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January 5, 2013

My Fellow Christians:  Everyone  working at the Rejoice Radio [RBN]  has something good to say about Dr.Don Smith. Ask any of his associates or casual friends and they are quick to tell you how much they appreciate the elderly gentleman.  What they love about Don is his professionalism and extraordinary talents; talents that he has honed over the years and have finally  paid  off.

But things were not always as good as they are now with Don.  It was an uphill battle for Don to  finally enjoy a stable economic future.   Don always loved the acting profession and he started on his chosen road early in life.  But as many others have experienced ,it’s seldom an easy proposition finding steady work as a thespian.

Dr. Don Smith; his stage name, never  made it in  the theater, and quickly learned that he probably never would. And not for trying ,wherever summer stock  was found ,there was Don ;and he did enjoy a few bit parts.  Nothing to brag about ,and certainly nothing to live on.

 The last best  hope and refuge for those who cannot live apart from the world of acting and pretending  has always been radio. But here as well ,employment is quite often illusory at best  ;given the incredibly large number of bit part actors, desperately looking for  work.

So one can well imagine the ecstatic state of joy that filled the deep void in Don’s heart when by chance he came across a want ad for a bit part at a Christian radio station ,way out there in Pensacola.   Something about the way the ad was written spoke to him . They were looking for a sincere senior citizen that could aid a  dedicated group of Christians hoping to

 reach out to all  the elderly throughout the Bible-Belt and the nation.

Don Smith was just the guy all the salivating vultures over at RBN were looking for. And because of his efforts the money started rolling in. For this he was awarded the charlatan of the year award . and there were many runner ups. The closest to winning was the kid that continues his famous one liner :you can’t break God’s promises by leaning on them. This is his famous trademark in scam artistry.

By cornering a young co-ed and asking her to lean against him to see if she can break God’s promises was something he uses to take advantage of all the gullible co-eds . He would tell her that he had God’s promises and would insist that she press hard to see how HARD IT WAS. this is how he gave vent to his depraved instincts. and for this he almost won.

Everyone had a chance of winning, but it was Don.s extraordinary acting ability that did it for the judges. Don insisted that all the cash in the envelopes of the dupes listening to his family prayertime racket belonged to him, and so was able to scam the operators of RBN as much as the listening public.

But everyone had a chance and everyone associated with RBN or VCY AMERICA had an honest chance of winning. They even entered the names of some of the callers to the crosstalk program produced in the radio studios of VCY AMERICA.
included were the names of Harry the happy homo from port Huron and Robert the charismatic crossdressing homosexual from Birmingham england. These two are now an item and it looks like Robert has finally found true love. And Harry states that Robert dressing as Cinderella poses no problem as long as he can dress as the PRINCE and can slip the lost slipper on Robert’s fat foot. The Christian morality committee vetoes the nomination of these two degenerates.
And so Dr. Don became the 2012 winner of the CHARLATAN of the year award.

Included in the finalists were the names of KEN HAM,IAN TAYLOR, JOHN MORRIS , and Bethany Crawford ,known for all of her cheating and many marriages.

And come to think of it , the two defrocked lying scumbags pretending to be bible teachers : JOHN DUNLAP and the Judas Iscariot of the bunch: Dr. JOEL JEW JEW MULLINEX. this bastard is as filthy as he’s false.

This has been your good news commentator bringing you more GOOD NEWS. GOOD DAY AND GOOD NEWS TO YOU!!


REJOICE BROADCAST NETWORK [RBN] offers money making opportunities in the Christian Radio Business. “What’s in YOUR “Binder”.

November 5, 2012

My Fellow Christians:  There’s little doubt that a huge  amount of money can be made in the Christian Radio Broadcast business.  The best proof of this can be seen when you add up all the many hundreds of  stations on the radio dial ,operating coast to coast. But when you include all those serving the local markets ,the numbers add up dramatically  into the many thousands.

The money made by these clever and crafty  pseudo-Christian religion  frauds is enormous; and in fact ,requires little in the way of education or skill.  The way it usually works is relatively simple, and not much different in the way one  starts any  business.  But you do need money.    And the red tape associated  with F.C.C. licensing  , and what with all  of the related Non-Profit  compliance requirements, is something that the salivating vultures in the Christian Religion business are only too happy to handle. It’s really a piece of cake for these low life bastards.

And to be sure, investors are not hard to find. In fact ,you will ordinarily find thousands eagerly waiting to back up any non-profit ,religion oriented enterprise ,as long as the terms of agreement are complied with, by all the skillful teary eyed con-artists ,posing as promoters of the Good News Gospel.   The only Good News these vultures want to hear is the sound of envelopes filled with cash or checks, being opened inside their conveniently located mail room. 

  And it does take a clever and skillful administration staff to pull it off. The skill required is nothing more than knowing how to read a well written script ; the ability to emote with the  listenership; and  probably the most important ingredient in this concentrated solution of  lies and deception is to have   a credible and  sincere sounding voice.  None of this is hard to practice and perfect but the rewards are fantastic and well worth the time and effort.

And so, things start to move. The early efforts of the enterprise  are designed to gain a following :one that will buy the DVD.s  and printed material offered  from time to time. The money made from the credulous dupes is used for public relations and a greater public presence.

And so, the greater the appeal,the greater the cash flow. At some point ,the gang attempts to add some other features to the overall content of the scam ,by introducing featurettes such as :creation moments ,Back to Genesis ,back to the Bible and so on. All designed to ensnare the exceptionally gullible    six-day creation crowd.

Other add ons may include an appeal to all the sun belt seniles residing in the bible-belt ,as we see living within the parameters of the highly successful but very fraudulent Rejoice Radio Enterprise.  Even a college  enters the cauldron of con-artistry.    As laughable an idea that may be,  it’s really the GOLDEN GOOSE in pseudo-religion fraud,  tracking  its way across the fundamentalist fruited plains of America.

Now , we’re talking serious money ,as the wallets start to open and a cadre of non-accredited jokers begin putting over the minds of the easy to cheat ,the idea that they offer a Christian Education for an economical price.    This really takes the cake!

The focus of all this is to pay back the original investors and to attract many more. And as before ,it’s easy to do.  And so, the aim and goals of any of these scam jobs is to create an UMBRELLA under which every financial scam imaginable can pass the Gospel,Religion Non profit test ;and given the lack of oversight ,this also flies through with flying colors.

And now the truly despicable in fraud and deception enters into the equation.  This clever and cunning sleight of hand swindle is so evil ,it could have only  been concocted inside the brain of a demon.   The scheme is to hire the wealthy money bag investors of the Christian Broadcast Network and to list them as Investor participant employees ,therefore allowing them to draw any salary they feel they can get away with.  And the employee benefits are generous ;including ,health ,pension and unlimited use of REJOICE RADIO’S PRIVATE JET.

Those living in Pensacola ,jokingly refer to it as the  flying whorehouse.  And often quick flyovers are often made to avoid the prying eyes of the locals . GET THE PICTURE?  AND FOR CERTAIN, BETHANY CRAWFORD GETS A GOOD WORK OUT :   poor baby works hard for the money.

When a non-scheduled fly over is announced to all the depraved scum of humanity working at the REJOICE BROADCAST NETWORK ,they all break out in song. Their   favorite is I’LL FLY AWAY.

I’ll Fly Away“, is a hymn written in 1929 by Albert E. Brumley and published in 1932 by the Hartford Music company in a collection titled Wonderful Message.  Brumley’s writing was influenced in part by an older secular ballad.

“I’ll Fly Away” has been called the most recorded gospel song  and it is frequently used in worship services by Baptists, Pentecostals, Nazarenes, the Churches of Christ and many Methodists 

Keep that in mind ,the next time they play: ‘I’ll Fly Away”.   you will know what the clever cheats and swindlers are up to. 

Keep that in mind,my comrades,when you hear them touting their demands for money, based on

the need to cover their end of month operating expenses. Remember how they use the non-profit scam to live high on the hog ,the next time they clain that they are “LISTENER SUPPORTED”

These are the lies that RBN is founded on. And the inventor of this pack of lies is Jimmy Mince: the kid that reminds you that;”You can’t break God’s promises by leaning on them”.


  And so the slow but steady process of broadcasting all the recycled sermons they can  scoop  up , and the old-fashioned Gospel musical repertoire is put to effective use.  And because the listenership is transient ,few hang around long enough to detect the lies,the deceptions ,and the skillful way they defraud the public. With these con artists you need to learn how to connect the dots.

Few are able to understand the counter intuitive anomaly of  hearing THE REJOICE BROADCAST NETWORK calling itself a Christian ministry, while providing free air time and proudly boasting of their affiliations with a gang of well-known hate mongers and political swindlers ,operating under the name of THE VCY AMERICA BROADCAST NETWORK . This gang has no ideology ,religious or otherwise. Their god is Mammon and their worship services consist of stuffing the belly. 

 THIS INCLUDES the guests that show up to spew their bankrupt ideologies ,in the hope that some poor stupid listener will click the donation button on their miserable websites and send them dinner money.

David Butters

Day after day…such fear mongering and hate of those of other traditions and backgrounds. The on air personalities have the longest lists of fears that I have ever seen…Muslims, gays, public schools, Democrats, the United Nations, “heretics,” Obama, immigrants, Hollywood, contemporary Christian music, and more.

It seems people are seeing these  incredible scam artists for what they are.

But few of the listeners to their FLAGSHIP operation called CROSSTALK AMERICA, are smart enough to understand the irony involved in hearing  nothing but hatred for Mormons and Catholics over the years ,but now the con artists in charge of  VCY  AMERICA  are forced to support the election of a  MORMON  AND A Roman Catholic to  the highest offices in the land.  Hubris has a way of hitting them square in the face.

  But with the more socially acceptable[ RBN ]Christian Radio business ,their  ultimate goal is to create a financial umbrella  ,completely impervious to the need for donation money. That’s why all of their  phony share a thons they present, are for show only;  to satisfy the F.C.C. requirements  applicable to so-called NON-PROFIT enterprises. They also  make an effort  to piece together mailing lists  from the callers who pledge   during their week-long share a   thons.  These lists are usually never sold but are rented out to other swindlers , for a period of time. These lists of all the half-educated boobs are priceless.

And so ,once the money starts rolling in :as if they had a license to print it ,or to STEAL it, what’s in it for you my DEAR BAPTIST,FUNDAMENTALIST,EVANGELICAL JERK?

While you help to make these cheats and clever frauds extremely rich ,does your life really improve ? How can you respect  an   organization  such as:  THE REJOICE RADIO BROADCAST NETWORK  that offers you nothing but recycled sermons  ,ripped off from the estates of  long dead preachers; and do nothing but put money into the pockets of clever and cunning grave robbers ,who laugh themselves silly all the way to the bank.

How can you have any  respect for the scheming personalities you hear, on a daily basis, at RBN , who use the cleverly planned musical charade of Christian sentimentality to paint themselves as god-fearing true Christians . But are in fact nothing but clever INVESTORS/ Participating/EMPLOYEES.   And so ,they easily siphon of huge salaries ,expense accounts and end of year bonuses from out of the coffers of their totally corrupted and fraudulent phony baloney pseudo-religion enterprise.

