is in dire need of financial support from the Christian Faith community.   

HEEEERE’S RHONDA: Send this bow-wow a can of ALPO to use  ,while downing her  mojitos by the trayful.

Rhonda Autrey  :This gal is an exceptionally wealthy singer and well-known celebrity in the world of Christian themed music ;and yet, she has the temerity to come on the air during the course of the day’s musical presentation ,to make a scripted pitch for more money.   This woman is shameless for the callous disregard and contempt she holds the listenership of Rejoice radio, to make her poorly rehearsed appeal for your dough ,while many parts of the country are still feeling the effects of  SUPERSTORM SANDY.!

Rhonda has used her tremendous acting skills to convince the gullible and trusting among the listenership that RBN is  listener supported ,which is a lie conceived in the pit of hell.  She also uses her acting ability to plead for money ,claiming that RBN is about to go broke due to a lack of funds to pay end of month operating expenses ,or for the airtime expenses. Airtime they get for free,thanks to the generosity of the F.C.C. and the American people.

At some point the Christian community must come to the only logical conclusion : that   they have been victimized by a bunch of clever charlatans pulling the wool over their eyes for decades.  

At some point ,the gullible morons who make up the vast listenership of REJOICE RADIO will have to understand that they have been subjected   many years, to nothing more than  Play Acting.  No ministry, no Eternal Rewards in any mansion in the sky ; it’s all been a sorry example of what happens when radio listeners fail to connect the dots and fail  to see these lying bastards for what they truly are.

Thanks in no small part to clever ,scheming and cunning actors and other various accomplices ,they have turned REJOICE RADIO into a demon inspired money-making machine ;all the while mocking the Lord and his Gospel.

But the venom doesn’t stay in the mouths of Rhonda or Craig ,it spreads out to all the other gifted celebrities you listen to on  a daily basis. They want in on the action. They want to grow rich day by day. And all thanks to you ;that is, all the morons in the Baptist/Evangelical/Fundamentalist faith community.   Now, this gang is not alone ,nor is it  especially unique in so far as frauds in Televangelism or Christian radio are concerned.   This scheme is designed  to vary the pitch, in order to keep the imbeciles in their audience off-balance.

And this is why you hear the other demon inspired co-conspirators of this fraudulent enterprise. Just listen to Dr. Don Smith who conducts his clever scam operation called THE FAMILY PRAYERTIME RACKET. You hear  his  pitch and presentation during the midday hour slot.

Dr. Don Smith

Don Smith is one of the best actors and a very  accomplished phony baloney on Christian Radio today!   He pretends to pray for the sick and disabled and invites listeners to mail or hand in their prayer requests at the front desk; and he will pray for healing and deliverance. What a RACKET this lying bastard is putting over the credulous.    Once his 12 minute on the air time slot  is finished ,and the pleadings for prayer and donations are done and over with  ,this jackass gets up and runs to the mailroom to sit and wait for the mail to arrive.   Once the mailbag is opened ,he sorts out the envelopes addressed to his phony FAMILY PRAYERTIME  MINISTRY and pulls out  the cash ,which he immediately pockets, and then bundles the checks and money orders  to be sent to the accounting department where Tonita Ohms sits and  tallies  the incoming receipts . She then divides the amounts equally in four parts ,to include the four main facilitators of this on the air deception.   The letters pleading for prayer and assistance are stapled together and either sent to the shredders or the Jolly Green Giant: the dumpster at the back end of Pensacola Christian College. All names are scanned to create a valuable mailing list ;which also is a significant source of income for these blood sucking vultures.

  Now you know why Craig  Mattson ,and the other well-trained actor  ,Jimmy Mince are never far away . They seem to appear as if by  magic ,right after Don is done and the mailman arrives ,a couple of hours later.. The checks and money orders are quickly deposited to the various bank accounts of the inspired charlatans; and so another day another dollar for these clever tricksters, jokers and well-trained actors and pickpockets. All of whom ,pretend they are feeding and nourishing your soul!  What a cruel joke!

The only way to see these jokers for what they are is to understand how NON-Profits are used by the unscrupulous to enhance their financial status at the expense of the overly trusting Christian Faith Community.


Conversion and Self Dealing:..  This technique is often used by scam artists operating out of Christian Radio broadcast Studios such as the  Rejoice Broadcast Network  out of PENSACOLA,FLORIDA

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports, “IRS rules do not bar transactions between a nonprofit group and a business that is owned or controlled by the same person, a practice known as self-dealing.”   Self dealing is one of the key methods that fraudulent nonprofit executives use to enrich themselves. Here’s an example of how it works:

A televangelist owns a for-profit company that publishes all of his books and DVDs. Then he sells the books and DVDs at full retail price to his nonprofit rather than at a discount or wholesale price. A televangelist can use this technique to excessively profit from his nonprofit organization.

“And so, the aim and goals of any of these scam jobs is to create an UMBRELLA under which every financial scam imaginable can pass the Gospel,Religion Non profit test ;and given the lack of oversight ,this also flies through with flying colors.” ….. from a earlier entry.  .. After reading this ,how can anyone ever have an ounce of respect for Craig Mattson or any of the other clever and glib sounding jokers ,pretending to be  part of a ministry?

What you need to further stay on guard for, are all the hangers-on such as Ken Ham, Ian Taylor ;all the crazies that come at you from the INSTITUTE FOR CREATION RESEARCH .   These  characters all claim to be either biologists ,astronomers, scientists And this upper level of erudition they claim for themselves , brought about by the mysterious process of spiritual osmosis. These are the clever jokers that want you  to understand the ” Scientific basis of the Christian Faith”   And they want to help you to do just that .   

What goes beyond the brains of your average Fundamentalist jerk is that if there were a SCIENTIFIC basis to “Faith ” then it wouldn’t be “FAITH” .

What it all boils down to is that the venomous lies you hear on REJOICE RADIO are nothing more than  the peeling of an onion. The more you peel off ,the deeper  down the spiral staircase of fraud and clever trickery you go.   The best way to understand this is to listen carefully to all the add ons that come at you ,such as; the Don Smith Prayer Racket , the drive time theatrics and THE MORE SINCERE SOUNDING WEEKEND STUFF like the ERWIN LUTZER comedy hour.

This son of a bitch has his act down pat. He employs the Book of Revelations to keep his dumbed down audience in the mood to send in the cash to learn more prophecies that are subject to change.  Prophecies that skilled con artists like Erwin can interpret as they see fit ,and conform to the financial needs of  Erwin’s  ridiculous ministry for Dummies.

It goes on and  on my comrades ,but that doesn’t mean you have to fall for  any of their scam  operations.

Be mindful of another snake in the grass who goes by the moniker: JOHN DUNLAP. This defrocked pastor and phony bible-teacher has his eye out for anything in a skirt. Keep the women folk locked up when this lying bastard comes to town. At least this is what they would put on the signs of all  the Baptist churches in West Texas.   His pitch is designed to catch the  silver-haired old bags,who listen to RBN  and he uses his greasy snake oil salesman sound  of his voice to do it.  . Give a listen to this old-fashioned sounding scam artist and learn from  the   old gray-haired master’s touch… What a joke!

For once we can show that a part of any ministry is fraudulent ,it then follows that the entire operation is  probably  bogus.

One quick listen to the VCY AMERICA produced call in talk show called crosstalk America ,should convince even a low I.Q. type that fraud and chicanery  is part and parcel of RBN. What decent,honest God-fearing ministry would grant free airtime to the flim-flam operators of  CROSSTALK AMERICA?   While there’s financial gain  involved  to be sure ,is this what you would expect from an honest group of people? To help a gang of political racketeers and professional HATE MONGERS?

What would we think if the Billy Graham ministry had  decided to aid the Sicilian Mafia of Chicago with a free conference hall to meet in. And all for a return from their ill-gotten gains. It’s really not that hard to figure out .  And so, if we can see how the RBN gang operates ,it stands  to reason that all who work for this enterprise are equally corrupted.

And so ,my comrades ,if you should hear RHONDA AUTREY pleading for your hard-earned money ,just simply send this BOW-WOW a can of ALPO !  Keep in mind that RHONDA and all the other personalities you hear on RBN  are  incredibly wealthy people. And they have absolutely no need whatsoever for any of your  money. SO WHY SEND IT?

Rhonda lives in a beachside mansion   over looking the Gulf of Mexico ,where do you live amigo? Rhonda , indulges whenever she feel inspired;how many hours a day do you work just to pay the bills.? Rhonda downs mojitos by the trayful; what do you enjoy drinking compadre? Why would you send RBN any more cash ;just to keep Rhonda flying high?

 Use your God-given intellect to sort these things out on your own ,my comrades. For those of you who claim to know and love THE LORD and you say you have met him at the foot of the CROSS; don’t you think you owe him a little bit of intelligence?   Do you really believe he will say: “Job well done ,my good and faithful servant?”   I don’t think so! I truly believe THE LORD will tell you DEPART FROM ME YOU IDIOT!  I never KNEW YOU.

Why would he honor you ? For sending money that eventually winds up in the hands of  his sworn enemies? We know who controls the media ,do you know?

Do you know that all VCY AMERICA and their close allies in Pensacola [RBN] want to do to you is : TO RIP YOU OFF, AND TO ROB YOU BLIND! 

This Thanksgiving ,don’t let this clever gang of  charlatans turn you into a TURKEY .!READY FOR CARVING.


THE FACES THAT MAKE REJOICE RADIO number ONE in the fine art of Christian deception.Listen to their FALL SHARE A THON ,And then if you don’t believe me ask the blind man ,he heard it all!

September 26, 2012

My Dear Fellow Christians:  I often wonder  just what kind of mind someone needs to have to cheat and swindle a trusting Christian out of his hard-earned money.   I can’t quite accept the notion that donating money to a gang of professional swindlers and tricksters ,who   cunningly portray themselves as a legitimate Christian ministry, is some how supporting the cause of Christ on planet  Earth.

Just because someone claims to be a Christian ,doesn’t give him the right to deceive  you ,or to trick and cheat you. You have no obligation to allow anyone claiming to be a Christian to take advantage of your trusting nature.

Dr. Don Smith
Dr. Don Smith
Church Counselor: This lying sack of manure invites listeners to the Rejoice Radio program to write the station IN CARE OF DON SMITH with their prayer requests. And he claims to read the requests and to pray for the healing of those in desperate need .  But once these letters are opened and the checks and cash are removed ,they are then bundled and either tossed in the shredder ;or as happened in error, they were carted out to the “White Elephant” the Pensacola Christian College dumpster. And here’s   where they were found .Here’s where they were thrown ; unread  ,unfolded ;just the cash and money orders removed . What a son of a bitch!! 

   Do not let looks deceive you. Behind these white washed sepulchres  you see lined up in front of you, are  only  some of the many personalities working behind the scenes;working during the course of a day’s  radio programming on THE REJOICE BROADCAST NETWORK, that attempt   to trick and deceive you, out of your hard-earned money. Some of these personalities listed here are among the wealthiest citizens of the State of Florida and live like  wealthy bankers.