Everything you hear and what you do not hear, is designed to make a psychological impression on all the SUN belt seniles and the delusional imbecilic into believing their future in the celestial kingdom is at risk  if they fail to send in the pledges, they stupidly made last month. 

How can anyone with half a brain fail to see how fraudulent these lying scumbags are when they openly boast of supporting the VCY AMERICA charlatans?   Can anything justify their connection with this politically motivated gang of tricksters?

The truth is that RBN is absolutely hated and  despised in the Pensacola local church community.


This lady runs the finance and accounting department and claims that RBN has ruined their finances and the ability to address the needs of the Pensacola Community.


Michael E. Collins grew up in Milton, Florida and married Pamela Jacobs in June of 1975. They have three adult sons, Jeff, Ben and Matt. Pam is the school nurse at Holm elementary school.

Senior Pastor Michael E. Collins was born again, filled with the Spirit and called of God to leadership in ministry during his adolescent years. Michael attended Pensacola Junior College and the University of West Florida, receiving a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts in 1977. In 1979, he received his Master’s Degree from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. In June 1979, Michael and his wife, Pam, returned to Pensacola to pastor this congregation of Christian believers.

Since Mike’s oldest son Jeff, has Cerebral Palsy and other challenges, he likes working with children that have special needs and understands the challenges facing them and their families. Pastor Collins serves on the Board of Directors of Loaves & Fishes Soup Kitchen and Globe International. He loves offering personal pastoral care to our growing congregation. He also serves as the Northwest Florida & South Alabama District Overseer and is a Presbyter of Liberty Fellowship.

Mike derives great pleasure working with dogs in obedience training and working with animals of all varieties.

ASSOCIATE PASTOR JERRY IRELAND.  This pastor claims that RBN and Pensacola Christian College have come close to putting them out of business and have financially ruined many of their Charitable outreach programs. And there are many others.

The position of dominance and financial power  that RBN enjoys, not only in the Pensacola area but across the Bible Belt invariably leads to abuse in all its many and varied forms.

After the self-evident financial abuse that routinely occurs at most of America ‘s Christian Radio Broadcast Networks ;This is the next most commonly occurring example of serious abuse in the phony RBN ministry among many others.

 Ted Haggard: I’m Probably What The Kids Call ‘Bisexual’

Rev. Ted Haggard in Rev.  

 , Rev. Ted Haggard addresses the continued assumptions that he’s gay, following revelations years ago that the prominent evangelical had a drug-fueled sexual relationship with a gay male former escort: “I think that probably, if I were 21 in this society, I would identify myself as a bisexual.”

But, he told GQ’s Kevin Roose: “I’m 54, with children, with a belief system, and I can have enforced boundaries in my life. Just like you’re a heterosexual but you don’t have sex with every woman that you’re attracted to, so I can be who I am and exclusively have sex with my wife and be perfectly satisfied.”

The profile provides a few other tidbits about Haggard, who resigned from the New Life Church and from his position as president of the National Association of Evangelicals after he admitted to the affair with his male meth dealer, who was also a prostitute.

When Haggard resigned, Roose reports, he signed a separation agreement, drafted by a board of overseers appointed by the church, which “required him to cut off all contact with members of the church, stay away from the media, perform no ministry-related work, and move his family out of Colorado.

Sharon Marshall – Ministry Assistant/Financial Secretary

Welcome to First Pentecostal Church

Thank you for visiting First Pentecostal Church of Pensacola . The goal of our church is to offer strength, encouragement and support in your journey to know Jesus Christ.
Ted was the chief exponent of the family values crowd of happy clappy imbeciles . His situation is typical and  exists throughout the bible-belt. And this includes all the happy jokers running things at RBN!
In fact these institutions are magnets that draw to themselves every form of sexual perversion known to the corrupted mind of man.
A very popular pastime making the rounds on the campus of P.C.C. is the old fill up the  BINDER routine. This is where all the rough and tough macho men  fill up their binders with pictures of  all the sexy incoming coeds.   At the end of the year ,they compare notes and this is how they get their jollies!
My Dear Christian  Mom  and Dad; Do you really want to send your daughter to a college where her privacy is violated?   Do you really want to see her picture in Caleb  Keener’s binder of sexy women?  
Do you really want your daughter or even your son to attend classes in a school where JIMMY MINCE lurks through the halls, setting up spy equipment, to catch your kids in the rest rooms or in their private moments?   Did you even know that JIMMY ,who is known for having an unstable personality,  routinely spies on both the coeds and young men that attend P.C.C.?
Jimmy is a little shy about flashing his nameplate over the air ;but he’s best known by his signature trademark: “YOU CAN’T BREAK GOD’S PROMISES BY LEANING ON THEM”  This bastard is as psychologically abnormal as they come ,yet he has close access to your young son and daughter. just listen to him when he comes on the air over at RBN.
I wonder who CRAIG MATTSON has in his binder of sexy young women and young male students?     I hope it’s not your own son or daughter,but it could be.

October 24th, 2012
This is just one of the many photos in the BINDERS of the big men on CAMPUS at P.C.C.  This is just to give you a good idea of what’s going on at P.C.C.
How do they get away with it?   Well ,it just could be the abject stupidity of the America people who believe everything they hear on the radio. OR IT COULD BE THIS AS WELL .

 VIC ELIASON’S FRIEND AND CLOSE CONFIDANT: Rabbi   Noson, from the birthplace of truth,honestly, and Christian integrity ; Brooklyn , New  York.  The rabbi in chief for the distribution of pornography all over the world.   This could be how these bastards get away with it.

Remember ; unless humanity rids the world of the Jewish World plague ; the Jewish World plague will rid the world of humanity.  THIS HAS BEEN YOUR GOOD NEWS COMMENTATOR bringing you more GOOD NEWS.   Til next time ;GOOD DAY and GOOD NEWS TO YOU!












REJOICE RADIO[RBN] VCY AMERICA Broadcast network and related ministries are A HOUSE OF MERCHANDISE and a DEN of THIEVES.

October 13, 2012

My Fellow Christians :   I reject the notion ,widely held inside the   circles of  upper level elitist Christians ,that all those on the lower half of the Christian totem pole ,who find themselves the victims of abuse and financial swindle, as being somehow deserving of their fate. 

The thinking  in these cliques of Christian folk ,who subsist on the  rarefied air of exclusivity, is that if the less astute and  half-educated  inside the Faith Community are so stupid as to believe the deceptive and ridiculous claims made by all the parasitic religion hustlers ,then they deserve to get  whatever  abuse and financial swindle that comes their way.   TAKE YOUR PICK ,ANY CARD in the deck.

My Christian people, as a life long Christian and as one who has never wavered from the basic tenets of the Christian faith , I find this position totally abhorrent and unworthy for any true believer to accept.  All  believers  are duty bound to defend the rights of all Christians ,even the least among us. 

  And if I  failed to warn you of all the clever and deceptive practices being used against those who lack the ability to intellectually defend themselves against the demonic inspired charlatans, who cleverly manipulate the  Christian radio broadcast networks, and all those spreading their lies and  con jobs as televangelists ,then I would be no Christian.

Spring Break 2010 In Panama City Beach PhotosTHIS IS PENSACOLA,FLORIDA.

Share-a-thon Invitation

Share-a-thon   Oct. 2–5, 2012

Across America and around the world

The prayers and gifts of faithful monthly share partners make it possible for us to continue providing Christ-honoring music and programming. As you pray about the commitment the Lord would have you make, here are a few things to consider:

Since we do not sell advertising or charge for air time, your faithful monthly giving keeps listener-supported Rejoice Radio on the air in your area.






Pensacola Country Club
1500 Bayshore Drive
Pensacola, FL 32507Private Club


Pensacola, FL

 Severe Weather Alert

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Hour-by-hour | 10-day

Pensacola Country Club

When this organization announced their share a thon , I decided to listen with paper and pen at hand, to take notes of all the  lying double talk , and false  presentations they would make ,to better inform you ,my comrades ,of the  crafty and cunning falsehoods these criminal minded religion racketeers would be pitching.


Here you see  only a few of the lucky ones ,who  work answering phones, during the many share-a-thons that REJOICE RADIO puts on and over the imbeciles in their listening audience.

 Can’t you see the look of satisfaction these dear people have on their faces? This comes with knowing they did a job –well  done.   .. The look of pure joy! ..Can you guess which one of these ladies is SUE from HERMISTON, who calls in to the CROSSTALK CALL-IN TALK SHOW ;put on by the clever cheats and swindlers operating  from the VCY AMERICA STUDIOS??

After using up two full sheets ,I decided that it would make little sense to continue .There was in fact nothing new ,but only the usual deliberate and well-organized litany of trickery and sweet talk. The entire share a thon ,never ventured beyond their usual distorted claims that they are LISTENER SUPPORTED; and the constant never-ending need to cover the costs of OPERATING EXPENSES.   

Included were the expected testimonials of all those supposedly calling in with their pledges of money . I say supposedly because they offer no proof  of the number that called. Many of the pledges that were read over the air ,had been called in and read before,earlier  in the day.

Pensacola Country Club



 For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God:

9 Not of works, lest any man should boast. :You cannot donate money to earn rewards in the pie in the sky!

Here of course is the verse of scripture they conveniently chose to drop from the four-day swindle  . But instead chose to pitch you the following scripture :

<< Luke 6:38 >>

New International Version (©1984)
Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.”

What is well-known  but  hidden from the public, is that the above scripture is the most frequently used by every fly by night pseudo-Christian religion hustler to scam the credulous out of their hard-earned money. And it should be noted that the staff working their scam at RBN also use this pitch on a routine basis.

 Con Artist


Dr. DeYoung Shalom!And thank you for visiting, home of Dr. Jimmy DeYoung’s ministries.Jimmy DeYoung is a prophecy teacher and journalist who travels the country and the world educating the Body of Christ of the future events foretold in God’s prophetic Word.His goal is to equip Christians with the knowledge and understanding of what God’s Word says will happen someday soon, so that they can make better decisions today.Jimmy DeYoung has several ministries to this end.Click the Links on the left to learn more about Jimmy DeYoung Ministries


You see ,these callous swindlers and professional liars want you to believe that giving them your money is good for you to do, and that you will reap great rewards in the afterlife if you support them. Of course they tell you ,that you are supporting a good Christian ministry ,interested in saving souls . But anyone can simply say the same thing. The truth can only be seen in  how they live ,and what they do with the money once they get it from the listenership. This is something they will never reveal.

 Donating money  is the Gospel that is preached ad nauseam with the sole objective of subjecting  the listenership of  THE REJOICE BROADCAST NETWORK  to overwhelming guilt if they do not “give to the Lord”. 

 All of the con artists you hear on Christian Radio  at one time ,appeared side by side with Jim and his evil wife Tammy ,extolling the  virtues of the PTL ministry.  They all took their turns in front of the camera declaring their love for the Lord and their determination to spread the Gospel all over the world. jim-tammy.bakker.jpg
But reality would show quite a different story . For once these scumbags were caught in their lies and deceptions, it became painfully clear, that these jokers were involved in  one of the oldest con-jobs in the world ,and were nothing but clever and very gifted swindlers;hustling their  incredibly stupid viewing audience.

Something I have always been troubled by — the concept of giving to the Lord.  Am I giving to  charlatans who are skillfully posing as men of God or am I giving to God?  Contributing to  the  coffers of RBN  is only used  to finance the extravagant lifestyles of  a gang of cheating and swindling businessmen , and not to help the needy communities of Pensacola. .  Of course these fraudulent organizations will set up phony ministries as front to their real intentions.  In some cases charities  will be set up — which only receive a fraction of   the  money they receive.   And the lion’s share [99%] goes to finance  the purchase of BMW.s ,  Luxury condos in Panama City,  trips to five-star resort areas.  This is despicable!

“it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.”

The only thing these filthy lying sons of bitches will receive running over their heads  is the verdict of GUILTY! “I never knew you.” .. this  verdict   can never be appealed and will send these bastards to burn in the black flames of eternity.

Who is there among us that has never heard of  THE KENNETH COPELAND MINISTRIES?

Here is clearly a criminal minded organization that delights in swindling   all the imbeciles in their ridiculous ministry of fraud  and deception.  READ WHAT FOLLOWS, and if this doesn’t open your eyes to the demonic workings of all these crooks then ,you just may be hopeless.

 The popular Kenneth Copeland of Kenneth Copeland Ministries lives in a large mansion in Texas. He recently asked his audience to help him spread the gospel by giving him $20 million to buy a new jet. Copeland promised that the plane “will never, ever be used as long as it is in our care, for anything other than what is becoming to you, Lord Jesus.”

   ABC affiliate in Dallas, WFAA, took a closer look. Reporter Brett Shipp obtained flight records that revealed that the Copeland jet, on its way to an evangelical seminar in Australia last October, made a two-day layover in Maui. Then it was on to the Fiji islands for another stop.

After seven days in Australia, the Copelands headed to Honolulu for another three days of what  they called “eating and rest.”

Last December, amid other evangelical stops, the airport, just a few miles a jet made the first of two trips to a Colorado way from Steamboat Springs Ski Resort.

And, finally, there was a flight to southwest Texas to a hunting ranch where the Copelands have bagged exotic game over the years

Spokesmen for Copeland  pointed out that they comply with all IRS regulations.


Keep in mind that the liars and professional actors and double talking cheats working the scam at REJOICE RADIO are joined together with Vic Eliason’s operation called CROSSTALK AMERICA!

 The typical radio listeners to the VCY AMERICA crosstalk radio network. I’m NOT SURE WHETHER THIS CHARACTER ON THE RIGHT IS SHAWN FROM CHATANOOGA TENN. or HARRY THE HOMO FROM PORT HURON. I’m really not sure .

They have only one thing in mind and that’s to separate you from your cash.

When any fundraising organization will not clearly and openly reveal where and how the money they  collect is spent and on whom it is spent,then  it’s a huge red flag .  it’s stupid to  donate to any of those ministries.

There’s no point in donating to a ministry that wants to take your money but not tell you a thing about how they’re  going to  spend that money.   It’s a very high probability that there is something terribly  wrong .  The attitude of these low life scumbags is “trust us,”

One point these lying bastards at both RBN and VCY AMERICA continue to make is that in scripture the  Apostles of Christ urged their newly formed churches to pass the plate on their behalf. And so they use such passages to justify their ridiculous extortionist demands for money.


 HERE IS A CANDID CAMERA PHOTO OF BRAD, FROM WEST ALLIS WISCONSIN. THE PROFESSIONAL ASS KISSER  that habitually calls the crosstalk radio call in program produced by the criminal pseudo religion radio hustlers ; VCY AMERICA NETWORK.   They all love this moron. This character is what the jewish media moguls hope all americans will soon resemble.

The average overly trusting dupe in the BAPTIST/Evangelical/  Fundamentalist community will

take that at face value and never question anything beyond what he hears from out of the mouths of all the glib performers putting on their clever and deceitful performances they have perfected over the years.  The average half- educated moron never bothers to ask if the Apostles and their disciples used the money collected for rest and relaxation at the  various  HOT SPOTS in Rome and at Corinth / Or what about betting on the chariot races at EPHESUS?  Or did they use the collected funds for dinner at Tony’s fine Italian dining during their Roman Holiday?

Given that the Apostles were hunted men,and appearing in public could have  led to their execution ,, it stands to reason they would need money from the  church membership  to keep from starving! not only for themselves but for the central church in Jerusalem ,also severely persecuted.

And there’s no end to the big swindle  prepared for you by the tricksters at RBN.. It spreads out into many other areas of Christian Religion concerns such as ;the six-day creation story, used again and again by even more subtle and sinister predator religion  crooks that look into areas of real estate investments.  Get enough idiots to believe in a six-day biblical version of creation  and then you can charge them an outrageous amount of money to visit a CREATION MUSEUM. And if they fall for that scam then why not a NOAH’S ARK  museum ,and so it goes.     Let the morons pay the mortgage note for the land and the imbeciles lining up to look inside can pay for the improvements. And not to mention the rezoning costs.

Want more confirmation ? Add in the Institute for creation research. This gang has been  debunked by   high school biology  students who wonder at the stupidity affecting America’s  adult  population.

THE ICR  also has skin in the creation science swindle game . They drum up the jerks and head them into the lap of one of America’s most notable religion hustler; Mr. Ken Ham. 

Ken Ham’s Adam a Porn Star


In Ken Ham’s Garden of Eden, the lion lays down with the lamb (and the dinosaur), but his Adam, Eric Linden, it seems, lays down with everything in sight. According to the Associated Press, Linden owns a pornographic web site called BedroomAcrobat.

Linden appears as Adam in one of 55 videos featured on visitor tours at Ham’s newly opened Kentucky Creation Museum.

Maybe it’s the video where they take to heart God’s injunction to be fruitful and multiply. Yes  ,porn has been ,and will forever be the bane of All the lying hypocrites pretending to love the Lord for fame and fortune. Don’t follow them,no,not even one!

But credit must be given where credit is due ,even to the devil, and so, let’s give credit to REJOICE BROADCAST NETWORK for  all the carefully planned levels of deceit they have assembled, to cheat and trick all the mindless dupes in their large audience.

I mean , where else can you find a better organized gang of cheap religion hustlers than right there in the heart of the Bible belt : Pensacola, Florida ; one of the most degenerate and depraved cities in America.   AND HERE IS WHERE YOUR MONEY GOES!!

 The softer touch you will never hear from the voices of REJOICE RADIO! 

make no mistake about it,my Christian comrades,This is where a good deal of the donation money goes ,that is  sent in to RBN from the share a thon they just concluded. THEY USE THE MONEY SO THEY CAN RIDE DIRTY ,SO THEY CAN RIDE DIRTY!!!

During their fall share a thon ,while Christians were calling in with their pledges, they erroneously believed were to be used for a Christian  ministry,   Caleb Keener was riding dirty with Linda Fannin ,causing the studio windows to steam up. He was ridin dirty just like he was ridin dirty with all the imbeciles in the RBN listenership.

Don’t let the lying scum of humanity working their clever  scams at RBN and VCY AMERICA cheat you. There’s no shame in  admitting you made a mistake . But there is shame in once knowing you were fooled and  to still make the same mistake.

This has been your GOOD NEWS COMMENTATOR ,bringing you more GOOD NEWS . til next time ,GOOD DAY AND GOOD NEWS TO YOU!

! Si  falla la humanidad a eliminar del mundo la plaga mundial de los judios  ;entonces , la plaga mundial de los judios eliminara’    del mundo  la humanidad!.

With just a little spanish lingo for all the DO -DO heads living out there in RIO LINDA!

FIRST IMPRESSIONS: Rejoice Radio [RBN] And other Christian Radio Broadcasters operating as predators and parasites on the Public’s Airwaves.

August 28, 2012

Comrades, Soldiers of The  True Cross ,  My Fellow Christians:    I have to give  thanks to  the VCY AMERICA  produced  Crosstalk  radio call-in program ,for introducing me to the very  musical and spiritually uplifting REJOICE RADIO  conglomeration ,broadcasting out of their studios  from Pensacola Christian College [wpcs] Pensacola, Florida.THE BLOODIEST DILETTANT IN THE HISTORY OF CHRISTIAN FAKERY!

While I may have come across  Rejoice Radio quite by accident ,simply by a random turn of the    dial .it wasn’t    until I learned that the gifted cheats and swindling hate-mongers working their scam from the  VCY Broadcast Network out of Milwaukee, are in fact   sponsored by Rejoice Radio [RBN]  ,did I then  develop a deeper interest in this incredibly deceitful musical Christian themed programming .A well thought out business deal,  put together by  some very  clever fund-raisers   , posing as a Christian  ministry.

And what a learning experience it has been!

 First things first.  The Vcy Network and their flagship operation called   Crosstalk America , are nothing but a cold and callous enterprise working tirelessly ;to arouse within the minds and emotions of some of America’s most gullible and less astute factions    within the  booby minded Evangelical cohort ;  a mindless state of urgency , on matters that are beyond their reach to change or to rectify.

And this is done for no other reason but    the base  desire to enrich themselves ,without regard to the consequences of their demonic efforts. It doesn’t take a degree in quantum mechanics to figure this out.

If you can stomach it ,give a listen to the dire effects this programming has had on the callers who routinely call in to respond to the hateful goading and suggestive banter being played out on the airwaves. This is what the owner and operator of this scam operation has done for decades  ;along with his co-laborer ,and at one time with his daughter Mrs. Ingrid Schlueter.  Yes. Mr. Vic Eliason and his junior partner, Jim the Chimp Schneider are good at what they do . But is it ethical  for this scam pseudo religion operation to call itself a ministry?  Reason and common decency would suggest otherwise.

While some may laugh it off as nothing more than the  creation of the twisted brain of a  religion hustler ,and simply  find entertainment value to its content  ;in recent days we have seen the slaughter of innocent Sikh worshippers ,many believe was   a result   of the never-ending hate filled diatribes of Mr. Vic Eliason ,and Jim the chimp :the two co-hosts of the crosstalk america call -in talk show.  The blood stains from the  floor of  the Sikh temple  ,located in Milwaukee’s suburbs ,practically in Vic’s backyard ,lead directly into the broadcast studios of Vic’s very own VCY AMERICA BROADCAST NETWORK.stock photo : A red paint soaked hand making a fist isolated on black.

Vic is clearly responsible in part  for their murders, and shares this responsibility,along  with his Jewish promoters . The anti Muslim  rhetoric on his radio show usually reaches a fever pitch, and so ,not surprising  , as a result was the   merciless killing of any and all who may resemble Muslims. How this took place is easy to see ,when you take into account  ,that the full diabolical meanness of modern-day Judaism rallied around this man and Vic stretched out his hands.