Rhonda Autrey  :This gal is an exceptionally wealthy singer and well-known celebrity in the world of Christian themed music ;and yet, she has the temerity to come on the air during the course of the day’s musical presentation ,to make a scripted pitch for more money.   This woman is shameless for the callous disregard and contempt she holds the listenership of Rejoice radio, to make her poorly rehearsed appeal for your dough ,while many parts of the country are still feeling the effects of hurricane Isaac.

Every morning I wake to the music of RBN. What a blessing to start my day with music that honors my Savior and helps prepare me spiritually for the day ahead. It’s a joy to work in this radio ministry and it’s also a joy to give to it financially. I believe the impact RBN has around the world is far greater than any of us imagine. Having the opportunity to participate in such a vital ministry that obviously has the hand of God upon it is a privilege. Thank you LORD!

David Barnhart: I wouldn’t recommend anyone   to even consider  buying a used car from this shady looking character.

There’s something that is quite amazing to me about the power of good Christian music. When I tune in the sounds of Rejoice Radio on my drive home from work, I almost always begin to sing along with the beautiful songs of worship and praise. The tension of the day soon melts away; and in no time at all, I find that a spirit of thanksgiving has taken its place. Just as the harp of David soothed the spirit of Saul, the music of Rejoice Radio has ministered to my spirit over and over again.

Linda Fannin: This lady is known all over Pensacola as being a perpetual heat machine. The only thing on her mind is working well with Mr. Caleb during the up and coming fall share a thon . Look for Linda and Caleb to steam up the  studio windows  once again during their deceptive and stimulating boy girl act on this year’s FALL SHARE A THON coming soon to a theatre near you. ADULTS ONLY PLEASE! 

I started listening to Rejoice Radio a few years ago, during a very difficult time in my life. Programs like Into His Likeness and the music spoke to me directly and encouraged my heart. The Pause for a Proverb and Bible Reading helped me to meditate on God’s word during the day. RBN was one of the many tools God used to see me through the storm.

Caleb Keener: And here’s Caleb ,ready and  anxious to get things rolling. Caleb is from the hills and is loved by all the smart and gifted preachers ,all over the Tennessee hill country. And  as far as doing the fall share a thon with Linda ,he say’s : Let’s get this party  going”

The music and programming of Rejoice Radio are a daily encouragement to me in my Christian life. Knowing that I can turn to Christ-honoring music at any time day or night and be lifted up with its message is a real blessing. I support the ministry of Rejoice Radio so my family will be able to listen to good music and programs without having to worry about the message that is being sent.

Rachel Lane : This babe is as phony as they come. Her voice is her best feature and I’m sure all the conniving money-grubbing vultures running things at RBN will choose to put her on again. She is sure to get the cowboys worked up with her cutesy,folksy ,phony baloney theatrics.

Since I began working with Rejoice Radio, I have been greatly blessed by the influence of its ministry. Thinking back over the years, I remember difficult circumstances that God has led my family through. I remember how He often used the inspired songs of faith and the programming that were played on RBN to calm my soul and help me get my focus back on Him. Rejoice Radio is a great tool where I can glean encouragement and inspiration on a daily basis. In my support for RBN, I know that I am not just supporting a radio station, but a ministry dedicated to encouraging people in their service to Christ.


Craig Mattson; I used to think this character was the head of the RBN snake ,  not so,  not at all. His main job is to paint a picture of a well-educated person ,someone you can trust ,someone that instills confidence for all those who  might have doubts about the true aims of Rejoice radio.    Craig is not at all  as he seems. His main interests in life are his golf game and how to improve it. When asked about the music played on RBN ,he commented that he doesn’t allow any of it inside his home. After listening to it all day long ,he has learned to hate it. When asked what he does enjoy ,he stated that now, all he listens to, is classical stuff and a little light jazz. Craig is definitely not the head of the  snake nor is he the tail; just an overly paid stooge.

 There’s a wonderful sense of possibility when you slide behind the microphone. I feel like a farmer casting seeds on a field. I realize, however, that a great deal of the effectiveness of the message isn’t dependent on me at all; the listeners have to contribute as much or even more than I do.

Chad Morehead:  Here’s another  joker who really hates all the music and country Gospel stuff they play on RBN. What’s amusing is  all those who call in to pledge during their fall share a thon never fail to mention how much they love the great music  they hear on RBN.

The programming of RBN truly provides an oasis for the Christian in today’s media environment. I appreciate how that through Rejoice Radio uplifting, Christ-honoring music is always at my fingertips whether I am in my car, at home, or working on the Internet. There are few places where instruction and encouragement for the Christian is so readily available.

Tonita Ohman: This gal is the bean counter of this clever scam operation called REJOICE RADIO. She sounds as folksy as a 200lb. sack of grits and what I’ve been told she looks it.

I am grateful to have the right kind of music and messages to listen to when so much of what is coming through television and radio today is not worthy. I keep Rejoice Radio on in the background throughout the day, and it keeps me in a good frame of mind as it reminds me Who we serve. Many times I find myself humming a song or thinking about a verse that I heard. It is also a blessing to me to hear from our listeners about how God has used Rejoice Radio in their lives.

Nick Ryan: This imbecilic   looking character  is happy to  stay in the background and  is quite content ,just checking  out all the hotties on the P.C.C.  campus .

I appreciate that Rejoice Radio has good, solid, Biblical programs. It is a blessing to think about the enormous impact of Rejoice Radio reaching around the world to listeners everywhere. It is so important that Christians have a Scriptural focus in their lives, and it’s wonderful that Rejoice is helping to fill that need world-wide.

Jeffrey Surgeon: With this moron ,you have to watch the gold in your teeth. His job is to take the money and run. His mind is usually on dinner and drinks at one of Pensacola’s five star eateries. The share a thons have special meaning for him ,mainly because the more money they make during the shake down ,the more this glutton gets to eat.

  It is so wonderful to be able to turn on Rejoice Radio at any hour of the day and be blessed. The music is God-honoring, and many times I am encouraged by the preaching that I hear. What a blessing it is for me to have a small part in helping RBN reach the world for Jesus Christ.

John Weidert; Here you have a truly gifted asset to the RBN hustle. He pretends to invest all the loot they pick up from the idiots in the RBN listenership. He has the contemptible gall to call himself a GOOD STEWARD. The only thing this jackass is good at is checking out the pay for play crowd ,working it, at some of Pensacola’s late night HOT SPOTS.  I wouldn’t trust this bum as far as I could throw him!


 The entire gang pictured here ,has only one thing in mind:and that is how quickly they can present you with enough Pseudo-Christian sentimentality to convince you they are operating a true ministry ;worthy of your financial considerations.  One listen to the contrived and deceptive programming they offer to their listenership on the Rejoice radio  is enough to convince even a blind man.  Give a listen to their upcoming FALL SHARE a Thon. They want you to be ; now here’s a new one : A listener participant. They always try to reinvent the wheel.

All they want is your money, so they can continue living their depraved lifestyle.And if you don’t believe me ,then go ask the blindman ,he heard it AAAAAL.!!!!

BASIC SELF-DEFENSE against the lies,fraud and deceptions heard daily on the VCY AMERICA and REJOICE RADIO broadcast networks :Inter Alles.

September 25, 2012

My Fellow Christians:  I strongly urge all of you to defend  yourselves against the daily barrage of deceptive and misleading statements and pronouncements, thrown  at you by some of this country’s major pseudo- religion hucksters.  The majority of which appear  on the Christian broadcast networks.

In fact, the only reason why a true Christian believer should ever listen to the professional and hard to avoid scam artists such as: THE CROSSTALK AMERICA and  REJOICE RADIO [RBN] broadcasts , is to hear and learn  first hand ,all the many  tricky devices and deliberate con jobs they present you with , to defraud you out of your hard-earned money. Of course, for  those who understand how these lying buckets of filth play the game ,there’s a certain amount of entertainment value to be had , in listening to their clever pitch. Something that can become a pathetic exercise ,revealing the perversity  often found in human nature .Or is it inhuman nature?

 This is  the hate mongering EXALTED CYCLOPS ,spewing his hatred for humanity on all of his 94 radio  stations. The deliberate disinformation he spreads helped to create the climate of hate that led to the deliberate decimation of the Sikh Community ,right there in Vic’s backyard in Milwaukee.  This criminal act ,Vic has never expressed a word of sorrow  for the murders  , and    has never  sent condolences to the Sikhs.  And he still calls his network of lies and deceptions a MINISTRY!

Make no mistake about it,this is all they want ,and there is nothing they are not willing to do ,short of murder to cheat you.   And they may even do that,who really knows. Whenever you  turn on the radio and hear the familiar sounds of REJOICE RADIO or their friendly affiliate ; CROSSTALK AMERICA  call-in talk show, rest assured that you are hearing a clever and cunning gang of professional pseudo-Christian religion peddlers.And they are  hell-bent in trying to convince you of their sincerity and goodwill.

Everything you hear coming from out of their lying  filthy mouths ,is designed to deceive and trick you by any means necessary  ;and the tools they use vary from the popular Country Gospel music sounds ,such as: Amazing Grace and Aint gonna need this house no longer ,or Beulah Land.

 Con Artist This is what it looks like to run a scam  operation that cheats Christians out of their hard earned cash.   Keep in mind that if only the dupes that support them would ask a few questions they would easily see them for what they are: a bunch of no good cheats ,liars and charlatans. Every single one of them.

 Intermixed with a varied and quite an eclectic choice of Christian themed music ;you hear preachings from either long dead preachers or a few defrocked swindlers that RBN uses to convince the gullible that they indeed are a bona fide Christian Faith ministry. Anyone with half a brain can see through the façade they’ve set up to enhance their reputation .

All the music they play is meant to create a thin veneer of religiosity ,they hope will rub off onto themselves  : the cheats and crafty swindlers ,salivating at the thought of receiving envelops stuffed with your  cash or  your checks. Don’t be tricked by these low lifes.   All of the many personalities you hear on rejoice radio are incredibly wealthy people and have no need of your money. But because they are perverse and are nothing but stooges working slavishly on behalf of the sworn and eternal enemies of Jesus Christ ,they  relish the chance to rob you blind.

There are many and varied ways of defending yourselves and to so enable  you to see them for what they are. The best way to start is to put them on slow motion. Whenever you hear musical selections that have a constant theme of self-sacrifice and of giving away   your wealth to promote the Gospel  ;be assured they are simply  brainwashing you. They are setting you up for the clever pitch that will surely follow.  This will take the form of a carefully scripted appeal for donations, to be made directly to the RBN network ,for whatever reason they can think of at the moment.  

The one scam they most often use is the” End of the month operating expenses” they have to meet and are requesting you to help them with your hard-earned money.  Now your defense against this obvious con job is to ask yourself;what exactly do they mean by “End of month operating expenses”   And why is there a short fall each and every month. So you see ,you are noticing a pattern they use frequently.