Michael Ben Ari
Michael Ben Ari

Right Wing Zionist Orthodox MK Rips Up New Testament, Drawing Condemnation – And Silence
Shmarya Rosenberg •

What has been cleverly disguised .and in fact exceeds the diabolical intentions of VCY AMERICA, is their  alliance  with THE REJOICE RADIO operation . Here the mood changes dramatically ,thanks to the long list of carefully chosen cast of characters ,put together to increase  the listener’s appreciation, of a true Christian Religion experience.

 And so, to   determine the net worth of RBN, one has to seriously evaluate each one of the many personalities presented each day to their vast listening audience.

To be perfectly honest with you my comrades, it took me all of thirty-five minutes to conclude that THE REJOICE RADIO programming was nothing but a BIG SWINDLE.   And the reasons are myriad.

To start  ; one usually begins  his listening experience by hearing   the glib and erudite sounding Craig Mattson ,and immediately the question arises as to  what exactly are  his contributions to this Country Gospel themed show.

Why  would the owners and business minded operators of RBN place this accomplished renaissance man in a position of prominence, on a day long program ,designed for the enjoyment of hayseeds, and the evangelical happy clappy crowd?     This was my first hard to figure out impression of REJOICE RADIO.  

Well, my comrades ,maybe hard for a few minutes  ;but this quickly  fell into place ,when remembering that the goal of  clever con-artists  is to always distract the pigeons into thinking they are dealing with a class act. And Craig delivers.   And that’s why Craig gets the big bucks.   That’s what he’s PAID to do.   Do you think this highly educated joker works for nothing?

And then again, there’s the Pensacola Christian College scam. What better way to calm the fears of parents thinking of handing their young kids over to these phony education operators than for them to listen to all the various segments of Craig’s reassuring pitch . This usually takes the form of a HONEY FOR THE SOUL episode ,or maybe a reading from PROVERBS or reciting excerpts from Aquinas and Augustine. Let’s not forget A. Kempis.

Now ask yourselves , what interest  would a bunch of backwater hicks have in hearing these authors ,even if they could understand what Craig was reading.   Here was the first indication that a major fraud was taking place.   When something looks out of place it usually means it was placed their deliberately.

Working down the list ,things become infinitely clearer.  The pleading , tear-stained voice of the professional senior citizen ,Dr. Don Smith, immediately will  catch  you by surprise. His offers to pray for deliverance of all those in desperate need  ,contribute to  his affable and comforting persona.    And here again, the average Christian will fail to find  anything negative to say.

But on closer observation ,you will see operating here ,a gifted snake in the grass. Yes, Don Smith is a professional liar ,who tricks and deceives for profit ,as many as he  possibly can, during the course of his  alloted seven minute ,on the air  spot.

Dr.Don is handed a script and it doesn’t really matter what the old fool reads ,if in fact he can read ,the important thing is the incessant pleading for prayer. Prayer to help the sick and dying and he insists on everyone with a medical  need write him and he will pray for healing. Couched in this clever presentation and gracious offer ,one hears the subtle suggestion that “if we pray for you ,then you pray for us” ; and prove it by sending in your check attached to your letter  of request.

Interesting how after I broke the news that all the letters and prayer requests   mailed in to REJOICE RADIO, in care of Don Smith ,had the checks and cash removed and subsequently bundled and unceremoniously tossed into the dumpsters by the clean up crew working the night shift at  Pensacola  Christian  College, that these requests immediately ceased.

It was either their trying to make-believe this never happened ,by taking it out of the minds of all the idiots in their listenership; or in fact ,all those listening no longer needed medical attention.  And therefore Dr.Don’s very  efficacious prayers were no longer required. Well, you don’t need to have the qualifications of a nuclear physicist to figure it out.  

Dr. Don Smith is another highly paid stooge working  his  scam on the seniors ,the elderly ,the sick and delusional, hustling them out of their social security checks and whatever they have left in their savings accounts and pension funds. The subtle suggestions he puts over the stupid and mindless  must be working,or else they would have pulled him off the midday time slot.   Taking advantage of their precarious positions in society, he urges them to pay up now  and gain their Eternal Consequences in the hereafter. An eternity of bliss awaits them if only they are faithful in giving in the here and now.  

And the cash and checks  these lying bastards get from out of the hides of the gullible and less astute ,are quickly deposited into the bank accounts of Rhonda Autry, Bethany Crawford and all the other street hustlers finding employment at RBN : the nationally known headquarters of corn ball religiosity and the constant mind numbing renditions of BEULAH Land so appreciated by the ever-expanding happy clappy crowd ,all across along the Bible-Belt.

If you want to hear the abject stupidity coming out of   the mouth of a typical Bible-Belt  crazy   ,give a listen to Vic Eliason’s   Crosstalk  America  Program and wait for SHAWN  from Chattanooga Tenn. to make his entrance ,and there you will clearly understand just how moronic the majority of   fundamentalists  sound. 

  In Shawn’s case ,I truly believe he suffers from a severe personality disorder or  possible an inherited mental deficiency ;  and  so ,needs further consultation with a professional.

Back to First Impressions of Rejoice Radio : And so my comrades , it slowly began to dawn on me, that everything RBN  presented to the listenership ,either in their musical selections ,or by way of the many inspirational readings they put forth ,are designed to arouse a sense of obligation  on the  part of the listenership , for having the temerity  to  listen to their  Christian theme music , without feeling the need to cough up the bucks to pay for everyone’s  salary increase and end of year bonus.

This became even more obvious, after having the regrettable experience of hearing some of the most  juvenile sounding aphorisms from one of Christian radio’s leading swindlers : Dr. Jimmy Mince.    This bastard is as  ominously sly as he is cleverly  cunning, and it shows every time he opens his filthy mouth  ,revealing his nicotine stained teeth.    The very fact that the con artists and religion hustlers who run Rejoice Radio would put a scum bag like Jimmy Boy on the air to intimidate and hustle the elderly and the half-educated, is reason enough, to dismiss everything  else  this gang of religion criminals ever think to put over the air.

It makes all the  verbiage  you hear from Craig or Rhonda or the biggest joke of the weekend presentation:  Erwin Lutzer; and  all the boring bed time stories from Dr. Mullinex or J.Vernon McGee inflicted  on the gullible ,seem like so much pious blather. Meaningless nonsense!





Dr. Erwin W. Lutzer is an evangelical Christian pastor, teacher and author. He is currently the senior pastor of Moody Church, in Chicago, Illinois…..  ERWIN  LIES THROUGH HIS TEETH!
There  are others who deserve mention ,but it’s basically all the same pitch and presentation. They play for   you some old  carefully selected  Country  Gospel  recordings ,filled with subtle and often direct suggestions to send in the money to the studio address and in turn they feed your neurosis by calling you Prayer Warriors or Share Partners or fill your brain with the thought that someone will” meet you by the eastern gate.” Well ,now you know what a bunch of clever sons of bitches these sacks of manure really are.

But if nothing else will convince you, then the abject criminality involved in the supporting nexus connecting REJOICE RADIO with the dreadful hate-mongering con artists over at VCY AMERICA should.  What organization ,even one that habitually lies and scams their fan club would ever have anything to do with the crime family called VCY AMERICA?   This gang ,  not only is a breeding ground for  other cheats and swindlers to gain access to the gullible and naïve audience ,that tunes them in ,but has also proudly and publicly proclaimed their undying support to the sworn enemies of JESUS CHRIST?  

What other organization would complain about  some  trivially  offensive  theatrical performances  by a private theatre group in Wisconsin, but ignore the truly offensive and sacrilegious presentations being performed by the international racketeers in Israel?

   The only scumbags that refuse to admit who are  the true  sworn enemies of  Christianity and all mankind  ,    are  BRAD from West Allis Ws. and the other  lying bastard is Dr. Jew Jew Mullinex who     knows as much     about the Bible as      Hitler knew about  the benefits of circumcision.                                             Brad is another regular caller to the clever scam artistry known as CROSSTALK!

Insulting Christians on Israeli Television: `The Crucifixion of Yeshu’

 In this Israeli television skit, a scantily clothed Jewish girl explains “Jewish history,” and why Jesus (“Yeshu”) is a great danger to the Jewish people. For the sin of preaching to “innocent Jews,” a little gorilla who wants to live like the “goyim” is painfully put to death. “Yeshu [Jesus], you are a Nazi,” she says as she kills him. Runtime: two minutes.

Israel ,which receives many billions of dollars belonging to the American People is supported ,you can guess by whom   ;but     if you guessed  the VCY AMERICA outfit ,you would be correct. The  same gang connected at the hip to Rejoice Radio.  people ,  IT’S ALL ONE BIG SCAM!


Defining Rejoice Radio[RBN] and the many fraudulent ministries on CHRISTIAN RADIO BROADCAST NETWORKS.

July 10, 2012

My Fellow Christians:   The proliferation of Christian radio broadcasting ,is a direct result  of  the   millions of church members ,losing faith, and trust in the clergy  of their respective denominations.   The fault and blame   can be openly seen and traced , to the simple reading of the various sordid accounts ,that fill the front pages of  today’s newspapers and routinely heard over the airwaves.

The clergy ,unable to  serve the needs of their congregations, have resorted to taking  advantage  of the gullibility and abject stupidity ,often found among those  that trusted them to do the right thing.

And so develops the need for many to think of the Christian radio dial ,as something of an  alternative to church attendance.  This obviously has not gone unnoticed by the many hundreds if not thousands of clever charlatans, ready to jump in where the professional clergy left off.  

  This  clergy ,consisting of professional and  overly paid pastors,ministers,bible teachers ,who  ripped off their membership , to gain as much money as possible  before  getting  caught ;before their crimes  became known to the world.    Being caught,  quite often ,simply   resulted in the quick transfer of the offending pastor to another unsuspecting church.Their function changes from one of shepherd of the flock , to that of fund-raiser to the foolish.  And raising money becomes the hallmark of their success.   Con Artist 

But the horror stories are not limited to financial con jobs and assorted swindles; it also took the form of serious sexual abuse of those least able to defend themselves :the very trusting and believing children. 

Whereas this is viewed in the context of depravity and betrayal; but  for others, it is looked at as an opportunity to profit  and learn ;by avoiding the mistakes of those whose crimes against innocent humanity  have recently  come to light. 

And Christian Radio provides the perfect   cover   for the  furtherance  of financial and mental abuse that has been shown to exist in a majority of those who rely on  this medium to fill their spiritual needs. 

In many cases ,the Broadcast  Networks  grow in size to  the point where they can  metastasize    into related ministries;ministries where sexual abuse of minors can readily take place; schools ,summer camps and recreation centers, being the mode of choice, for the sick and depraved lurking within the Christian Radio administration staff.

If   one looks clearly at the REJOICE BROADCAST NETWORK,  broadcasting from the studios of Pensacola Christian College, we can see distinct elements of this clever attempt to convince the anonymous and mindless listenership that they are providing  vitally important Christian life  enhancing experiences.  Experiences to all those whose conventional church  membership resulted in   :  heresy ,betrayal , sexual depravity and criminality.

The cover provided by Radio, serves these frauds well ,and allows them to get away with things that even your local pastor never thought of. How can you find fault with  the kindly  voice of an elderly person desiring to pray for you?  

This is what you hear every midday on REJOICE RADIO, from out of the mouth of Dr. Don Smith ,a sorrowful sounding Christian soul;or that is what they would have you believe. Don Smith is a small but effective cog in the Rejoice radio network , whose sole purpose is to disarm the  cautious among the elderly in the audience.

This is where the money is at :among the old and those near death’s doorstep.  And so Dr. Don Smith comes along ,well paid and highly appreciated by all the parasitic vultures providing him with a script and a microphone, to spread his carefully construed  litany of deceit and swindle, to all the sick and aged . To the end of getting their clawed hands on the life savings and property of those who mistakenly believe that sweet old Don loves them and is praying for them.

This is the basic element of FRAUD ;to convince the pigeon that he is loved and cared for. And so the process of trust and confidence in the pitchman takes hold. Why do you think they call it a confidence racket? 

 You have to know what you are really hearing, and not what the clever hustlers  running  things behind the  scenes would  have you believe. 

  RBN is one of the biggest radio frauds to exist and still  not finding itself  behind bars .

One of the main facets to look for in any swindle, is the way the frauds use other like-minded cheats and scam artists to aid them in their operations.   There’s strength in numbers, and this holds true for con-artists ,as it does for honest people.

And RBN is good at attracting a veritable consortium of slick tricksters to help them in their overall attempt in providing the dupes listening, with the psychic benefits that come with trust and confidence and Christian Faith.

And here the clever hypocrites never miss a beat. The deliberate conjoining with other cheats and frauds cannot help but provide a confirming mantle to the sweet   chirping from the  station manager and the story telling ladies, that are sure to convince even the most skeptical. Give a listen to the “THROUGH THE BIBLE ” litany of whisky throated sermonettes from the pushy J.VERNON  McGEE ; a long time   dead   radio preacher ,whose  past and forgotten sermons were dug up by the slick grave diggers who ply through the remains of the dead ,hoping to find something they can make a quick buck from . 

Just listen to the  voice introducing the   Vernon  Mc Gee  Bible  Bus series, brimming with hypocrisy and deceit ;almost salivating at the thought of the check filled envelops that will soon be coming through the mail. What a demon possessed  bastard this  character is!

 Add to that all the other clowns working under the REJOICE RADIO circus tent ,such as ; KEN HAM and all the incredibly pre-planned  deceitful and deliberately stupid con artists working the scam from the institute for creation research ,and you get pretty much a well-rounded picture of how Christian radio scam works over the idiotic Evangelical/Baptist jerks in this country.

And isn’t this what we’re dealing with here ?   Isn’t this what all the Gospel music is intended to do?  And it’s done with only one purpose in mind.   To give the audience the sure belief that they are dealing with a true Christian ministry worthy of their financial consideration.

What never crosses the minds of the gullible and credulous is that music ,no matter how spiritually uplifting it may seem to the listeners, is just music ,and doesn’t convey anything about the intentions of  those who provide the music; or  in fact ,the status of Christian Faith on the part of the singer/performer of whatever piece of gospel music is heard.

The singer may well be a Jew or a Hindu at heart ,for all anyone knows. How would you know?

What if a group of Jews and Hindus got together and started a Christian Radio Broadcast Network, providing Gospel music and sermonettes all day long ;but they only used Christian sounding personalities to speak to the public.

What if they did this to make a financial killing off the credulous and naïve Christian  listening audience?  An audience they knew  to be susceptible to all forms of scriptural sentimentality; would you still feel they were worthy of your financial considerations or would you see them for what they were: a bunch of slick money-grubbing cheats and swindlers.

In few words , the sentimental sounding music they play for you over at RBN or the soulful sounding pleadings from the elderly  DON SMITH ;the professional senior  citizen, should never be the basis  for making a decision to support any Christian Faith organization or ministry.   What counts is what they do ,not what they SAY!  remember TALK is cheap.

I firmly believe that on judgment day man will not be judged by what he THOUGHT but by what he DID!

The RBN radio operation has all the earmarks of a very clever and well thought out operation to cheat,swindle and defraud the public .

On top of all the deceptions and clever entrapments that are set before the feet of the incredibly stupid listeners ;most of which go undetected ,there are two glaring examples of just how brazen these filthy bastards working the scam over at RBN can get. Who is there that hasn’t heard of how deeply involved RBN is with the notorious criminal minded hate mongers  commonly called the VCY AMERICA BROADCAST NETWORK who operate the CROSSTALK AMERICA call-in talk show? 

Only someone who is deaf ,dumb and certifiably  brain diseased   , will fail to see  the  hypocrisy  in any outspoken Christian ministry having anything to do with this infamous gang of boisterous and riotous gang of cheats and con-artists.   Liars and smart butt jokers that work the airwaves with a lot of corn-ball political banter ,usually leading to calls of violence being made against elected officials. And all this with the smiling approval of some of the most depraved and singular abusers of humanity ever to be awarded a license to broadcast!  And with the knowledge and smiling approval of all the lying and cheating scumbags over at RBN ,Pensacola ,florida : one of the most sexually depraved cities in America!Spring Break 2010 In Panama City Beach Photos

Give a listen to the cheating son of a bitch who runs the show as RBN station manager. He’s the lying piece of  excrement whose voice is made to sound like that of  an usher’s at a graveside funeral.    He’s the one who puts out the lie about RBN having the purpose of  a MISSIONARY OUTREACH. To where ? you lying son of a bitch ,to where and to whom?

Anytime you hear any phony Christian  missionary project , on or off the radio airwaves, ask yourselves ;are they planning to save the lost souls of the Jewish people in America and   all over  the world?    

In connection with missionary outreach to the Jewish people I have this to say: It ‘s a shameful thing to witness how the entire Evangelical/Baptist faith community oozes sympathy for the security needs of Israel and is concerned for the general welfare of the Jews,but remains aloof and stubbornly  hard-hearted when it comes to helping them find their TRUE MESSIAH: The Lord Jesus Christ , the Great Nazarene.

 And in view of the pro-jewish attitude of the Evangelical church community, it should be its obvious duty ; to reach out and save the lost and hell-bent destiny of the  Jews, they so greatly love and admire.

The arguments these churches think up for not attempting to convert them actually speak for what many of us have said about the jewish people.   And that it may well be a gigantic waste of time . That Jews are not simply possessed by demons  ,but they  are  the    demons   . And must be avoided at all costs.

Don’t fall for the lying and scamming going on all  over the Christian Radio Dial ;but above all things ,simply avoid RBN and the VCY AMERICA criminal enterprise in America!

This has been your GOOD NEWS COMMENTATOR with more GOOD NEWS and a prayer for the day  . Til next time ;GOOD DAY AND GOOD NEWS TO YOU!

Gold Mines in Africa? Get rich in Africa without leaving home! Listen to VCY AMERICA and learn how to start another PRAYER RACKET FOR AFRICA SCAM.

June 2, 2012


 My Fellow Christians:  The day when a small group of private investors could pool their resources and finance an expedition to Africa, in search of Gold and other  precious metals, is  over.    Often due to   the  resentment that African natives still  feel  toward   white adventurers; traced in part, to many years of colonial rule.     A rule  often highlighted by the lash across the backsides, of many Black natives .   It is  certainly reasonable  to avoid this get rich quick scheme .

But there are other equally profitable ways to make a killing in Africa ,which do not involve any personal risk to one’s physical  safety . In fact ,the way most often used that will surely engender praise and encouragement from the majority Christian Community, is the salvation missionary safari ,intended to bring the lost and heathen jungle bunnies into God’s salvation plan .

What could be more laudable ,but for the fact ,that more often than not ,the missionary, simply destroys a functioning community , one that is fundamentally sound , and  having  its own native culture ; and simply replaces   it with a  westernized world view, that is neither morally    or  in any way ,culturally Christian.

And so,  many in the Christian Faith Community ,for the most part [those with integrity and honesty] ,have simply allowed this practice of destroying the  native cultures of Africa  and replacing  them with  something   less than morally acceptable, to fall into a state of desuetude. All those except the money-grubbing and clever charlatans that see in the missionary ideal a chance to make a financial killing.

The financial killing ,as in other pseudo christian enterprises, relies  squarely on the gullibility and abject stupidity of the Evangelical/Baptist crowd of born again morons.

This is the  most sought after demographic in the  country   ,in terms of providing huge financial windfalls to each and every clever con-artist   in America, who understands the easy to swindle nature of the average Evangelical jerk.

A good way to get acquainted  with  the nuts and  bolts of  this type of con-artistry is to listen to some of the very clever Christian radio broadcasters who offer their time and talents to any and all promising endeavors of this nature.

Anyone,  with  even a modest education can clearly see how the missionary scam unfolds ,but sadly ,those that can divide truth from swindle are few, and therefore pose little  threat of exposure , to the clever presentations being made to the credulous listening audience.

One of the best in the pseudo christian radio broadcast scam  business   is the highly  regarded  VCY AMERICA BROADCAST NETWORK; which uses its CROSSTALK radio program to acquaint the public with every swindler and cheat in the missionary for hire scam operation.

Mr. Vic Eliason , the crosstalk call-in talk show host , and owner of VCY AMERICA NETWORK , orchestrates the presentation with  some serious banter  about the sacrificial nature  of missionary work and the much desired feelings of Christian accomplishments  that come as a result.

He then introduces his guest for the hour ;usually a convincing personality that profusely thanks the host for his generous airtime  he has  been given.  He then proceeds to tell  the host of the dire need to reach out to the lost, living   in the remote tribal areas of Africa. All     living    lives of utter depravity and are therefore destined to burn in hell.

In order to authenticate the pitch ,the clever missionary promoting con artist  is then allowed to introduce one of the former lost souls he’s picked up   from tribal Africa ; travelling with him on his rounds ,from one radio talk show   to another.

The primitive, seated  with Vic and the promoter , sounds off with the usual scripted plea for help and prayers . And the emphasis at this time is on PRAYERS .

As the three-way dialogue continues ,Vic interrupts with invitations for web sites and phone numbers and addresses to  be given ; whereby the    teary eyed gullible pigeons listening ,can find it in their hearts to send a check to help  defray  the costs of supplying radio towers or cheap plastic radios, to be given out to the primitive savages living in Uganda or South Sudan .Wherever the need is greatest!

Or how about school supplies or how about the printing of Bible tracts or how about some free lunches ? You name it, they will claim it, to be of utmost importance to the furtherance of the Gospel; and also to help the native population to rightly divide the word  of God, rather than to divide each other by the machete.

 What the  listening public fails to grasp is that whatever funds these cheap sleazy missionary swindlers pick up, goes to them free of any strings. The money is theirs to use as they see fit. And they can see fit to use it for whatever depravity crosses their minds .

And there’s nothing you can do about it.  All you have is the word of the missionary pitchman ,a primitive native ,and the word of one of Christian radio’s foremost hustlers :Mr. Vic Eliason. Veracity is not the strongest point of this preacher’s kid[ a lie]…. Need anyone really say more?

But what should come to the attention of every seriously concerned Christian ,eager to evangelize the world ,is the desperate need to spread the Salvation Gospel to the Jewish community ,right here in America. 