Operating expenses is an open-ended phrase and can mean anything ,including dinner at expensive restaurants ,  drinks served in room at Pensacola’s high-end luxury  lodgings. It could mean ,payments for car loans, or trips to Israel or Las Vegas. How would you know unless they posted an audited statement of financial condition. Something they will never do.  But how many thousands of Evangelical jerks will send cash to those vultures working their clever religion scam over at THE REJOICE BROADCAST  NETWORK, and who will never learn the truth about how their money is used and for what purpose.

And given the depravity and debauchery ,easily found right there in their backyard in Pensacola ; one of the most sexually deviant cities in America;there’s a good chance your money will go to support   the sex trade that employs many thousands of sick and depraved women working the bordellos; and all  the degenerates in the  homosexual for hire business as well.


 Craig is a master of  DECEIT. 

    Pensacola’s very own IMPERIAL WIZARD.   

 And so my Dear Christians ,you are learning the art of self-defense ,to help you fight off all the parasitic scum of humanity that find great pleasure in ripping off the elderly and the less astute ,residing in the Christian Faith Community.

But there’s more to the “art of self-defense” that the listenership of RBN should know.  Here  is one of the more cleverly worded bait and switch techniques they use to gain your sympathy and your trust. It’s the old ” LISTENER SUPPORTED PITCH!   Again ,another open-ended phrase that is designed to confuse as well as deceive.   What they are trying to put over the heads of all the naïve and gullible morons who never bother to ask questions, is the notion  that they are  operating on a small budget and are trusting  on the goodwill and sentimentality of those who wish to further the cause of the Gospel, to donate ,and to keep them on the air. They provide you with good Christian music and timely messages; and you help to keep them in business. It’s all made to sound fair and square ,right?

  But what they are counting on is for no one to ask :who exactly is excluded from being a listener?    What they don’t want you to know is that RBN is supported by some of the wealthiest individuals living in Florida and across the Bible -Belt. As well as some of the wealthiest privately owned businesses  in the country. Does ABEKA BOOKS ring a bell?  Abeka is one of the nation’s largest and wealthiest book  publishers in the world.  This is  just one of the  many hundreds of corporations, foundations and religious institutions that yearly give millions to this gang in Pensacola . But they don’t want you to know they are part of the one% and you are nothing but a bunch of stupid jackasses that naïvely  trust these hyenas.

What they don’t want you to know anything about ,is  the political influence they peddle in exchange for all the millions they collect. Do you really think these bastards are concerned about the GOSPEL  of CHRIST or the destiny of your soul? You better think again ,my dear Christian .

The only thing these vultures see in you is a resource to be mined.  They want your support ,not because they need it ,but because they fear you will turn the dial and financially support some other scam artist.

And they are so concerned about this, that they have employed some of Florida’s most talented salesmen ever to speak on the radio. From the glib and erudite sounding renaissance types or the pleading and   desperate  sounding, weepy willow senior citizen  ,or the sincere and witty station managers ,reciting clever and witty  sayings and proverbs to all the half-educated roobs in the listenership ,that are easily impressed with  trite sayings that rhyme. Once they can impress you with anything they might  say , it only  further opens the door leading to your financial debacle. As has often happened to other moronic and trusting pigeons ,listening to televangelists or lately to the gifted group of phony Christian radio broadcast charlatans.

And of course we have barely scratched the surface ,but it’s a good start to help you fend off all the cleverly constructed schemes of phony sentimentality designed to swindle you.

The  VCY America operation  is an easy one to figure out. All it takes is some knowledge of the subject they throw out to the credulous and easy to impress listenership. Sadly, a sick and mentally deranged group of sycophants, looking for a few minutes of  free airtime , offered  to the imbeciles that  take part  in   the call-in program, they proudly call: CROSSTALK!  These jerks are so stupid that the only possible use they have , is to increase the ratings of VCY AMERICA; and thereby guarantee the owners and operators a steady source of income.

Here ,you may have to do some homework,especially when they delve into issues designed to whip up hatred and animosity toward all those they have agreed to hate and despise, to please their paymasters : those who control the American media. : the eternal  enemy  of Jesus Christ and of all mankind ,whose  power is the mortal foe of any true Christianity.

Again ,one must employ the Aristotelian technique of asking questions ;and by answering a question  with a question.

When you hear that Muslims are  godless ,mindless, bloodthirsty reprobates because they do not believe God   ever had a SON ; you must ask : Do the Jews believe that God ever had a SON?  If they don’t ,then why are only Muslims thought of as pagans and worshippers of the Moon goddess?   If the hosts of crosstalk tell you they know more Arabic than the Arabs ,ask ,how is that possible?  If the word for God is not ALLAH as they claim ,then  what is the word for God in Arabic?    Why won’t they tell you?

You see my Christian people all they want is for you to hate Muslims or Mormons or Catholics or the Emergent Church. And let’s not forget the endless diatribes against abortion providers. Ask , is it more humane for an infant to slowly die of hunger ,is it less a murder of an innocent child when its deranged mother throws his limp body into a dumpster? But they will never address these questions because someone may get the idea of asking ,why don’t they financially support those who do  not want their children and are forced to undergo an abortion for their own survival.  You see ,all the lying bastards at VCY AMERICA want is your money ,if they can get it , an increase in ratings if they can’t.

When these sons of  bitches invite a Rabbi or a jewish travel agent to their hour-long program of clever deceit ;do they ever ask them about their moral compass? Do they ever encourage them to seek the Lord for their Eternal Salvation? Ask these questions and it will serve as your best self-defense manual ,you could ever hope to find.

When they talk about supporting missionary outreach programs  ,ask them ,why do they not include Jewish Americans among those needing to hear the Gospel? Ask them, you’re talking to them right now. When you’re on the phone that is.

When you hear the jokers  over at RBN reading stories about the great missionary work in the land of the Jibaros and other primitives ,does anyone ask if that’s all they do ,is to just sit and  read stories about Evangelizing the heathen? Don’t they ever leave the comfort of their air-conditioned studios to actually leave the country and go out to the lands of primitive and savage Indians to  preach and  teach  the Gospel among them and to them? Or are they just a lot of phony baloney?

If you simply ask a few questions ,you will clearly see them for the lying bastards that they are; and this will be your guide to better self-defense  against the frauds and clever cheats and swindlers  roaming all over the radio dial.

This has been your GOOD NEWS COMMENTATOR bringing you more GOOD NEWS ,til next time GOOD DAY AND GOOD NEWS TO YOU . MY DEARLY BELOVED .

The Late,Formerly Great Christian Planet Earth. The Everlasting Hatred for The Christian Faith.

September 14, 2011

 HAL  LINDSEY:   Another  poor demented hypocrite growing richer by the day ,producing a great deal of popular pulp fiction,designed to appeal to all the Evangelical roobs across the vast expanse of gullible and easy to impress morons,inhabiting the American Heartland.

Paul, Hal Lindsey & Cliff Ford -

 AND HERE’S HAL!!   The swindler in the middle of two other crafty vultures.

This clever and gifted swindler has accomplished ,through peddling his literary   dadaism to the credulous ,what many in the Christian radio broadcast business seriously endeavor to do ,on a daily basis ,to all the  half-educated among the Evangelical community.

He has in fact become seriously wealthy ,catering to whatever appeals to the masses at any given time.

Currently ,he has shown the extent of his clumsy ignorance in all matters pertaining to geography and history by publishing another book dealing with ,what else, those dreaded Muslims.

 Hoping to cover his need to stay on the good side of his Jewish publishers and co-authors ,he pushes  the same stupid agenda that appeals to the gullible urban hicks in his vast following.   Any accomplished author knows this fundamental truth. You don’t make money  writing books by offending the jewish overlords and taskmasters in control of the American media!

My Christian people:   I feel fortunate that I can expose  Hal  Lindsey for the lying bastard he truly is ,by inviting you to read the following report and expose’ of this professional cheat ,liar and demon in disguise.  So if you feel the need to exercise your faith and anger ,do not hesitate. Enjoy!

General Teachings/Activities

–  Hal Lindsey is best known for his multi-million copy best seller The Late Great Planet Earth. He has written many other prophecy-related books and speaks frequently at “evangelical” prophecy conferences. He was also the pastor of Tetelestai Christian Center in Torrance, California prior to his resignation in 1996.

Sadly, in recent years Lindsey has become quite comfortable ministering with hyper-charismatics and neo-evangelicals, and has most recently taken up an active interest in the area of religious humanism. [Part of this may be due to Lindsey’s unscriptural divorces and remarriages (see below).] (Lindsey has even taken up with Roman Catholics: A regular guest and commentator on Lindsey’s radio program is John Gizzy. Lindsey calls him “Mr. Conservative” and a brother-in-Christ. In late-1994, Gizzy handled the call-in portion of the show for three weeks while Hal was on vacation in Italy. Gizzy is a Roman Catholic.)

–  Hal Lindsey is currently married to his fourth wife, having divorced his previous three. On the back cover of the sixth printing of his 1974 book, There’s a New World Coming, is a picture of Lindsey with his second wife, Jan. (Jan is the mother of Hal’s three grown daughters.) He also dedicates the book to “my best pal, my wife Jan …” However, “best pal” Jan is gone from the back cover of the book’s 1984 “updated” edition, as is the dedication to her. A later Lindsey’ book, Planet Earth–2000 A.D. (18 million in circulation as of 1/95), carries a picture of Hal and his third wife, Kim, who is approximately 25 years his junior. (Kim is the sister of author Johanna Michaelsen, and the sister-in-law of Tetelestai Center’s Associate Pastor, Randy Michaelsen.) After dumping Kim, Hal is now married to wife #4, JoLyn, a member of Tetelestai and in a Bible class taught by Lindsey when she was evidently “discovered” by Hal.

–  Lindsey is a big fan of country music, and believes that God is also!:

“A current revival of the ballad-type is known as ‘country music.’ This is my favorite. I like this kind of music because it runs the gamut of emotions from gloom to glee. After a Johnny Cash concert, I’m worn out! That music comes right out of the soul and grabs me! I wouldn’t be at all surprised or disappointed if the new song which the hosts of heaven sing to extol the incomparable Son of God has a ‘country music’ style!” (There’s a New World Coming, 1974 edition — p. 97; 1984 edition — p. 80).

–  Lindsey claims that he does not go along with many of the charismatic excesses presented on the hyper-charismatic Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN — owned and operated by Paul and Jan Crouch), yet he continues to be part of its programming. One can regularly tune-in to TBN programs and find Lindsey as a guest, or even hosting the show, heaping praise upon its charismatic and social activist participants. Lindsey also co-hosts a one-half hour weekly TV program aired on TBN, a prophecy program called “International Intelligence Briefing.” By Lindsey’s participation in the programming of TBN, he not only remains silent about the many heresies being taught on TBN, but he actually helps build TBN’s audience. The Crouches provide Lindsey’s program either free of charge or at reduced rates, knowing full well that they are attracting viewers who would not otherwise tune in nor support TBN financially.

–  On TBN’s 12/29/99 “Praise the Lord” program, Hal Lindsey and his sidekick, Cliff Ford, hosted. One of their guests was Chuck Missler. Missler said he was there for the purpose of endorsing TBN’s movie, The Omega Code, and promoting his own new book on the Code. The three of them carried on and on about how great TBN is and how everyone needs to continue to support the network to spread the gospel around the world. 

What they didn’t say is that the new gospel of the hidden messages in the Bible (Omega Code) and the prosperity gospel are two different gospels, not the Gospel that was preached in the New Testament. The Omega Code movie did NOT promote the Gospel of Jesus Christ, but rather gave credence to the latest big lie — that there are hidden messages in the Bible when one uses the letters as an acrostic puzzle. This is the latest blasphemy sweeping through the professing church — using the Bible as a tool for divination. The movie and the books on the subject would have us believe that historical events, such as the death of Princess Diana, the assassination of President Kennedy, and the Challenger space shuttle disaster are not only significant events in God’s plan for the Ages, but were secretly coded into the Bible just waiting for sleuths like Lindsey to discover them. What a pitiful cosmic joke! (Source: The Christian Sentinel Report, Jackie Alnor, Eastern Christian Outreach web site, 12/99.)

–  As an example of the extent to which men like Hal Lindsey will go in the pursuit of furthering the social gospel, Lindsey actually held a position with the Sun Myung Moon‘s now defunct Coalition for Religious Freedom (CRF). (Moon is the founder of the Unification Church, and the self-proclaimed Messiah to the world.) Other so-called evangelicals that served with Lindsey at CRF as executive committee and/or advisory board members were Tim LaHaye (CRF’s paid chairman at the time!), Don Wildmon (founder and president of the social activist American Family Association), Paul Crouch (TBN Network’s infamous founder), Marlin Maddoux (Point Of View nationwide radio talk show host), James Robison, Jimmy Swaggart, and D. James Kennedy (author and pastor of Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida) — an agenda of social activism certainly makes for strange ecumenical bedfellows. (Reported in the 11/90, Omega-Letter.)

–  That Hal Lindsey is an ecumenical compromiser is known by many, but few know that he also is now teaching the false gospel of self-love/self-esteem. One could speculate that this is at least partially due to Lindsey’s recent “involvement” with the Rapha Hospital Treatment Centers in Houston, Texas (one of Lindsey’s former wives was “treated” there). (Rapha operates a chain of twenty psychiatric hospitals specializing in the “treatment” of so-called codependent and/or addicted Christians, by employing an amalgamation of Adlerean-Maslowian need psychology and the Bible, all in the framework of a typical Alcoholics Anonymous 12-Step recovery program.) The “specialty” of Rapha’s Houston clinic is “self-esteem therapy.”

–  Lindsey, never known for his “scholarly” style, came under harsh criticism in an 11/93 Biblical Viewpoint review of Lindsey’s 1989 book, The Road to Holocaust:

“Warmly dedicated to his ‘spiritual father, Col. Robert B. Thieme, Jr.,’ this book is Lindsey’s rebuttal to the theonomic postmillennial position, also known as dominion theology or Christian reconstruction. It is simultaneously a defense of the dispensational premillennial position. Unfortunately, the book does little more than give additional ammunition to the former and weakens the credibility of the latter. …

“Lindsey’s characteristically accusatory tone … suggests that the author has only a surface understanding of the reasons and motives behind the Reconstructionist position. This suspicion is only heightened when one finds apparent plagiarism rampant throughout the book. His entire biographical section on Reconstructionists appears to have been lifted directly out of Dominion Theology (a previous work by Wayne House and Thomas Ice) right down to the order and specific phraseology of the text.

“Chapter 11 is particularly egregious; the author fails to demonstrate an independent investigation and first-hand understanding of dominion theology, since 33 out of the 43 footnotes duplicate the footnote material in chapter 12 of House and Ice in Dominion Theology, and only seven of these duplications note their previous citation by House and Ice. In addition, misspellings abound (pp. 258, 264, 289, 290, 292). … If  anything more damaging than the uncredited appropriation of unoriginal material noted above, it would be the author’s inexcusable Greek word blunders. …This is from a man who, according to page 296, majored at Dallas Theological Seminary in New Testament and early Greek literature.”

–  Lindsey teaches the Freudian concept of the “subconscious”/”unconscious” mind:

“[The mind has a] vast area of the ‘subconscious.’ … It’s in the subconscious mind that … the fortresses of Satan are built … in the first 16 years of life. … Things happen in your earlier years, so your parents played a big role in the ways you think about life — the way you view yourself and how you view God. If you have an abusive person, you’re going to initially see God as that” (Sermon message from Tetelestai Christian Center, aired 5/20/93 on Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN).

Freud invented the idea of an “unconscious” as a reservoir of drives and impulses that govern an individual beyond his conscious awareness. Freud saw the unconscious as the home of “ego-defense mechanisms,” including “repression” and “denial.” The idea of the “unconscious” is not only not supported by the Bible, it has no scientific support either!

–  Lindsey is also an adherent to the “science” of psycho-cybernetics, which trains the individual to repeat certain affirmations regularly (e.g., “I love myself unconditionally”). Psycho-cybernetics teaches that it is not even important that the person believe what he or she is repeating, only that it be repeated. The inner mind is supposedly trained and will eventually respond by modifying behavior to conform to the affirmation. This principle has been “known” for centuries by the mind-science cults, and is a frequently advertised technique in today’s New Age publications. (See pp. 233-236 of Lindsey’s book, The Liberation of Planet Earth, “Your ‘New Self’ Means That You Can Have A New Self-Image.”)

 So is it any surprise that Hal Lindsey would be interviewed by some of America’s most deceitful Christian Radio broadcasters?

As long as the general Christian community tolerates these filthy bastards and all the lies and clever money-making schemes they  dream up ,the longer it will be before we see any change taking place in the dire and desperate situation true Christianity finds itself mired in.

Argoweaver’s Weblog: THE SECOND FRONT …Deceptions, Deceivers ,Christian Radio Broadcasters and YOU:The Deceived.

August 23, 2011

  Argoweaver’s  Weblog :  THE SECOND FRONT.


My  Dear Christian  People:    This response from an interested reader  makes sense ,and mirrors my own thoughts on the incredible stupidity taking its  dread toll on the Christian community in America. Take a look:

  Author Comment In Response To
  Author Comment In Response To
This nonsense will continue as long as there are idiots in the world to support them, and there seems to be no lack of idiots!


German retro propaganda poster

 3 Go on soldier! And fulfill your duty! Christ, the good shepherd watches over his flock. Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name, Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as in heaven.

 The time has come to fight back!     The time has come for the Christian  community to come to the stark realization that the CHURCH AGE HAS  ENDED. This may or may not be a permanent end ,but simple reality strongly suggests   that what we have today are fund-raising operations, working  under the rubric of religious institutions.And all this being done with the tacit approval of the Federal government.

This is no less true for the myriad Christian Radio Broadcasters plying their trade in fraud and deceit .This usually takes the form of a group of clever and evil-minded businessmen getting together to form a non-profit enterprise promising to serve certain community needs.   Eventually they gravitate to a particular Christian School or church ,and forming a close partnership, they slowly begin their fund-raising appeals.

 In time, others are drawn to their  money-making scheme ,anxious to take advantage of the benefits that a non-profit   Christian ministry can offer to the typical money-grubbing pseudo-christian hustler.

 Invariably they make certain pleasant-sounding appeals  aimed directly at the incredible gullibility and naïvety of the listening audience.  Slowly they gain a sense of respectability and become more open and bolder in their fund-raising techniques. Using the airwaves by which they reach out to a wider audience, the money starts to flow in .

The more money these religion criminals make, the more they invest in hiring accomplished actors and clever tricksters ,enabling them to maintain a certain sense of convincing credibility with the Christian  public. 

Their appeal is usually for that segment of the population with the  most money and those that will have it for the least amount of time: The elderly.  Here ,these clever criminals hardly miss a trick.

For the best  example of this high-tech criminality and con-artistry, give a listen to the well-known organization known as THE REJOICE BROADCAST NETWORK emanating from the radio broadcast studios of PENSACOLA CHRISTIAN COLLEGE ,located in Pensacola ,Florida.

Long known for their old-time Gospel Music ,they make a concerted pitch for the sun belt seniles ,knowing as they do, just how to play on their  sense of Christian sentimentality.  

  The rejoice Radio schemers know what it takes to pry open the wallets of the old and infirm. And this they do with glee  and gladness for the money it brings them. This is all they crave, and everything else   they spew out    ,is pure charlatanism.   And that’s exactly what CRAIG MATTSON , the main host of the REJOICE RADIO SHOW IS : A charlatan. 

The other members of the Pensacola Christian College staff are just sideliners.   There to lend their support to the clever meanderings of Craig and his cleverly thought out readings from long dead Christian writers and poets . He gives the impression of someone with a vast knowledge of  deep Christian mysticism.

Of course it’s all a bunch of prefabricated  balderdash ,designed to  trick and deceive the unsuspecting. Don’t fall for it.

Craig’s job depends on how much money these jokers drag in from out of  the wide net of deception they throw out everyday.

Listen to DON MORRIS another clever prop they installed some time ago to gain the confidence of the sun belt seniles in their listenership.

This character is as phony and false as he is clever and criminal in the woeful and prayerful presentation he makes;willing to pray,willing to make subtle demands for your cash. This old bastard doesn’t miss a  beat.

It’s all about money and anyone with a modicum of intelligence will quickly see through all the subterfuge they present you with. Radio is the greatest medium con-artists and swindlers use  to deceive the unwary. And that’s exactly what the greatest in the audience consist of : a bunch of  suckers.

If  more is needed, then give a listen to another group of criminals operating the regrettable VCY AMERICA ,CROSSTALK PROGRAM. These two gangs are joined at the hip and cannot be   separated. 

Both coming at you from different directions ;VCY AMERICA, producing   political corn ball blather ,designed for the sick and delirious in the Evangelical mob of happy clappy folk ,and rejoice radio,the more serious musical and sermonette  oriented delivery system.

It all boils down to the same crude ,mean-spirited pitch for your cash.  And they are not above hiring scandalous  and    sultry  sounding   gals ,to further entice the weak-minded roobs in their audience. The queen of the deep  throat trick is the well-known poetry reader and Craig Mattson’s newest aide-de-camp  : Denille  Combe.

This babe ,long known for giving good phone, now  uses  the same skills giving  GOOD RADIO.   And she works hard for the money!  But ,no matter ,as indicated in the response to an earlier    post:There is no lack of  idiots in Christendom.

And so the money will keep rolling in for whatever idiotic reason they give you. The love to call it OPERATING EXPENSES . But will they every specify exactly what they consist of?     I hardly think so;anymore than they will

offer to  show to any potential contributor ,their financial statements for the past two years. Something they are required to keep on file. And one would think this  would be  their  Christian duty and  an obligation ,given their  invitation to the public to join the REJOICE BROADCAST MEMBERSHIP and become their PARTNERS! – A partnership without seeing the  business balance sheet? 