 It seems entirely incredulous that this  Jewish segment of our population , so loved and adored by the Christian/Evangelical/Baptist faith community , should be so  ignored and left wanting of the thing most needed by all those who have not accepted the Gospel message of love and peace.

 You know, my fellow Christians ,what a shameful spectacle it is to see, how  the whole Evangelical Church oozes sympathy for the poor tormented nation of Israel  , with all its concerns  for  security;  and at the same time remains aloof and  unconcerned ,when it comes to helping them with a clear understanding of the Christian faith,the Gospel message ,and the plan of salvation.

 What a total  lack of compassion for the Jewish people in America, to  deny  extending to these people the benefits of a truly compassionate religion; but also  the certain escape  from  the black flames of eternity. Which would otherwise be their certain fate.  

And in  terms of the compassion and understanding that Christians today   view  the Jewish people ; and therefore in view of    this  attitude ,it is an obvious duty to do everything possible to evangelize  this so vitally important faith demographic in America.   The Jews are obviously the descendants of Old Testament personalities ,and certainly worthy of missionary work to save their dying souls.

But to again emphasis what a  scam enterprise missionary work has become ,the thought of  converting  the Jews never crosses the minds of all the clever hypocrites that work the  pseudo Christian Radio Airwaves. They know that their broadcast licenses would be terminated if any attempt were made to conduct a national  EVANGELIZING   OUTREACH  to the JEWS campaign.

Never believe   what you hear on the phony and  clever hypocritical Christian radio programming . Nothing goes over the airwaves by accident.  And of course RBN is in the slime of things all the way up to their red necks!  Rejoice radio is the clever  and swindling outfit that works hand in glove with the  VCY  america prime time scam artists.



May 15, 2012

  Comrades,Soldiers of the Cross, My Fellow Christians: One word I have never learned the meaning of, is the word surrender ,in fact the word has never been part of my vocabulary.

! Si  falla la humanidad a eliminar del mundo la plaga mundial de los judios  ;entonces , la plaga mundial de los judios eliminara’    del mundo  la humanidad!.



This has been especially true as it applies to my Christian faith and  beliefs.

As a Christian I feel duty bound to fight for this faith in the one area in most need of defending  :those who live their lives in the world of the   gullible ,  trusting and naïve.

And to fight and defend them without thought of rest or compromise against the forces of darkness arrayed against all true believers.

These forces can be found living among us in various circumstances  ,in the church community ;in government ,the professional media ,and in the popular culture.

 There is  one area that has been the  most overlooked, and  lies foisted upon  the people of God , like a hidden parasitic boil ,slowly poisoning the entire body ,draining it of its life and meaning.

 And in this dark realm , a veritable army of trained deceivers ,liars ,exploiters of the naïve and gullible are ready to swindle the God-fearing out of their finances ;eager to leave them

  stripped of their beliefs and convictions :as seen when a horde of black rats devastate a field of corn just prior to harvest.

The best way to leave someone disillusioned and disgusted with his faith convictions is to abuse him,swindle or deceive him, in the name of Christianity.

We see this in the Roman Catholic Church , now reaping the rewards of a bitter harvest.

How many committed Christians in this Church will never return due to the unbridled sexual abuse that continues against

the most vulnerable  ; by the very ones sworn to defend them ,the bishops ,pastors ,the priesthood itself will never be known but to God alone.

The deceptions ,the treason ,the sexual abuse continue throughout the Christian community and in fact, an entire

industry has been created, free from governmental oversight that lives and prospers at the expense of the naïve and gullible ,and all the

unsuspecting members of the various church denominations  as well as other concerned Christians. 

In most cases this abuse goes unreported due to the inability of Christians to understand the strategy and scam techniques used against them.-And there are many!

One is to simply rely on a perceived position of power and authority as seen occurring lately within the Catholic Church.

This ploy is usually most effective when used against the young ,but can sometimes work well against the adult segment of the church population.

But there are more subtle scams at work throughout Christendom ,far more subtle ,  more convincing.  And here is what divides the more successful from those easily detected :their ability to use subtlety in their promotions, fund-raising scams and false and deceptive practices.

It hardly surprises anyone since a lot of this double-talk is derived from a lawyer’s pen,trained to cloud and trick, to mince the difference in meanings and intentions.

This is what you hear when a famous Christian radio talk show host claims to be LISTENER SUPPORTED. – Hinting that this is their only means of support and without which they would depart

from the airwaves ,leaving you at a loss as to what to do in the future.

It never registers to the incredibly stupid listening audience that even if only one listener sent a donation to them either by credit card ,check or over the net on their craftily manufactured website ,this would technically make them LISTENER SUPPORTED! What a clever trick!

Another of their many clever tricks is the NON-PROFIT designation to their ministry scams and operations.

Few in the Christian faith understand that huge amounts of money can be collected and distributed to those in charge of their MISSIONARY or FUND-RAISING operations in the form of large salaries and

expense account entitlements, with practically nothing going to the poor heathen and destitute they claim to have a heart-felt interest in helping ,and still keep their NON-PROFIT STATUS. – NICE WORK IF YOU CAN GET IT!

In fact practically all fund-raising for missionary work is handled by private NON-PROFIT CONTRACTORS who do all the phone-calling and mailing and once they squeeze as much as they can

from the sentimental idiots in the population ,they then sit down to divide the booty ,taking for themselves huge amounts in compensation for their so-called NON PROFIT CHARITY.

Any money delivered to the charity itself is also eaten up by huge salaries and compensation to third parties, and the never-ending but always opaque expense account allowances .

Expenses that may include personal items such as dinner and drinks at expensive restaurants in the PENSACOLA AREA ,gifts

for their girl friends or imbecile children ,pornography,visits to the out-of town bordellos and massage parlors ,or even for their car payments.

I assure you none of you will  ever know exactly where,but if you look at past RADIO and TELEVISION personalities that had a long spree swindling their listening audiences ,these ” expenses” are common and usually seen when a complete investigation takes place.

Do not ever fall for any of these scams.

Technically they can claim NON-PROFIT but in fact it is just another legalised form of religion swindling.


THE FATE OF A RELIGION SWINDLER. Will VIC ELIASON return the money   he grabbed from his sham, share a thons  and return it to the LORD or will he  return  the thirty pieces of silver to the high priests?



Always be wary when these jokers make a pitch for donations but never provide you with precise details as to how these funds to be collected will be used.

When they simply claim a need to cover their , OPERATING EXPENSES ,be especially cautious ,since this is basically a

meaningless term. It could mean anything! Whenever you send these jokers any money ,you lose all control over it ,no matter how they decide to use it.

Many charities that are found in certain SIN CITIES such as PENSACOLA are especially suspicious given the general environment of the area.

Pensacola is noted for its high-priced restaurants and watering holes ,not to mention their bordellos and strip clubs that are

frequented by the administrative staffs of many of the religious institutions in that area.

Do you really want your charity dollars to support the strippers,whores ,massage parlor sex workers of that area?

If you ever decide to send money to any charity scam always ask to see a statement of FINANCIAL CONDITION beforehand.


Remember that lies ,deceit, crafty manipulations can never be part of a CHRIST CENTERED CHURCH or organization.

Anyone selling you books or useless fraudulent reading material is not a CHRISTIAN but only interested in fleecing you out of your money. Anyone who is affiliated or in any way associated

with deceivers or clever money grubbers ,willing to lie ,cheat ,steal and falsify history or demean other church organizations

to the end of creating discord, is not worthy of anything but condemnation. AND LET’S GIVE IT TO THEM!

Always ask them to verify and prove everything they say,especially when it comes to a pitch for money.

Stay strong my Comrades ,remember who the true enemies of CHRIST are and remember those traitors and disciples of JUDAS ISCARIOT who exploit the body of Christ behind their

sanctimonious and saccharin readings and presentations ,no matter how legitimate they may sound.

Remember, when you hear someone on the radio ,you are hearing a trained voice ,an actor ,a trickster ,hired as a stooge in

order to drum up the profits to the radio station. And they can say ANYTHING they please to trick you. DON’T LET THEM!

Sooner or later they will be exposed for the criminal minded pick pockets they truly are, it’s just a matter of time.

keep your ears open and free of wax and they will betray themselves.

When was the last time any of these clever money grubbers ever criticized the enemies of Christ? How can they ?– They are beholden to them for their broadcast licences.

They are willing to cover for the international maggots and fleece their fellow Christians rather than stand up for the CHRIST they pretend to be in AWE of!

Anyone who is a friend of those who murdered CHRIST and  who attack  His Cross can never be our friend . Let us REJOICE in their demise which shall surely come upon them.

Jesus is accused by the Pharisees. Matt 26:57-27:2; Mark 14:57-15:1; Luke 22:66-71.

“IN THE YEAR OF OUR LORD” is an offence to these international criminals ,and this statement acknowledging the

CHRISTIAN ORIGINS of this nation causes them grief but where are those who stupidly condemn ISLAM for fraudulent and selfish motives but stay strangely silent at this latest attack on the CHRISTIAN COMMUNITY AT LARGE.?

Why they are busy preparing to attack OTHER CHRISTIANS ,THAT’S WHERE!

These judases are totally working under the JEWISH WHIP ,therefore must be equally condemned not only by

Christians but by the whole world. –Do your part ,and never support them. JUST SCORN THEM –and may God reward them accordingly.

THE WORLD PLAGUE: The Devil We Know,and the little Devils we are starting to know:VCY AMERICA &THE SCAM ARTISTS AT REJOICE RADIO [RBN]; Pensacola Florida.

May 8, 2012

My Fellow Christians:    I have never wavered from the basic tenets of the Christian Faith;but just because someone tells me that he or she is a Christian ,does not give them the right to deceive me or to cheat  me.

As  a Christian ,I’m under no obligation to allow myself to be tricked or swindled.



If someone claiming to be a part of a ministry, should approach  you  for money , telling you that this is pleasing to the Almighty or to the Lord Jesus  ,you have sufficient grounds to believe  you   are being targeted  ,  by a professional religion swindler. 

The means by which this type of fraud is put over the gullible and stupid can take many forms. One way, is by pretending to be in need of money,  so as to carry out a ministry ,to those in need of hearing the Gospel.

You hear this pitch coming at you on a daily  basis  by many working  in the Christian Radio Broadcast  networks ; that try to convince the slow to give, that their donations will have eternal consequences;meaning that you will receive preferential treatment in the world to come.  And who is there  among the Evangelical roobs ,that wouldn’t  like to get an upgrade or even a V.I.P   card  in Beulah Land?

Rejoice Broadcast Network is one such outfit that has grown incredibly rich by presenting themselves as a legitimate Christian ministry ,when they in fact are nothing but a very cleverly organized fund-raising outfit, designed to live the good life at the expense of this nation’s naïve and easy to fool.

It’s all well done and with the help of all the clever hypocrites on the payroll ; they succeed in swindling all the Evangelical roobs who are too uncomfortable with church attendance ,and find the programming and music they hear, as a good substitute.