They really do take you for a bunch of  schmucks!

And if that’s not good enough ,then take them  up on  their offer to be a member of THE RBN  TEAM ,or  better yet ,THEIR FAMILY!

Playing games for cash is not how honest FAMILY MEMBERS treat each other. But in the name of Christian ministry ,as they put it , anything goes.’s a ministry all right ;a ministry of lies ,deceptions and fraudulent claims ,and they pull out all the stops to get at your hard-earned money.

We need leadership in the CHURCH :The right kind of leadership.

  Keep in mind that Christians do not have a duty to provide a luxury lifestyle for those in the  clergy ,and certainly not   those who have been able to take hold of America’s radio airwaves.    Whether or not the clever minded swindlers operating the Rejoice Broadcast Network live in million dollar homes, and travel in private jets ,will not have any bearing on your immortal soul. Nor will it affect its final destination.

 But one thing for certain, is that the Almighty has no use for the gullible,the stupid , the weak or the cowardly . And does not answer the prayers of those too timid to stand for  truth.

The phony religion hustlers you listen to on the RBN radio station are playing you for all you’re worth.   If you desire to stand with the LORD then you will listen carefully to their feeble presentations and learn to discern fact from fraud.

Ask questions. Why would any true ministry be involved with the obvious criminal hate mongers such as THE VCY AMERICA BROADCAST NETWORK, that RBN  supports and sponsors with free airtime?

Why would any true ministry refuse to reveal their financial statements to prospective financial supporters and still refer to them as  PARTNERS?

Why would any true ministry engage in extortionist type demands for financial support ;suggesting that you will fail in your Christian duty ,and possibly wind up in hell ,if you do not respond to their demands for  cash?

Why would any true ministry engage in subliminal suggestions to turn over your property to them in your wills or even before your death?

Why would any true Christian enterprise support the blood thirsty Zionist atrocities being committed every day of the week in GAZA and in the WEST BANK?

All this is being accomplished at your expense and at  the cost of your spiritual standing with the Lord.. JUST SAY NO,to their attempts to win your confidence and thereby increase their chances of getting a  cash donation.

Remember ,stay united and together we will defeat the enemies   of  all  mankind  ,whose power is the mortal foe of any true Christianity.

PATHETIC LIARS: ‘ We have had some listeners ask about remembering RBN in their will.’ :Christian Radio ,Deception and fraud ,at its best.

August 17, 2011


 We have had some listeners ask about remembering RBN in their will.  

YEAH RIGHT! .. They waited for some listeners to  ASK… NOT!   .. The vultures operating one of America’s biggest pseudo -christian religion scams not only rip-off the living but extort money from the DEAD!

This is a good way to honor the Lord, support His work, and lay up treasures in Heaven.

WRONG! :  This  is a good way to take control of some poor gullible hayseed’s estate and live  high on the hog for many years to come.  I wonder how many of the unsuspecting dupes in the listening audience of REJOICE , really know how rich these clever vultures really are ,or how well they live.  

Stock Photo - luxury home longboat  key florida. fotosearch  - search stock  photos, pictures,  wall murals, images,  and photo clipart This is the typical home  where criminals in the fraudulent Christian radio broadcast business in the Pensacola ,Florida  area live ,and all thanks to you!

For more information, write Treasurer/Estate Planning Office, Rejoice Broadcast Network, P.O. Box 18000, Pensacola, FL 32523-9160, or e-mail at    

 :  They would love to plan on getting as much  out of your corpse as the law would allow. And they can’t think of anything better than to help you fill out the necessary forms needed to  get at your remaining assets. Hopefully the assets will consist of prime beachfront real-estate . But if not,they’ll take whatever they can get.  Why do you think they love playing  :”This Ole House”

ole house once knew his children
This ole house once knew his wife
This ole house was home and comfort
As they fought the storms of life
This old house once rang with laughter
This old house heard many shouts
Now he trembles in the darkness
When the lightnin’ walks about

Ain’t a-gonna need this house no longer
Ain’t a-gonna need this house no more
Ain’t got time to fix the shingles
Ain’t got time to fix the floor
Ain’t got time to oil the hinges
Nor to mend the windowpane
Ain’t a-gonna need this house no longer
He’s a-gettin’ ready to meet the saints

This ole house is a-gettin’ shaky
This ole house is a-gettin’ old
This ole house lets in the rain
This ole house lets in the cold
On his knees I’m gettin’ chilly
But he feel no fear nor pain
‘Cause he see an angel peekin’
Through a broken windowpane

This ole house is afraid of thunder
This ole house is afraid of storms
This ole house just groans and trembles
When the night wind flings its arms
This ole house is gettin’ feeble
This old house is needin’ paint
Just like him it’s tuckered out
But he’s a-gettin’ ready to meet the saints

This ole house dog lies a-sleepin’
He don’t know I’m gonna leave
Else he’d wake up by the fireplace
And he’d sit there and howl and grieve
But my huntin’ days are over
Ain’t gonna hunt the coon no more
Gabriel done brought in my chariot
When the wind blew down the door


We need your help on a regular monthly basis, if you are not already doing so.  

These lying sacks of excrement need all the money they can get out of your sorry rear end if they could get it.   The monthly basis is what the TRAFFIC WILL BEAR.  But everyday of the week would be just fine for these blood suckers.

We depend entirely on your gifts to support this Christian radio ministry. 

 WRONG!   They depend on gifts from wherever they can get them and most of the cash they get comes from corporate sources.    The corporate executives are listeners also!  And  can be claimed as LISTENER SUPPORTERS!… Can’t you gullible idiots understand the clever games these pickpockets play with you everyday of the week?

 Thank you from all of us at RBN; your gift is an investment in the lives of listeners around the world. 

This is where a good portion of your monthly donations go:  Just look at the faces of those who have benefitted from your Christian kindness and generosity.  The wonderful look of satisfaction and gratitude!


Can they point to anyone anywhere in the world and give evidence that RBN was an investment  in their lives?    Claims made by unknown and unverified sources that rbn’s musical repertoire saved their souls from hell is simply a pitch designed to impress all the simpletons in their audience. 

 The only ones benefitting from your donations  can be seen here and those operating behind the scenes.   Namely their JEWISH BOSSES that provide these scavengers legal cover for all of their deceitful and fraudulent activities. THE JEWS CONTROL THE REJOICE RADIO BROADCAST NETWORK. As they do all the media of this country.

 Sincerely yours, Tonita Ohman Program Director

Rejoice Radio

  My Dear Christian Folk:  I cordially invite you to meet THE KIKE.    Here he is in caricature, and I call him IZZY , Izzy the kike.


This year begins the 40th year of operation for WPCS and the 15th year for the Rejoice Broadcast Network. On June 21, 1971, WPCS began broadcasting Christian programming in the northwest Florida area. We signed on the air as an educational, noncommercial, nonprofit, Christian radio ministry operating 17 hours a day at 89.3 FM. In 1985, WPCS began broadcasting 24 hours a day. In 1987, we moved to a new tower and the frequency changed to 89.5. In 1988, WPCS moved to its current location in the Communicative Arts Center of Pensacola Christian College.

THE JEWS ARE IN CONTROL .Rejoice Radio Milestones

In December 1996, RBN began with its first station in Eugene, Oregon, and since has grown to a network of over 40 stations across the country. And with the Internet, RBN can be heard anywhere in the world. If you have friends in an area that has no RBN station, be sure to tell them that they can listen on the Internet at On April 23, 2010, our new full-power station KPCS 89.7 FM began broadcasting in the Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota area.


 When you write, be sure to let us know how long you have been listening and how God has used Rejoice Radio in your Life.

The Vision for Rejoice Radio





 This is the image of the VIRTUAL KIKE.   His name is  IZZY,  same as the one above,  but this kike is no caricature.  He exists in human  form and    is the master of lies. He has to lie in order to survive. He lies for the same reasons that ESKIMOS have to wear furs and all sorts of warm clothing  in the cold climate of the north : In order to survive.  

 If  he told the truth,[impossible]  or if honest humanity learned the intentions of this representative of the Jewish World Plague ,they would unite and rid the world of this enemy of all mankind.

Over 40 years ago, God placed a desire on the heart of Dr. Arlin Horton, president and founder of the Rejoice Broadcast Network, to start a Christian radio station that would reach listeners all along the upper Gulf Coast. June 21, 2010 began the 40th year of operation for WPCS. Through these 40 years, Dr. Horton has kept the vision of what the Lord can do through this listener-supported Christian radio ministry. WPCS expanded its outreach in December 1996 when the Rejoice Broadcast Network began broadcasting on its first satellator station in Eugene, Oregon. Now on over 40 stations and the Internet, Rejoice Radio reaches listeners across America and around the world. From the beginning, Dr. Horton’s desire was to broadcast good Christian music and programming that would encourage believers in their daily walk with the Lord and provide a gospel witness in the community. That desire to serve God and reach people continues today. We are grateful that Dr. Horton has kept the vision for Rejoice Radio. We look forward expectantly and say, “To God be the glory, great things He hath done.”

  CRAIG  MATTSON shows his appreciation by constantly playing his favorite JEWISH SONGS ,such as ; IF I VER A RITZ MEN ,YA DA DA DA  DA DEE, That’s something that will surely have ETERNAL CONSEQUENCES AND REAP RICH REWARDS in the future.

Comment from Georgia Listener“I love the old songs and some of the new ones. I found your station the day my husband died, and I’ve been listening ever since. The music makes me listen to the words and know that God wants me to learn more. The programs have encouraged me to want to read more about what the preachers/teachers are saying. Here is my pledge. Thank you again.”


The Repeal of: “Don’t Ask – Don’t Tell” ;And the Sodomization of Pensacola ,Florida :Home of several sprawling military complexes and the shameful Pensacola Christian College.

August 10, 2011

As I look back on the great work that has been done during the past four years you will understand quite well that my first feeling is simply one of thankfulness to our Almighty God for having allowed me to bring this work to success. He has blessed our labors and has enabled our people to come through all the obstacles which encompassed them on their way….

Today I must humbly thank Providence, whose grace has enabled me, who was once an unknown soldier in the War, to bring to a successful issue the struggle for the restoration of our honor and rights as a nation.

-Adolf Hitler, before the Reichstag, 30 Jan. 1937

My Dear Christian People:   ..  Over these many years, the radio has proven to be the dominant medium by which news and information   have been disseminated to the  listening public. It has also provided the masses with  hours of entertainment and a wide variety of  music.  

The radio differs  from television in  its obvious lack of any visual content. But this, in no way implies a lesser amount of talent in the broadcaster. In fact, the one who simply sits behind the microphone in many ways demonstrates a very unique talent, in his ability to enlist the participation of the  listening audience , in the content of  whatever message he wishes to transmit.