You must hear these operators  for yourself, and with a modicum of discernment you can hear the pleas for your hard cash coming through loud and clear. And they don’t miss a trick.   The one smart thing they did was to hire a sincere sounding radio celebrity ,someone with a good radio voice ,to chat and joke and sound witty for the purpose  of relaxing and calming the anxious .

 Give a listen to Mr.  Craig Mattson and there you have a real pro at major radio deception.   Craig is one of these clever hypocrites who lies with a virtuosity that bends iron beams.   And he’s worth the money.

The sad facts will never be known by his national audience and   these scumbags operating   behind the scenes ? well,frankly my dear Evangelical  dupes  ,THEY DON’T GIVE A DAMN!

How many in the listenership of Rejoice radio will ever get to see  Craig Mattson, or Caleb Keener out on the golf course or eating   gourmet dinners at Pensacola’s five-star eateries?   

 Or what about Rhonda Autry and the luxurious beach front property she relaxes in year in and year out. All the while ,the morons in the radio audience are gullible enough to believe these con-artists have a deep concern for spreading the Gospel by means of ‘THEIR MUSICAL MINISTRY AND THEIR DVD AND CD TAPE MINISTRY?

Then there’s Dr. JEW JEW Joel Mullinix ,who puts  out  his Old Testament reading recitals ,he  brazenly refers to as sermons. Let’s not forget the professional senior citizen who uses his trained radio voice to trick the stupid into  accepting his offer to pray for the sick, and don’t forget to include your check ,you BUM!

 All of these clever charlatans are incredibly wealthy  scumbags and are great in prayerfully and tearfully cajoling you into sending in your hard-earned cash ,enabling them to continue in their decadent lifestyle of luxury and idleness ,all the day long…. And this is the ONLY reason they do everything in their power ,to cheat you out of your money.


One of the more conniving is the radio announcer that usually makes his appearance ,later in the evening, reminding everyone that RBN is LISTENER SUPPORTED. 

 Now that’s a clever scam that is used throughout the  Christian Radio Broadcast Networks. He cleverly forgets to mention all of their CORPORATE AND POLITICAL SPONSORS WHO CONTRIBUTE MANY MILLIONS OF DOLLARS into  the  coffers of RBN. in exchange for the political peddling ,PENSACOLA CHRISTIAN COLLEGE and  their fund raising outlet[RBN] have become experts in providing.

This bastard also thinks he’s being smart,cute and clever when he tells the morons in the radio audience that; ” YOU CAN’T BREAK GOD’S PROMISES BY LEANING ON THEM”   My,.My  ,what a clever and smart thing to say!  

 Yeah JIMMY BOY ,you know how to handle the jerks in your vast audience. I have to admit, you’re a clever cheat and an expert scam artist!

On the other end of the spectrum is the callous and criminal diatribes you hear from one of RBN’S affiliates ; THE VCY AMERICA SWINDLE ,using the radio call in format called CROSSTALK.


Vic Eliason is the honcho here, and this crusty old bastard appeals to the political dupes that think they actually know something about the  world. I mean how could they not.

Ever had a chance to hear DOROTHY from  OLNEY, Illinois ,or  that sociopath BRAD ,from West Allis Ws. who wants to murder one-third of humanity because they pray in a mosque and not in a church and also   have no   desire  to listen to what  the  moron has to say.  Very  sensitive guy ,for calling himself a man,  and he ‘s  so easily offended.!

There’s no end to the stupidity   one hears coming from the broadcast studios of VCY AMERICA . Milwaukee Ws.

 Based on my limited knowledge of  Muslims ,I can tell you as honestly as  I can, that they are not stupid people.   In fact in terms of human understanding they can run circles around the average American.

Despite their unkept and slovenly appearance and at times their disjointed and erratic speech ,the Muslims are three steps ahead when it comes to sizing up all those they come in contact with.

Whether it’s their neighbors , their customers , friends or enemies ,they know  more about you than you think.

The Muslims are firm believers that whatever one has in  his  mind  or in  his  heart , it will eventually pour out of  his  mouth. 

 The more the Evangelical dupes speak ,the more they betray themselves. The more that Vic Eliason whips up the  abject  stupidity of his listening audience the more the Muslim community gets to see the inherent weakness in the Christian Faith Community.

Whether it’s found in the BIBLE BELT or in Milwaukee ,it’s all the same . 

 So  is it any  wonder that Muslims in The U.S , after hearing the stupidity coming from out of the mouths of  a goodly cross section of America’s Christian faithful   should   grow  bolder in demanding respect for  their social and religious rights .?

Their newly found  assertiveness is as a direct result   of  hearing ,seeing and learning that Christians are basically stupid.

 Or at  least in listening to call in talk shows such as the infamous CROSSTALK AMERICA PROGRAM ,where the usual motley crew of imbeciles gathers to repeat the  trite sounding  callumnies directed  at the muslim community in America.    What Muslims fail to understand is that the  the callers are a small group of deranged morons ,never numbering more than  the usual BAKER’S DOZEN.

The best thing that all those in the moronic Evangelical or Baptist Faith Community can do ,is to keep their mouths shut tight.   Remaing silent ,one can only guess as to their stupidity. By opening their mouths they remove all doubts.

This way, the Muslims and their  assertiveness , so feared by Christians ,will always be in doubt   as to Christian strength or weakness, and as a result will become less emboldened.

 ”Brother Vic , it is so good to see you again”


May he receive his just reward with Judas Iscariot and all  those who murdered  the founder of the CHRISTIAN FAITH!



May 7, 2012

  MY Fellow Christians:  In the natural order of things for every cause there is an effect. And conversely for every effect there is a cause. The same holds true in the realm of the spiritual as well as in the political life of the nation. When difficulties arise as surely they must and

when the people become sufficiently dissatisfied they look for solutions to alleviate their discomfort and anguish. But before one can affect change he must first recognize exactly what needs to be changed. .He must recognize the symptoms and the root cause of his predicament. One can never hope to change what he refuses to see or remains blind to its harmful effects. This sad state of affairs may be as

 a result of poor education or due to an unlimited submission to an idea or to a belief that has become over time an idol ;not only in the mind of an individual but to a large group as well ;A church ,a religious institution ,the nation at large. Currently we are facing a situation that cuts across political,cultural, moral and religious lines. We are experiencing the effects of long periods of toxic injections into the nation’s blood stream and the obvious consequences are becoming more apparent with the passage of time.

The poison reaches deep into the religious institutions of this nation and has had the curious effect of reaching a point of accommodation within the general Christian community. Its acceptance has merely given the false impression that the toxins can be withstood and survival may be ultimately possible. This false assertion is the guarantee that the body ,political or religious, will eventually die and that only the symptoms are being seen and treated. The cure of a sickness can only be achieved if its cause is known . And the same is true of curing political and spiritual maladies.

 The problem that arises in their treatment is that it is easier to see the symptoms of a disease rather than the inner cause. Once a toxin is ingested it begins the destruction of healthy tissue and this may go unnoticed until the entire body starts to rot from within.

My Dear christian Folk; What we have witnessed in recent years is nothing short of an inexplicable event ; the end of the church age. Trying to determine the exact date of its demise is as futile as trying to discover a particular verse in scripture to confirm this awful event. All we are left to observe is the funeral shroud and the empty auditorium for the invited lamenters that never attended its wake. The obvious reason for the demise of the Church is as a result of the inner rottenness of the people.

 Poisoned by years of deceit ,manipulation ,lies and wholesale plunder of the Christian faith community by a gang of unscrupulous swindlers and deceivers that have not been shy to make even the most sacred things in the life of the nation the very instruments of their personal financial gain and enrichment. In this regard the very pastors and priests of the various denominations have sat idly by and even participated in the plunder and rape of this nation’s churches as well as in its cultural foundation .

Didn’t they stand aside while America’s public schools were dismantled by a gang of community organizing terrorists during the 1960,s? Didn’t they give their blessing to the wholesale racial inter-mixing that occurs daily within the hallowed walls of their churches? And thereby resulting in a lessening of moral standards throughout their congregations? Didn’t they agree to the political bargaining they entered into with the criminal politicians that urged an attack on an innocent nation that wished us no harm?

 Didn’t they stick their hands into a cauldron of blood that has destroyed the lives of many thousands of American soldiers who fell on behalf of securing oil profits and in serving the interests of the diabolical monstrosities in the international headquarters of evil : the modern nation of Israel..christ-carrying-cross

Do they not stay quiet to and even encourage the professional on-the air swindlers and pseudo-Christian scam artists that permeate the radio airwaves? All one has to do is give a listen to the daily dose of deceit from out of the mouths of this nation’s pseudo religious scam artists to understand the incredible gullibility,abject stupidity ,and naiveté of their listening audience to appreciate the extent to which the poison of deceit has penetrated the general population of this country.

 Just listen to the incredibly deceitful mouthings of a professional financial advisor who appeared on the VCY PRODUCED CROSSTALK RADIO CALL-IN TALK SHOW by the name of Mr. CRAIG SMITH. Enticing the gullible with claims to reveal the future of the U.S. dollar in the wake of the current economic downturn immediately caught the attention of many.But as night follows day the direction turned into how to drum up financial support for the double talking program hosts.

 The hosts ,there to give charlatans a place to come and ply their trade of deceit upon an unsuspecting public.This is what passes for Christian talk! Always remember that charlatans attract other charlatans,deceivers gravitate to like-minded and thieves join with other thieves ,each in turn providing cover and confirmation for each other ‘s act of deception.

 The fact that the once respected churches have allowed this to happen is proof that they themselves are as corrupt as the criminals they remain silent about. As if to say “Let’s not rock the boat lest we be discovered in turn” In the mindset of a typical religion swindler, he bears in mind one thought above all others ,and that is that the public they constantly address is as stupid as it is forgetful! Remember to remain faithful to this nation’s religious and cultural heritage, remain strong and united and together we shall defeat the enemy whose power is the mortal foe of any true Christianity.

 Remember we must stand shoulder to shoulder ,ready to come to the aid of the Cross and by so doing we will defend the True Church from the diabolical Jewish World Plague. For unless we break the embrace and the hold the enemies of Jesus Christ have on the Body of Christ we will ultimately fail in any attempt to restore the Christian Faith on this once great nation.

 Unless humanity rids the world of the jewish world  plague ;the jewish world plague will rid the world of humanity.

RECRUITMENT TIME: A brief conversation with an apostle of satan.

February 28, 2012

Message From Rabbi Noson Shmuel Leiter After Speaking With Senior Aide In Trenton


torah j4d grp trenton with r simcha bunimJUST IN: Rabbi Noson Shmuel Leiter, the Spokesman for the Garden State Parents for Moral Values sent us the following after speaking with a senior aide in Trenton: “The schedule for the Monday, January 4th, Assembly Judiciary Committee Meeting, has just been released and has not had any mention of the Marriage Redefinition vote. Although this may be a good sign, we certainly cannot be complacent, because they can schedule a vote on it at the very last minute. Additionally, the entire Assembly could vote on the bill without any Committee vote. We encourage a presence in Trenton on Monday morning, as early as possible. For details on the issue, call 212-461-8690 or”

 ”Brother Vic , it is so good to see you again”


“Rabbi, where did you come from,you startled me?”  