This he does by  creating  a lot of verbal imagery , which in time will settle onto the very  center stage  of one’s imagination ,the theatre of the mind. This of course allows the broadcaster to divert the listener’s  attention toward whatever direction he chooses.

And given that the  Radio Broadcast Business is capital-intensive ,meaning that  the station owners ,the  broadcasters ,  the  announcers ,and all  the technical staff

require to be paid high salaries for doing very little. And so   , there is little doubt that the attention of the listenership will be drawn to either buying the products advertised  on  the radio ;or in the case of Christian Radio Broadcasting ,the listener’s attention will be  drawn to their  appeal for donations.

 This can be done in subtle ,or not so subtle fashion. It all depends on the instincts of the station manager  and his administrative staff.


 hifi ssb cb radio audio Here is a  caricature of a typical radio announcer.  Here you see him trying to persuade his audience  to the correctness of whatever message being conveyed. In other words he is making a pitch ,that will  eventually lead into a request that you buy the product he has been  paid to sell,or in the case of the hundreds of fraudulent and deceptive  pseudo-christian radio broadcasters , he is leading you into sending him a donation ,to cover his costs ,to be sure.

 Are you smart enough to know when you are being tricked and deceived ,by those whose only intent is to get you to support them financially?   Are you strong enough not to be taken in  by their phony calls to your sentimentality ,which only have the effect of weakening your ability to know when  and how you are being misled? 

Boy listening to the radio

 Or  are you like this young man pictured here. Simply content to believe in whatever he may be listening to ;never dividing fact from fiction;never discerning true faith and true ministry from the fibres of falsehood.    And  never seeing  or understanding the  demonic attempt on the part of the CHRISTIAN RADIO BROADCASTERS  to  take advantage of  your gullibility and your abject stupidity.

 This of course is exactly what some of your favorite Christian broadcasters do every day of the week. One of the more accomplished and well-known of this gang of professional money-grubbing parasites ,is the REJOICE BROADCAST NETWORK that comes at you every day, from out of their bunker like studios located at PENSACOLA CHRISTIAN COLLEGE. Pensacola ,Florida.

This gang of professional fund-raisers and assorted swindlers rely on the false sense of sentimentality produced in the minds of their moronic listening audience by the Christian theme music they play.  You don’t have to  fall for it.

The only way to sensibly defend yourself from all of the contrived and orchestrated nonsense you hear from the mouths of these jokers is to not listen to them ;but if you do,do so for the entertainment value and nothing more. If you are ever tempted to send them a donation, of any size or any amount ,remember to ask some very simple questions: how well do you know the broadcasters and all those that work with them..

How well do you know Craig Mattson ,he’s the main celeb at REJOICE RADIO [RBN] . How well do you know the other two vultures that work there? Do you really know Jimmy Mince or Caleb Keener well enough to trust what they tell you ?

So why would you send them any financial support?   The only intelligent way to understand how the conniving and fraudulent[RBN]  gang operates is to take a moment and analyse what they are broadcasting. Are they simply creating verbal imagery in order to entice you to into  entering the theatre created in your own mind?   Understand that  Craig is the master game-player  in the art of creating the required illusions in the minds of the naive and gullible audience .  That’s why he gets the big bucks.

 One of their favorite pitches intended to pry the cash from out of the wallets of the stupid, is to equate supporting their depraved lifestyles with donations with the good works required of all decent Christians.

Ask yourself :Why are you being told that sending in your money will reap rewards in the afterlife?  Can they say this as a   certainty ,or could this be a way of deceiving you out of your money. Why are you being told that donating to their radio station is the same as giving your money to  the LORD.  This is an obvious pitch being made for your cash ,and if it were done in any other  commercial transaction ,it would lead to the arrests of those making these obviously false claims.

If they tell you that your donations will help pay their end of month expenses ,why won’t they tell you exactly what they consist of?

The truth is that the money they demand from you goes directly into their expense accounts and for ever higher salaries. These lying bastards may be crooks but they’re not STUPID crooks!  They want your MONEY ,not your worthless soul.

But even more significant in understanding just how false and deceptive they are can be found, is in the conniving and crafty personalities  they include in their so-called inspiring and soul-stirring musical repertoire and programming . 

Again,attempting to appeal to your abject stupidity in areas such as biology or the study of human evolutionary science, they present you for pay, clever con-artists such as; IAN TAYLOR ,whose deceptions in the past have turned his brains into

yorkshire pudding and Ken Ham ,  a clever businessman who knows how to work the system. This son-of-a bitch has convinced the  municipal authorities where he plans his ridiculous NOAH’S ARK scam  to treat this joke as a non-profit enterprise.

 The joke is that this scam is totally a” for profit” business simply being excluded on the tax rolls ,for the sake of promoting religion business in the community. And all done at the expense of all the hardworking small business people in the very same city.  What an example of CHRISTIAN CHARITY! NOT! 

Ian Taylor ,Ken Ham and all the other creationist cartoonists that pop in at the Rejoice radio scam operation are not credible biologists and no one in this field of study would ever consider them as such.   They ridicule  the teachings of human evolutionary biology, but all they offer is their comic strip theology and childish understanding of GENESIS.. And they call it biology.  

 Did man evolve from other primate like creatures millions of years ago?  You be the judge. Do not let these swindlers  make a monkey out of you.

The simple truth is that they hardly believe their own nonsense.  The only reason they come at you with their crude  statements  is because they can ,and they can get away with it, as long as the station they appear on will never allow a

   Whoopi Goldberg

  differing  opinion as to man’s origins. Remember that all honest scientific discovery has a spiritual expression.  So there’s no need for any Christian to automatically deny what science has proven over and over.  Remember how the Christian community in times past, attempted to burn Galileo for his theory regarding the Earth orbiting the sun?

Close up on eyes of young gorilla at rehabilitation center
  And then there’s the question regarding what these jokers do not want you to know. As an example ,the repeal of the “Don’t ask,Don’t tell” policy for the military will have dire  consequences ,especially for the already perverse drenched city of Pensacola ,Florida.

Military Bases in Florida

 This city, long known as the wife swapping capitol of Dixie will experience a  moral catastrophe   when the full effects of allowing the degenerate members of America’s military to openly flaunt and express their sexual preferences. 
 The question now is this; Do you really want to send your son or daughter to Pensacola Christian College to study or to even live in that environment ?   Given the high number of military bases and training complexes that stretch from Biloxi ,miss all the way to Tyndall Field at Panama city ,it would be naive to believe that this large expanse of territory would not become the  HOMELAND FOR HOMOSEXUAL PERVERSIONS.
In fact most of the decent Christian people of that area have left and those who remain simply refer to this stretch of beach and military establishments as THE GAY RIVIERA!  Do you really want to support REJOICE RADIO or Pensacola Christian College financially, given the proximity to this veritable SODOM ON THE MIRACLE STRIP?
The result of repealing “Don’t  ask -Don’t tell ” is not hard to figure out. No one need guess as to what Pensacola will look like in weeks or months to come.
Given that the many tens of thousands of military personnel will be free to give vent to their perverse impulses in public for the first time ;it doesn’t take a great imagination to foresee GAY PRIDE parades ,public nudity on all beaches , sexual activity in full view of Christian families  trying to picnic.  
But the question for those not in close proximity is simply , why have the criminal and deceptive liars running the show at REJOICE RADIO,PENSACOLA not relocated. 
 Why are they willing to put up with this degeneracy?
 The truth is that Pensacola Christian College and the REJOICE BROADCAST NETWORK  do not care for anything other than the cash they receive from gullible idiots such as those in the EVANGELICAL COMMUNITY of America.
 All  they are is a large fund-raising institution, totally isolated from the reality of  national disgrace and the depravity existing throughout this nation.
 But for those who intend to financially support these con-artists,remember that any money received by these pickpockets eventually will permeate throughout the Pensacola  cesspool of sickness and depravity.  
 Do not support RBN rejoice radio or their partners in Christian swindle the professional liars  club  ,A.K.A. crosstalk america produced by the  double talking cheats and book hustlers , operating VCY AMERICA NETWORK! 
 The fact that these two gangs of liars and cheats are connected at the hip should convince anyone but the most stupid ,that you are dealing with a totally corrupt and spiritually evil broadcast business.

Hitler Youth

Hitler Youth

Hitler Youth

 If America’s youth resembled those pictured here our problems would be solved. 


Never forget: …Unless humanity rids the world of the  Jewish world plague, the Jewish world plague will rid the world of humanity!

Anytime you hear anyone talking about gentile christian zionism,it’s time to change the station.   ..

The Victimization of Ingrid Schlueter.Read in her own words and what others have to say. Do not trust anyone in the CHRISTIAN BROADCAST BUSINESS!

July 26, 2011

*Update* Announcement Regarding My  VCY Email

June 7, 2011 in Family | Tags: , ,

My Dear Christian People: For sometime, I’ve been warning the listeners of the VCY AMERICA CROSSTALK PROGRAMMING of the abject evil that emanates from those seated behind the microphones of  the vcy america broadcast network.

 Those who claim to speak God’s truth, must first demonstrate that they can  effectively promote Christian truth and  love within their own household.  Frankly ,this comes as no surprise that the owner and manager of VCY AMERICA BROADCAST NETWORK would be seriously flawed in promoting any type of truth ,from whatever source and from whatever direction.

Vic Elason has a serious problem with the TRUTH and it manifests itself in his dealings with his many employees and members of his own immediate family.

Many of you already know this ,therefore I’m inviting you to read the words of his own daughter ;INGRID SCHLUETER as written in her own words and appearing on her blog.

What is of particular interest are the reactions of those who have listened to the VCY produced Crosstalk program and did not have a clue as to the evil and demonic nature of INGRID’S FATHER.    If you have the time read it for yourself ,and keep in mind that this is nothing more than the tip of the ice-berg.

I have just gotten off the phone with one of the members of the VCY Board this evening, and Tom and I have been assured that despite appearances, our emails authoritatively have been deleted. I want to state in the strongest possible terms that had our initial request for deletion been respected weeks ago instead of being ignored, none of this would have happened. When we first discovered that our old emails were active, we were told (May 20) that the email forwarding had been changed. It had not been changed and the forwarding of my mail continued for over a week until we discovered it. This is what created our concern today that our emails may still not have been deleted. We have had zero communication on these issues from anyone except the board member who has graciously worked to help us. We are deeply grateful to him for communicating directly with us in a clear-cut and Christian manner. That’s all we have ever wanted. Tom and I only went public when we had to alert those using my old address that their personal emails were being accessed by someone other than me. We had no other recourse, and we stand by that decision. We trust that this is the end of this issue.*

My sincere apologies for having to raise this issue in a public forum, let alone a forum that I have tried to keep a place of encouragement.

For several years, my primary email has been I had it posted for four years on my About page as a way to get in touch with me here at my personal Hope Blog. If you still have that email address, as many of you do, please stop using it immediately.

I am no longer with VCY America as of Monday, May 16, and our son, email administrator at the time, deleted my account prior to my resignation. I learned last week that after my resignation letter was received, my email account there was resurrected and the incoming emails directed into Vic Eliason’s email in box. In that my account was used, as Vic’s is, for both personal and ministry mail, many are unaware that their emails are going to VCY America and not me. As of this morning, fully a week after my initial demand that the account be deleted, mails are still going through and are not bouncing back, showing that the account is still active.

This is a gross violation of my privacy and that of anyone else who uses that address in good faith. At no time was I as an employee informed that upon my departure, my account would be started up again for purposes of reading my incoming mail. The excuse that it was a “corporate account” and appeals to Wisconsin State Statutes are meaningless in the face of simple Christian kindness and family relationships involved here. You can win the legal case and lose everything else that matters in life.

As of this morning, I have asked for an immediate response and have received none from my father or anyone else at the ministry regarding this shameful situation. I am only going public because friends of mine are finding their emails going into a black hole. Because they are not bouncing back from a deleted account, they believe I have received the emails and have ignored them. In reality, they are going into Vic’s email. Additionally, they are seen by the Administrator. That is a violation not only of my privacy but that of my friends and colleagues who send email to that address. For a Christian organization, this is inexcusable.

In that private attempts to address this have failed, I am publicly calling on my father, Vic Eliason, to permanently delete both and and to show respect for his daughter and son-in-law who have a combined 45 years of service and over $26,000 dollars worth of donations given to the ministry just in the last few years. If basic love and respect can’t compel you to delete these accounts, what will?



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Ingrid, your FATHER? Your father is behind this? I didn’t know know that he was your father. This is terrible. I am SO sorry. I didn’t even know you had resigned from VCY until you mentioned this today on FB. This treatment from any professing believer is bad enough, but it coming from one’s own parent is unconscionable. Praying this situation gets resolved VERY soon.
please tell me is going on—-is no one honest anymore. I can’t trust a station like VCY how can we trust.

May 27, 2011 at 21:57

Ingrid Schlueter

Darlene, when sin is dismissed as “just family issues”, this is what happens. Please see my post, Choose Your Legacy. These matters have been repeatedly addressed in private over many years to no avail. Matthew 18 has been followed to no avail. I am sorry this had to go public, but this email issue affects more than me, it affects anyone who emails me at that long-time address. If you send something to that address, you have a reasonable expectation that I am the recipient, not the Executive Director or anyone else at the ministry. Again, I am sorry this had to go public. I would add that the moment I am assured in writing that our emails have been deleted, I will update this post. Until then, I will assume that VCY is maintaining the status quo.
Thank you for responding so quickly. Please keep us informed as to what is going
on. I will miss you. I never missed going to your blog. Always so glad to read what you wrote and listen and watch the video’s. May the Lord bless and heal the family.

May 27, 2011 at 23:05

Ingrid Schlueter

I’ll still be here at the Hope Blog, and hope to getting back to posting positive things next week.

May 28, 2011 at 00:00

Lisa Turner

Ing – of course, you know Russ and I continue to stand with you and Tom and are praying with you about a situation that has needed addressing for so long. Thank you for having the courage to be the voice of truth in our family, even at great cost. I love you, Sis.

May 28, 2011 at 00:05

Ingrid Schlueter

Lisa, I remember this from the 80′s so long ago. I think you’re the one who introduced me to it. Thank you.

May 28, 2011 at 00:15

Lisa Turner

…one of my favorite songs. In this darkness, remember – joy DOES come in the morning. When HE brings the light, it will be easier to see he WAS in it after all. Watch and see.

May 28, 2011 at 00:28

Jean Selden

Ingrid,So sorry that family is involved in this. I am familiar with similary situations.It so reminds me of the warnings that Christ gave his disciples in Matthew 10:16-23:“Behold, I am sending you out as sheep in the midst of wolves, so be wise as serpents and innocent as doves. Beware of men, for they will deliver you over to courts and flog you in their synagogues, and you will be dragged before governors and kings for my sake, to bear witness before them and the Gentiles. When they deliver you over, do not be anxious how you are to speak or what you are to say, for what you are to say will be given to you in that hour. For it is not you who speak, but the Spirit of your Father speaking through you. Brother will deliver brother over to death, and the father his child, and children will rise against parents and have them put to death, and you will be hated by all for my name’s sake. But the one who endures to the end will be saved.None of us should be surprised by what we are seeing coming out of ‘Christians.’ Persecution is greatest from the religious. Stand strong. He is your strength and joy.In Him,

Oh Ingrid…it hurts so much when this kind of thing comes from a close family member…and no matter if it is father or brother or husband or child…sin MUST be confronted in order to have the sinner restored. I pray that your father is restored through repentance for this, and surrender to Christ in all things…especially things that betray one’s own flesh. May God do whatever it takes to break him and bring him to repentance and restoration through Jesus Christ, and into a godly relationship with you, his very own flesh. And should he rebel…may he feel the full anger of the Lord upon him until he cracks.I love you sis, and I am sad for you…and for him….it is an awful thing to do and have done. ❤
So sorry to hear about all that you’re going through right now. I will continue to pray, let me know if there’s any other way I can help.
Carla R. I don’t know if you claim to be a Christian or not, but by the looks of the defamatory and semi-pornographic link you provided it appears you have no love for the Savior. Ingrid I assume when you log in next time you can take care or this. Be strong in the Lord sister.
((((Ingrid)))) I’m so sorry this is happening! It’s difficult enough on its own, but when family is involved, it is all the more heartbreaking. Satan knows that his time is short. Right now, we’re going through a situation in our church which has become frightening. We’re praying that God will give us wisdom and discernment. Praise God that NOTHING happens that doesn’t pass before His throne! I pray that God will bring healing and blessing out of this sad situation.

May 28, 2011 at 01:49

Ingrid Schlueter

Steve, thank you for alerting me. Truly amazing.

May 28, 2011 at 03:14

Ingrid Schlueter

I have just checked my VCYAmerica email tonight and Tom’s as well, and the accounts are still active. By contrast, our son Jon’s has been deleted. This kind of hubris is difficult to understand.
Ingrid – I have no idea what is going on with VCY, but I’ve enjoyed reading your Hope blog for the last few years and sometimes listen to VCY over the internet. I am now confused – is VCY not operating ethically? I feel strange listening to Crosstalk now, wondering what on earth is going on between family members. I understand you have no obligation to explain the problem to virtual strangers, but it is somewhat upsetting to those of us who found Crosstalk interesting and informative.

May 28, 2011 at 03:31

Ingrid Schlueter

Lisa, I can sum it up this way. Tom and I were forced to resign due to the toxic, malicious and sinful conduct of my father, Vic Eliason. We had done nothing wrong and had served the ministry faithfully for over two decades, in my case, my entire life was spent there. Due to years of family issues which Vic refused to deal with, he chose to bring it into the work setting, causing us to have to leave. Worse still, he involved our 24-year-old son who was exposed to a degrading scene in which his mother was slandered in front of Jim Schneider, the program director, who refused to leave the room, even though things had gone beyond personal. The shouting was heard by other employees. Charles was suspended because he dared speak up and defend me to his grandfather and point out what he had witnessed for weeks on end.At that point, Tom and I knew that the time had come to resign and walk away from our livelihood, our health insurance and our reputations which are under attack. We had appealed to two board members, and 5 members of the family testified to the serious relational issues in our family. We were discarded, allowed to resign and Dad has been continuing on as though nothing has happened. In that VCY America was built by the family in our various capacities, we are devastated beyond belief to be treated in this manner, not only by Dad, but by other staffers who apparently did not love us or care about us as we thought they had. That is the summary of what happened.We long for reconciliation and repentance, but have been treated as enemies. Dad has become a stranger to his own grandchildren, and this tragedy is what happens when organizations put the Cause ahead of people. Reaching strangers is not more important than your own family. Emmy is only a baby once. She doesn’t even know her grandfather and hasn’t seen him in months. (How could you not love a sweet granddaughter?) Vic has ten grandchildren, all of them doing exciting and wonderful things. Why run camps for strangers’ children when your own family is in disarray? This whole thing is beyond sad and cautionary for anyone observing.None of this would have ever become public had my Dad simply left my email deleted. His choice over a week’s time to ignore me and my pleas to delete the new account under my name is what has placed this firmly in the public vein. For many years, the Eliason family’s issues could have been public domain, but we were trained to protect the Cause of Christ by remaining silent. After all of these years, this was simply a bridge too far. One straw too many. Where is love here? What happened to it? Where is Jesus in all this? Why should the the Lord be shamed because of stubbornness and malice?
Jesus Christ the Jewish Messiah is Lord of allIngrid,God bless you and yours. I am sorry that you and your family are going through these things that are truly grievous. I am wondering how is your mom doing? In my family, my mom was always the peacemaker. And I know that she truly grieved over our difficult times with each other.It’s not about the money and it’s not about the numbers and it’s not about any sort of apparent worldly success. It’s about the true and the false. I guess, like you were talking about in your “legacy” posting, that sometimes things become clearer when we are near death, or think about things like what if today was it, whether for me or for someone I love. I myself think about what if we were in a concentration camp, and didn’t have all this other stuff going on, and then maybe we would have more clarity about our priorities, particularly in Christ. Or I think about the Bible story about the rich man and Lazarus (Luke 16:19ff). I have a lot of respect for the story of the Cory ten Boom family and how they weathered the persecution of their times, and the “smaller” things, as a Christian family.I also have a lot of regard for your witness in Christ for Christ. Isaiah 40:31 tells us that they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength. The LORD hears our cries and is working “it” out, even when “it” seems to perhaps be getting worse rather than better. Our part is to abide in the True Vine and hold fast to the confession of our faith.For this situation of yours, I thought about the verse in the Bible that talks about clothing the weaker part of the body with greater honor (found in 1 Corinthians 12:22-27). I hope that no root of bitterness springs up and pray that all in these situations that are on your heart are released from unforgiveness. The enemy of our Lord is still bent on our destruction and the Lord God wants us to be okay, individually and in Christ. I have prayed to the Lord and give praise to the Lord for exposing “wolves” and whatever else, and it’s hard sometimes, but when we see some of this ugliness, in others or ourselves, we realize that the Word of God is relevant in a very living and active way, and that only He is the giver of every good and perfect gift. And He allows us to pray for those caught up in these things that are passing all away.

The Lord is still able to heal our families where we are broken. God is good, His mercy is everlasting, and His truth endures to all generations (Psalm 100:5). People are watching us, the Christians, to see how we handle these sorts of things. And the best we can do for any in our families or other groups is to be faithful to the Lord. I do give the Lord eternal praise for your being here these years for a time such as this, and helping the Good Shepherd minister to your family and to the flock. Also thank-you to Tom and to your other family members. Take care.

Obviously I don’t know the particulars of your “family issues”, but from what you imply – your father’s behavior is not uncommon among “leaders”
Look at the exploitive stories in the media the past few weeks involving men with huge egos who believe they have the right to behave abominably to subordinates or family members. Maybe that certain quality some men possess – an incredibly strong ambition or drive to excel – can also give these men a “god” or superiority complex. Again, I don’t know the specifics of your situation, but the old adage “power corrupts: absolute power corrupts absolutely” may apply.