”   I came from down below ,you know that brother Vic. “

” Well yes, I know that , I just meant right this minute . Did you just fly in to Milwaukee from Brooklyn . How long have you been here Rabbi?”

“Look Vic , I have to tell you straight up, the big guy downstairs asked me to talk to you”

 “No way , did I do something wrong Rabbi?”

“Vic ,you’ve done just   great , you and all your other gentile schmucks have been performing just as we expected”

“So what’s the deal  Rabbi?” What’s the big guy want now?”

“We’re just not getting the high quality personnel we need right now ,and it’s starting to show up at census time  .All that’s coming in  are the same old   stupid ,moronic sounding Christian Gentile imbeciles ,you know ,like the ones that listen to your program,What’s the name of it ?”

“It’s called CROSSTALK ,Rabbi , you would  think by now you would know the name of  the show , considering  the number of times I’ve  had you on to help me brainwash all the  doofuses that tune in to listen everyday”

” Relax Vic . We all know what a hardworking stooge you are ,but you’re well paid for your efforts ,am I telling the truth or not?”  Look Vic ,you couldn’t make a dime if your  life depended on it ,not in Milwaukee, and certainly  not in Brooklyn ,I can assure you.” So you and that lame brain jackass Jim, better straighten up and fly right  ,cause without me and all the Jews ,you and your entire useless staff would be pounding the streets looking for something to do”

“I’m not complaining Rabbi   Noson  ,  it’s just a little unnerving seeing you here so unexpectedly, and after telling me  about meeting with the big guy down below.” So ,tell me ,what do I need to do ?”

 ” Vic ,Vic baby ,now that’s what I like to hear coming out of your fat Swedish face.” … Now here’s the deal Vic, the big man wants a higher calibre of Christian to come down below ,and by the way Vic ,big man has taken a special liking to you and your entire family . He told me to extend  his deepest sympathies for all you’ve suffered these many years .  What with illnesses and a sick grandchild and now all the  affliction  you are dealing with thanks to your ungrateful daughter Ingrid and  your boozing son-in-law. ” Believe me ,brother Vic ,the man below has taken notice and wants to wish you a big mazol tov for the rest of the year”

“Well, I really appreciate it Rabbi, and  tell the old serpent I wish him all the good fortune in the world.”

Vic , believe me , he understands your situation, and is looking forward to meeting you personally.”

“Well ,wait a minute ,I’m not exactly ready to meet  him ,if you know what I mean ,Rabbi.”

“Vic, you worry too much, look the day will come ,but listen it won’t be that bad. ,,,just so you know , he has your best interests at heart, he has a special place waiting just for you ,brother Vic. ” ..And guess what, it’s  in the  shady part of the LAKE.”  

“Now ,let’s get back to business, look Vic ,let me be upfront, I’m on a recruiting mission ,we need a higher quality to start       filling up the empty spaces in the pit and at our lakeside condominiums. And all those urban hicks and idiotic hayseeds you’re   sending us  are  getting  on everyone’s nerves ,you know what I mean, You know what I mean?”

‘Yeah, I know what you mean Rabbi, so spell it out ,what must I do to be back in the good graces of Mr. Nick?”

” So, this is the deal Vic , stop having your idiot listeners and callers phoning JCP PENNY or  contacting any highschool administration ,or getting all up in arms about the degeneracy in the schools or in government,but  instead,  have the brain-dead listeners call their congressmen and demand that more    military and financial assistance be awarded to Israel . Got it?”     

” I hear you loud and clear Rabbi  Noson” minute Rabbi , I’m getting an E-Mail from my co-host and faithful lap-dog  Jim ,he wants to know about his end of year  bonus ,you promised him ,rabbi .” He mentioned it last month when I had you on the air , promoting  the mass genocide of Palestinians.”

” Why that son of a bitch isn’t worth one shekel and tell that gentile bastard  he better do a better job  promoting Jewish life in America or he can go find a job collecting cans.”

” Well Rabbi, I’ll wait for the right time before  I let him know how you feel”.


” Have it your way, brother Vic.”  “But Vic listen , we need a really good stooge , we need someone who is really credible ,someone who talks good ,is articulate and clean and dresses well”  ..Who do you recommend?”

 “Gee, Rabbi ,I dunno,”

“Isn’t there anyone that you can think of?”

“HMMM.let’s see , a really glib raconteur maybe  , someone who sounds well-educated , I got one for  you  Rabbi, “

” O.K. who is it Vic , It’s not that  charismatic cross dressing  homosexual that calls you now and then from Birmingham England, is it Vic?”

“No,  Robert from Birmingham England is about as useless as teats on a boar hog, he  can’t get his mind off of Caleb Keener  ;he plans to fly to Pensacola for a visit and as far as we know here at Vcy America ,it looks like Caleb is just as anxious to meet  Robert as Robert  is   to meet  Caleb” The bastard likes those cowboy types ,you know what I mean  Rabbi?”

” And degenerates are not what we have in mind.   Isn’t there someone else that would make a good stooge ,a willing accomplice , eager to help us enlist   other like-minded morons , so we can get total compliance with the craven and fearful members of congress  and thereby gain for Israel all the land in the middle east it is entitled to?”

 “Hmmmm,Well ,we do have Sue from Hermiston and Harry the homo and who else ?”

 ” Look ,Vic , All the Jews know who these morons  really are and believe me we don’t need them, These imbeciles will eventually  wind up at the Lake in the low-budget area and  no one will even know they’re  there.”

“We’re looking for clean articulate imbeciles ,someone like you Vic”

“Hey, Rabbi, I got just the  schmuck,his name is BRAD and he’s from West Allis ,Ws.”

“Hey,Vic, You know what, All the other Brooklyn Rabbis know about Brad from West Allis Ws.  and they hate the bastard’s guts”

“I can’t  Believe it ,what the hell  did he do?”

“Can you believe what this dumb ass urban hick did last year  during Yom Kipur services at Temple Beth El Midwood Branch of demonology?”

” I can’t wait for you to tell me Rabbi Noson.”

“The Dumb piece of excrement came into the Synagogue eating  a  ham sandwich and handing out New Testament tracts.”

“Wow ,what a jerk that joker is”  Well, scratch that jackass of my list.”

“O.K. ,who else do you recommend ,Vic?”

“Tell me again Rabbi, what is it you would like to do?”

” Vic , we need young gentile idiots with heads filled with mush, we need access to the youth of America.”

“Well ,I just had a lightbulb go on when you said ,young  heads  filled with mush.”


” I don’t know if you are aware of this ,but we get free air time from  the hayseeds working things back east at a clever scam operation called :Rejoice Radio.” .. They broadcast out of Pensacola.”

” Of course we’ve heard of them.” Who do you think provides  them with free advice on how to swindle the jerks who listen to all that country gospel stuff .?  We do.!?

“Do you really think they pull off their Share a Thons and prayer warrior nonsense on their own.? Who do you think handles all that, Tonita , the one ton blimp , or  that effete sounding arseloch ,Craig Mattson.”

“Rabbi, Craig Mattson ,he’s the one I had in mind . The perfect stooge ,best able to deliver the Christian youth ,right into your Jewish hands.”   Mattson

    ” Here’s a pic of Craig hard at work ,molding the minds of America’s Christian youth.”  This character has access to thousands of young ,easily impressionable kids while teaching at Pensacola Christian  College.”

“I will tell you this Rabbi Noson, this guy is truly a very clever hypocrite ,just the character you’re looking for ,but he don’t come cheap.” Why the hell do you think all those dumb hayseeds are running out of money  every  month.” All those money-grubbing scumbags who claim they need more bucks for their end of year operating expenses. What they are really saying is that  Craig  has a big mortgage payment to meet and his annual fee at Pensacola’s country club and golf  course is now due AND PAYABLE.”

” O.K. Vic , we can handle the freight , and I like what you said about the bum being a clever hypocrite , that’s the kind of gentile schmuck we really need to keep our operation going”

” Look, Rabbi, this bastard works for the Rejoice Radio Broadcast Network that claims to be a bona fide Christian ministry ,and at the same time  ,this organization   provides us with free airtime . And he knows what a bunch of hate mongering sons of bitches we are ,this guy ain’t kidding anyone. The son of a bitch is nothing but a clever hypocrite who knows when to keep his lying mouth shut and when to see or hear no evil.”  Why do you think  he gets the big bucks , for his daily  deallybop.”?

Vic, Brother Vic, you just made my day,  Old Nick will want to present you with an appreciation medal.’ for all the good things you do.”  The more I hear about this scumbag the more I like him.”

 “I can see why, I would love to get this joker on VCY AMERICA but I just don’t want to pay the money-grubbing son of a bitch his asking price.”

“Vic,you’re a real piece of work.” So ,he pretends to be a confirmed and committed Christian ,and all the time he’s swindling all the morons  living in places like Milton , Niceville, Crestview , Mobile, and your favorite place; Navarre,Florida.”  Vic, you’re gonna have to learn how to correctly pronounce Navarre , the  E is silent ,can’t you get that through your fat swedish face.?”  You sound like a real dope at times,in fact most of the time.”

‘I’ll try to do better Rabbi Noson,” As far as the medal from Old Nick ,could he Fed Ex it to me Rabbi.?”

“No Prob. Vic , But let me show my appreciation to you and your entire family by inviting all of you to our semi-annual Black Mass, we usually never invite gentile scum to attend but to show you how much we Jews love you ,we’ll make an exception and allow you to enter our Synagogue ,right there in Milwaukee. “

“Black Mass ,gee this ain’t no Catholic thing is it Rabbi.?” my board of directors would have a flying fit if they found out.”

“No Vic , Here’s a preview of what a BLACK MASS is ,hey it’s party time Vic, loosen up guy.”

Insulting Christians on Israeli Television: `The Crucifixion of Yeshu’

 In this Israeli television skit, a scantily clothed Jewish girl explains “Jewish history,” and why Jesus (“Yeshu”) is a great danger to the Jewish people. For the sin of preaching to “innocent Jews,” a little gorilla who wants to live like the “goyim” is painfully put to death. “Yeshu [Jesus], you are a Nazi,” she says as she kills him. 

 “This is our way of showing how much we appreciate all the help you have given to Israel throughout the year and every chance you get on your crosstalk radio  program.”

“Oh,Gee Rabbi Noson, it wasn’t much. but I sure appreciate the thought.” 

” Hey brother Vic, what do you think of our billing :”Jews for Decency”, Read it for yourself on top, Now if that’s not an oxymoron then I never heard of one.”  Ya have to laugh ,humor is good. right Vic.?”

‘I’ll tell Old Nick to wait on seeing you. “Vic , I would love to take this opportunity to thank you from the bottom of my heart for


all the wonderful work you and your great organization called VCY AMERICA have done, on behalf of the state of Israel.  Please extend my love and best wishes to your

 entire family and all of those who make it possible everyday to continue the great work we are committed in doing,and of course that includes your partner and co-host Jim Schneider and hopefully we can someday  include CRAIG MATTSON on

our honor roll of FRIENDS OF ISRAEL. Till we someday meet in person ,please accept my undying gratitude…”…OLD NICK.