May 28, 2011 at 04:29

Jean Selden

How hard it is to have to face the facts of your father and to expose them on this blog. In Ephesians Paul instructs us to “Have nothing to do with the evil deeds of darkness, but rather expose them.”I have had the unfortunate experience of having to do the same with some of my family members, only to be rejected by them. It has taken years for me to reconcile their behavior towards me as “Christians” and to fight the bitterness that wants to take root, but over time God’s Word has comforted me.At this time in the history of the Church, I would strongly urge anyone who is not living totally honest as they proclaim themselves as Christians, to do themselves and others a favor and drop to their knees, because God will chasten them and the time is short. And when He does, it is much harder than having to swallow your pride and repent.Ingrid, I know of several people that have been forced to come forward and expose people in ministry after years of being silent. I only know that when people remain silent, deception and sin reign.Eventually, you will feel so free and your understanding of God’s love for you and Tom so rich, that it will be worth it all.God bless you and yours,
Jean Selden

Martin Luther: The Great Reformer ,Loved by Many — Hated ,Despised and Ignored by THE CHRISTIAN RADIO BROADCASTERS OF AMERICA.

July 16, 2011 documents/luther-jews.htm


 My Dear Christian People: I invite you to examine the writings of the great reformer  Martin Luther, and to give heed to the warnings he gives to all honest Christians regarding the Jewish people.  I invite you to do some serious thinking about what you are about to read.   …Let’s see what you think of the simplicity and profundity of one of Christianity’s greatest thinkers. The writings of MARTIN LUTHER;THE GREAT REFORMER.

It seems rather odd that as Christians we revere and respect the great reformer’s work ,clarifying the true Gospel beliefs regarding ;faith alone, Christ alone, grace alone, scripture alone ,and yet we ignore his warnings and the clear perceptions of an honest pastor ,as he wrote them , in his little known work entitled :THE JEWS AND THEIR LIES.

At first glance, many Christians find it difficult to believe that the great Martin Luther would see the Jews as Christianity’s greatest threat ,but his words are not the ravings of some street corner skin head but the cool and dispassionate findings of a truly committed Christian.

Before I ask you to join me in reading again the work of a truly gifted man ,give a glance to what average Christians had to say about his relatively unknown writings.

“Where can I buy this book? I am eager to buy one. Can anyone help me find a copy of this book?”


Here’s another reaction :

“That book should be required reading in the churchs. Instead of the Tim LaHaye, Benny Hinn, and other “Judeo-Christian” blasphomey that passes for religion these days.”

 Answer:   These well-known pseudo-religious celebrities derive their income by NOT offending the Jews.  [enough said].

 And again we hear from Christians:

“I remember Luther talked about how the Jews rarely did physical work, and that They would sit around warming Themselves by the Fireside, and
laugh at the stupid Goy Christians out working, like shoveling etc. Luther said He like to give all the Jews a Shovel or Rake, etc and see Them do some real work.

It’s true that there are very few Jews Who do Trades, or physical work, or Farming, etc. Maybe, in Israel some of Them do that, but I hear even there They get Palestinians and foreigners to Labor.”

Answer : why should Jews work when the labor and savings of honest humanity belong  to them?

Another response:

“All I was ever taught was that he nailed his 95 theses to the door of a Wittenburg church. No wonder he has been kept under wraps with what he said about the Jews. “

Answer:  He also translated the Bible into German.

 It is true that you won’t find pastors,preachers or ministers reading the writings of the great reformer in  their churches .Most of the churches are so thoroughly corrupted that if they were to even try ,the very ceilings would collapse.

Those who could make a difference on a larger scale would be the CHRISTIAN RADIO BROADCASTERS ,but alas,they are the most cowardly of them all!


The reason is clear,if you listen to the famously well know REJOICE RADIO NETWORK ,it becomes obvious that the filthy , lying BAPTIST BASTARDS that operate this fund-raising scam, are totally dependent on the good will of the Jewish controlled radio media for their salaries and licenses to transmit . 

 In other words, the voices you hear from these predators such as: JOEL MULLINEX  ,who has never had to do a hard day’s work in his life ,and has made a small fortune for himself peddling THE GOSPEL to all the roobs that tune into the REJOICE RADIO SWINDLE everyday ;

Or the clever and crafty carousing cheat and con-artist the smooth talking Pastor JOHN DUNLAP  . A former Klansman who was kicked out of the KLAN for spending too much time between the sheets,than he did wearing them.   After a divorce or two ,he found himself a chance to double down, charming the dumb  Southern Dames he meets everyday.  Easy  to cheat gals that love his waxy – oily smooth demeanor.

And what would Rejoice Radio do without the over educated and highly trained performer ,CRAIG MATTSON.  This joker knows how to put one over on the masses.  As far as this actor goes in ever reading from the writing of Martin Luther’s secret book ;well fat chance. This character

doesn’t have the  intestinal fortitude  to upset  any of the Jews he slavishly supports.

He knows which side his bread is buttered on. And besides ,he doesn’t have the  cojones to do anything other that his daily honey for the soul which is enough to put even an insomniac to sleep.  So it’s more of  Charles    Spurgeon   and  Oswald  Chambers.

 In fact Craig is so craven ,he has put together a medley of Jewish music ,or at least he thinks is  Jewish music  ,and has entitled it : THE JEWISH MEDLEY! What a brain .!!  For Craig ,this is a way of getting a little bit of JOB SECURITY.  Craig lacks the cojones to stand up for anything. All the while he blathers about his deep love for the LORD.

Do you love those who blaspheme His name?   What does this castrated bum really believe in?

WELL MY DEAR PEOPLE, TAKE A LOOK AND YOU DECIDE.  I am indebted to: documents/luther-jews.htm

On the Jews and Their Lies, 1543 by Martin Luther (1483-1546) Part I

 I had made up my mind to write no more either about the Jews or against them. But since I learned that those miserable and accursed people do not cease to lure to themselves even us, that is, the Christians, I have published this little book, so that I might be found among those who

opposed such poisonous activities of the Jews and who warned the Christians to be on their guard against them. I would not have believed that a Christian could be duped by the Jews into taking their exile and wretchedness upon himself. However, the devil is the god of the world, and wherever God’s word is absent he has an easy task, not only with the weak but also with the

strong. May God help us. Amen. Grace and peace in the Lord. Dear sir and good friend, I have received a treatise in which a Jew engages in dialog with a Christian. He dares to pervert the scriptural passages which we cite in testimony to our faith, concerning our Lord Christ and

 Mary his mother, and to interpret them quite differently. With this argument he thinks he can destroy the basis of our faith. This is my reply to you and to him. It is not my purpose to quarrel with the Jews, nor to learn from them how they interpret or understand Scripture; I know all of

 that very well already. Much less do I propose to convert the Jews, for that is impossible. Those two excellent men, Lyra and Burgensis, together with others, truthfully described the Jews’ vile interpretation for us two hundred and one hundred years ago respectively. Indeed they refuted it

 thoroughly. However, this was no help at all to the Jews, and they have grown steadily worse. …… And to fill the measure of their raving, mad, and stupid folly, they boast and they thank God, in the first place, because they were created as human beings and not as animals; in the second

place. because they are Israelites and not Goyim (Gentiles); in the third place because they were created as males and not as females….This is a fool’s boast, the gratitude of a barbarian who blasphemes God! ……

 Michael Ben Ari

“A Bitter, Poisonous Enemy”

Therefore know, my dear Christian, that next to the Devil you have no more bitter, more poisonous, more vehement an enemy than a real jew who earnestly desires to be a jew. There may be some among them who believe what the cow or the goose believes. But all of them are

surrounded with their blood and circumcision. In history, therefore, they are often accused of poisoning wells, stealing children and mutilating them; as in Trent, Weiszensee, etc. Of course, they deny this. Be it so or not, however, I know full well that the full, ready will is not lacking with

them if they could only transform it into deeds, in secret or openly. Know this for a certainty and act accordingly.

A person who does not know the Devil, might wonder why they are so at enmity with the Christians above all others; for which they have no reason, since we only do good to them. They live among us in our homes, under our protection, use land and

highways, market and streets. Princes and governments sit by, snore and have their mugs (mouth) open, let the jews take from their purse and chest, steal and rob whatever they will. That is, they permit themselves and their subjects to be abused and sucked dry and reduced to beggars with their own money, through the usury of the jews.

“They sprout steals and deals – deals and steals.”

 For the jews, as foreigners, certainly should have nothing; and what they have certainly must be ours. They do not work, do not earn anything from us, neither do we donate or give it to them. Yet they have our money and goods and are lords in our land where they are in exile.

If a thief steals ten gulden he must hang; if he robs people on the highway, his head is gone. But a jew, when he steals ten tons of gold through his usury, is dearer than God Himself.

“Enslave Us With Our Own Wealth”

File:Such a bisiness.jpg

    Should the Devil not laugh and dance, when in this manner he can have his paradise among us Christians, that through the jews, his saints, he devours what is ours and to thank us fills our mugs (mouths) and noses, blasphemes and curses God and man!

They could not have enjoyed such good days in Jerusalem under David and Solomon in their own possessions as they now have in our property, which they daily steal and rob. Still they complain that we are holding them captive! Yes, we have and hold them captive, as I would like to keep my rheumatism, furuncles and all other diseases and misfortune, who must wait as a poor servant, with money and property and everything I have! I wish they were in Jerusalem with the jews and whomsoever they would like to have with them!

Since it is certain that we do not hold them captive, how do we deserve that such great and noble saints are so angry with us? We do not call our wives whores as they call Maria, the Mother of Jesus; we do not call them bastards, as they call our Lord Christ. We do not curse them, but wish them all manner of bodily and spiritual good, permit them to lodge with us. We don’t steal and mutilate their children; do not poison their water; do not thirst after their blood. With what do we deserve such terrible wrath and envy and hatred of such holy children of God?

Advice To Rulers

To sum up, dear princes and lords who have jews under themselves: if my advice is not acceptable, you may find a better one, that all of us be relieved of the unbearable, devilish burden of the jews and not become partakers before God of all the lies, slander, spitting, cursing of the raving jews against the person of our Lord Jesus Christ, His mother, all Christians, all rulers and ourselves, as they freely and deliberately practice it.


And you, my dear sirs and friends, who are pastors and preachers: I hereby wish to have dutifully reminded of your office, that you also warn your parishioners against their eternal ruin, as you well know how to do; namely, that they be on their guard against the jews and avoid them.

Not that they should curse them and inflict personal harm! For they have cursed and insulted themselves too much by cursing the Man Jesus of Nazareth, Mary’s son, as unfortunately they have been doing for 1400 years. In this respect you may let the government deal with them as I have said. Whether or not the government does anything about it, every individual should take care of himself and his conscience, by keeping before himself such a definition or picture of a jew!